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5:04 PM
@Pandya it is a little broad but if you add an example of html where you try the feature I expect I can find a duplicate for that.
a good source for html/css/javascript stuff is MDN
@The_IT_Guy_You_Don't_Like superuser.com/a/947724/257316
I knew it was gonna be something stupid, but this?
swer on me mum
5:26 PM
It's so sad seeing SE sites with safari's responsive design tester.
You don't need to test it, responsive design is not a feature, so it can't be broken...
Shog's test of the effectiveness of HIQ is over. The results will shock you.
> "We need to fix the input" (two months later after testing) "We still need to fix the input" ... <sigh> -- Tim Post at 10:13 AM - 30 Jul 2015 via Twitter
If there was a list of questions that on SO that could be helped, I would start answering questions and unicorns would roam the earth again.
score:1.. answers:0 closed:0 created:..1d intags:mine
5:36 PM
add closed:no
yes, that too. But really, we need closevotes:0, considering how long it takes to get 5 votes.
skipping obscure lib ones…
8 out of 27k have more 3 or more votes
> The problem is that some weird things are happening at the bottom of certain pages.
@NormalHuman where?
what is wrong with the world stackoverflow.com/q/30840023/2371861
media queries or js, nothing specific stackoverflow.com/q/31570039/2371861
works for me, must be browser support stackoverflow.com/q/31005525/2371861
See, they're all crap.
@bjb568 whoops, wrong sort
5:56 PM
no one seems to follow links :/ webapps.stackexchange.com/a/80903/45867
@bummi The one above it smells like spam
smells? ... is
while this is not the only issue on the question
6:25 PM
@AnnaLear Around?
@Undo ish
@AnnaLear Heard you were getting a lot of logins from ChatExchange / Smokey, what kind of volume are we talking about?
sec, lemme dig that up again
@AnnaLear that's chat logins, not API, right?
Holy crap
That's number of new sessions generated for SmokeDetector on stackexchange.com
6:34 PM
*.stackexchange.com, technically
so, something happened when we rolled out universal login that jacked up that
That's every 10 seconds ish. Eek
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently by Tyrone on android.stackexchange.com
I'm going to turn on reporting in CHQ for every time it restarts, because that should be the only time it logs in
@Undo are you trying to auth per site, by any chance? I haven't looked at the SD code at all, so this might be a stupid question.
6:37 PM
@AnnaLear Shouldn't be, but I'm not an expert on CE code.
Manish says "CE only needs to login once per session. The client holds on to a Session which is used with each request, so once logged in it should stay logged in unless the session expires or something."
I don't know off-hand what that means for how SD works.
Smokey mostly uses CE as a black box.
That should log every time it restarts, I'm going to look for a way to identify the current session
Cool. If you're holding on to the same session between restarts, it should work fine... Not sure what CE considers a "session", though. It sounds like it might be logging in once per a batch of requests and then throwing that away which is suboptimal.
6:41 PM
"suboptimal" ... got to remember that
On the other hand, the numbers went WAAAAAYYY up when we flipped the switch on universal login. I'd expect the effect to be a lot less dramatic since we've been generating account-level sessions for per-site auth for a while now. So I got no real theories.
Let's see what your monitoring turns up and go from there, @Undo. :)
@AnnaLear Seems like it has to be doing that, because we're only forcing a restart like every hour (or maybe six hours?). Either way, not every ten seconds.
Yeah, I'll look into it.
No problem.
@AnnaLear, Can you look at the Zephyr user? It uses ChatExchange as well and is logged in almost constantly. Did it's numbers jump too?
6:45 PM
I'll see if Closey is affected...
(cc @ProgramFOX See messages above, Smokey is eating things it shouldn't be.)
nope, doesn't look like they did
Weird. So it's a smokey problem.
@Andy What CE rev are you on?
github.com/Manishearth/ChatExchange/commit/… matches the timeline fairly well
@Undo I updated at a day or two ago. ProgramFox had a push for Chat actions. I try to stay relatively current
@AnnaLear Thank you
6:47 PM
@Andy Okay
Only thing that happened on 7/8 on SD code with logins is updating CE
I'd still bet a dollar that github.com/Manishearth/ChatExchange/commit/… did it somehow
@PraxisAshelin I held myself from saying this last time we discussed your computer. you should be a happy gamer now :D
If only because "and turns out, we don't need it!" :)
@Undo That actually fixed the problem I had when the Universal logins were enabled. A login path was removed and CE couldn't get through it
Right, it made it work
Let me hunt down the logs for the error I had at the time. I'll move over to the Charcoal room too
6:50 PM
chat.se auth used to rely on GlobalAuth and you'd need to do a weird dance to get chat to recognize that you were logged in sometimes. I'm ... not 100% sure under what conditions that happened. (And I rewrote chat auth. That should scare you, because it does scare me. ;))
@Andy I'm betting it got rid of some kind of caching somewhere.
It doesn't help that I'm going to be gone starting Sat morning through Tuesday.
point being, now chat.se uses the same auth session as chat.meta - it's all running off of the same cookie that gets you logged into *.stackexchange.com sites.
Okay, I'm going to start logging actual login events in CE
(unless I get pulled away to eat lunch, then who knows)
6:51 PM
@AnnaLear any other session-counts that are very high? Like Closey?
