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8:26 AM
oh dear, xkcd posted another one which is going to be liberally linked from everywhere. I'll let you go and find out for yourself :)
Hmmm... my birthday's coming up. What should I ask for?
@YiJiang, what price range? :)
@Benjol Not entirely sure, less than... say 30 USD, including shipping I suppose
Sounds like books, cds or dvds, I guess. update your wish list on amazon
whens your birthday ?
mine is coming up too
8:38 AM
how old are you
I could get two sticks of RAM, but it would be pretty useless because my 3 year old computer is still on DDR2
(for your birthday gifts to be relevant)
Sure you are. In fact, you're younger, but SO won't let you have anything less than that :P
yeah thats so mean of stack overflow
just like the mean girls in my kindergarten
a 2 Terabyte hardisk
thats what i want for my birfday
The Elements of Typographical Style would be nice. Wonders if I can find one in Singapore
how 'bout that thing Dan (I think) mentioned before Christmas - it's over your budget, though - a tabido, thingy, goes looking
@Benjol The Web Designer's Idea Book? Yeah, that just turned up on Amazon
8:51 AM
tonido (I wasn't too far off)
Oh, you mean the sever thingadongdong. It doesn't ship to Singapore, unfortunately.
Oh wait - Now shipping worldwide Yay! \o/
If you've got plenty of time, you could do worse than look through this list:
Q: What is the single most influential book every programmer should read?

NotMyselfIf you could go back in time and tell yourself to read a specific book at the beginning of your career as a developer, which book would it be? I expect this list to be varied and to cover a wide range of things. For me, the book would be Code Complete. After reading that book, I was able to get ...

9:03 AM
@YiJiang I still don't get whether your avatar reads mìdì or m(d)
That's odd - I can't seem to flip to the second page of results for that question
@radp m(d).
@YiJiang if I change the URL by hand I can -- stackoverflow.com/questions/1711/… -- so it's a UI bug I guess.
I should probably replace it with a picture of my head
@YiJiang so it's not just me?
@Benjol Check other multi-page questions? The Meta meme one should be good for a start...
9:07 AM
same here:
Q: What is your best programmer joke?

hmasonWhen I teach introductory computer science courses, I like to lighten the mood with some humor. Having a sense of fun about the material makes it less frustrating and more memorable, and it's even motivating if the joke requires some technical understanding to 'get it'! I'll start off with a cou...

Broken too. Hmmm...
Bug report time.
I'll let you do it :)'
broken on the memes one too
Uh... I can't think of a good title for this
@Benjol 'Question answers pagination broken' thanks
9:15 AM
A: How can I be sure that I know everything ...

DiagoSimple answer. Ask on the moderator room on chat or email the team. Also make sure you look at all the moderator link at least once a month to see what is new. There is no official document of what moderators can do, mainly to ensure that users do not find ways to circumvent these tools. Some t...

SEModeration.SE -- The Q&A Site For Professional and Amateur Moderators of StackExchange Q&A Moderators.
Q: Question answers pagination broken

Yi JiangThe pagination for answers in questions with multiple pages of answers is broken - clicking on any of the page numbers, or 'next', will only get you to #tab-top, but the page of answers stays at the first. This can be observed on both Stack Overflow and Meta. Appending the ?page=2 manually works,...

weird, because the page is there in the url when you click on it
9:28 AM
no SO devs around right now, apparently.. ;)
9:46 AM
ah, fixed :)
@Benjol Hehe...
shame we don't get money for finding bugs ;)
I assumed that was a pretty simple bug. Now this is a far interesting:
Q: User profile redirects infinitely if you have no ascii characters in the name?

Lennart RegebroThe page http://stackoverflow.com/users/122299/ result in Firefox saying that Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. Indeed, some investigation shows the page to redirect to itself, while my page, http://stackover...

