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7:13 PM
Hi there! :)
@Nyuszika7H Hello.
Yay power outages
just as I was pushing to kiln no less
7:28 PM
I'm facing horror atm, nested PHP code with HTML table design !
and CSS style is in the HTML too, of course !
that last one sounds rought
the ones before it sounded ok tho, given that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
It's a huge file with nested PHP code and HTML
Love when the boss asks me to describe to the junior staff developer in 2 minutes how the entirety of OpenID works. Good thing I'm so good.
@TimStone I do, yes
7:30 PM
Do you need access @TimStone? Or should I try what the other answer suggested?
@Josh I think you can just do logfile = ${HOME}/error_log, yeah. But I would have thought that was just the PHP error log, but maybe not?
that's exactly what people mean when they speak on spaghetti code !
oh ffs I broke something else :(
@statuscompleted yes it is
there are also nice feature in that script : SQL Injection in every query, some array index starts at 1, etc.
7:34 PM
That was outsourced ....
that explains everything
@drachenstern I would love to hear your two-minute OpenID speech some time.
@PopularDemand haha
I also forgot to mention there's no comment in the whole script too
I talk very fast
7:36 PM
@drachenstern "You got all that? Good. Now go back to your desk and replay the tape at 1/4 speed, and you may be able to make out some words."
@PopularDemand bahahahaha it's like you know me
damnit, 30 minutes to fix this bug, I feel like I'm in swordfish but not all the computers are as responsive
"It's official, I spend way too much time here."
@PopularDemand jup jup
those sound like words of wisdom ;)
@TimStone ahhhh, yeah, ok
that would just be the PHP log, but, he's mixed in what he's asking
@PopularDemand hear hear
Right, and with the Apache log you're pretty stuck, because Apache isn't switching users.
7:45 PM
and fixed
Maybe all he needs is the PHP log. I will test your suggestion after I answer emails
HELP, Jeff deleted the advertisment gallery, need some 10k votes here:
@LanceRoberts I guess he did in response to my flag pointing out that many of the links there were dead
@LanceRoberts Thanks for maintaining the deleted questions archive. I'd never notice them otherwise.
@TimStone I have to call a client about an email issue, no way am I going to be able to answer this quetion in time, heh
7:52 PM
In the following answer, how is the tag formatting accomplished?
@PopularDemand I wish they'd just let 10k do an isdeleted:1 search.
A: Is it important to mark spoiler questions as such?

Eight Days of MalaiseThe spoiler tag is a meta fluffy used to define the type of query and nothing to do with the content of the question. Tags should help summarise what the question is about and not about what the question may appear to be. It's noise that shouldn't be proliferating as much as it is since it's l...

@Josh It's not like it's a super huge bounty anyway, heh. ;)
@TimStone true
but I'll take what I can get on SF :-)
@oKtosiTe [tag:TAGNAME] (or perhaps [meta-tag:TAGNAME], depending.)
7:53 PM
@Josh Hahah, true, true.
@PopularDemand Thanks!
@Josh I need 6 more hours to award that cat the bonus for the jsminifier ;)
to all the naysayers saying I shouldn't have done that, bah, I consider it encouragement ;)
A: Is there some markup to post tags?

Kevin MontroseWe're now supporting the following syntax. [tag:tag-name] & [meta-tag:tag-name] Examples: c# feature-request This is done on post submission*, and for now isn't reflected in the editor preview. Note that we aren't pulling in styling from the "parent" site either, though that may chang...

