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5:00 PM
pfft. you killed me. (;
If it makes you feel better, I beat @drachenstern by almost 200 points last game. You were only behind by 106 ;)
Yeah it was a slaughtering
Who here feels like a pro on VS2010? Otherwise I'm going to go see if I can bug Lasse on chat.SO
jin's beating me by 40, fosco by 45, moshe by 10. not a good trend.
I'm trying feverishly to stay ahead in my game against Jin right now, heheh.
gah he's not ghosting!
5:03 PM
You people and your visual studios...
My project uses VS2003; I don't anticipate getting to use VS2010 until at least 2020
At least it doesn't use VS2002. That was all sorts of good fun.
You'd be amazed at the things VS2003 is missing. Like VARIADIC MACROS
is slightly bitter at VS2003
VS2003 is missing a lot.
Though I hear vs2008 is missing some fun, too shakes fist
I found my flawed file
C:\Documents and Settings\{guess}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\WebsiteCache\websites.xml
WhyTF!! is there data stored in Local Settings App Data Website Cache that's preventing me from having a good build???????? GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
I'm a tad annoyed by this.
5:06 PM
@YiJiang Remind me not to fly with you.
@RebeccaChernoff Your new position left you at a loss of words, I see.
Great. Because of that mod tag bug mentioned earlier, I can't update an FAQ entry.
So, you were right, @YiJiang.
Oh, WTF WwF.
@PopularDemand ...or any 'featured' meta post I guess.
I feel like it's very unlikely for me to have two pairs of triplicate letters. @RebeccaChernoff must be conspiring with it against me.
5:09 PM
@TimStone remember the sink! REMEMBER THE SINK! She has powers! POWERS!
@PopularDemand That appears to be screwing people over regularly
wonders what would happen if I suddenly turn on an AI player and unleash it against my well oiled money making machine
Total disaster
> As long as a user gets an answer they can understand to the specific question they asked, it doesn’t hurt to edit their question. It certainly doesn’t hurt to edit it for grammar and typos, and it doesn’t even hurt to remove unnecessary specifics (changing someone’s domain name to “example.com” for example). - Joel Spolsky
oh, if it's this kind of generalization Joel was talking about, then the post is not as earth-breaking as I originally read it.
5:11 PM
Of course I fully expect her to deny all this
Queue the denial, ... wait for it ...
@YiJiang you win games and lose friends... at least, their will to play Words with Friends with you.
That's why I make myself appear terrible at games, when in reality I could win with ease
Okay, I know someone said this yesterday, but I can't find it. What's WwF?
Words with Friends.
What you call Scrabble when you can't call it Scrabble, but want to sell it as an iPhone app anyway. ;P
It's the iPhone game they all play, while us Android users sit in the cold
5:14 PM
@PopularDemand World of world of Warcraft: Failship. It's the latest WoWoF expansion.
Turn-based scrabble... On Android the best one is Wordfeud
@MichaelMrozek Get Wordfeud and let's play.
@MichaelMrozek Not as cold as us Symbian users.
or those Blackberry ones.
@MichaelMrozek they're in the middle of working on the Android version apparently.
@RebeccaChernoff I saw last time when I tried to be social and play
@Fosco I'll look into it tonight; it's hard to convince my coworkers I'm working when I'm really sitting on chat, I figure pulling out my phone and playing Scrabble will finally tip them off
...and once they do release it, we'll have to move to another game you can't play. q:
5:16 PM
@radp Not as cold as us non-smartphone-owners.
@MichaelMrozek Once you get it.. invite: gfosco
@PopularDemand Definitely. goes back to playing around with virtual trainsets
@PopularDemand Symbian stuff is hardly "smartphone".
@radp There is Symbian^3
@radp I'll be honest, I don't know anything about Symbian. But since you get to call yourself a user of something, I assumed you were better off than I am.
5:18 PM
@PopularDemand Well, it's still 54 more megs of ram than you have I guess.
give or take.
In what case(s) does casting a dupe close vote not automatically generate a comment saying "possible duplicate of: ..."?
@PopularDemand When there's already a comment with that link in under the question I think
@YiJiang Right, I'm not counting that case, but thank you.
Q: Can I award a bounty retroactively?

