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11:00 PM
Oh, fonts, why must you be such a pain in my ass???
How can it be that no one has found a good Windows Search yet, and that Microsoft could mess up something so easy so badly?
@Pekka! Perfect timing!!!
@LanceRoberts That is a DAMN good question.
@The :)
Q: Better Windows 7 Search?

Lance RobertsI've just installed Windows 7 64-bit and have found that it's file search really really sucks. What is a good alternative that I can load on my system to do file searching? Note: I don't care about text searching in the file. I just want to search by filename.

Can't stay for long, though!
11:01 PM
No good answer.
Work to do....
I was just banging my head agains the wall about a PHP problem, something I rarely do
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException shoot
Do you ever use imagettftext @Pekka?
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Only if I have to :)
But I have in the past
What's the problem?
@MarcGravell Gravell seems to be a Welsh surname, is that correct?
Seeing as we're discussing your name
What does imagettftext() do to this poor glyph?
Ah I see
That particular letter is cut off, but imagettfbbox does not show me why
@LanceRoberts Can you do me a favor and change that "it's" to "its"?
If I offest the letter about 15px it works, but according to imagettfbbox the leftmost posiution is (-1,7) not (-15,7)
11:04 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException the first thing worth trying would be abandoning imagettf... in favour of imageft....
Needs FreeType installed, though
FreeType 2 would be optimal
$box = @ImageTTFBBox($size,0,$font_file,$letter);

$height = abs($box[5]-$box[3])+10;
$width = abs($box[2]-$box[0])+10;

$img = imagecreatetruecolor($width,$max_height);


$transparentcolor = @imagecolorallocatealpha($img,254,0,0,127);

imagefilledrectangle($img, 0, 0, $width - 1, $max_height - 1, $transparentcolor);


