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6:01 PM
I answered
Three characters, btw, not words. :P
[12:53:39] < joshc_> Mrozek: you strike me as the type of person that will come to work one day and maul your coworkers down with an machine gun
[12:54:21] < neonmeate> i've picked up on that vibe, too
@MichaelMrozek You should've brought that up yesterday
That's the stuff of moderators!
"SO is the only thing that keeps me from completely losing it. If you guys take that away I don't know what I'll do..."
Aren't you at work now?
6:06 PM
I am. There's currently no mauling though
@MichaelMrozek ahhh! :(
I wasn't worried about that. People take this stuff pretty seriously though. If IT notices it and forwards it to the cops, you could be in for an unpleasant visit even though you're just joking.
@Moshe yes, my young padawan, you learn very quickly. (also: is that supposed to be capitalized? Chrome doesn't autocorrect for me)
(Not a complaint against the system per se; when it does happen, it's tragic, and I sure don't want it happening to me.)
@drachenstern "Three" yes, "characters", could go either way. Ask on English.SE.
6:08 PM
Oh; my work cares incredibly little about...well, everything. But attention cops possibly reading this transcript: I'm not going to maul anyone, regardless of the SO election outcome
@Moshe also notice the rep levels of all the respondents ;)
...unless Rook wins
@Moshe also, notice it's like a true open source acronym thing: GNU? three words: IE6 is indeed three words.
@drachenstern Ah, ok.
@drachenstern That't not fair, they don't have voting rings. :P
@Moshe :p
6:10 PM
Does anybody know anything about this hacker badge he is talking about:
A: Idea 3 of 3: Badge inventor badge.

EtherAwarding badges manually rather than automatically through an algorithm is going to be prone to chaos, confusion, and a bureaucratic nightmare for the site maintainers. Currently the only such badge is "Hacker", which is being reserved for exceptional circumstances and still has not yet been awa...

@Moshe see what I did there? I do that a lot I think. It's cute but unnoticed
@drachenstern Sorry, but I completely missed that.
@Trufa I think it's a joke ... I hope it's a joke ... kinda like "omgz, you haxored us, you deserves a badgez"
@Moshe no you didn't, you caught it ... three words: ie6 is three words
@drachenstern Ok I must have missed the irony
@drachenstern Oh, I got that.
6:11 PM
@Trufa or it wasn't there?
never really afk
Also, @Trufa ... I think you can see that I didn't quite get up off my lazy and go fix that answer yet ... maybe I should soonish
I thought there actually was one, but it's not on the badge list anymore
@MichaelMrozek Am I not geting the irony again?
@Trufa I still don't think there's irony.
6:13 PM
@drachenstern no no, sounded wrong
@drachenstern you go and find dupes
lots of them
@Trufa yes, but that requires being non-lazy
@drachenstern that is a big requirement yes!
is there a meta question
related to the inposibility
this, quickly
the retry thingy gives me high pressur
@Trufa There used to be a real Hacker badge, during the SO beta. It was removed later, though.
6:22 PM
@Trufa, there's really no need to talk 1 word per line...
@ChrisJesterYoung thanks I'll take a look
@Trufa, @RebeccaChernoff wrote some bit of js to trigger a "retry" on ctrl-space (I believe), you may be interested in that
@Trufa No, it doesn't exist any more. It was only ever awarded to one person, that I knew of.
@Trufa right here:
Q: Relax flood control in chat

Konrad Rudolph[This must have been mentioned before but I’m unable to find it.] After you post a message in chat, it takes a few seconds (3?) before you can post again. You can submit the message but it will be retained and you need to wait for the amount of time, and click on a link to re-send it. I get the...