I don't think no ascii is the cause of this - I've definitely seen users whose entire name is made out of Chinese characters, for instance...
But I can try to recreate this on Meta I suppose
Grrr... okay, which recent update broke the Chinese IME on Ubuntu?
@YiJiang www.askubuntu.com
I'll try restarting the ibus service first. Then restarting, then I'll ask there, maybe
Ah ha! That worked 你好
Right, for Science! I'll go change my display name to my Chinese name. Should be fun... hmmmmm
Might have the side effect of causing none of you to be able to @-mention me
9:56 AM
@YiJiang have mercy, how are we going to---
Hmmm... no-repro for the bug - I can still see my own profile
@YiJiang Fairwell, you have to wait 30 days to change back, no?
wrong character set?
looks like, korean maybe?
@Benjol Well, there's always that bug to revert it, but I don't really mind having my name in Chinese for a month
9:59 AM
Hm, not korean, hebrew?
^ Do you see this?
here in chrome anyways, though the page title is just squares if I go to your profile
@Benjol True, but the author of the bug report says that it might have been caused by having no ASCII chars
And mine currently definitely doesn't have any ASCII chars, so...
Hmmm... chat still doesn't reflect the change yet
hm, maybe something in his profile text? anyway, we will watch and (hopefully) learn
@YiJiang, I hope it won't, cos when it does, I'm gonna have trouble talking to you :)
Hehe... just install a Chinese IME and learn pinyin :P
10:02 AM
@YiJiang, oh, yeah, easy :)
@Benjol there still are colon replies.
@radp yeah, I guess
@Benjol Well, you can always try copying and pasting the name
@张易江, that's gonna be slow :)
we'll see whether their regex's handle it too - or did you already test that?
<waves hands> there are no bugs
10:05 AM
I don't think the @mention for that is going to love you much
There was me about to fix it for @Yi
but now...
@MarcGravell Ha!
@Marc, nothing to fix, it's three characters, right? :)
I need you guys to be working the stackoverflow.com/review area
I think "Yii Jiang" has a nice ring to it
@JeffAtwood, what's the pay-per-click? :)
we pay in Flooz
10:07 AM
@JeffAtwood Oy, I'm not going to get myself renamed after that PHP framework
Flooz.com was a dot-com venture, now defunct, based in New York City that went online in February 1999, promoted by comic actress Whoopi Goldberg in a series of television advertisements. Started by iVillage co-founder Robert Levitan, the company attempted to establish a currency unique to Internet merchants, somewhat similar in concept to airline frequent flier programs or grocery store stamp books. The name "flooz" was based upon the Arabic word for money, فلوس, fuloos. Users accumulated flooz credits either as a promotional bonus given away by some internet businesses or purchased direc...
@JeffAtwood um, I think your sort order is wrong there
unless the aim is reviewing highly voted first new posts to upvote them some more
wait... defunct? so those Flooz that MP has been sending me each month aren't useful? How will I pay my mortgage!?
@radp We should be kind to the noobs that actually contribute
@YiJiang Don't they get the "OMFG TOP NEW USER OF THE WEEK" emails?
10:09 AM
you are referring to first (answers) by new users?
@radp Well, that doesn't really help them, no?
@radp I got one of those, can't remember for which site, but never found myself on any list :(
@JeffAtwood yes -- stackoverflow.com/review
can't you click "reverse order" on custom sort?
@JeffAtwood oh, I didn't notice that link. It just seemed like a weird default sort order anyway, given the (perceived) aim of the tool.
10:11 AM
@JeffAtwood, I've said it already to others, but I really think you should be removing things from this list after n users have flagged for removal. I don't like the feeling of trawling through pages of potentially-already-processed rubbish.
well, the aim is to get new stuff by new users reviewed
the problem is that there's an absurd volume on SO.. which is why we implemented filtering by tag
especially when I then switch to the "low quality posts" tab and the default sort order is reversed
@benjol there aren't any outstanding flags at the moment, so everything IS getting removed
I went through 11 pages at 50 per page the other day
just sayin'
@JeffAtwood, but does my suggestion make sense? My understanding is that when I flag, moderators get messages. If they're not around, the next person who reviews is going to have to flag the same stuff.. is that right?
Anyway, the crown for the genuine worst first post ever apprarently goes to:
A: What is your best programmer joke?

