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5:00 AM
@mootinator Hahahahaha. I tend to write the readable version first, then save it to a separate file before stripping off spaces.
@drachenstern Would you like some downvotes?
That way I don't develop any nasty coding habits.
@RebeccaChernoff Well kind of, I need to figure out why it just happens to occur on that call, since it manages other calls fine.
@MichaelMrozek Not particularly
@MichaelMrozek That won't dent his rep all that much, but it'll dent yours!
5:00 AM
@mootinator you need an IDE and a compiler apparently :p
They do those pesky space management things for you
@ChrisJesterYoung it'll dent mine half as much as it does his, up until he trips the fraud detector
@TimStone and uh, what call was that?
Yeah, that's the problem, every time I press enter Resharper puts those pesky spaces back in.
@drachenstern :-P
5:02 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Whatever call to .attr() there is that happens to come after that specific list of other calls. ;)
@mootinator Bah, I just use paredit, it indents things the One True Way. :-P
I'm trying to figure out a good way to find out where that might be, but of course trying to find out in a better way results in the error not happening...very tricky.
@TimStone that's why I chose the rarest element to start tracing on
@TimStone I'm not sure that narrows it down sufficiently to start looking. q:
@drachenstern Yeah, I'm going to try a potentially easier fix I just thought of first ;)
@RebeccaChernoff You have any better ideas? :p
5:08 AM
@TimStone she suggests you helping her figure out her video card problem and then reversing your smilies, but she won't say that :p
I thought my job was simply to hand out blame - you want me to actually think???
Well yeah, isn't that what we (and by we, I mean Jeff, through no association) pay you for?!
@TimStone Jeff doesn't handle the money. Remember? :-P
Details, details. :P
Just because he hates dollar signs..
5:14 AM
@TimStone so he's ok with € and £ then?
I wish my keyboard had those by default, I could use those for my jQuery assignments ;)
@drachenstern xmodmap is your friend, amirite?
I am disappointed that I can't abuse C# in this fashion.
@ChrisJesterYoung a) if I were using X probably so
headers.Select((x, i) => ws.Cells[row, column + i].Value = x.Title);
b) If every computer that I used had that character so mapped and didn't require me to change it like thus
c) if everyone else's computer had that mapping
almost all "standard" computer keyboards have that symbol, that's why it was chosen
@mootinator in which fashion?
5:17 AM
The assignment in that code doesn't actually accomplish anything, though it compiles.
@mootinator so ... I'm missing something here.
does it or does it not modify the data?
The cell value does not change to the value of x.Title.
oh I see the problem that you want
Yeah, I don't think you can do it like that :\
Yeah, I changed it to foreach (var title in headers.Select((x, i) => new {Index = i, x.Title})) works fine now.
For what I want to accomplish.
and resharper can't reduce that to a working bit of code?
that runs in one line?
5:22 AM
It hasn't suggested it, lol.
@Earlz you're having fun tonight aren't you?
I could always do .ToList().ForEach(lambda function) but that isn't really any easier to read.
Q: Woudn't it make sense to have more than one answer acceptable?

zaladaneOr at least have maybe the ability to set some other answers as assisted answer. I find myself finding an acceptable answer unusable while other answers underneath it might be more suitable. Would it be safe to say that the accepted answer should only make sense to the asker whether or not the qu...