This guy set off my troll detector, but part of my brain has reservations:
Q: please help me to ask my question

PRASHANT PI would very much like to be able to ask my question properly, but I do not know how to be "clearer" like @Hank Hoterman told me I should be. Kindly, could you direct me to a place for beginner questions? Thank you again and for your time. :)

6:24 PM
@RebeccaChernoff imHo it is avery importat part of the CHAT experience
Speaking of setting off my troll detector, what is Trufa doing?
@Trufa then you're doing it wrong
I am all for relaxing it, but not to the point that you can type 1 word per line like that. I'm for relaxing it because it catches me typing natural sentences sometimes.
@MichaelMrozek Imitating the writing style of the possible troll I reported, apparently.
@RebeccaChernoff ok I could live with that, I think the chat, being a chat, should be more relaxed, and have more teenage like conversation
@balpha care to expand?
6:27 PM
This isn't aol chat though.
@RebeccaChernoff Yet. I'm working on it
@MichaelMrozek you've got my vote then for the mod election
I am really not with it
@RebeccaChernoff no simley faces allowed then?
6:29 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I just flagged a message of mine in the SO Town Hall Digest by mistake, asking for it to be deleted. I do not want it deleted
@Trufa If you seriously think that an important part of the chat experience is annoying everybody else by posting one word at a time, it's useless to expand. If you're joking, I don't have to expand :)
I thought I was in the SU digest room, I was mistaken
Well, time to see if balpha fixed ignoring multiple users at once....
Maybe @balpha can help me here?
in Town Hall Digest on Stack Overflow Chat, 5 mins ago, by Josh
Just received a note that some answers from Kev were missed from the digest
I flagged that for deletion but was mistaken
okay, flag dismissed without action
6:30 PM
Thank you @balpha!!
@balpha ok, Im joking and exaggerating to make a point, but I do think it works against the flow of the conversation (main point of a CHAT room) and should be seriously relaxed.
The only time I hit the rate limit is if I post something and then post a link immediately afterwards because I want to onebox it; you should really not be hitting it in normal conversation
@Trufa I don't think we should relax those rules just for the hell of it. I think they serve a very good purpose. The only time I hit the chatrate limiter is when I want to respond to a number of people very quickly. But my points will hold, so I can count to five and hit <Ctrl><space>
@balpha and @drachenstern the main point is that it should be a conversation and add up ideas as they come up
@Trufa, when you hold a normal conversation, in-person or on the phone, do you say a word, pause, say a word, pause, say a word, pause, say a word....
6:34 PM
@Trufa ehwut? I totally missed your point there. Also, if you have suggestions that are serious for the chat experience, you should totally
Is this a hypothetical problem, or do you actually find the rate limit blocking your activity frequently?
@MichaelMrozek I find it very limitating, seriously, I'm reconsering now that everybody is telling me that they have only hit the limit once or twice
I am headed to a meeting, @RebeccaChernoff if you get any more complaints, just email me again and I will resolve as soon as I am back. Thanks!!
@Trufa a) I hit it frequently. but am patient. b) how often do you hit it? on what server/room? c) are you trying to post very short bits or what? It takes more than three or four seconds to type most sentences.
but yesterday, I has having a "real conversation" about something with @Pekka and felt restrained
6:36 PM
@Trufa constrained?
@drachenstern I am a very impatient person, I'll admit, but I hit it quite often, specially when I'm not completely satisfied with what I wrote but don't feel it should be edited
So instead of editing posts, you're typing things like "*foo"? Because there's kind of an easy solution to that if that's the case
Ah-ha!!! And now we get to the nut of the problem!
@drachenstern Isn't that a word??? :) I tried to express limited, with my hands tied or something like that
@drachenstern my impatience?
@Trufa yes, but restrained is where people are holding you back. Constrained is a physical limitation of the environment.
user image
6:40 PM
@MichaelMrozek no! when a concept was expressed half way
@Trufa then finish
your sentences
before hitting enter
If you type something and realize you weren't done, just edit it. It fixes your problem and makes it much easier to understand what you're saying
@drachenstern well, the it was quite well applied the if you abstract a little :)
@MichaelMrozek (I noticed the irony!) :)
I don't know, maybe it's me, maybe I'm crazy
6:54 PM
Off topic:
Q: iPhone training, London

Niall MccormackAs the iOS developer in the agency that I work in I've been asked if I know of any iOS development courses that other developers can attend, or tutors that we can get in to teach for a day or two. Does anyone know of any good courses or tutors in or near London? The only person I know of is Ara...

