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3:00 AM
@nebukadnezzar I post crap all the time marked discussion and I get NO discussion
@TimStone I think you're 27-28 no?
we can always take this offline ;)
I do have an easily guessable gmail address, and we do have WwF
speaking of which ...
oh, haha, I did already contribute to this discussion :|
@drachenstern yeah, i agree that the question is pretty crappy indeed, but somehow i just felt the urge to post it nevertheless :(
well so to be fair, you are aware that downvotes on MSO mean something totally other than downvotes on SO right?
I've certainly learned 'my lesson' regarding posting stuff on MSO, though :P
Retaliatory down voting isn't that prevalent actually. I'm sure it happens, but in most cases people react harshly in detectable ways, which are dealt with by the system. People usually down vote because of lack of clarity or completeness in answers, or just general inaccuracies.
Just making sure you've gotten Full Disclosure
@TimStone indeed.
3:02 AM
@drachenstern yeah, i've understood that
@drachenstern I'm younger than you, anyway ;)
@nebukadnezzar why? You've got to push on the MSO crowd to get any response
@TimStone well yeah, but I hear dirt is too ;)
I like what Shog added
@drachenstern well, i hardly ever get any reason to post on MSO, so I guess it's cool
and yet here you are
hey, it was my first question :P
3:03 AM
So post another ;)
when I get a (good) reason to post one, I will.. but so far, i'll rather not :P
well I have 11 on MSO and like umpteen dozen on SO
See, I wanted a discussion on this one and got NOTHING:
my rep is fairly small, but only because i usually don't post answers, only questions
Q: Should "virus source" questions be deleted outright?

drachensternIn regards to this post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4174865 What, if anything, should be done with questions which post source-code that are really virii? Should the user account be deleted as well? I'm all for studying virii, but there's a bit of active discussion when one is studying ...

So if I were you I would be happy I got a discussion, short as it was ;)
Didn't Marc nuke the code from orbit or something? :P
3:05 AM
@drachenstern - Actually, remember gravityboy, from the null vote question?
of course
ah, haha, well nice one :P
@TimStone I think he did
Well he is still going at it.
A: Vote up, down and null (zero)?

MosheErm, bad idea. Not everyone has time to "null" things. Also, once you null, you can't undo it after a period of time. That would severely cripple the voting system. I vote no.

@nebukadnezzar sadly you don't get to see the actual question
3:06 AM
He asks: "Why are you doing this?"
It was a windows copy-n-paste virus
question to what?
I politely (well, more politely than I wanted to be) have been responding to his queries.
@drachenstern ooh, i see
@Moshe shakes head
3:07 AM
He has 10 downvotes (mine being the tenth) and I have 5 upvotes. He insists on babbling about the null vote thing again.
@TimStone - What should I do?
@Moshe so here's the thing. It's called the "high road" and it means "sometimes you stop answering them, and refer them to a mod if they have further (and further, and further) posts for you"
@drachenstern - Okay, fair enough.
@Moshe I dunno, I don't get what the OP's point is.
Who is a mod to refere them to?
(which is what I was shaking my head at, not you)
3:08 AM
Oh, ok.
Who here is a mod on MSO?
@drachenstern - I only mentioned it because you were discussing long conversations on MSO.
For now say: "I'm sorry that we disagree, I feel that I've made my points clearly. I'm sorry that I'm not able to express myself, I really don't know what else to say" because that ends it. Then if he posts several more times, say "We need an intermediary, can we ask ____ to help" and at that point we can suggest you a mod
@Moshe no indeed. It's fine, I want to help you end this one ;)
@drachenstern - Thanks. I appreciate it.
I'd personally just not comment, but I'm lazy like that. ;)
Also, that question has ten down votes? Heh
You always know you have a flop when it gets down voted into oblivion.
3:11 AM
@TimStone he's been playing the fish for a couple days, better to point out that he's leaving the convo, keeps it from being very rude
Ah, you're trying to be polite. I see your game. ;)
@drachenstern - True. I'd copy and paste but Mac hasn't let me copy in Chat since day 1.
@TimStone - I prefere to keep it that way.
@Moshe that's so silly tho :( ... do you have Chrome (or a variant thereof?)
then inspect element and command-c
3:13 AM
Oh, another response. Going to select, right click..., copy....
@drachenstern - now, about that copy issue,
<div class="content">then inspect element and command-c</div>
lol, looked like it copied well there ;)
from the console
not from the webpage
lol, looked like it copied well there ;)
Must be a safari bug
may be
So I finished implementing part 1 of that algo i discussed yesterday
time to create the parsha chart and do the compare
3:18 AM
@drachenstern - He's persisting...
A: Vote up, down and null (zero)?