@mootinator no, the foreach is much easier
@drachenstern The normal one, you mean :)
@mootinator yeah, the one you used
I need a good meta question to post that'll give me 10 upvotes :p
5:28 AM
Well, I seem to have solved all my excel problems except the issue of what magic number to put in FontWeight to specify bold text.
try 400
can you make it literally the text "bold"?
or is it an int?
> On load, Excel 2007 maps the following values to the “Bold” font style: “bold”, “400”, “500”, “600”, “700”, “800”, and “900”. Excel 2007 maps all other values to the “Regular” font style.
(which is also the HTML/CSS fontweight version of bold)
That's even weirder, since the default value I saw in the debugger was already 400.
Sooo idk
Thanks for trying...
So I see that the team's having another go at debugging the livequery/SO chat problem
Any progress?
5:37 AM
@mootinator did that link help out any at all? had you seen it? You are debugging with 2k7 Excel right?
@drachenstern Yes.
Turns out I was thinking too much.
There was an enum for that: ExcelFont.BoldWeight.
oh, lol
See, I said "is it an int" :p ... I figured inspecting the type would yield more info.
The property is, actually an int.
ExcelFont is a class, rather than an enum, strictly speaking.
No compiler hint there for me as a result :/
oh well damn
Interesting article about Da Vinci and his male assistant possibly being the "model" heraldsun.com.au/lifestyle/the-other-side/…
6:00 AM
/me is exhausted.
Just filmed a concert.
spent $3000 on something he doesn't think is a good idea today.
@mootin: /me bites
An elliptical trainer...
Oh. Why isn't it a good idea, cause it costs so much?
In my experience home exercise equipment doesn't get used.
Sort of a catch 22 there though. Often it doesn't get used because it's crap.
So we convinced me a more expensive one is probably a better investment somehow :)
6:09 AM
It breaks in a month, and then sits there for a few years, gathering dust. Yep.
@mootinator oh, it'll get used. But it'll be a $6000 hour's worth of use
I'm curious, is it legal for SO to redistribute the OpenSTV binaries like this?
@YiJiang: surely depends on the license. Got a link?
It seems like as of 4/12/2010, OpenSTV now requires a $5 donation min to use.
6:11 AM
> The downloads are licensed under the GPL, but to ensure that OpenSTV continues to be open source, please do not post these files online or share with others.
SO still hosts it on the elections page allowing users to audit the election results: stackoverflow.com/election/1
@YiJiang I say either email Jeff/Team directly and lay out the question or post it on MSO (or get one of the community coords to answer the question directly ;) )
I'm leaning towards the first one, but the second one shows traceability if anyone has questions
It is only for users with 300 rep or more. The download isn't provided for all users.
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, but does that buy them redistribution rights?
6:12 AM
@YiJiang it's not a specifically customized build is it?
@RebeccaChernoff Ah, okay, I see
That's all I know. (:
@drachenstern I haven't downloaded it, but it doesn't look any different
(Not very scientific, looking at the file name there, hmmm)
Should I still ask the question?
I'm still undecided
@TimStone what do you think?
@mootinator ?
@MichaelPetrotta you still lurking? ;)
@drachenstern Humming about the OpenSTV question.
6:16 AM
What am I thinking about?
I should hit ye olde hay now though.
@drachenstern: still lurking.
@TimStone the OpenSTV question
We're all undecided
@MichaelPetrotta you wanna weigh in?
@drachenstern: wasn't really paying attention...
Should it be posted as an MSO question
6:16 AM
I don't think there's any harm in actually asking a question
@MichaelPetrotta hence I pinged you :p
@YiJiang no, and if there is they can always delete it to keep it off the site
Feb 2 at 19:24, by Geoff Dalgas
we have donated to OpenSTV to bring this to you at no cost
This makes me say "duh uh what?"
I'm assuming that implies a particular agreement.
Q: how to declare five variables and declare each variable on its own line.

shaI need a little bit more of a understanding with this. In the example I have I know I am doing something wrong because I can not pull it up in a windows screen. This is only one of the five variables I have. Another question do I have to put the javascript.css or can it just be the I am not unde...