John GDBHere is a good (original) one: To all you CS masters, do you think that in Middle Earth, there is not only a Frodo Bugging, but also a Frodo Debugging ... (I conceived this one after 10 hours GDB-ing...)

10:13 AM
Another way to get more eyeballs on more stuff would be to have a 'random' sort order
I believe Sam filters the list for anything that is already flagged
@benjol that's a good idea for this new user stuff
^ Erm... is this suppose to happen?
The 'Know someone who can answer thing appearing above the editor
yes, I moved it up
since Jarrod was like "huh, I didn't even see that there" when I was trying to tell him something about it
10:14 AM
It's quite intrusive there, you know
it only appears for 0 answer questions
@JeffAtwood from what I understood he filters stuff I've flagged from my view
@waffles will have to clarify but it was my understanding that anything already flagged does NOT show up in /review
@JeffAtwood, ok. I just want to avoid redundant work. I've a developer after all :)
bear in mind the other thing you'll be reviewing soon, is pending edits submitted by anonymous or low rep users
review will replace [ Unanswered ] on the top bar
since, there is an unanswered tab on all /question/ views now anyway
I removed the hot tab and nobody complained, so..
10:17 AM
obviously that wasn't getting used
@JeffAtwood Well, the better answer for that question would be the analytics data...
@JeffAtwood You're going to need to change your currency from flooz to floozies, I fear :)
we think users will get rep for this when their edits are approved, if they're registered users
up to an absolute cap of 1k rep max
Q: Has the hot tab of the questions/ page been renamed to faq?

bernd_kI first saw it on the dba beta. But it seems to be in all sites?

10:19 AM
beyond that, you can't get any more rep from accepted edits
@radp we felt hot and active are awfully similar in practice a lot of the time
@JeffAtwood I'm not supporting yet another sort order for questions, just mentioning somebody did notice :)
@JeffAtwood, I'd wait a while for people to get working on the current reviews, if I were you. I fear you'll have far more rep-whoring-style edits than you'll have reviewers...
we think it will require a minimum of 2 people to approve an edit (from a low-rep or anon user)
@radp You know, getting 10k means that I can now see the full three pages of deleted answers on that question
@YiJiang Have "fun"
10:21 AM
Can't believe how much mod time was used to delete dupe answers
I know I had fun reading the deleted answers for the Gaming Domain Name questions :P
Well, most were deleted by owner, but still...
I wrote a tool recently to help get rid of some of the dreck - when there's a bad question I add the url to a queue that reminds me to cast a delete vote two days later
I've found that I can't keep up with the volume of crap that I see
(with just 5 delete votes per day that is)
@GregHewgill that's what /review is for
and remember, you get 15 mod flags + rep/1000 = total
I haven't really played with /review yet, looking now
10:23 AM
give it some ol' stripey hairdo lovin'!
@GregHewgill, see you later, much later :)
I think some people will decry not being (easily) able to view unanswered questions on "your" tags only, although now that's technically possible on SE.com
so what does the "flag for removal" actually do? is that like the "flag for moderator attention"? or a different flag?
it's a prefab flag for mod attention
rep/1000 flags? crap.
10:24 AM
we're also adding common reasons to the mod flag dialog, which is being redesigned to be less.. scary
10 hours ago, by Bill the Lizard
Did the phrase "Post flagged for removal from /review" originate here in chat, or is it an option in some menu I haven't seen yet?
in general there needs to be an assload more flagging than there is
browsing /review will show you that
can I do the same kind of flag outside /review?
there is also a secret flag reliability score on every user, so the more valid flags you file, the more reliable your flags are considered
and vice-versa
@GregHewgill If you copy paste the magic phrase, maybe.
10:25 AM
@JeffAtwood, I don't know if this is the case for everyone, but I tend to feel that flagging is 'bothering moderators', if you want more, maybe that perception needs changing...?
1 min ago, by Jeff Atwood
we're also adding common reasons to the mod flag dialog, which is being redesigned to be less.. scary
Say, how often does display name change in the parent site get pushed to chat? I think it's at least 20 min already and still no change
@YiJiang Jeff probably hardcoded your name in the database while you weren't looking.
@YiJiang, there's a special block for two-letter people who change their name to three-character unicode :)
@张易江 1 hour, but I can force it
10:27 AM
It's gone live.
it also needs a reload of the client. It is updated
@YiJiang, say something :)
So does autocomplete really not work now?
@张易江 er, you'll have to try it because I can only paste it in and I guess it's not the same.
10:28 AM
Me too
I suspect that indeed, auto-complete will hate that
@radp You don't get you're own name in autocomplete, remember?
But @YiJiang still works, for the moment
eh, apparently it's the same. No, you can't be autocompleted at all.
@Benjol not if you reload your client
10:29 AM
@@张易 people on mobile devices (where copy+pasting is cumbersome) are going to hate you :)
@Benjol It does! But it doesn't highlight, though I still see the notification
@Pekka or ignore him on the desktop.
@Pekka They will, yes. Still, it'll be nice on chat.SE where the @-mention color is blindingly red
@张易江 goodbye, half-skirt dressing man doing breakdance with your right hand with your cat and your passion for doing stretching against a, erm, large capital I. Maybe a column?
Also, @MarcGravell, bug report - '@张易江' doesn't highlight, even though I see the circle thingadongdong notification
10:31 AM
I'm not in the least bit surprised
@MarcGravell Hee :P
please give stackoverflow.com/review lots of loving attention, we think it's pretty good now
@JeffAtwood Second @radp on the suggestion for reversing the default sort order
I think random is (edit: would be) even better actually
Cool, they updated the close vote dialog. Hmmm...
That giant x is really ugly
10:45 AM
your words can be so hurtful @YiJiang
Q: 'Random' sort order on /review pages