@PopularDemand Awesome.
ok folks, time to jet, bbl
7:55 PM
has been lurking just waiting for someone to say they were leaving.
Heh :P
@drachenstern YEY!
How much of a bonus did you offer @drachenstern?
@drachenstern oh, "jet" as in "leave", I am catching on to this internet ling thing! Duuuurrrr
Hi! :)
8:11 PM
@Nyuszika7H Hello
Pandora, why do you offer to let me pay for ad-free radio? Don't you know that using my outgoing firewall I can already make your service ad free? :-D
@Josh Clearly, they don't. Why are you telling them?
@PopularDemand ...good point ;-)
(Also... how? I don't use Pandora, I have no idea how it works.)
@PopularDemand They stream their ads from different servers from their music, so by firewalling off the ad servers, the music continues uninterrupted by ads!
@Josh Hilarious!
You don't even get a stretch of dead air where the ads are supposed to go?
8:16 PM
Nope, skips right over them
it's a huge mistake on their part :-)
I gotta use Pandora later tonight just so I can teach myself how to do this.
Well, granted most people won't know how to do this, but
And let me know when you have copied that message because it self destructs ;-)
@Josh what message?
@PopularDemand I have no idea what you're talking about :-)
@Josh Well, thank you for that, although I'm curious what tool you used to find those out. LiveHTTP?
8:21 PM
It so difficult to understand what people are talking about in the chat.
@Josh I missed it, can I get an IM or something?
I didn't think it would work, I was shocked when it did actually
@Moshe Sure
You can also just use pianobar, which has no ads :)
@Josh But doesn't your browser prompt you for permission? Doesn't that happen every time there's an ad? I assume not, but...
@Moshe I said "deny connections to doubleclick permanently". Once it stopped asking me, I re-endabled all earlier rules
@MichaelMrozek awesome
8:23 PM
@Josh Ah, nice.
I have my notepad, pen an idea and a gorgeous day. Time to prepare a new project from the ground. #Excited
In other news. At the doc office for followup one of three from last week. Progress.
hullo folks, just voted on programmers...
Where's that tool that lets you review questions of interest by new users/low scoring, etc?
@balpha Pinning, abused? Never :P
Oh hey guys.
8:37 PM
@TimStone meh, the meta tavern doesn't count :)
Oh, there were issue elsewhere too?
Hey there @balpha, how goes?
@Josh Do you have any multi-tenant databases, or is each customer separate?
@TimStone why, trying to hack me? :-)
8:43 PM
@TimStone Still "workin on mah problemz"? Lazy cat. Did anyone even stop to check his resume before he was hired? What're his technical qualifications, hm?
@Josh pretty good. Got rubber arms because I helped a neighbor move furniture today, but other than that: alright :)
I am still completely mystified about this late answer to a question of mine
A: Test Webcam via Flash

Davidis there a place to use my web cam thats not a dating site, hell I've been married for 16 years, I plan on many more, not looking again just want my wife to be able to talk to her daughter she hqas not seen for 20 years

@balpha LOL
@balpha, I have some furniture that needs to be moved, wanna help? (:
@PopularDemand He passed the FizzBuzz test. I shook my fist at him earlier, but apparently he was not swayed.
@RebeccaChernoff Ahahahah
@Pekka lmao
8:45 PM
@TIm yeah, me too, I LOL'd for three minutes straight
I had to read it thrice to understand what he was on about
That's hysterical @Pekka
@RebeccaChernoff Are you paying the flight from Berlin to Missouri?
@balpha chipin.com
(or any of the other donation collection sites >_<)
Aha, my stupid utility which probably already exists somewhere else is complete!
@mootinator did you build a Forum?
8:51 PM
@Pekka Given a Fluent NHibernate configuration it displays the SQL Schema and hbm.xml in a tabbed view.
@mootinator ah, I see
(I lie, I have no idea what you are talking about :)
But it sounds a bit more complex than a forum.
It's way less complex than a forum. The tricky bit was extracting the information from the libraries.
gotta love programmers.se, I've got to 1500 mostly on the back of 2 questions+3 answers :)
And on EL&U, my two by-far-most-upvoted answers were just photos of the word in the question :)
@Benjol Asking English SE users to solve your CAPTCHAs for you, eh? Brilliant!
@Pop :) photos on EL&U are like free-hand circles on meta, guaranteed rep :)
Same goes on photo.se, but that's kind of normal...
9:00 PM
Gee, right after joining I switch to some other tab and forget I'm still here. So once again, hey.
@Benjol Note to self: post a question on Photo SE on April 1 stating "I can't upload the original image right now, please accept this ASCII art facsimile for the time being."
@BoltClock Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder? :)
@PopularDemand, they're a bit more serious over there. Good bunch though, that's site that's managed to get some real pros on board...
@Benjol Glad to hear it. I only asked one question there so far. Got kind of a lukewarm response, so I wasn't sure. But then, it was about Photoshop, not photography proper.
@Benjol Oh yeah I should introduce my photographer friends to it soon. Slips my mind again and again.
nerd ADD... sounds about right ;)
@PopularDemand, they've had 'too many' technical-type questions, they'd like more about photography-proper - because that's what's likely to attract the experts.
yesterday, by Benjol
> Stop reading right now. Look at your desktop. How many tasks are you working on besides reading this weblog? A lot? You've got N.A.D.D.
9:11 PM
@Benjol I see. I wonder how long that period lasts. I've been avoiding participating in betas -- and was gratified to see that that became an official recommendation -- because I don't consider myself to be expert enough.
@Benjol Oh, golly.
@PopularDemand, I'm not an expert, by a long shot. I think they just want to differentiate themselves from most other photography forums which turn into tech porn ("I've got the biggest telefoto")
@BoltClock, if you jump to where I quoted that, there's some links to related posts on the blog that quote comes from. good blog
@PopularDemand the coolest thing on the photo.se site is the weekly feature photo ;)
Q: Can we get rid of "& Photographic Editing" or change it to something else?

