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5:00 PM
@RebeccaChernoff i'm sure it's fake chinese food
@RebeccaChernoff Problem solved then. You can go pick up Chinese for me, and then eat the leftovers in the fridge. Everyone wins.
I'm not sure I see how I win in this scenario...
It's OK, I did all of the dot-connecting on this one and verified the results.
@RebeccaChernoff Use rovio!
While some of you were blathering on about hypothetical food, I made a sandwich. Sucks to be you, losers.
@RebeccaChernoff If I mailed something to
Rebecca Chernoff
C/O Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc.
55 Broadway
Floor 26
New York, New York 10006

I'll bet it would eventually get to you now, no?
5:02 PM
This way I could mail you a P.F. Chang's gift card, and you'd be forced to try them!
Then you'd sto making fun of me when I mentioned how good they are
Well, no, you'd never stop making fun of me. But at least you'd understand :-)
There you go again... I'm offering you free food and all you can say is oy
@Josh That reminds me, I have a $15 Starbucks gift card..
@Jin But their website says Authentic Chinese Cuisine ! hehehe
5:04 PM
I'm beginning to think you like all the stars you get for saying "oy" @Rebecca ;-)
@Josh I read that as 'All you can say oy' as in 'all you can eat'
If it is on the internet it must be true, right @Jin?
I am too slow
@RebeccaChernoff yes... especially if it's been upvoted a few times, must be true.
@YiJiang I don't think you can eat an oy...
@TimStone wow, that's good for what, half a coffee?
5:06 PM
To be fair @Josh, I don't believe I've ever made fun of you saying that P.F. Chang's is not good. For how often you eat there, perhaps. Or more likely just for no specific reason at all. (;
Why is it that everyone thinks the best Frank Sinatra songs are really the wrose?
@Josh Well, they're pretty good as screen decoration, so to extrapolate, they must be good to eat
I mean, what is it worth if you can't eat it?
@RebeccaChernoff HAHAHA, ok, this is true, point taken :-D
@Josh Free = Free. shrugs :P
@Josh Just the cup I believe
5:07 PM
...wait for it...
gets impatient and stops waiting
@TimStone this is very true :-)
> This service is currently not available in your region. Please check with your local operator for other CNN mobile services.
Exciting isn't it!
5:09 PM
points at it and apologizes for the long wait
Ok I'm off to munch some lunch
@YiJiang I bet you're glad you waited.
@YiJiang delete the m from the URL.
At not PFCHang's, because I don't want @RebeccaChernoff to make fun of me. We all know I base all my life decisions on "what would rchern say?"
@Josh The answer is always 'oy' though
5:10 PM
@Josh But how will I eat deliciously through you if you don't go to P.F. Chang's?
@Josh That's a one way branch, "oy"
As all decent people should @Josh. As all decent people should.
It's a link to a CNN article entitled "Are we too addicted to facebook?"
@TimStone Oh I'll be eating there this weekend for sures
@Moshe For maximum irony, you should share it through Facebook
5:11 PM
@Josh I may spring for some drunken noodles I have downstairs...Hmm.
@TimStone Do they form more knots than regular noodles?
I can't think of a reply to that that isn't shamefully punny.
I'm sorely disappointed, I just found out that 'oy's were inedible. Why are we starring them again, if we can't eat them? ):
@YiJiang We already established they were a currency. You eat money?
Though I do have some Belgian chocolate coins downstairs...Hmm.
@TimStone Quite naturally, yes. I mean, money does grow on trees, just like tangerines, right?
5:16 PM
@YiJiang Oh right, I have a chocolate orange in the fridge too...
@drachenstern is that a hipster Venn?
@Jin I believe it is :p
@drachenstern I used to like that Venn, before you knew about it
Yay for the latest issue of ALA
5:18 PM
@drachenstern Diesel Sweeties?
Craig Mod is on 5x5 now
It's certainly an easily misread Venn
@YiJiang 5by5.tv/live
I guess the correct reading is "We used to like the same music, not anymore."
@Jin I believe it was my way of enlightening you as to my hipster status, but now that you've gone and ruined it I'm going to sniff at you haughtily from over my shoulder slung bike messenger bag :p
@PopularDemand Do I even wanna know? geez, itunes here I come :(
5:20 PM
That really bothers me. It's not a Venn diagram, no matter how much it looks like one. It's topologically equivalent to three disconnected circles.
Obligatory SE ref:
Q: "Venn Diagram" on SE About pages is not actually a Venn diagram

Mitch SchwartzThis is a small point (some would say pedantic) concerning the following diagram that currently appears on the About page of Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites: (This is an attachment. Here is the original link.) It is labeled as a Venn diagram, both by the name of the file (venn-d...