MosheNot such a great idea. Not everyone has time to "null" things. Also, once you null, you can't undo it after a period of time. That would severely cripple the voting system. I vote no.

Ignore for now
Additionally, he's been shown that we all frequent the chat rooms, he's been given a direct link, so if he's really observant and not just a savant then he'll come in here and see if you're around.
3:21 AM
I just wish someone would remove the word stalker from the question.
You sir, have an issue with things that you feel need to be redacted :p
It's too late, it's already in the source
@RebeccaChernoff - Can we get the userscripts to replace the word "removed" with the word "redacted"? It's so much cooler.
3:22 AM
@drachenstern - but it doesn't need to be on the main title
why don't you fork the library and gen a diff for it?
@Moshe Eh... totally unuseful. @RebeccaChernoff will smack you on the head if you actually try to commit that :P
@drachenstern If I knew how. I can't even copy a website into git...
I have a folder full of source code and a repo. I want the folder to be the repo. I can't get it to work.
@Moshe I think you have other issues ;) ... you should read up on git, it's wonderful.
@YiJiang - Useful? It is.
@drachenstern - gee thanks :P
3:24 AM
@YiJiang he could always fork it for himself ;)
@drachenstern - I'd never do that. I wouldn't want to maintain javascript for life.
@Moshe well idk what to say ... you can't copy and paste from Safari, you can't get git to work on your box ... hmmm
@Moshe why not? that's the point
@drachenstern Meh. GM let's you modify the scripts in-place, although any updates will of course wipe them out
@Moshe you misunderstand the concept of "personal fork"
I use git when I actually want something to be changed in the main repo
3:25 AM
I could just make my own userscript.
I misunderstand git altogether.
@YiJiang Ah right, you have an outstanding pull request too don't you...
@TimStone Small improvements to the main SEChatMod script, and a complete rewrite of the faviconizer thingadongdong
@Moshe what do you understand about git?
That it's a source code repository control mechanism
It now uses <canvas> to do the thing, which makes things much much better
3:26 AM
You can commit changes to a repository.
Yeah, I saw the commit message. Nice! :)
@Moshe it's more than just a source code repository control mechanism.
and others can copy your code from public repositories and request that you incorporate those changes
it's primary benefit/importance is that it's distributed
@Moshe You're on OSX, right? You'll probably need to get the relevant binaries if you want to work with git
3:27 AM
I couldn't figure out how to get it to work though
@YiJiang - yes, OSX, but I have git.
So how do I create a repo from a folder full of source code files?
I know the theory, i don't know the git commands
@Moshe git init I think
well with Hg on Windows I right click the folder and say "create repo"
@Moshe Read the man pages?
right... and then...
but I'm using tortoiseHg ;)
does mac have anything like tortoise?
3:29 AM
@drachenstern Me too! ;)
@drachenstern - I'm on Mac. Gonna look
tim I'm gonna rematch, ok?
Though I have to switch to command line for dealing with GitHub, since apparently TortoiseHg isn't cool enough to figure out how to handle my SSH connection.
Sure, I'm down.
I have to switch to command line for merges
@TimStone - So I do git init in the folder, now how do I upload everything? How does it know which repo to send it to?
3:31 AM
are you creating a repo or cloning one?
cloning lets you upload
creating means others upload to you
Oh, well I've made a repo on my git account
Did you read the help for creating a repo?
It has the commands for after you create the repo on GitHub
@TimStone - yea, didn't work.
Let me try again.
3:34 AM
What was I doing? Oh right, removing the damn notifications from the userscript :P
@TimStone No you weren't.
You did already? :p
Ah, you did!
<lazy>I cheated. I did a commit but didn't do the pull requests.
^_ Lord Voldemort and Professor Quirrel sticking out their tounges.
@RebeccaChernoff I'll grab those, thanks for removing the notifications. :)