6:18 AM
@TimStone Huh, okay
Plus, wasn't it covered in the blog post?
@TimStone Makes sense.
Can't hurt to ask the question, I suppose. I haven't seen anything here that would imply "copyright infringement", though." please do not post these files online is not a contract.
@TimStone Not sure, I think they only mentioned the fact that they use OpenSTV
I don't really follow the blog too closely, I'll search
I have enough to worry about keeping my work legal, even with my company's army of lawyers helping me
6:20 AM
@YiJiang Ah, seems you're right. I'm not sure where I think I saw it mentioned then
Why does the quality of posts drop off so radically after midnight EST?
Q: What is the best way to sync multiple client SqlServers to one MS SqlServer 2005?

user605055I have several client databases that use my windows application. I want to send this data for online web site. The client databases and server database structure is different because we need to add client ID column to some tables in server data base. I use this way to sync databases; use anoth...

The method of counting votes in the Canadian federal elections is completely manual and scales rather well. I don't think I've ever seen that much competence in government before.
^^^^ makes my brain hurt
@drachenstern Purely anecdotal, but hrm... we should be able to poke around the data dump and associate the number of posts closed with time
Or number of -1 questions posted as a percentage of all posts. That should provide some empirical evidence
6:28 AM
My arm smells like cologne. I don't wear cologne.
Brain hurts.
So, what did I do wrong here, I can't see it right now:
`SELECT DATEPART(Hh, Posts.CreationDate) AS HOUR, SUM(CASE WHEN Score < 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)/COUNT(*) FROM Posts WHERE Score < 0
GROUP BY DATEPART(Hh, Posts.CreationDate)​`
@mootinator did you read that db question I linked? :p
    DATEPART(Hh, Posts.CreationDate) AS HOUR,
FROM Posts WHERE Score < 0
GROUP BY DATEPART(Hh, Posts.CreationDate)​
6:33 AM
@mootinator what's it not doing?
That didn't help
@mootinator I didn't do anything, I just reformatted it
It isn't telling me which hour has the highest rate of -1 questions.
I said duh because I left WHERE score < 0 in so the rate was always 100% for each hour.
oh, lol
What's it telling you?
6:35 AM
Now it's just doing int math.
take out the division, do you get a sum?
And saying they're all 0.
So you need to cast to floats or decimals and then divide
I wonder if you change the summation to 1.0/0.0 if that would work to make it decimal?
This works...
SELECT DATEPART(Hh, Posts.CreationDate) AS HOUR, CAST (SUM(CASE WHEN Score < 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS decimal)/COUNT(*)*100 AS Rate FROM Posts
GROUP BY DATEPART(Hh, Posts.CreationDate)​
There is some evidence that there is a bad time of day there.
The worst hour being 5.
at 1.71%
right when I tend to read SO.
6:40 AM
but did you restrict that to questions only or questions and answers?
hell, does that matter?
It could, I suppose.
create table #temp (value decimal, timestamp datetime)

insert into #temp values (1.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (2.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (3.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (4.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (5.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (6.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (7.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (8.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (9.0, getdate())

SELECT SUM(CASE WHEN t.value >= 5 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)/count(*) from #temp t
create table #temp (value decimal, timestamp datetime)

insert into #temp values (1.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (2.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (3.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (4.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (5.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (6.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (7.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (8.0, getdate())
insert into #temp values (9.0, getdate())

SELECT SUM(CASE WHEN t.value >= 5 THEN 1.0 ELSE 0.0 END)/count(*) from #temp t
one of those gives a ZERO, the other gives a 5/9 as a decimal (expected)
So there you go
Restricting to question doesn't appear to make a big difference.
ok ya'll, I'm out, cya tomorrow
Actually the wee hours seem to have less downvotes.
Probably indicates lack of people to downvote questions rather than better questions though.
Need a different metric.
Q: Is is legal for Stack Overflow to redistribute OpenSTV binaries?

Yi JiangHere are the facts: Stack Exchange elections results are calculated using OpenSTV. OpenSTV is, as of December 4th 2010, open source, but not free. Stack Exchange sites provide the binaries of OpenSTV for users with reputation above a certain amount (150 according to Douglas, 300 according to Rebb...