BenjolOn SO, at least, there are more than 600 questions/answers to review. I figure that no-one is going to plough their way through all 600, so maybe a default 'random' sort order would be a good idea, so that we get more eyes on more posts. Just a thought.

lol, my pixelation reskin pixelated that "x" too.
I guess I'll have to fix it.
@radp Ha! What does it look like, for the curious?
@Benjol hmm I upvoted that from before but forgot about it
10:48 AM
@JeffAtwood, haha, that kind of thing happens to me too :)
@radp It's the resizing, isn't it?
Browser image resizing sucks
Now I just have to find out which one rule matched that 'x' out of:
div#hlinks a, div#hlinks span.reputation-score, div#tabs, div.subtabs a, .started span.reputation-score, td.post-signature span.reputation-score, div.user-info span.reputation-score, div#hlinks span.badgecount, td.post-signature span.badgecount, div.user-info span.badgecount, #tabs a, .started, span.bounty-indicator-tab, div.bounty-indicator, div.footerwrap, #footer-menu a, #footer-sites a, span.item-multiplier, a.badge, a.badge-tag, p.label-value, td.post-signature, div.post-menu a, a.comments-link, span.text-counter, div.user-info, a.post-tag, div#sidebar .ar a, div#sidebar a.question-hyp
I think it must be #thingadongdong.
@radp Definitely.
oh, obviously. div.post-menu a
changes to div.post-menu > a.
Q: How to review? Can we agree on a review 'policy'?

