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10:00 PM
@MichaelMrozek Hahahahah
@drachenstern He should've talked to this guy
@MichaelMrozek you should flip over to the tavern ;)
@MichaelMrozek Finally. I was wondering if you were going to grab that link.
But @Pop I assume they sent Joel to charm Steve Jobs into signing a waiver
@drachenstern I hope you didn't just refer to the SO tavern as "the tavern"
10:02 PM
@drachenstern Excellent contraction, sir.
and not raising a fuss over the askdifferent.com domain
Which is a nice name btw
@MichaelMrozek Grace's answer to that is great
@PopularDemand you're welcome
@MichaelMrozek you're already in one tavern, so surely there being only one other tavern implies that you should goto the other one, no?
I got a build script to work correctly!
10:07 PM
@RebeccaChernoff WHOA.
what happened to the previous view that was not my userview where I could see all my proposals? Am I relegated to that view then?
@RebeccaChernoff :O
@RebeccaChernoff ö
if I can time travel to last week I'd totally kick myself in where I pee.
This apple design conversion has been most challenging and tedius
lmao, that might be a bit harsh :P
BUT, it will be worth it once i'm done.
10:10 PM
@Jin I'd make a joke or ten about Apple users, but I think you are one, so I'll refrain
@MichaelMrozek haha. it's ok, i'm the only Mac user in SOIS. I get made fun of by PC devs ALL THE TIME
@Tyler pin :478947
@Jin Indeed it will sir
is also an Apple user
YAY! it works!
obstacle course!
versionNumber=$(/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Print CFBundleVersion" Info.plist)
buildNumber=$(/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Print BuildNumber"Info.plist)
buildNumber=$(($buildNumber + 1))
/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy Info.plist -c "set BuildNumber $buildNumber"
string="Version ${versionNumber} (build ${buildNumber})"
/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy Settings.bundle/Root.plist -c "set PreferenceSpecifiers:2:Title $string"
10:13 PM
note-to-self: visit codegolf at least thirty times in the next five days ...
@Moshe did you ask on SU?
link us your questions
@drachenstern Ugh forgot.
Will do.
@TimStone I thought you were gonna s/10E3/10E2/gi ... did that get vetoed?
or do I need to /update?
Ask me again in a little bit, I think I did something different to the same effect but haven't checked it in yet
lol, ok
note-to-self, ask @TimStone again in a little bit
Q: How do I concatenate strings in a bash script?

MosheHow can I concatenate strings and variables in a shell script? stringOne = "foo" stringTwo = "anythingButBar" stringThree = "??" I want to output "fooanythingButBar"

Got it to work, sent to the client.
10:28 PM
@drachenstern Sorry, annoyed because I have to explain how SSH works for some reason.
@TimStone that's ok, I get bothered with how to configure a IIS site to use port 81 instead of port 80
hell, they get surprised that that works /facepalm
Hahah, well that makes me feel a little better.
@TimStone now you should goto the SO tavern and laugh some more ;)
I saw, I saw, heh.
@Moshe ... you're needed
@TimStone "I'll type slowly"
10:45 PM
flip to the SO tavern
Whatsup @drachenstern?
Do you get paid for converting people to the SO tavern?
lol, yes shhhh, I get 30 stars per day if I do ;)
or is it 20 ... bah, way to ruin a joke there @drachenstern ... sheesh
10:54 PM
did everyone see the new area51.stackexchange.com ?
Yeah, @RebeccaChernoff already showed off ;)
it now has a Meta now too discuss.area51.stackexchange.com
don't call it a meta
Yeah, I wouldn't call that a meta
I would just call that the SE2.0 side of Area51
i meant Discussion :)
10:56 PM
It is apparently a "Discussion Zone"
@Jin well yeah, it's called that already ;)
I'm a little confused why the Multicollider has made its debut on the Discussion Zone but not on the main Area 51 site. :P
causes trouble
@TimStone lol
@RebeccaChernoff so can I pester you more about my inbox++ from earlier?
or do all replies just go straight to /bin?
Can't stay long but
Something more than the inbox++ I already got? Feel free to email me again then.
11:01 PM
Q: Can a question be moved from one account to another?

JoshA friend of mine was looking for a word in an Im conversation. I asked the question for him on English.SE as if it were my own question. being the smart ass he is he decided to create an account there himself, and now I feel badly for stealing his question :-) Is it possible for moderators to re...

@Josh - Hey.
Hey @Moshe. Can't stay long :-)
in The SO Tavern (General) on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Moshe
stars "It's Waffles' fault" and leaves
@drachenstern Either you're in trouble or I'm going to guess that has something to do with a particular sketchy site. :P
Q: Ugly border around search box on Area 51 Discussion

BenVThe Area 51 Discussion site has a square border around the search box which itself is rounded. Looks a little amateurish to me.