3:37 AM
@Moshe Negative. That's actually the @RebeccaChernoff compatible version of :P which we all should be using so that she doesn't have to bend her neck 180° to understand them
@YiJiang - No, then why does it stick out BOTH ways?
It actually is the @RebeccaChernoff everyone else compatible version of q:
@Moshe So that she can understand them! There's only a single pair of eyes, of course, to avoid repetition.
Ok, you win.
I'll bet @RebeccaChernoff played Darth Maul in Star Wars and needed the double light-saber for the same reason so they wrote it into the script.
That would be Darth Maul
@drachenstern - True, my bad, it's been too long.
3:41 AM
Not to detract from the work being done on leisure activities, but @TimStone and @RebeccaChernoff it's your turns :p (altho against rchern I might as well forfeit)
@Moshe it has been at least four years since I've watched that video
What are we playing?
I was plotting my next move against Jin ;)
Way ahead of you there
@drachenstern @TimStone - What are we playing?
3:42 AM
Words With Friends, but of course
@YiJiang lol
I absolutely can't win against Jin I think
@drachenstern - ...Wait for it... What's that?
Tim and I are a good match overall, we're pretty even
I've discovered another horribly addicting iPhone game.
3:43 AM
Cut the rope?
Angry Birds?
@RebeccaChernoff Uh oh :P
Fruit Ninja?
Don't you start a new job tomorrow? ;)
Just about anything on the app store?
3:44 AM
@drachenstern - nope.
Nah, I already have Angry Birds. Meh, it is ok.
@Moshe those really weren't to you :p
@TimStone I do. (:
@RebeccaChernoff apparently you haven't beaten it then?
3:44 AM
oh dear, should we ignore it?
Better limit those distractions while you still can then, heheh :P
My app, Uncle Fred, technically a game is not all addictive.
is it MultiPlayer?
It's not even fun.
But, you should check out my apps.
3:45 AM
Then why would you advert it?
Because I made it?
No, it isn't multi-player.
It is like Tetris...and kind of Sudoku I guess?
It was my first app and it was fun to make.
I agree with Tim ... Oo
Tetris and sudoku? I think I should
3:46 AM
@TimStone My suggestion would be to do the pull request FIRST lmao
I'm with @RebeccaChernoff ... oO
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, yeah. ;) Hahah
Downloading Words With Friends now... Is it Game Center enabled?
let's see if this pastes ...
(Ó_ò) ̿ ̿ ̿̿¨̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(ò_ó)
Guess not ... on FB it looks like a mugging
@drachenstern Not quite
3:47 AM
@Moshe it is
Same here.
@drachenstern - is that how you're all playing?
@YiJiang I see that
@Moshe well, via ingame play, you'll see
bear in mind that my twitter id is hard to figure out
(as is my game ID I think)
3:48 AM
(Couldn't decide which way to stick out my tounge, so I didn't)
Hmm, I refuse to believe that I can't play all these letters at once..
Wow, the close button on the "invite friends" is terribly small
It violates Apple HIG, being that small.
So I invite people via Twitter?
I forget, I think everyone invited me :p
found you
ok how to play?
I bet they have a screen for that
3:53 AM
yea, it's called safari
ur turn
@drachenstern - your turn
That's the best you could do?
@Moshe yes I gathered that from :423723
Well, I was not sure i was even playing properly.
got git runnig
WWF is "sending"
Time to walk the dogs, bbiab
3:57 AM
Oh Tim ... grrrr
Ah, I did good? :P
And I go and expose you for a TW ... go me
I wanted to play all of my letters, but apparently "CLITTERS" isn't a word.
This TW brought to you courtesy your friendly neighborhood Silver Platter dealer.
3:59 AM
Much to my disappointment.
@drachenstern nobody explained the rules to me and the game froze up. Yay! last gen ipod touch ftw!
Q: C# generic collections

SimonCI'm coming to C# from a Java background and keep bumping in to the same sort of problem with generics that would be trivial to solve in Java. Given the classes: interface IUntypedField { } class Field<TValue> : IUntypedField { } interface IFieldMap { void Put<TValue>(Field<T...


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