$color = new CustomizerColor();
$color->_link = Module_DFCustomizer::dbLink();
@LanceRoberts I use Agent Ransack. Love it.
@Pekka awesome, thanks
@The no guarantee whether it helps, but it often does
I would love to drop what I'm using now, so I'll try that and see if it's better
11:06 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException What kind of a font is that?
if it doesn't, I'll be posting a question and will @Pekka you
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException yup, ok
Ugh, every time today that I think I've shaken this migraine, it comes back. >_<
@Pekka It's a messed up kind ;-)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I can see that much :D
11:06 PM
It's designed to make the letters overlap, like, for monograms
I thought I was getting less sick, but it was a lie..
Awww. I hope you guys feel better @RebeccaChernoff and @TimStone
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException @The arrrgh, so this might be status-bydesign?
@Rebecca, Agent Ransack has a bug in it (at least in Win7-64bit) that recursively duplicates entries. It's actually pretty comical.
Some weird offset positioning creating the overlap?
11:07 PM
@Pekka Except imagettfbbox knows the char's width is 33, so, something's amiss
@LanceRoberts, um what? I use it in Win7 64bit and have not seen that.
@Pekka Exactly, and if I can determine what said offset is, I can reposition by that amount
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException yeah, having a negative offset sounds like something that a overlap font would do
@Pekka I feel like that's the case, that the offset returned has the overlap in mind..
I hope Image ft will be better, am about to try now!
11:08 PM
@Rebecca, If I remember when I get home I'll try and get a screenshot for you.
@The I would have a another suggestion but it would require you to drop everything
It's on the server, that may be better!
Because with IM, you can render the letter and cut the area around it
No need for determining a bounding box
I use IM for everything else
@The try it
11:09 PM
Wow, ok, that's awesome.
Thanks @Pekka!
@The you're welcome.
Any SU mods in here?
@The Here is a text + trim example: imagemagick.org/Usage/text/#text_trim
Or anyone with moderator access (@RebeccaChernoff?)
11:11 PM
@Pekka This is great! Perfect timing @Pekka, thanks again :-)
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Yeah! That last link was what I was looking for. Good luck!
Remind me to ask Marc to make chat ping @RebeccaChernoff every time anyone mentions "mod"
Unless she has a migraine...
chattr -migrane @RebeccaChernoff
I think she keeps the chat sound off, so it's OK.
@ChrisF, I'm here, though my migraine is gonna force me off the computer here in a minute. What's up?
11:13 PM
@LanceRoberts lemme guess: you pointed it at your user directory
Can you check what Open ID this guy has on Super User?
We've got a question on Web Apps that hasn't been associated to his account despite the SU one being associated.
However, speaking as a fellow migraine sufferer, turn the computer off and go and lie down.
@Shog9 oh, links, how do I love thee.
11:17 PM
Same OpenID on both sites. Was it just migrated (I totally tried to type migrained...)? Seems like waiting a day generally resolves the association issues?
Migrated 6 hours ago. I commented mentioning the OpenID thing and to wait 24 hours - just wanted to double check though.
Thanks - now go and lie down in a darkened room.
Go lie down @Rebecca -- I hope you feel better!
Yes, I am going. (: @ChrisF let me know if it doesn't fix itself after 24 hours.
be back later, hopefully sooner rather than later.
Will do
Feel better
Can someone remind me how I got onto some sort of four hour long tangent from the work I was doing?
11:20 PM
@TimStone /blame @rchern
@Pekka I know you left, just an FYI, FreeType2 has the same results as FreeType1. So to ImageMagick we go!
@TimStone /blame chat?
I partially blame that profile bug...
But I'm not sure what happened to the rest of the time.
I don't think I've been chatting any more than usual, so. :P
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException all right! If IM has the same problem, try adding a massive border around the image, the same colour as the background, like twice as much as the font's pixel size. Then do a -trim +repage. That should provide enough space for all weird offset cases. I'm off for today, g'night everyone!
G'night @Pekka
11:23 PM
@Pekka I think that will work great. Thanks again, night!
@radp I think Sundays and Mondays skew the average a little ;)
Though my god, 1.5K messages this week? And we haven't even made it to Friday. No wonder three days ago seems like two weeks O_o
Hey everybody.
Quick question.
Did the phrase "Post flagged for removal from /review" originate here in chat, or is it an option in some menu I haven't seen yet?
11:29 PM
'Ello, and sure.
@Shog9 Don't know what I did, just tried to use it.
@BilltheLizard I guess from the "flag post for removal" from the /review pages.
@BilltheLizard Presumably it's the automated message from stackoverflow.com/review
Awesome new feature
11:30 PM
Ah, that explains it. Thanks.
@TimStone FRIST!!
@BilltheLizard Check it out. It's really neat
More specifically, the low quality posts/late answers tabs, it seems the other two don't have the killswitch.
11:32 PM
@LanceRoberts well, a recursive junction point would certainly explain what you saw. Check out the work-around I posted if you run into it again.
gives @radp a virtual cookie
I only get "show full question" and "delete" links.
@BilltheLizard I think if you upvote them, they go away?
Ah, that makes sense. :)
Can anyone confirm? I was unclear how to remove posts from /review also
11:33 PM
Well he has mod powah, there's no reason for him to see the flag link :P
What's up?
If you're a mod you get a "delete" link on those tabs instead.
That makes sense.
Though there was a version that had "flag for removal" for mods (unless I stumbled across a bug)
11:35 PM
I think it just changed.
@Shog9 That looks like the problem, I'll try it out, thanks.
Anyway, if you were inundated with flags, /blame @waffles for forcing us all to go try it out. ;)
I flagged one post for removal from /review a couple of days ago just to see how it worked.
Yeah, I saw two people use the exact same phrase in what's supposed to be a confidential communication channel and thought I'd better investigate. ;)
Have you seen any of the Community-flagged ones yet?
11:37 PM
@BilltheLizard That question has 1 or more votes.
But then it kept coming from all sorts of different people and I ruled out sock puppetry.
@ChrisF What should us non-mods do?
No, not yet.
Or should we not even use /review at all?
The Community user flags posts from new users that fail the new heuristics.
11:38 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException use the "flag for removal" link. Mods will see it and then if they agree, delete the post
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException You get a "flag for removal" link
oh well.
hands cookie to @ChrisF
Ta - I'm feeling a little peckish
@radp Easy come, easy go.
stackoverflow.com/users/562207/shanmuga-sundhari <- um, wat? 6 questions asking the same thing in 2 days, 5 of 6 closed
Sorry, I'm not seeing the "Flag for Removal" link
11:41 PM
@marcog Lol, I was just deleting those.
@Pekka convert -size 1000x1000 xc:white -font upload/fonts/103.ttf -pointsize 72 -annotate +500+500 'M' -trim +repage M.png WORKED!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
should have the link under each post
I was using just /review :-)
Man, I'd feel bad about dumping some of these terrible questions on SU.
11:42 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException That defaults to the first-answers page.
I'm with you now @ChrisF, thanks!
@BilltheLizard Dump them on Programmers. That's where we throw all the garbage now.
@MichaelMyers Watch it!
:435846 Thanks again, can you tell I'm doing too many things at once?
The "migrate anywhere" feature needs a "Random" option
11:44 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException I know the feeling
@MichaelMyers So glad we finally got that migration path set up. :)
Did the mod menu just become huge for anyone else?
Does anyone know how to use git?
@MichaelMyers My mod menu has always been huge. If you know what I mean
11:45 PM
Alternatively, Where to git questions go? SO or Programmers?
@MichaelMrozek Thanks
How would I integrate git into my business process may belong on programmers
How do I backup my git server may belong on Server Fault
and so on
@MichaelMrozek No, I don't know what you mean. Would you care to elaborate?
@MichaelMyers did you see the new awesome "delete" button on /review?
sorry for interrupting your sleep the other day
11:47 PM
@waffles - I want to know how to set up an existing repo on my other computer.
@waffles Nah, I was still up. Just barely.
@waffles It's like "batch delete", only worse :)
@Moshe git clone, probably
Suddenly there is more blue here. When did that happen? I'm surrounded. Eek!
It is way more awesome @MichaelMrozek ... it animates and gives you satisfaction
the batch delete was a bad idea
I do need to add sound effects though
@Moshe I blame @BilltheLizard for coming here instead of to the mod room.
11:49 PM
@Moshe that kind of question probably belongs on SU superuser.com/questions/tagged/git
be sure to read the FAQs ... superuser.com/tags/git/faq
In particular
@MichaelMyers I vote all the mods hang out here instead. It's a more fun place to be!
Q: Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide

Adam DavisOk, after seeing this post by PJ Hyett, I have decided to skip to the end and go with Git. So what I need is a beginner's practical guide to Git. "Beginner" being defined as someone who knows how to handle their compiler, understands to some level what a Makefile is, and has touched source cont...

Too late, I answered it. ACCEPT, QUICK!
@waffles We were just discussing /review a bit ago.
@waffles I <3 /review
11:51 PM
@MichaelMrozek - ...wait for it... Minimum wait requirement and all that.
@Moshe I was joking, you can wait for more answers and/or actually try it first :). I just meant accept before it gets closed
@MichaelMrozek - It worked.
Those questions generally seem allowed on SO though
With all the mods here, can we get that Q protected from closing? :-P
Is it a duplicate? Don't make Joel mad.
11:54 PM
@MichaelMyers This was the only room listed for me. I thought all the others got migrated to other SE sites.
I'm a chat n00b.
Why can't I see your Gravatar @BilltheLizard?
Ok, nevermind, a second refresh fixed it
An amusing side effect of the /review calculation is a number of the low-quality meta posts are by mods saying "it's fixed now"
@BilltheLizard Login on chat.stackexchange.com. It should be at the top of the list.
11:55 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException me too
oh Lord, I just pruned my Ars Technica feed of unread items I'm not interested of.
59 to go.
Did anyone see the Mac App Store?
@MichaelMyers I'm an SE n00b too. I never go there.
I'm old! I don't like change!
Stick with chat for a while @Bill. It will grow on you
Just be warned you might get addicted to chat...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Grow on, consume...same diff.
11:57 PM
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException that is exactly why I've been avoiding it.
@BilltheLizard There's also chat.stackoverflow.com, but I don't know who goes there.
up arrow to edit
@radp should be pinned, second time this was mentioned this week.
@MichaelMyers Tossers, that's who
11:59 PM
I do actually like all the new changes to the network, I just can't afford another time sink.
I'm supposed to be doing homework right now, for instance. :)
To be fair, it's probably only really a time sink if mindless banter is very much your cup of tea.
wow, only 200 more messages and I pass @balpha...
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException - No fair, i only make the second page.

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