BenjolOn the review page, there is a one-sentence guideline on reviewing. I think that as the number of reviewers increase, it is going to become increasingly necessary to come to some kind of agreement about a standard way to handle the different 'cases' that arise. I'm not sure if 'one question to r...

for your comments
10:58 AM
the "all" button on /review seems to be taking a long time to run.. >1min by now
got 504 gateway timeout
yeah, too much volume on SO.
@radp, thanks.
I kind of want to cache the scores in the db ... but our posts table is already too heavy ... will look at something next week
I say low-rep users should be made to pay, and the money generated should be used to pay the reviewers :)
@Benjol sounds like the hyphen site.
11:08 AM
<scroll down> to see answer
<scroll more>
@radp, yhm, yeah, and that didn't help limit the rubbish did it...
<much more>
@Benjol I hereby judge you guilty of HyphenThink and suggest you spend some time in the StackExchange™ HyphenThinkers' RelaxationVault™.
↑ see? this is why I shouldn't get a diamond.
RelaxationAndActuallyGettingSomeWorkDoneVault? :)
@Benjol groans. Did you just have to remind me?
11:12 AM
Actually, right now it's going to be RelaxtionAndGetKebabInStomach :) see you later :)
At first glance I thought this guy is @marcog
@waffles we should institute random sort on some of the /review tabs
11:31 AM
(I don't get the reference to be honest; it just seems poignant here)
Q: How to save .mp3 format song to iphone device?

iphonecoolHai All... I want to download and save .mp3 format song to the iphone device...At the time of click on download button in any of the site for song(.mp3) downloading,it stream and play the song instead of downloading.I want to download the song from iphone device as well as save at the time of ...

After asking him to state explicitly that he wants to do this programmatically, can anyone, from his update, tell what he wants to do?
thats a lot :o
11:49 AM
@radp - I have a sneaking suspicion that the next meme sign generator will be based on that.
if (0!=0) {
Woah, in case of the value of 0 ever not equaling to 0, DO SOMETHING!!!!
> (Oh, wait, no, I didn’t.. Doing so broke git, so we’re changing to svn because git is horrible and evil) -- Notch
@张易江 or, simplier, they don't have/use code versioning :)
I wonder if @m(d) works
@radp I wonder if @10107 works (that is what the 'numbers' in your gravatar looks like)
I mean, we can try to fool the super secret gravatar interpreter @MarcGravell built into chat, no?
Q: New close reason: Trivial variation

PekkaSeveral questions that get asked in some form every day (Mod_rewrite, Regex, How to parse HTML...) can't be rightfully closed as exact duplicate of anything else, because they always present an individual use case, and a valid question. This renders the whole idea of having reference questions f...

Looking for discussion and criticism, as this would be a fairly deep change and I'm sure there are some good counter-arguments.
@Pekka - I up voted that. This would be especially helpful in the C tag. At the start of every semester, basic questions about pointers find whole new incarnations.
11:58 AM
I vote to close as a trivial-variation of exact-duplicate <g>
Every few months, a few of us go through it and clean it up. It's really annoying at times.
Anyway, if I post that DailyWTF to the JavaScript room I think someone like @Ivo will explode. It's... just so full of fail.
@张易江 @10101 maybe.
I think SO also has a lovely archive of every C homework question ever assigned.
@SecretNinjaThingadongdong This should also work then. I hope @MarcGravell's super gravatar interpreter is good enough :P
@radp The old wmd code button called, he wanted to know why you pinged him
12:03 PM
@TimPost yup, same in the PHP tag.
The difference between SO and Usenet: SO's September is not eternal.
Can anyone tell me, WTF is this!?
A: What is the RTF syntax for a hyperlink?

SES LEE LOAN FIRMWELCOME TO SES LEE FIRM By way of a proper introduction,this is Sir. SES LEE. The C.E.O SES LEE LOAN FIRM. We are currently setting up a scheme in form of Loan acquisition to help various individuals as well as organizations who have intentions of renovating, debt consolidation, re-financing and ...