speaking of hipster, this is hilarious
@PopularDemand hence part of the humor I see in it
@drachenstern Looks like it is originally from DS (a comic strip).
@PopularDemand yes, my google works fine ;)
Apparently, time runs backwards on data.stackexchange.com
5:22 PM
@drachenstern No worries. For a while it seemed like you weren't going to investigate.
When I first signed up it was -2 seconds, when I refreshed, it was -39
@PopularDemand it's cute enough, but I have my fill of webcomics ;)
@YiJiang Yeah, I saw that too.
@Jin thanks, I need that five minutes back now
It fixes itself after a few minutes..
5:23 PM
@drachenstern i miss the 90s. it was the best decade evar
@TimStone It keeps going from -30 to 0 then back to -60
Is it normal?
@Jin Dammit! I missed 40% of it by not being born on time!
@YiJiang "5 months" for me
@Jin that's only because of the economic downturns leading to near social collapse of the late 80's and the late 00's, preceded by the rapid upturns of the economies in the early 80's and early 00's :p
@drachenstern i think it has more to do with me being young and carefree back then, pre marriage, mortgage etc.
@Jin that might have something to do with it too ;)
5:27 PM
@YiJiang Yeah, the database or web server's time is out of sync.
just me 'n my 486/33mhz IBM compatible PC calling up some BBS and download Doom demo.
@Jin sounds like a Wierd Al song ... :p
@drachenstern This was a triumph... no wait, wrong AI song
@YiJiang I'm making a note here, more jQuery
It's hard to overstate its perfection
5:50 PM
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by GnomeSlice
Just testing out Justin Bieber's new URL shortener: http://bieber.ly/ead2
@radp Hahah
6:17 PM
@RebeccaChernoff ELATION ?? lucky duck!
6:43 PM
either I've got a disconnect from the room or everyone's awful busy today ...
sssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSS BOOM
Everyone's playing Minecraft?
@TimStone Goofing around to find how to get blue and green dyes I guess.
We've got red yellow white and black covered, and combinations thereof (which can be obtained via, well, combination).
Ah ha. I haven't played in a few weeks, been distracted by work and trying to recoup my gamer score on Xbox, heh.
I haven't played in a long time.. =\
19 days until I'm free !
6:58 PM
@TimStone I think she finished Drop7!
@Fosco \o/
BAD NEWS. THE CAKE IS A LIE. (As in, you can't eat it.)
It probably makes a good building material though.
lol... these 2 are from new years
6:59 PM
What ya got there Fosco?
@radp What good is cake if not for eating?!
the first one is my friends wife..
@drachenstern nothin much, just in a sharing mood.. heh.
@TimStone it may appear I have no strategy but I assure you I do
my strategy is to lose the game ...
by a narrow margin I assure you
Hah :P
7:11 PM
@ircmaxell whassat?
I come back, and see images of a guy kissing another guy. Not exactly the kind of thing you expect to see in a chat like this (not that I'm complaining, just was a little unexpected)
Better than the NSFW images in the javascript room. >_<
@ircmaxell it's becoming more like IRC every day...
lol.. sorry about that @ircmaxell...
7:14 PM
becoming more like home ;-)
@RebeccaChernoff Ah yes.. shakes head
@Fosco: nothing to be sorry about. I don't care, just through me off guard for a sec
leaves to find some hot waffle-on-waffle action
@Shog9 Don't forget the syrup.
oh, yeah baby
7:18 PM
@Shog9 It's great coming back in here to messages like this one
wonders why git is not behaving
What is a git "fast-forward"?
@Moshe It didn't have to do any merges or anything; you rebased or merged a branch that was a direct descendent of the current branch, so it just pushed your HEAD marker forward to match the tip of that branch
IDK... Sorry.
@MichaelMrozek - I follow what you're saying but not understanding it.
@MichaelMrozek -
Q: What's a "fast-forward" in Git?

MosheI'm using Git to manage my two computers and my development. I'm trying to commit changes to GitHub and I'm getting the error. Failed to push some refs to . To prevent you from losing history, non-fast-forward updates were rejected. Merge remote changes before pushing again. What could be c...

7:41 PM
@Moshe wow, 4 answers in under 10 minutes!
Wow @Moshe your SO rep is climbing fast
heh, I forced the push and it ruined my files.
I hate it when I ruin my files!
Luckily, I already deployed to my test site.
@Josh Thank you.
7:44 PM
@Moshe Also, you should make sure to commit all changes (or back them up) before doing anything you're unsure of in version control software
That way, if you mess up horribly, you can revert
I think I ran out yesterday after committing but before pushing.
Also, always commit your password to your version control system. it helps in case you forget it later!
@Josh lmao ... who needs to know hunter2?
@Josh Heh.
@drachenstern Inversion626
Just kidding.
@drachenstern hahaha. Hey if you can't laugh at yourself the world becomes a sad place. At least when you act like I do ;-)
7:46 PM
I was about to say
@Josh agreed
@Moshe All I saw was ********
I should probably go eat lunch
@drachenstern Hah, just started eating my bagel which I bought 2 hours ago.
@Moshe I Inversion626 your Inversion626ing Inversion626 Inversion626y Inversion626!
I bet that looked really weird
@Moshe I have dogs which need to be walked eventually
7:47 PM
@Moshe with lox I hope!
@Josh No, plain bagel with plain cream cheese.
ah, well, good enough :-)
It's better than the meat ziti they served in school.
And, lox is expensive.
Eh, tuna costs 5 times as much as cream cheese for some reason.
Yes, yes it is. But bagels and lox, sooooooo goooooood
@Josh and so Jewish too.
7:48 PM
always reminds me of sunday mornings as a kid when my grandfather would come over and bring fresh bagels and lox.
@Josh Grandfether?
@Moshe Yup. And whitefish :-)
@Moshe me and my creative spelling.
I love polluting the starred area with random stuff. Who knows what the next meme will be?
@Moshe you're gonna run out of stars real fast at this rate. ;-)
(points at "Yup, and Whitefish")
@Josh - I don't star oy's anymore.
7:52 PM
Gotta love WeirdAl
^^^^^^^^^ totally badass
@drachenstern agreed
I nominate starring things that have ^^^^'s in them, but not starring the post they are pointing to.
I starred ^^^^^ this ^^^^^ and the chat system replied:
> You have fully used your vote allowance for today

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