Ilya KoganAfter I start a bounty, is it possible to award it to an answer that was posted before the bounty started? Is there anything that prevents me from saying in the question, "I'll really appreciate if you help me with this, and if I like your answer, I'll start a bounty two days from now and I'll a...

@TimStone <pedantic>it's not scrabble, the bonus placements are different</pedantic>
@drachenstern Is it Literati?
5:20 PM
@PopularDemand no
@PopularDemand Oh Yahoo Games...
@PopularDemand Hmm...
@RebeccaChernoff like drop7?
You didn't vote to close until after you commented?
@Fosco as opposed to an RTS Scrabble?
Whenever I see "retroactively", I tend to read it as "radioactively" first
5:23 PM
They're practically synonymous
@TimStone they're busy scanning their passengers, they can't be bothered to look after airplane security as well
@drachenstern Exactly. In RTS Scrabble, you just throw tiles at the other person to try and get them to say words. The more violent the words, the more points you get. But be sure to aim for their weak spots to inflict massive damage.
@TimStone I tried that with PaperToss and Drop7 but I didn't have any luck.
@Pekka Ah, right. Everyone is safe to get on the plane that will fall apart mid-flight due to poor maintenance.
Proposal: "New meme" > Use Drop7 whenever discussing product names, and continue using ThingaDongDong to discuss features of products.
5:26 PM
@TimStone exactly. Plus you can rely on that it won't be blown up by terrorists (except if they find some new way of smuggling explosives aboard)
@drachenstern hehe. It isn't multi-player.
You want us to Drop7 thingadongdongs?
@drachenstern That's exactly the thought I had. But y'know... RTS Scrabble could be fun.
@RebeccaChernoff I don't see the issue here :p
@TimStone perhaps only when bluemods are in the room?
@Pekka They've actually gone ahead and explicitly banned printer toner over a certain size.
5:30 PM
@TimStone heh. Well, it's creating the illusion of security... Some say the illusion is necessary for civilization to work (because civilization is so massively vulnerable people would go insane if they were aware of the potential dangers). I'm inclined to partly agree but what is being done under the banner of "security" in the western world is still horrible, and horrribly ineffective.
See this for example... yuck!
Ah yeah, I got pretty pissed off when I read that.
@TimStone yeah, rightly so
@Pekka yep
Actually, when I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, one of the ground crew left out those "emergency only" doors that go down to the tarmac from inside the terminal. He didn't close the door, so the alarm went off for about 15 minutes, and no wave of security people showed up or anything.
One of the people at the ticket desk called the office or something and they just shut off the alarm, heh.
@Pekka What alternatives do you suggest?
5:34 PM
@TimStone argh. But the rest of mankind is harassed at the checkpoints. Horrible
Not to mention the 14-or-something year old that was able to get inside of the wheel well of that flight to Boston, and died on-route (and then fell out of the plane on some unsuspecting neighbourhood before landing...)
@TimStone When was that? I don't remember hearing about it at all.
Not arguing that the security is good, just asking.
Ditto that, @Pop.
One of my college roommates used to love pointing out things that were dangerous but completely legal regarding travel. (Sorry for getting you on a watchlist, uh, "Albert.")
5:39 PM
@PopularDemand I was going to make a joke, but I do fly too often that risking being put on a no-fly list is not high on my collection of things to do. :P
@Moshe I'm not sure, but as it stands, the system seems full of large holes that render the huge strain that is being put on the normal passenger completely useless. It's like buying a $50000 hardware firewall but then running a vulnerable web server on port 80. That is not a good thing, and must be changed, except if the goal is indeed to create the illusion of security in the face of a threat that can never be fully contained anyway. I don't know really
@TimStone Sucks to be you. I'm never going to fly again, unless it's, like, the only way I can make it to see [insert close friends or relatives here] before they die.
@PopularDemand Well, I was happy to find out that the body scanners aren't being nearly as much as they were advertised to be or were being used before.
And everything beyond that is relatively painless, especially if I can check in online.
Yep, I won't be flying anymore once they get the pornoscanners here.
@TimStone I didn't know that, either.
5:48 PM
@PopularDemand I didn't either, prior to my trip. But I didn't even see the machines in Philly, and in Atlanta they only had two in the center of the center of the checkpoint, and I didn't see anyone have to go through them.
Okay, I'm tired of watching buses trying to ram my station from the wrong side.
closes openttd
@radp Now I don't know what you're calling the mods, but I'm sure it's not nice.
@PopularDemand ...not to me, anyway.
I should ask a mod_rewrite question on SO, even though I could easily look up the answer myself.
Nobody else does.
I'm now watching your account with my finger poised over VtC
5:52 PM
> SWAT teams swarmed a Chicago-area school Monday evening after some hip-hop music and an accidental phone call led a woman to believe her husband was being held hostage, officials said. "...there were lyrics on the radio as he was driving home, and she listened to it and became concerned." ... leading her to believe he was being held hostage by a gunman in his office.
@drachenstern Why bother? Since he said it in The Tavern, a mod is probably watching with a finger poised over VtB.
Apparently I'm wasting a lot of people's time here.
I'm not sure I'll be able to spot his newest question, he asks so frequently
5:54 PM
@PopularDemand VtS, puhlease. We're not expertsexchange.
@mootinator Hooray mod_rewrite \o/
@radp "Puh-lease," yourself. Who ever heard of smacking someone with the suspendhammer?
A: CSS to create curved corner between two elements?