Did a spambot get lost or something?
A smart spambot, it knows markdown ;)
Oh, no it doesn't, it just put an underline at the end of the very-long-line
@张易江 Ahahahahahaaaaaaa!
12:34 PM
@MarcGravell have you seen this:
Q: Unable to select vote to close

ZoredacheSome asterisk questions where recently migrated from superuser to serverfault. Most of the migrated questions belong on serverfault. One of the questions seems like a poor fit in my opinion, and belonged where it was. I attempted to vote to close it, I was going to choose the option to return ...

we can't close migrated questions anymore
no but I saw this:
Q: Unable to load close popup

marcogReference: The instruction at “0x7c910a19” referenced memory at “oxffffffff”. The memory could not be “read” Clicking on "close" in the above question gives the error "Unable to load close popup". Bug?

something to do with slugs I expect.. looking
Anyway, if nobody here would like to play around with the three character Unicode username anymore, I think I'll revert my username back to the way it was before...
@YiJiang, that's for Marc to decide, I've already reverted :)
@Benjol I just pushed my SO profile, and wiped out the Meta change
I refreshed you
12:38 PM
It'll take an hour or so for chat to respond I think
@YiJiang nah, 'tis done
Just F5
@MarcGravell Thanks
Hmmm... a few more starred post and perhaps replies will still carry my Chinese name. Ah well, at least I didn't changed it to a Hokkian insult or something
oh nos! they spotted our denormalization!
(From FFx), I just did a ctrl-refresh in Chrome, and now it's giving me an End User License Agreement for .Net Framework components. What's happening?!
12:46 PM
@Benjol Uh!?
hang on, maybe it's me... :(
I think Chrome might be sentient.
Anyway, I just pushed out a new gravatar that actually has my face on it.
It's not as recognizable for smaller sizes used in chat I think, but it is an improvement over my current one, which was the result of two minutes of Photoshop.
Nope, it's Chrome alright, and now the EULA has gone behind, I can't click on anything, can't alt-tab. Things are looking good. KILL KILL KILL!
12:49 PM
@YiJiang I liked the old one better. no offence or anything, but little faces aren't so easy to recognise...
@Benjol Yeah, I should've cropped it tighter
Hang on, let me see if it can be remedied.
And without pulling (what I'm assuming is) a silly face :)
@Benjol Awww...
But you're right, it just doesn't work very well here. I think I'll revert while looking for an alternative.
Right, reverted. Now back to looking through the large pile of pictures for a good representation of myself
What's this stuff, changing to your real name and real picture? Trying to get hired or something? :)
@Benjol Well, I've always used my real name, so that's not a big problem...
1:00 PM
Samsung showed this minutes after celebrating the simplicity and essentiality of their design.
I guess it was to be expected given that their talk's star was this:
Is it possible to reply to a specific message on chat without reaching for the mouse?
(ready, steady...)
(I knew you'd beat me to it :)
@Benjol With one hand, no less :P
1:09 PM
@YiJiang Excellent!
What could this guy mean? I'm stumped.
Q: RewriteRule issue

Al3inhello there i have a rule for redirect users to a folder RewriteRule ^f-(.*)$ download/$1 but this folder now is contain many files on it so how can i make a new rule to redirect to a new folder RewriteRule ^f-(.*)$ download2/$1 while the old one still work with the same rule. regrads Al...

1:26 PM
I wonder if there's a browser extension showing HTML comments from a page.
@radp Firefox's Web Developer Toolbar has that
@YiJiang so does Chrome's.
@radp Right. How much of the features did they manage to port over?
@YiJiang I don't use Firefox's so I can't tell.
The feature list should be easy enough. Hmmm... the Firefox version just updated
1:36 PM
@YiJiang ...wait a second, I misread that. I meant Chrome's inspector. Did you mean Firefox's inspector?
@radp The Web Developer Toolbar add-on has an option to show all comments on screen, though the positioning is... a little weird
Anyone looked at the vote-to-close dialog recently?
@PopularDemand Yup.
3 hours ago, by 张易江
That giant x is really ugly
1:51 PM
It's really on the left-hand side of the window. Weird.
@PopularDemand (Wild speculation) Jin built it, and since window management buttons for OSX are on the left, he built it on the left hand side
Of course all that is total guesswork - there's a hundred and one other possibilities
@YiJiang ...hmm, seems reasonable. Wild speculation approved until further notice.

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