@rene nothing for stackexchange there and very low counts (highest is 3) for stackoverflow
Ok, tnx
there's one more account we found, but I'm not sure what it's doing. definitely logging in with a python useragent that says "bot", but the site profile also has 5k+ rep.
@Bart I remember that, I'm still laughing from last time
It's hilarious ... but true ...
6:56 PM
I should dig up traffic logs for that one.
@AnnaLear Where Smokey has four accounts across the network, one "login" would generate four sessions, correct?
4? Shouldn't it only be 3? stackoverflow, stackexchange and meta.stackexchange?
@Undo No, one login would generate one session per second-level domain. So in that case, two? one for SO, one for SE. and that's assuming you're running javascript that would trigger cross-domain auth
Ah okay
assuming no js and logging into *.stackexchange.com site (including se.com itself), you should generate only one session
6:58 PM
Either way, it'd have to be at least every thirty seconds or so to get those numbers
you know what. we did fix a bug with session generation yesterday as well...
(brb eating)
lemme refresh my memory on what it actually was
Pity that delete votes are linked to reputation, many of those with sufficient reputation probably don't have any use for them ....
hm, it was in the cross-domain part of the flow. so probably not related... still, counts dropped from near 10k down to 5.6k yesterday, possibly after the fix? @Undo I'll keep an eye on the counts for the next couple days as well and see if this was something on our end after all.
7:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Wifi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting frequently by Tyrone on android.stackexchange.com
I can sum up this project with "Everything works! Awesome! ... Wait. Huh. What. How."
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Would a person gain or lose weight after expelling a flatus? by smitelli on physics.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tp-
7:18 PM
@AnnaLear Okay, that seems like the most likely thing based on timelines. If that spreadsheet was realtime, then it's only logged in 10 times and there's only five hours left in the day. I'll watch it anyway, ping me if it explodes again.
oh jeez, yeah, it's almost midnight UTC
... 7.30pm ish?
well into the evening
:) just checking. I've been known to lose track of time. Last night was a surprising 3am bedtime as well. Today wasn't ... productive ...
So... was that fix deployed around 10:30 AM Eastern by any chance?
(guessing based on that timeline)
7:25 PM
(sec, in a meeting)
Oh, not important
(the meeting obviously... they aren't speaking about unicorns)
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in body: Using query and filter in sqlalchemy to modify User table by amarie on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EIGENVALUE OF 7 BY 7 MATRIX by DAVID on math.stackexchange.com
hmm. yesterday our fix went out around 11:30pm UTC (7:36pm Eastern)
and today's session count is ... 18 so far. I'm going to go out on a limb and suppose that we dun goofed.
Most of those are probably from me manually rebooting it to get it to take changes. Okay.
Well, I'll watch it anyway. Thanks for the heads up :)
7:36 PM
Ditto. Thanks :)
@SmokeDetector why
@NormalHuman Body - Position 1255-1266: password.in
Okay, looks like excluding code blocks from website patterns should fix these.
Jul 16 at 0:39, by 1999
Disappointment, n: discovering that the report is for internal use only and the queue will be kept because it feels good to have it.
7:50 PM
@NormalHuman dammit, not that again!
@SmokeDetector fp-
@Braiam It's not "again"... back then it was a prediction, and how it's confirmed.
HIQ (and SO in general) is fine. Just fix the input.
@SmokeDetector ignore- vlq
8:07 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SQL LAST_VALUE OVER PARTITION BY by Sailor Moon on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector gone
@NormalHuman oh
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Can a Jorrvaskr Companion die permanently as a follower? by Josh on gaming.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector naa
> Although MAX is specified as taking a maximum of 30 arguments, Google Sheets supports an arbitrary number of arguments for this function. support.google.com/docs/answer/3094013?hl=en
8:22 PM
What do they mean by this?
@NormalHuman that you don't need to worry about the argument limit, ie. max(1,2,3,4,...,30,31), since the documentation (one of them) is wrong
I'm wondering if it's MS Excel MAX()
I thought that page was the documentation... I've no idea where else MAX would be "specified".
Excel docs say they support 255 arguments. support.office.com/en-ca/article/…
then, beats me...
Does Sheets give any in-context help when writing up formulas?
8:33 PM
@The_IT_Guy_You_Don't_Like nope. graphics card is still borked
Just upgraded Windows 8.1 to 10, still has that Windows 8 feel to it
@KevinBrown Yes, but it's a brief summary (nothing about 30), followed by an iframed copy of that same page.
I've never touched a computer running Windows 8. I'm afraid it's contagious.
it is. I got some on my Mac at code camp the other day and it hasn't been the same since
@Undo you know what's the scary part, that you may need to reinstall the system, just to fix that...
8:38 PM
@KevinBrown but this though
> Some Windows 10 screenshots you'll want to look at, thanks @GreggHoush: i.imgur.com/qgoK5Km.jpg -- Nick Craver at 10:52 AM - 30 Jul 2015 via Twitter
Heh, nearly the same collage.
jesus christ, ads in the START MENU?
Oh. Others say it may be shopped.
Can't verify ads, probably shopped
8:42 PM
A: Voting history statistics request