Evan KrallIt seems like once a week we get someone in here asking about "How can I do this non-photo-related thing with Photoshop?" It appears to come from the name of the site, "Photography and Photographic Editing". To avoid confusion, should we rename the site? I'd suggest "Photography and Post-Process...

@Benjol Hm, I see.
Argh, can't even delete my question, as it's got an answer.
@Benjol I'm actually not a huge fan of the photo; there have been some nice images, but it feels gimmicky.
9:18 PM
@GeorgeMarian Cannot. Be. Unseen.
Why do you think I had to share?
@GeorgeMarian ..."or the guy who botched my tatoo"?
Apparently, it was intentional and he likes it.
Meta not loading for anyone else? Loads for me but a friend says it gives him a routine maintenance page
oops, everyone still here?
9:22 PM
Where's here?
@Benjol looks like he's not the only one with issues :-)
Fine on my end.
@Josh, but meta itself is ok for me
Works for him now too
That cat must have had a furball
9:23 PM
I just deployed
because we have a new graduate: apple.stackexchange.com
@balpha, coooool!
Henceforth, balpha shall be referred to as "the cat" and deploys shall be referred to as "furballs." Such is the will of Popular Demand.
Give @Jin lots of love for his awesome work
Hear hear!
It's my favorite SE design yet
9:24 PM
I'm officially brain dead.
@balpha Doesn't he want lots of bacon instead?
THANK YOU @Jin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks to me like the bronze and gold colors were reversed; intentional?
@PopularDemand probably not :)
@PopularDemand, good point.
9:27 PM
Hey, I dunno. Could've been an Apple thing.
@balpha when you deployed Apple.SE did you have to kill one of my Apache servers at the same time? This client of mine will not like that!
Now my phone is beeping like crazy
I just deployed chat
you have to blame Geoff for everything else
That was WEIRD, load on that server just hit 98
damn apache lock up again
[off-topic: for anyone who's interested, this is an interesting sort for Yi's page:]
$('#userList > li').sortElements(function (a, b) {
    return $(b).find('.score').attr('title').split(':')[1] - $(a).find('.score').attr('title').split(':')[1];
9:32 PM
I don't know why Apache locks up like that, it frustartes me to no end
Oh well
@Benjol What is that sorting by?
@Josh What exactly happens?
Q: Apache gets "clogged" with certain requests.

JoshI have a very odd intermittent issue. It occurs on a shared hosting server running CentOS and Apache/2.2.8, serving mostly PHP based websites at a rate of between 10 - 30 requests/sec. 3.5 GB RAM, kernel 2.6.9-67.0.7ELsmp in case that matters. What happens is, about once a week (but seemingly ra...