11:04 PM
@drachenstern Hey, cut some slack, I needed a closure on the transcript.
@Josh 'Ello momentarily
@Jin - someone's not happy with your design
@TimStone see :479097
@TimStone Hey there, things going OK?
@Moshe oh I just thought it was funny :p
and the pesterry was for something else
11:05 PM
scratches head
@drachenstern I was going to "bow and leave" but that post caught my attention on the way out.
@Josh Eh...I suppose, heh.
@ChrisF Perhaps they should GTFO OS X.
@TimStone GTFO?
@TimStone Hey, many fine folk use OS X.
points at self
Am I the only one who can't access github?
@Moshe I would if I could afford to buy a Mac
11:06 PM
@ChrisF Get the f__ off, I assume it's rounded because their text fields are rounded, or something. :P
@TimStone I was thinking it was something along those lines...
@TimStone no, I repro on chrome on xp
@ChrisF Ah well I'm an iOS dev, i have no choice there. And it's paid for itself.
@drachenstern Really?
@ChrisF hear hear
@TimStone red border on search yes
11:07 PM
@ChrisF is this [status-repro] for you? What browser/version?
@drachenstern Right, but not rounded text field.
Ok so @RebeccaChernoff I guess you lack the power I require? or, you are choosing to do more important things than deal with my silly requests? (I would if I were you... :-)
Uh, say what? I just glanced in here and the onebox stood out.
@TimStone oh ack
@RebeccaChernoff See meta question above, waiwai993 just answered only devs can help me
You're the only employee I know well enough to ask for such a small thing, it's a silly request really
11:09 PM
@RebeccaChernoff There is a blue border, but it's not as pronounced as in the screen shot. I'm running Chrome 8.0.552.237 on XP SP3
I repeat, am I the only one staring at this for too long while waiting for GitHub?
...wait for it...
laughs at double joke
Ah, I suppose I should have actually looked at the post first.
I can't access github
11:11 PM
The internet here is messed up.
I have been meaning to (verb *)(open source) a small iOS app and I was about to do so!
@RebeccaChernoff my friend said he doesn't care about rep, so no need to investigate further :-) Thanks!
@Josh You deserve rep for bringing in another victim to the SE network anyway ;)
datayped "open source" to "verb"
@drachenstern This is pretty much what I see
@TimStone point taken :-)
now back to work for me, sadly! You all keep the insanity alive while I'm gone, now!
11:13 PM
@Josh I think I can. Maybe. Seems like it, but not something I've tried.
@Josh Be productive!
Everyone ping @Josh so he doesn't go back to work </sarcasm>
@ChrisF what about a blue border? I thought the issue was rounded corners
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not seeing any rounded corners - even when I zoom in
11:15 PM
Right, but look at the screenshot in the question.
@drachenstern - Think a mod would be able to assist with cleaning up that fellows questions? I can't delete 10 dupes. I only have 12 votes and no power to just delete myself.
why is my sidebar blowing up? :\
@Moshe yeah I flagged it and went on
@drachenstern Complete with fiery explosion?
@TimStone indeed
@RebeccaChernoff I'm not seeing any rounded corners even in Firefox v3.6.7
11:19 PM
@drachenstern Okay, just asking. I just feel bad flagging ten questions, that a lot of rep this guy loses. I think he get's the point now that it's been explained. Plus, he has more direct help so it should be less of an issue in the future.
@Moshe nah, I just flag one, leave it up to the mods
@drachenstern Okay.
Ride leaves in five.
They don't need me to go and flag 10 questions I'm sure
Gotta close up shop.
Thanks. Cya later folks, extended weekend!
I wonder if foo-rec would be a good area51 tag
probably recommendations is better, but I can never get the spelling right!
11:25 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I think they're just using some Firefox theme (so I guess I have to redact my anti-OS X comments from earlier, sigh :P)
damnit I have over 20k messages on the two chat servers :\
that's almost depressing
Q: QUESTION:: c# events broken

PRASHANT PI am told to post on the meta I am sorry for the psoting of the dual but i must have now waited the 20 minutes... :) A problem I am having with the events of the c# some of my variables are not getting serialized per each entire method invocation. how do I know where arguments go??? or am I...

Gah, he misunderstood. :/
Is there somebody with 2k Area51 rep around?
Definitely not me.
11:42 PM
Nowhere near - sorry
@Moshe if I get fired you're going to hire me again right? ;-)
Oops, a log file grew to 40GB and filled the drive on one of my VPS's. Kinda broke everything.
Nor am I likely to get there as I'm not proposing questions on new sites
@DanGrossman Wow, whoops, that's quite the log.
@Josh I'll hire you ;)
busted :\ ... 6 hours on a sproc that should've taken 2 ... :\
11:43 PM
@RebeccaChernoff if you want to try seeing how far your powers extend, then the following question really belongs to thee user tryaria, not myself. You can see he is commenting on the question as well
Q: What's the word for "overly proud of your education"?

JoshA friend and I are trying to remember a word to describe someone who is overly proud of their education. An example usage would be: Does that email make me appear too blank? Where blank is the word I am looking for, in case that is not obvious. He thought the word was "erudite" but when tha...

@drachenstern At least the weekend is in sight
@TimStone LOL awesome, except you guys don't use PHP ;-)
@Josh We use Java in a PHP-like way, does that count? :P
aw, Area51 discussion upvotes don't bring Area51 reps.
11:46 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Nick, er, tryria said that he really doesn't care that I asked the question instead of him, so it's totally not a big deal. But if I know you, I think you like trying to see what kind of things you are able to do. So if and only you want to, move that question to tryaria's account
k thx bai, back to work for me!
pulls a Pekka
'Ello @TylerChacha
user image
It was an accident, Linux, I swear
@MichaelMrozek I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to revoke your modship immediately.
Some things just cannot be forgiven :(

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