@YiJiang: I'm still not seeing any indication that distributing OpenSTV would constitute copyright infringement. What are you looking at?
@MichaelPetrotta I didn't mention copyrights anywhere in there
that's what your whole question is about!
"Is is legal for Stack Overflow to redistribute OpenSTV binaries?"
What is the legality concern if not copyright?
@MichaelPetrotta Well, you might want to consider reading the actual question body rather than just the title
7:08 AM
I read pretty fast, @YiJiang.
@MichaelMrozek: Doesn't the version that comes with Debian work?
@ChrisJesterYoung It does, and if I used Debian that would've been very convenient :)
I ended up pulling the source for the Ubuntu version from Launchpad
7:13 AM
Gentoo doesn't have an OpenSTV package
@MichaelMrozek I don't believe the site says anything about this been a copyright issue, more of a courtesy, to support the project
But it does require you to pay, and it does request that you do not redistribute
But see, that's what I haven't seen. "But it does require you to pay" Where? I certainly might be missing that.
@MichaelPetrotta "Although OpenSTV is open-source software, downloads are being sold for $5 to pay for expenses, such as the operation of this web site...."
"please do not"
7:16 AM
@MichaelMrozek scandalous!
Downloads are being sold from the OpenSTV site. Doesn't imply that others can't provide that same content.
The legal position of OpenSTV itself is very strange too - open source but not free? How does that work?
I suppose technically "please do not post these files online" isn't the same as "you're not allowed to post these files online", but it's still kind of uncool to do exactly the opposite of what the author asked
@YiJiang I completely don't understand that. I thought I was misunderstanding when I first tried to download it from their site
@MichaelMrozek Compounded by the fact that you can find it in repos of Linux distros
@MichaelMrozek: sure. I just don't like to see "not legal" being thrown around. Tends to scare the horses.
7:19 AM
@MichaelPetrotta Meh, it's more of a 'is it right' question, strict legality would require a lawyer to discuss
@YiJiang: "is it right" - I would agree with that. "strict legality" - seems pretty clear-cut to me, but I'm really, really not a lawyer.
@YiJiang, who is Douglas?
@RebeccaChernoff Erm... oops
For that matter, who is Rebbeca?
'Geoff' is correct, isn't it?
7:27 AM
haha, I didn't even notice that @MichaelMrozek
Also, it definitely is 150. I would have never said 300 as that is incorrect.
1 hour ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
It is only for users with 300 rep or more. The download isn't provided for all users.
Every weekend I tell myself "this is the one -- I'm going to keep a normal sleep schedule". And then I wake up at 3pm on Saturday and think "sigh. Well, I'll just go to sleep early tonight". And then it's 2:30am and I've not even considered going to sleep yet
7:38 AM
Dammit! Someone downvoted that OpenSTV question! Now I'll have to downvote another question to get my rep back to that nice rounded number I have there...
> @RebeccaChernoff So you say.
@YiJiang @RebeccaChernoff edited it a few minutes ago; she attracts downvotes
You doubt my correction?
@RebeccaChernoff :)
@RebeccaChernoff Well, you didn't delete my question there, but just to make sure, it is 150 across all sites isn't it?
Bit of OCD there, @YiJiang?
7:40 AM
Pro tip: Don't doubt someone that looked at the code and the settings.
@MichaelPetrotta Not at all! Having a nice, rounded rep number is more important than anything else!!!
@YiJiang: Oh, I'm with you, believe me. I especially hate downvoting to drop below a rep divisible by 50. It's a magic boundary for me.
@YiJiang It's especially important to hit multiples of 1k directly, and not overshoot them
Aren't we all a mentally healthy bunch.
@MichaelPetrotta Someday we're going to discover that rchern is a collective delusion
7:45 AM
> I presume the reputation required to download the binaries is equal to the amount needed to vote in the elections.
@YiJiang, just stick with that.
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, you just have to tell me that 10 seconds after I deleted that line from the question
um, of course? (:
Better to use that than give it a number that may be different say in 2 years or something shrugs
SO won't be having elections in two years; I'll have seized power long before then
Long as people keep confusing the @Michaels, I'm ok with that.
7:49 AM
I just answered it
I just accepted Tim Post's answer, so that's +2 back to me again, and nice rounded rep \o/
so glad I could help, lol
But, the answer does not resolve the very serious problem of incorrect capitalization of the OS names. /blames @RebeccaChernoff for that
not my fault ):
7:55 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Solve it now. It's incredibly important! I can't stand looking at that page when it has the word 'windows' and 'mac'!
/me expects a followon to the pluralization tweet from Jeff on the subject of capitalization.
@YiJiang All the cool kids use JQuery and lowercase these days. It's web two dot freaking oh!
@TimPost And JQuery! That's the worse offender to me! I correct that almost every where I see it
@RebeccaChernoff TO THE ALL CAPS ROOM!!!
7:57 AM
@RebeccaChernoff: you stole them for your last chat message.
@YiJiang - Indeed, it should be a capital offense :P
@Tim: I will shoot you.
I'm sorry, I giggled at that. ducks
7:58 AM
I'm as funny as I am electable. I don't mind coming in last in either regard :)
8:15 AM
@TimPost I think you need to reevaluate your definition of "last" :)
@MichaelMrozek - strictly in the sense of the last node in a sorted list. All that matters is that you are in the sorted list :)
Looking through some of Community's interactions with old answers reveal some hilarious questions from SO's past. Example:
Q: How to cook turkey programatically?