It just stops responding to requests, like something's blocking requests
Eventually it hits MaxCliens and dies
Oh wow, that's an old question.
I'll look at it once I get off this call.
@TimStone cool, thanks!
9:37 PM
@JustinjjnguyNelson, by the upvote/downvote ratio, it's my current 'magic' metric - I'd say it measures 'non-controversiality' :)
Not sure how much I'll be able to help, but we'll see. :P
I wrote a script which kills off and restarts Apache when it happens, so we're OK for now, but it still frustrates me!
What I have now is a total hack, I would like to solve the actual problem
Yeah, no, that'd bother me too.
I believe it's a PHP session_start concurrency problem, but that's a total hunch
I would bounty my entire SF rep for the answer. Only reason I don't have a bounty on that question is because as you said, it's really old and if I did, the bounty would expire and be wasted
@Benjol Ah, thanks. I'm 5th in that too.
9:42 PM
Just noticed the bronze and gold badge icons for apple.SE are mixed up
@JustinjjnguyNelson, I'm not sure how the election works, but I'm guessing that that may be a better indication of who may come top at the end than just upvotes-downvotes
16 mins ago, by Popular Demand
Looks to me like the bronze and gold colors were reversed; intentional?
@Benjol I'm tired.
NO EXCUSES @BoltClock!!!!
@BoltClock :)
I now have a 4 day weekend!!!
More time to bug all of you..
9:51 PM
@TylerChacha \o/
This afternoon is getting crazy
have a number of calls to make all of a sudden, heh
@TylerChacha We feel so loved
@TimStone I've always had your best interest at heart
1 more hour, right?
Will an answer transform itself to community wiki if I edit it too much times? Or does it apply only to questions?
9:59 PM
@GeorgeStocker one more hour for what now?
I hate being in the dark :-)
@Nyuszika7H Yes, um...
Jan 21 at 12:56, by Josh
How many edits does it take to get to the community-wiki center of an answer?
Jan 21 at 12:57, by Yi Jiang
@Josh 5 by 5 different users, or 10 by the OP
Shouldn't CW be based on how much of the answer came from other people?
Like, once more than 20% is changed by other users it becomes CW?
seems more inline with the CW idea
Hm, well, it is after it's CW
@TylerChacha - it's also in place to prevent perpetual bumping
@NickCraver Ah ha, great point, thanks
10:02 PM
@NickCraver I know, I would do some sort of combination..
@TylerChacha - if you have an idea propose it on meta!
I'm proposing here first because too many Meta requests are far-fetched logic babbles...
that say "Let's do this because XY and Z" and in the end just don't make sense to anyone but the OP
or have big holes in them..
@TylerChacha wait, and this chat isn't a babble? ;-)
I don't care about Babble here...
@TylerChacha - I agree, hash it out then post if you think it's valid/needs discussion, it's what meta's there for :)
10:04 PM
I just don't like babble on meta
1 more hour until the moderator nominee townhall.
I'm not voting..
@GeorgeStocker Wait, what?
Did you get an email from Rebecca?
@GeorgeStocker I never got an email back fro Rachel
10:06 PM
@GeorgeStocker oh, yey!
@GeorgeStocker No, I did not...eff
Where is the meta post?
/blames @RebeccaChernoff for you
Oh, nevermind.
Q: Should there be a "generalist" badge on Stack Exchange itself?

Johannes Schaub - litbA person that is a programmer, a cook, a physicist and a whatever participant on Stack Exchange and has sufficient reputation points sounds much more like a generalist than one knowing different programming languages. I would propose having badges not only on the sites individually or on Area 51...

I saw this and thought it was that instead: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/info/89/…
10:07 PM
Q: New badge idea: Versatile (related to Stack Flair)

Jose KSuggestion to have a Versatile badge for those who have good rep in multiple SE sites. This is to recognize users active across sites - similar to the combined flair but a badge to go along with it. This could be 3 tier Bronze > 200 in at least 7 sites (or some similar threshold) Silver > 10...

In one year, I won't be cooking "pasta" - I'll be using @BoltClock's SE iPhone app to look at the Cooking site SE to decide what to cook! :D
What on earth.
@GeorgeStocker Scared me!
@GeorgeStocker oh HAHAHAHAHA
@TylerChacha strikes aagin!
@Josh ???
when do I get to ban people from the tavern?
10:10 PM
points to the sidebar
@TylerChacha your Happy Hour confused @GeorgeStocker
Who is @GeorgeStocker?
@TylerChacha you want to ban me? Do you know how much less fun this room would be???
> Earlier this week Google launched an algorithmic change that will tend to rank scraper sites or sites with less original content lower. The net effect is that searchers are more likely to see the sites that wrote the original content. An example would be that stackoverflow.com will tend to rank higher than sites that just reuse stackoverflow.com's content. Note that the algorithmic change isn't specific to stackoverflow.com though.
@DanGrossman About time
10:13 PM
@Kragen looking forward to that SEDE patch ... looks super-cool
Of course, that doesn't help with the mainstream searches where 90% of results are spam...
@Josh No ... there are other people I'd like to make sure never step foot inside my precious tavern..
10:29 PM
...How did you get that screenshot? :o
I had switched rooms before it disappeared, but I was on a call and distracted otherwise.
@RebeccaChernoff Have you scheduled the Town Hall yet?
I see. :P
Is this a bad time to campaign for Brad Larson? Or might the other candidates in here notice?
10:32 PM
@mmyers You can campaign for whomever you like
I am sending out the email to the Programmers' candidates right now, and then I'll finish up scheduling the SOTHC.
@RebeccaChernoff Thanks
@RebeccaChernoff hopefully that fixed your rendering issue
sending out an email is going to fix my rendering issue? (:
I hope this call is over soon, I want it to feel like Friday, heh.
10:34 PM
My only motivation is that if he's elected, it will reduce the total flag volume by maybe a quarter.
He's not on pace to make the final cut, though.
@RebeccaChernoff go to the SO front page
Aha! I see the commit. <3
@mmyers Wow, that's a lot of flags
10:48 PM
Possibly an exaggeration, since he only gets 39 per day or something like that.
@mmyers Sounds like you are lucky there is a limmit

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