Argh, I need more than three votes for the SO mod election. Oddly, I'm less happy now than I would've been with only one vote, because my first choice is far ahead of my second through fifth, who are all muddled together.
Phone interview completed.... hmm, I think I did good.
@PopularDemand You're allowed to vote only for one person.
@PopularDemand Just don't fill in the 2nd and 3rd slots.
@Fosco Job interview? I hope it works out for you. :-)
Yep... thanks :)
@ChrisJesterYoung I'm aware, but I want to use them now that I have them. Not because I feel obligated to use all the buttons; there are two people running who I'd rather not see win, so any votes for people other than those two should help somewhat.
7:27 PM
@PopularDemand I think STV is a little more resistant to strategic voting than FPP, but I'm not au fait with the details.
@ChrisJesterYoung I believe you're right, although I have a draft question saved on MSO asking for an explanation of how Meek STV works.
@PopularDemand In fact, that was the main reason I pushed hard for STV. (The very first election on SO were done using FPP model.)
@PopularDemand Can I know who? gfosco AT gmail :)
@Fosco I'm happy to go on record saying that I cast my highest-weighted vote for Michael Mrozek. I'd rather not mention the other two, in part because I'm afraid people will think I was actively against them. Actually, I think any of the 10 candidates would be fine, I just thought those two were least good.
2 of my votes are for channel frequenters.. the others for slaks
7:41 PM
My top vote was for Tim Post, because he's a #stackoverflow semi-regular. :-P (There are no #stackoverflow full-time-regulars that have made it through the primary, no least because most #stackoverflow regulars don't actually want to be a mod in the first place.) My other two votes are for old-timers. :-)
When installing XP to replace a corrupted install of XP, do I quick format or don't format? Why?
@Moshe #REDIRECT [[superuser.com]]
Format ext3
@Fosco Did you feel calm during?
7:46 PM
@mootinator No, format as UDF and use packet writing. Even for a hard drive. :-P :-P :-P
@Moshe only format if you want to wipe the data on the disk. quick format doesn't zero anything
@drachenstern Yeah pretty much.. I was as prepared as I could've been, and felt good throughout.
@Fosco sweet. Here's to good news quickly
7:57 PM
@drach thanks. I am not going to format.
I just realized that I may be able to borrow the registry from the new install and then save the old one.
@Fosco good luck!
@Moshe yeah, don't format. The old Windows directory will just be sitting there
@Moshe that I doubt, at least if you mean the whole thing in its entirety
I would save the old one before trying this :)
@Pekka the old one was cooked.
@Moshe no I mean the new old one
The original of the fresh install
It's not like I'd be worse off if it doesn't work. I already saved the files.
8:00 PM
I want to copy the fresh registry into the old one.
@Moshe ah I see, that makes sense
@Moshe while that's possible, you are going to have a whole other set of issues if you install over. I would suggest a VM
But it's going to be trouble otherwise like @drachenstern says.
it just depends on what you're trying to do
@Moshe Thanks!
8:01 PM
I mean, it totally depends on what you're trying to do.
It's not my machine.
I am reinstallig windows. Once I have those two installs, I am going to use the fresh install to resuscitate the old one.
Oops! I just realized that the install disk I used was for XP pro and the machine was XP home!
Uh oh.
Uh-oh, I think my boss fixed the Quickbooks involuntary savings plan this year.
Do OEM disks usually ask for a key? I was under the impression that it asked on other OEM hardware. This is strange. It didn't ask, but it's an HP disk on Dell hardware!
I'll have to actually set money aside for property taxes rather than just use the tax refund :O
@Moshe not normally, but they also have other side-effects that might be weird. My advice? Check for a torrent of that ISO and verify with the appropriate confirmed MD5
ok, I'm out for a bit, maybe the day. Ciao
8:18 PM
Damn, stupid work getting in the way of my chat time!
Someone please tell my boss to back of, there's chatting to be done!
I mean, really, he thinks my clients' so-called "urgent requests" come before the Town Hall Digests!
@Josh :o
Oh and @Fosco, since you might actually have my boss' email, THAT IS A JOKE AND I WILL NOT BE HAPPY IF YOU RELAY THAT TO HIM!
For shame!
lol :) I wouldn't... still no email!
@Fosco probably because he has been fielding sed urgent requests all morning :-)
8:21 PM
I tried telling @RebeccaChernoff's boss how much time she spends in here, but he just ended up giving her a raise
Silly clients always expecting us to do work for them! ;-)
Egyptians without internet = Gyptians?
@YiJiang add Gaming to the list
hasn't installed windows on anything in months
8:27 PM
@Moshe *groan*
Hmm, profile updates have been pushed to (only) MSO.
is a little suprised, considering how sensitive @Moshe usually is regarding other people's posts
@Tim - patience...
@MarcGravell Hahah, it was more of a "Go look, but specifically on MSO" comment ;)
@YiJiang add AskUbuntu too
@YiJiang and WebApps.
8:35 PM
Yey, urgent requests were easy
Time to resume digesting
@TimStone Is it bad if I see no difference?
@alpha I did not realize that that post was offensive. You are correct though. I will flag for removal.
@MichaelMrozek The only difference I saw is the email/real name fields showing up without you hitting edit on your own profile, heh.