Russell LeggettTo do this over a non-solid bg, I don't think you can do it with CSS, but you could use canvas or SVG to the same effect - not exactly what you asked for, though. However, there does appear to be a proposal for negative border radius that would solve the problem. Maybe some day, right.

Is this guy dense?
"I don't think you can do it with CSS" but the OP did and provided a working jsfiddle
and the answer came 4 hours after the OP posted his solution
ok, I had to see a bigger version of that face ...
does he look douchey or is it just me?
Yay, I re-homed my site without breaking everything else.
@mootinator sweet
6:00 PM
6:14 PM
Does anybody know why VS2010 would be force compiling my code to run on .net 4 libs when there's on code telling it to use .net 4 libs? the web.config etc all say 3.5, as do the various VS files (projects and the like) and I have manually moved it up then back down and can't seem to get it to respond "correctly" ... grrrrrrrrrrr
I know there was an issue with App_Browser being compiled to .net4 regardless of config settings, so I guess there's an additional when compiling .svc files ... but this is fracking annoying.
@drachenstern Radioactive levels of Douchey.
6:34 PM
Q: Merging zombies into a giant robot zombie... or maybe just a more comprehensive question

Grace NoteIt is so hard to come up with remotely serious question titles when you have to talk about zombies, of all things... The recent question zombie spawning asks about how zombies are spawned in Die2Nite... or however the capitalization goes. An existing question from a month ago, Does killing zomb...

@radp: I just wanna say, in response to your comment on the blog, fuck the author - selfish bastard doesn't know what he wants anyway.
@Shog9 his reply was more in line with best practices anyway, like removing obviously unnecessary details.
6:54 PM
realizes his starving and goes to find food
actualizes his thirst and goes to find drink
@radp well, yeah... I think there's a happy medium between the "Every word is sacred" crowd and, um, myself - but once a question has been satisfactorily answered, it's pretty clear which portions were superfluous.
Linking these from mobile safari cos it's faster. They are not intended for anyones commenting here ... Yet ;)
Q: Can jQuery perform an if statement?

songdogtechCan jQuery perform an "if" function? As in, if a class exists in one menu item, apply that class to a different menu item? This is slightly different than the usual active page menu highlighting, as I'm dealing with active dropdown menus and child pages. What I'd like to do is (the usual suspec...

@Shog9 Yeah, well, you first have to answer the question to find out what was actually needed and what wasn't.
Q: CSS gone wild - how to stop a style from going too far.

StaceyIs there any way in CSS to put a limit on how far something will cascade? I'm running into a situation where my CSS is just going out of control because of how many classes I have to make, because of inheritence. For instance.. .menu a:hover { background : #XXXXXX; } <div class="menu"&g...