eed3si9nIt's Thanksgiving in the United States tomorrow. Please describe your favorite method of cooking turkey in the form of runnable code using your favorite language. For example in Java with java.utils.concurrency.

is it programatically or programmatically?
@TimPost My spell checker says neither, and suggests 'melodramatically' instead
@YiJiang Indeed, and more appropriate in most cases.
1 hour later…
9:32 AM
1 hour later…
10:33 AM
bah, I'd started doing that path finding code golf in Python, then I realized it wanted the shortest simplest path, not just any
while I was using random.choice
oh well
Hi all! :)
Q: How do I associate my keyboard's media keys with VLC?

Nyuszika7HI've got an ASUS K50AF series notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium x64. I'm using VLC, and I want to use media keys (play, pause, rewind, forward, stop) with it. Currently, it's associated with Windows Media Center. I've tried MK2MP. Unfortunately, it didn't fix my problem, and crashed after r...

Hmm, what happens if I don't award the bounty to anyone?
@Nyuszika7H If nothing changes in the next 7 hours, nothing will happen
all rep is lost
@badp after it expires
@Nyuszika7H Eh, all reps will be lost
@YiJiang Huh? I know I won't get it back…
10:42 AM
and no one will get any rep either
Q: Which web design site discussed embedding single characters like & using base64?

TimmehI'm looking for a well known article site on site design which made an article about embedding just a single character (in this case, '&') from a font to save load times. I believe the site used fixed width, pale colours. Thanks

the problem is at line 559 of that program
Erhm... [identify-the-tutorial]? -_-
if you don't have the source we can't really help
I vaguely know of the technique, it's gone out of style recently though, hrm...
10:43 AM
@YiJiang well, after identify-this-game and identify-this-thingy...
loves HTML5's doctype
window['321LetsGo'] = (function readySteadyGo(type) {
    if (type == 2) {
        // 321LetsGo
        alert('3, 2, 1… let's go!');
    } else {
        // ReadySteadyGo (default)
        alert('Ready, steady… GO!');
@waffles Where did the 'thanks' filter go for the /review pages?
2 hours later…
12:54 PM
There's currently exactly 3 candidates for Webapps filling three spots. Does that mean that they'll automatically become mods if no one nominate himself before tomorrow?
@waffles Why does the diff seem so... arbitrary about which of the added whitespace it highlights?
@YiJiang I guess so
1:38 PM
Hi! :)
2:35 PM
@badp So erm... post feature request for spell check on MSO?
It would be network wide, hrm...
(I would certainly welcome that change; I habitually turn on spell check manually on the title field all the time)
@YiJiang either make a new post specifically about adding the attribute or flag for migration to MSO I guess
And apparently there isn't an about:config option :(
weird, Chrome somehow remembers the settings :)
I would actually like to turn it on globally for all fields
@badp Well, if I start a new post on MSO, I can include the technical detail (well, just that attribute)
I'll post then, hrm...
@badp spellcheck="true" doesn't work in Chrome, it seems
@YiJiang well, if it does no harm either it's still a possible improvement.
2:54 PM
Q: Enable spell check on title, search and tag input element