jQuery 1.5 Released! http://j.mp/hvWLeb
@TimStone Oh, ok
8:39 PM
@balpha jQuery is now perfecter, and now does all things, except some more
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, not super exciting, just a change. :P
@MichaelMrozek effective when? q:
@RebeccaChernoff Before you were hired. You should've seen what they were going to offer you originally
...you're welcome
hahaha, nice save (;
@PopularDemand now that I am back to the digest for SO's town hall, I am available to chat again. So whenever you're available I am ready to hear whatever it was you were going to say
8:42 PM
I need to install the network drivers now... But they're online and I'm not. Wait, they are in the previous installation. Yes!
Anyone know what's up with careers.stackoverflow.com ?
@middaparka down for me also
Nice to see Statler and Waldorf are hanging in there anyway. :-)
Ugh, waking up for the SUTHC is making today very difficult. I'm just about falling asleep in my chair. Oy.
@RebeccaChernoff :-(
take a nap!
8:48 PM
Careers is down for me also, I'll make sure they know. (:
I spent a very fruitless minute on google and acronymfinder trying to figure out what "SUTHC" meant before I decoded it on my own
Take that, modern technology
Worse, I got an email about SOTHC and somehow assumed that meas SUTHC
It got me all confused!
@middaparka back up
don't ask me what the issue was, guys in new york fixed this one
Ah come on @NickCraver! How can I claim that I fixed it after that? ):
back to speeding up the database here
8:54 PM
@NickCraver Stop telling them our secrets
@RebeccaChernoff Out of curiosity, given that Gaming currently has three pro tem mods, how did there end up only being two permanent mod positions available? There's some metric that decides that three was one too many, or? :P
I asked a friend to pick a number between 1 and 5.
Ah, good system ;)
The system should calculate a moderatorness score for each person, and keep running 1-winner elections until the sum of the moderatorness of all winners is over a given threshold (the "Grace Note line")
Why thank you. I came up with it all by myself.
9:02 PM
Alllmost done with the SOTHCD @Rebecca et al
@RebeccaChernoff Ah, @MichaelMrozek was right in getting you that raise then.
Hmm, the profile changes don't make it clear that the field labels are in red because they're things that moderators can see..
@MichaelMrozek I can't find an answer from you to:
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by badp
A diamond will be attached to everything you say, including questions, answers and comments. Everything you will do will be seen under a different light. How do you feel about that?
I don't care personally, but I was about to move on
if you want an answer included in the digest (if you care) let me know
I might not have; I don't remember answering it. I used replies for everything I think, so it shouldn't be hard to find if there is one
9:07 PM
probably skipped it. THANK YOU for using reply!
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by Michael Mrozek
@badp I honestly prefer the reddit style, where you look like a normal user most of the time and you click a button to say "and now I'm speaking as a mod". I don't post answers much anyone these days (as I said, I must prefer editing and other maintenance stuff), so I don't think it'll be a big deal; if I were going to be posting answers a lot, I honestly would probably make a sockpuppet for it :)
oh, duh
@MichaelMrozek that is so 'shopped
@Zypher What happened to your achievements? Did they show in the end?
@Pekka I believe that was her claim at the time
9:09 PM
@MichaelMrozek I expect you'll take advantage of this opportunity to make "Michael Mrozek: Popular Demand Is On His Side" buttons or similar campaign materials.
Hey @Pekka. I haven't even checked to see if you asked that question we talked about, I have been... otherwise occupied :-p
@PopularDemand I just lie freely about those things
@Josh I was just curious how you determined the URLs for those firewall optimizations you suggested to me.
@PopularDemand I closed all browser windows except Pandora and disabled all existing permissions for my browser on my outgoing firewall, so it asked me to connect to anywhere. I then very selectivly allowed rules that had .pandora.com in the name and were clearly things I wanted, like audio-blah.pandora.com or autocomplete.pandora.com and denied anything related to ads like doubleclick :-)
9:13 PM
I should probably vote in the SO election before the snowpocalypse knocks me off the Internet for a week. Somebody text me and let me know if I win
in Town Hall Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, yesterday, by Michael Mrozek
If I didn't answer your question, it's probably because I was dodging the issue and trying to return the focus to my new health care plan
@PopularDemand I can send you a complete screencapture if you want. just email me at [email protected]
@Nick Thanks for the heads up. :-)
@MichaelMrozek I expect you to be notified when the super-secret Stack Overflow mod personal backup Internet is delivered to your house/cave/castle/space station.
@Josh Very interesting!
After I was done, I enabled normal rules of course
I'm using Little Snitch for OS X, YMMV with your own product
We wanted to find out what'd happen if there were as many nominations as open mod slots. Obviously somebody had to break it for us.
Now we'll never know!
9:21 PM
Heh :P