If one knew what was needed and what wasn't he wouldn't have put the superfluous in to begin with.
And if you have to answer first to clean up... well... the effort has been made already. The point is now moot.
7:00 PM
@radp You might. You're just ornery that way.
(see what I did thar? I removed a specific piece of information. Now your reply looks silly.)
@radp Not if it saves effort in the future.
@shog9 and @radp ... Sounds like you two are arguing that you agree Boolean.True && Boolean.True == true
@drachenstern wretched .NET coder and your verbose type system
Bah I did that for effect. I prefer true
7:03 PM
I prefer 1
Butterfly wings!!!
I prefer !
!! or !
I like implicit double-negatives
if ( !InState ) { do wrong; } else { do right; }
speaking of which, time for carrot cake
I guess u like js then?
7:09 PM
Evening gentlemen
There have been reports of a flag
@Pekka Shog9 is speaking, so yes
Ah. I was wondering :)
@Shog9 Who are you referring to? Joel? Just curious, hard to read the conversation afterwards
@Shog9 bon appétit!
Carrot cake sounds excellent.
I haven't eaten that in years.
I may make that one of these days now that I have an oven
(off to look for a recipe)
@Pekka Please let me know if you find a good one.
Ahh now I understand what @Shog is saying. I fully agree
@PopularDemand will do!
7:14 PM
@Pekka Agreeing with Shog? This calls for... a flag!
Hy @tyler chacha
We rediscovered schneierfacts.com at work. All work has stopped
@PopularDemand hah! That calls for a retaliatory counter-flag!
@Pekka Actually, when I saw Shog flagged earlier, I was wondering if you could see flags of your own posts. And now I know!
Flags here are never good. Flags on chat.SE are quite entertaining, as they're generally from the atheism room
7:17 PM
@MichaelMrozek ahahaha!
I can imagine
> Bruce Schneier can read and understand perl
clearly a superior mind, superior in a way I'm not comfortable to elevate towards.
@Pekka Sorry. When I see Shog enter the room, I just start reflexively flagging all kinds of posts.
@PopularDemand I was quite surprised to have the MF-word in a meta post survive more than 40 views with only one flag
Something beautiful happens in this world...
It was edited out today, which is fine. But still, Meta is more tolerant of foul language than I thought
@tyler anything specific in mind?
7:20 PM
@Pekka I was actually surprised too :P
@Pekka It is an SNL music video I will not quote any more lines of
@Tim yeah! @Tyler ah, I see.
AARG. I just thought I had found a serious bug in chat (dropping some messages) until I noticed I was still ignoring @PopularDemand from testing earlier
Hi all, seems quite busy today, as usual.
Hah! Hardly a few months in SO Inc.'s employ, and already ignoring popular demand
Learning from Jeff, are we?
7:22 PM
@balpha Please, if there was a serious bug in chat we would totally have already been blaming you. :P
@TimStone Yeah, but... how would he know?
@TimStone Yeah, but... how would I know?
@TimStone Not just that. Now we can /blame @rchern and /assign @balpha.
Totally the best of both worlds.
7:29 PM
I saw a line of stars and decided probably none of those posts are worth reading
@radp You're right, this is brilliant.
Feature request: Allow me to mod flag a room to indicate the occupants may have gone slightly insane
....the heck? Half my screen is starred.
7:33 PM
@MichaelMrozek just name the room "The Tavern (General)", that's generally understood this way
@RebeccaChernoff You should clear them. With extreme prejudice
It's okay, @TylerChacha will shortly be out of stars.
@RebeccaChernoff Only half? What kind of crazy resolution are you using?
@radp I was thinking the same thing. :P
@PopularDemand She works for SO now, they probably bought her a 80" monitor
7:34 PM
@MichaelMrozek they usually work at like 320×240 anyway.
Door-sized pixels ftw!
Wait. Negatory is pinned?
@RebeccaChernoff and it took you this long to figure it out?
Er..You don't remember that discussion? :P
And I recall that being pinned more than 1 day ago
I probably noticed it before but blocked it out.
7:38 PM
@RebeccaChernoff One sec.. let me pull that up..
yesterday, by Tyler Chacha
I just wanted to pin something completely useless..
One would think you'd have that skill mastered by now
yesterday, by Tyler Chacha
I just wanted to pin something completely useless..
Apparently I'm pretty damn good at blocking things out. \o/
Q: C#: Best Practices Debug.Print

