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7:00 PM
Ooh, these videos are pretty good.
And I can watch them @1.25x.
Out of 7K+ questions on The Workplace, exactly one is unanswered. The site currently leads SE in answered %.
@bjb568 Yes, videos can be good for that: you can fast-forward them, unlike a lecturer in class. (If you take this class in college, you will likely want to do just that.)
I wish they'd tone down that background.
@HomegrownTomato I would like to do exactly the opposite... for no good reason
7:18 PM
@SmokeDetector fp-
sd fpu-
8:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Krenko revenge campaign - Magic 2013 by John on gaming.stackexchange.com
sd tpu-
8:35 PM
here it comes... patching systems again in 4-6 units of time. At least this time we know ahead of time
sd fp
@HomegrownTomato Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: What's a less profane alternative to “as f**k”? by DesertLion on english.stackexchange.com
8:51 PM
sd fpu-
sd fp-
@SmokeDetector fpu
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[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ERRO AO INSTALAR MONGOOSE EM WIN. SERVER 2008 R2 by Nodejs on pt.stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DO I NEED ISOLATED DC DC CONVERTER FOR THAT DESING by legerme on electronics.stackexchange.com
9:22 PM
> Anyone need somewhere to keep some ones and zeroes? #milehighops pic.twitter.com/tYNy5oVFbH -- Shane Madden at 2:01 PM - 10 Jun 2015 via Twitter
Kewl, mathjax bookmarklet works on mobile safari.
10:25 PM
Today's xkcd comic (The Martian):
sd fp
@AstroCB Registered answer as false positive.
@ProgramFOX Yes, but what kinds of posts should we be reporting, and for what reason?
I just don't see the point when we could say it ourselves.
Since SD's "manual report" syntax doesn't give much information about the post.
10:30 PM
I kinda agree.
@AstroCB seems to be error-prone too, in case Smokey posted meanwhile
11:13 PM
Can someone help me find a relevant meta post? Looking for a post that talks about "can we get notifications when a post you voted on is edited or reopened?"
Q: Are users notified when their questions are reopened?

WendiKiddDo users get notified when their question is reopened? I know there are no notifications on close, and that makes sense because 1) you assume the user is paying attention to their open, unanswered question, and they'll probably notice it's been put on hold and 2) it follows with the SE policy of ...

Of course, there's more questions on notification on closing, that also mention reopening.
@LanceRoberts thanks
those should help
11:28 PM
Q: What posts get deleted, and why?

Shog9A fair number of posts get deleted on Stack Overflow each month, for a wide variety of reasons and by a diverse set of methods. Because these posts are, by definition, not visible and not searchable, there tends to be a lot of misinformation about how much gets deleted and who deletes it. So,...

I don't know what's there to discuss... not nearly enough
just wait for me to get 2000 on SO... [and get review-banned trying to nuke a well-received link-only answer]
I wish we could have more breakdown on mod deletions; i.e. whether they were spam or offensive. There is nothing worse than mod deletion of popular posts, since they are then locked and can't be voted on by the community.
@LanceRoberts Mods don't delete spam/offensive posts, they flag them just as we do.
(Except their flags are binding, of course)
11:38 PM
Hmm, that means that 814 non-spam/offensive posts have been deleted by mods. That can't be good.
814 questions, and 10035 answers.
814 questions in 30 days isn't much on the scale of SO.
@HomegrownTomato Yep.
@LanceRoberts not necessarily true
Corner on the @Shog9! Any progress on your roomba proposal from a while back?
11:43 PM
Corner on the @Shog9! Any progress on your roomba proposal from a while back?
Hi @Dronehinge.
trainbot? ...
@hichris123 if (is.question == true) { roomba(); }
yep, questions.
@hichris123 Which roomba proposal: from July or from May?
@HomegrownTomato July...
the May one is just figuring out how to clear the HIQ
11:47 PM
@HomegrownTomato I was talking about July's but how about both?
@hichris123 It won't be deleted unless closed... or unless that proposal takes effect.
@HomegrownTomato Oh right. :(
Well then ^
@hichris123 tomorrow
My issue with July's proposal was that the authors of answers to deleted questions won't even know what was deleted (outside of 60 days period), and will have no practical way to access that content. Some may be upset.
Also whoever upvoted the answer... that makes it harder to roomba.
11:52 PM
@LanceRoberts Moderators can and usually do flag-delete blatant spam and offensive posts. However, there are borerline cases where the flag will be handled via deletion but not necessarily via flag-deletion if that makes sense.
A huge pile of deletions are due to VLQ and NAA flags. Yes, moderators still handle a decent-sized chunk of them.
More than all reviewers combined, it seems. 10K vs 6.6K.
Of course, some of these went through review but had positive score or accept mark. Not clear how many.
Do accepted answers that are flagged NAA/VLQ skip the queue? I noticed that those tend to take quite a bit longer to get reviewed (and often rejected) compared to non-accepted answers.
@HomegrownTomato the big win for review is that it removes a LOT of the noise that would otherwise bog down the moderators.
@KevinBrown I believe so, yes
11:56 PM
What's the difference between Answer - Author Vote and Answer - Owner Deleted
When a user is deleted, any posts owned by them scoring < 0 are deleted as well, @Lucas. There's also a mod tool that'll delete ALL posts owned by the user along with them - this is generally used for spammers. I suppose I could've called those "Owner was deleted" and avoided this confusion. — Shog9 ♦ 2 hours ago
@KevinBrown yeah - high-scoring, accepted, or locked posts skip LQ review entirely.
> VLQ and NAA flags on posts that have not been previously reviewed and are not closed, deleted, locked or accepted will enter /review/low-quality-posts. Item 2 here
@Shog9 Interesting, I guess it makes sense for them to.
11:59 PM
Hm, "high-scoring" clause isn't documented there.
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