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11:03 PM
ok ... I have markup: <td>button: <asp:Button ID="DeleteRecord" runat="server" Text="Delete" OnClick="DeleteRecordOnClick" ToolTip="Delete this record" /></td> which gets rendered as <td>button: </td>
there's no reason for that markup to not be generated, ...
what the...?
I wish
I would totally write the whole frontend in jQuery if he would let me, just pure javascript and HTML and webservice calls
I know there's a name for that, I think it's called client-side-pages, but idk what the hell the pattern is called
The shopping cart for our eComerce system is pure JavaScript
asp.net - the devil behind the curtain.
it's awesome
It was a scary decision but it has worked out really well
11:07 PM
I made a scary decision today... I think it'll work out.
oh ffs
Yes. Yes it is time to go home.
hallway usability test: is that self explanatory? the image/button on the left
Does it need something over it that says "enable/disable" and ignore that I'm not using text ON the button proper
except I just realized I s/disable/enable/g
@drachenstern Not at all
It'd be more obvious if it was a ( ON ) button. Then it's obvious that clicking on that turns the thing off.
@drachenstern looks to me like it's off...
@TheRenamedException yes, see :487640
updating, hang on ...
Yes yes, I know
I said it's time to go home
makes sense to me
but I am not the UI designer in my company :-)
And, that's by my own choice, LOL
11:18 PM
I am hence my impromptu HUT on you guys
I know that's my weakness an found a partner who does that very well :-D
There will be user training on this product before turning them loose, but since red means stop and green means go most times, and since this is first revision ... I'll let it go
I would prefer to have a little more fanciful slider with gradients and the words within and use about 32 pixels height and have rollovers so four images on a single sprite ... but I don't get that option
Q: Proposal for Amendments to the Electoral System

Pierre 303I'd like to contribute to the reform of the election system and this paper sets out my thoughts. I see three opportunities for improvement to the existing system which are basically to end the current practices of: Negative Voting Voting rights for Members with low level of activity Publishin...

^^^this really bugs me, but I can't quite put my finger on why
@Shog9 That ended up being a lot longer than I had expected.
@TimStone yeah... Well, that's problem #1 with it - he isn't focused on a specific problem, just dumping a laundry-list of stuff he doesn't care for
11:29 PM
@Shog9 can you peerreview that for me?
@Shog9 It's not a bad post, but I'd rather he split it so that they can be discussed and voted on separately
@YiJiang I agree. Should be VtC: NARQ
@YiJiang It does make some pretty big logic jumps though, heh.
> Thanks for your edit! This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer reviewed.
11:39 PM
@drachenstern Go and support the 'once you have 20k reps you should get edit rights on every site' proposal!
Found it:
A: Propose a new 20k reputation privilege

Joel CoehoornAllows users with 20K on one site to have full privileges for everything except vote to close and vote to delete across all stack exchange sites on which they have at least 200 rep (100 for account association plus 100 earned locally). Why? Certain skills are valid on all sites. Earning 20K re...

11:50 PM
More importantly, @TheRenamedException
@TheRenamedException I went to the booths right after walking out of Town Hall
I only voted on SO
@Shog9 I HAVE uh, no, no I didn't
Then I must ask you, @TheRenamedException: WHY DO YOU HATE STACK OVERFLOW
11:51 PM
I voted based on gut and didn't worry with no stinking townhalls (plus I was probably busy destressing my life in general)
@TheRenamedException I don't think you're allowed to campaign this close to the voting booths, but appreciated
Oh, yes,sorry
I got multiple "disagree" comments from Jeff on a single post. I feel pretty good
Normally I only get the one
FWIW, I voted to close that Pierre post; I think he has some good seeds for discussion buried in there, but throwing them all in one question just guarantees that none of them will get the attention they deserve.
11:54 PM
The only attention it really needs is Jeff's, and he apparently already saw it. They're not going to go out and fix the election system now; probably at some point they'll all sit down to talk about potential improvements, and possibly incorporate some that have been brought up in the last month
Oh, I just read Jeff's answer. Maybe he won't be incorporating any of those suggestions after all
@MichaelMrozek: I'm starting to doubt your dedication to argumentative discussion.
I like arguing as long as at the end I get what I want. Arguing with Jeff pretty much guarantees that's not going to happen
BTW, @The(Josh): good work on the townhall digest
@MichaelMrozek depends on what you want.
damnit, all that time I took off in January for sick days and I still have overage on my billable hours ...
I'm considering picking a fight anyway. He said "you don't understand how elections work" as though the SO election model is wide-spread and we should all know how it works
11:59 PM
however, I did eat up 24 hours of sickleave in that "billable" time for my allotment through the year

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