Depressing Demotivation: Democracy Destruction Denied.

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Bookmarked 4 mins ago by badp

@Moshe nope never saw them come up
@Zypher Hrm... Could be I added them later on.
also - i think adding delimiters to the cash available in the upper right would be useful
@Zypher Delimiters?
9:23 PM
Yey only 3 more questions left!!! THE END IS IN SIGHT!
@Moshe so 100,000,000 instead of 100000000
@Josh Glad to hear. I have been packing, and fixing a neighbors Windows box.
@Zypher Ah. I think I had them but removed them. No matter, it's an easy fix for the 1.1 release.
@Moshe yeah, sure, excuses excuses! You've been happy to leave me alone with this mess! ;-)
@Josh Oh, for sure.
cool, yea got annoying when i wanted to put say 30M into the bank and had to count zeros to make sure i was entering the right amount
and that i had it
9:24 PM
I even get emails from the team when I make mistakes, LOL
@Josh The SO team?
@Moshe yes
@Zypher I hear ya, i usually just hit "max" and then deduct from there. But for sure, I hear the point.
"people are complaining you forgot their answers. FIX NOW OR I WILL CLOG YOUR SINKS!!!" was basically what the email said
@Josh The SO team has spelling problems
9:26 PM
@Josh "Cease and desist, or cease to exist!"
@MichaelMrozek Oh, spelling is the least of their problems. :-D
well i gotta make sure i have enough Yen to fill up on whatever i'm buying :)
@MichaelMrozek well I was paraphrasing of course. In reality the letter was much nicer, but, far less funny!
still trying to break 1B on the high score though
@Zypher Hear hear. Oh right, I remember now. I removed the delimiters when I removed decimal places. To quote my friend who taught himself Japanese: "There are no Yen pennies."
Although, after googling for Yen images, I think he may be wrong.
9:28 PM
@MarcGravell Why are there two General rooms for Web Apps now? :P
I mean, I know the conversation in there was overwhelming and everything, but..
@Zypher Yea, don't kill yourself though, the score won't appear in the public Game Center. (At least I don't think so.)
haha probably not ... i can hit 400-500M pretty consistantly
@Tim - looking
Thanks :)
The conversation was so epic, it couldn't be contained in one room.
9:30 PM
uhhhhhh former landlord calling, bbs...
@Josh G'luck!
bizarre - I have no explanation, but I'll log it for investigation tomorrw
@Zypher I can't break 4M
I've deleted the empty one
@MarcGravell Instigation or investigation?
9:32 PM
@MarcGravell Awesome, thank you!
@Moshe look, it is late!
well, not really, but... day feels long
@MarcGravell It's all good. Gotta go shop, bbs
yawns I always feel like it's late, so I'm willing to accept that ;)
@Josh Does he miss you? :)
@MarcGravell Gaming also got a second "official" room at some point, it has been deleted now.
9:36 PM
Anyone know where I can find an XP Pro Sp3 OEM Dell key? I'm reinstalling on a machine that had Windows before.
Is chat.SE built on top of an Indian burial ground?
@badp I'm sure they were all created by hackers under the employ of the Egyptian government to spy on you all. :-P
@Moshe yes - on your original valid license...
I have a Windows 7 Pro OEM Dell Key, which is peeling off.
@MarcGravell The original is XP Home Edition. I'd use that but I have no OEM disk for home.
9:37 PM
Thanks for reminding me to record that somewhere.
then you aren't allowed to install it, sorry
@mootinator Np