snmcdonaldWhat is the best practice regarding Debug.Print statements? Should I liter my class methods with Debug.Print statements or should I avoid Debug.Print altogether? If Debug.Print statements are acceptable should I consider using Trace.Print or EventLog? Are Debug.Print statements necessary with ...

For your consideration
7:39 PM
yesterday, by Rebecca Chernoff
@radp Actually, the problem will be that I have to go eat lunch.
Wow, I only need another 140 rep on MSO in about 5 hours to hit the daily cap :p
@drachenstern I only need 130
is winning
Q: Chat notification for Chrome doesn't go away, please change that

drachensternOk, we've been giving @marcGravell a hard time and we acknowledge it, so I had this bright idea to actually put in support ticket on it so SOIS can prioritize it. When the notification creates its toast it the toast should go away and we do already have a bit of precedent for it and there is alr...

@RebeccaChernoff Now that you have weight to throw around, you should tell David that this question was only 1/3rd completed (the borders on the visited mod tags are still wrong, and the borders on the required meta tags are still light) :P
didn't @MarcGravell already fix that?
7:48 PM
I think that the H2 or whatever you have going on there might be a bit unnecessary. ;)
Anyway, yes, someone can mark that [status-completed].
@TimStone NEVAR! Besides. I really can't put a FHC on that without using an image. Also, I don't get to close it as "answered" :(
I need my 2 points!
bahahahahaha <-- I'll be quiet now
@Pekka ask on English.SE - pretty sure I meant "the author" in a general sense, as in "anyone who asks a question on SO/SE"
So did we have this discussion already? How does a 4.4k user on SO not know how to search / read wikipedia before asking a question about language mechanics ... and what in the hell, a conditional chainer?
Q: Can jQuery perform an if statement?

songdogtechCan jQuery perform an "if" function? As in, if a class exists in one menu item, apply that class to a different menu item? This is slightly different than the usual active page menu highlighting, as I'm dealing with active dropdown menus and child pages. What I'd like to do is (the usual suspec...

Granted, somebody did do a conditional chainer IIRC but still ... that's just ... weird
carrot cake was excellent... Juiced 20+ lbs of carrots yesterday & used ~4cups of the pulp to bake with. Sticky.
@Shog9 excellent
Now, why didn't you share with us?
7:53 PM
There's still another cake, if you care to stop by... There was a lot of pulp
or you could feel free to leave it on the green path and save me the trouble :p
The front office secretary (who I realize does a lot more to keep the business going than I likely do, except it being my general labor that is one of the company's products, but still) keeps harping on me about did I move. I'm like "what part of across the street do you have a hard time with, I practically live here ffs" so I figured a graphic illustration would work best.
I did additionally give her the mailing address, but ya know, putting it on my desk saves a stamp and trouble
If i can arrange for a fly-over, I'll aim for one of the airhandlers on the roof - save you the trouble of walking around to annoy coworkers with the smell.
Q: CSS gone wild - how to stop a style from going too far.

StaceyIs there any way in CSS to put a limit on how far something will cascade? I'm running into a situation where my CSS is just going out of control because of how many classes I have to make, because of inheritence. For instance.. .menu a:hover { background : #XXXXXX; } <div class="menu"&g...

@Shog9 yeah, I got that
I can see I'm not the only one that heavily documents my CSS with block headers, but why do my coworkers insist on stripping them out?
7:58 PM
@drachenstern The style that WOULDN'T DIE*! Thur. @ the drive-in
The headline is "Quora: the hottest question-and-answer website you've probably never heard of"
@TheNeedsMoarJqueryException Hey Josh!!! Over here Josh!!! HALLLOOOOO

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