bluefeetWell, it only took 6-8ish days to gather the data for this, but a few of us have pulled together most of stats that you requested. We queried the voting history over the past 90 days, and looked at votes grouped by the reputation of the voter at the time the vote was cast. Voting patterns (Up ...

@Shog9 Yay! Thank you
9:05 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EXECUTE IMMEDIATE AND DECLARE by Frank Herrera on stackoverflow.com
I'll be interested to see which way my question & answer goes:
Q: How can I get the Windows 8 start-screen in Windows 10?

cybermonkeyI was skeptical about the modern-UI interface in Windows 8 (and 8.1), having been a Windows 7 user for a while, but slowly got used to it. My laptop got the upgrade to Windows 10 yesterday that I had reserved a while back; the upgrade process was fast and overall Windows 10 runs far better than ...

Anyone else having problems with Itunes Connect by any chance?
Ah, good
well, bad, but good
9:21 PM
you can continue procrastinating @Bart
what could be the sense of this tagging in the last minutes? drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/training
That user seems familiar ....
Luckily, it's up to Drupal users/mods to sort him out...
@Bart I know, but I'm not focused on the user but on the action, seems at least pointless for all the closed ones
9:31 PM
Seems pointless and perhaps somewhat of a meta-tag to begin with. But that's for Drupal SE to sort out
Today's question on Web Apps is more mathematical than much of Math.SE content... express the "clamp" function f(x) = max(0,min(x,1)) as a spreadsheet-friendly formula using x only once.
Spreadsheet-friendly = able to be applied to an array, which for example breaks min and max approach.
:) maybe It's not as pointless as I thought first
@bummi why the change of heart?
@Bart looks as he is a collecting a tag cleanup task, which will help to close many of those which need to be closed
9:40 PM
... so it's a tag for crap that needs to be closed?
I think so
I do somehow doubt that's how he intends it though :D
@Bart who will know, sometimes people are ... very indirect
Re: voting statistics, I think the medians hide a lot: surely the bottom 50% of any category of anything is the same low-engagement mass.
Not to suggesting that mean would be better... I just don't know how to summarize super-skewed distributions like these in a single number.
9:45 PM
@SmokeDetector fp- reminds me of the mirrored minecraft challenge
@Braiam it's back. Procrastination over
10:05 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: How to change military time to decimal time? by TheForsa1994 on stackoverflow.com
Q: I cannot understand why my question does not submit

Meysam ToloueeThe error is just like this: Error occurs when submitting your question. So what is my mistake?

Based on the quality of this meta question, I'm glad his question does not submit
@Bart grr. Grr.
iTunes Connect != Itunes Connect
Some things one simply cannot let go
(also, I was yesterday. But it's fine now)
@NormalHuman After ~hour, I found one: =1-iferror(sqrt(1-iferror(sqrt(x)^2,0))^2,0)) :D
@Undo blame Apple
@SmokeDetector tpu abusive
10:19 PM
@Undo Blacklisted user.
^ NAA or abusive depending on if you're having a good day
I'm having a fabulous day, but that post is still abusive. :D
@SmokeDetector gp- technologyreview...
@SmokeDetector fp-
!!/test jwork.org
10:30 PM
> Would not be caught for title, body and username.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Is Tony in love with Gina? by Tim on movies.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector ignore-
answers:0 score:0 created:..30d some words that annoy me in questions
11:32 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: does string theory have anything to do with music? by user234487 on physics.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector ignore- vlq
> Explain world history as stages of the antitheses from the perspective of the dialectic process
I know the dialects evolved as a product of the fight of the theses and antitheses, but that question is just too damn unreasonable...
Sounds like something from those Marxism lessons that I barely avoided (a couple of years too young)...
@Undo xCode, XCode, Xcode
11:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Send mail using mandrill by alsuelo on stackoverflow.com
^ Hmmm.
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