@Moshe Go and order recovery discs for your computer. They don't cost that much.
@ChrisJesterYoung Not my computer, a neighbors. I have the disks in school, but I'm home. It's a matter of time really.
@Moshe Well, step into a teleporter pronto!
9:39 PM
ok, I'm being overly picky - there's a slippery slope somewhere that goes downhill very quickly into a quagmire of dodgyness... just don't go asking for license keys. It upsets folks.
@MarcGravell Ok, fair enough. You're not being picky. I should just shut up. (You misspelled license, btw)
@Moshe No, it's "licence".
@ChrisJesterYoung No
You're both right, hooray.
Defense or defence? Now, that is the question! ;)
9:42 PM
@GeorgeMarian Defence, of course! :-D
What else...enrol, instil, distil, manoeuvre, colour, savour, offence, etc. :-)
Seriously, I was sure that couldn't possibly be a correct spelling. I kept imagining someone holding up a "De" in one hand and a small fence in the other. :)
I'm back
@GeorgeMarian :-P
9:44 PM
@badp I guess you haven't been following my housing woes :-)
@Josh tmi, probably :)
@mootinator Hehehehehe.
@badp tmi for public chat. IM me offline if you want to know
(same goes for @TimStone and @drachenstern)
@Josh I'll wait for you to go offline then hides
9:46 PM
@Josh You're hurting @RebeccaChernoff's feelings by excluding her! :-O
@RebeccaChernoff can email me :-)
She doesn't have my IM
@Josh She's not part of the awesome cool Skype circle? shakes head
Huh? confused
@RebeccaChernoff I got more news re: my hosing situation and was updating Tim and Moshe via IM, so as to avoid a string of (delete) messages :-)
9:54 PM
Oy noes! @RebeccaChernoff is confused! );
@RebeccaChernoff Chris said I shouldn't exclude you and I was saying you're not excluded, just email / IM me if you want details :-)
nice edit (:
@RebeccaChernoff hurt herself in her confusion!
@RebeccaChernoff I realized the other day that some of the smilies that I type on MSN are in the ...@RebeccaChernoff-approved direction on account of them being icon-ified into something completely different if I type them the right way...I personally claim conspiracy.
10:06 PM
Q: cannot login..........

xpdaWhen I try to login via Wordpress, I get this message: Unable to log in with your OpenID provider: Cannot decode Key-Value Form because a line was found without a ':' character. (line 3: '<head>')

Wordpress should probably fix that...
@MichaelMrozek They said they're on it, isn't their word enough?
Actually fixing it is just the icing on the cake.
@TimStone They did?
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, see the post it's a duplicate of.
@MichaelMrozek It's like the WordPress devs don't even spend all day on MSO.
@PopularDemand Sounds like a community relations fail...who to blame, who to blame..
10:10 PM
Ack, too many sites. Poor AskUbuntu got squeezed down to the third row
10:24 PM
finally on final remarks!
It's supposed to rain here? !&*# that noise!
hmm crap
@Josh Yay! \o/
10:37 PM
A: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat: 8pm UTC on the 30th

JoshI want to extend a giant thank you to Rebecca for organizing all these Town Hall sessions. I think they were a huge success and I really hope everyone benefitted from them! In order to make the Stack Overflow Town Hall easier to read, I have tried my best to produce a digest version containing o...

Again, THANKS @RebeccaChernoff!!!!!!

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