Yi JiangThis is a repost of Spell-checking in question titles on Meta.Gaming, except that this post furnishes the necessary technical details for it to work. All input elements do not, by default, do not have have spell check enabled on Chrome and Firefox. This option can be turned on by the client by ...

@YiJiang All input elements do not, by default, do not have have spell check spell check won't fix everything you know :P
@TimPost But it sure helps!
Did you really mean to say "do not, by default, do not" ?
Erhm... oops
Hmmm... I just found out SE beta sites logo font: dafont.com/sketch-block.font
apparently SE needs a private font geek to design new fonts for them
3:06 PM
First seen on DaFont: 01-19-2008
1,182,890 downloads (1,096 yesterday)
It's a pretty popular font too, fancy that
3:52 PM
I see SLaks is now a moderator. Good job & congrats, @Slaks. I presume that means the new moderators have been chosen? Was there an announcement? If so, I missed it. Is there a list somewhere of who the moderators are? I tried C&P'ing the ♦ into the Search Users field, but that did nothing.
See the about page for the site
Ah ... had to do a text search to find it.
Thanks, @drachenstern.
4:10 PM
Oh wow, three votes away from the rep cap on Meta today O_o
@Robusto, one, two, three, four blog posts in the last month mention the elections...
huh, I've got 175 on meta today too
@Rebecca: That may be, but I only have a passing interest. I'm not very active on SO these days, though I do drop by from time to time. I was just glad to see @SLaks got the nod, as he was my top choice. I can't even remember who else I voted for, frankly.
You asked if there was an announcement, I answered. (:
yay, the printer scanner that needs no configuration under Linux fails to setup without cdrom from Win7
@RebeccaChernoff speaking of announcements, how about the gaming THC?
4:19 PM
Didn't I edit the post yesterday?
Yeah, I figured I'd missed the memo
Hrm. I totally thought I did. Damn.
I was expecting an email notification too tbh but oh well.
It will be in a minute though!
We do have 11 candidates btw
Jeff shouldn't have said primaries are mainly for SO only :P
4:37 PM
@Rebecca: Sorry if I came off a bit churlish. I do thank you for the links. I wasn't aware there was a blog.
But now I know.
Hi! :)
Q: How do I associate my keyboard's media keys with VLC?

Nyuszika7HI've got an ASUS K50AF series notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium x64. I'm using VLC, and I want to use media keys (play, pause, rewind, forward, stop) with it. Currently, it's associated with Windows Media Center. I've tried MK2MP. Unfortunately, it didn't fix my problem, and crashed after r...

Update 2: It seems that when I try capturing that key, all programps (including HIP, Key Mapper and AutoHotkey) thinks I pressed the H key. Huh?
5:00 PM
@TheRenamedException - Are you near a computer?
guess not
Doing 2 town halls for Gaming. Oy.
5:38 PM
What's with the "Complain about your rep" event, scheduled for 7 days?
5:51 PM
I love explaining what I do at work to people that ask. My latest description: "It's like a Vulcan mind meld between clusters"
Interesting, Google Calendar's Quick Add doesn't recognize "UTC" as a timezone.
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, it's interesting. Have you tried GMT?
Yeah, I added them with GMT. Just strange.
Jon Skeet touched on that in the first SO dev days talk, a little at least

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