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3:02 PM
Really not attracting flags, is it?
I need some help about this question of mine stackoverflow.com/questions/26486027/…
I edited it several times but just received dow-votes while I think the question is sane and has some long answers
Does deleting it helps? while it has some useful answers?
@Ahmad You won't be able to with those upvoted answers
But it just brought me down-votes, I am q-banned, and I want to leave it, its the most dow voted question of me
By the way this meta question of me meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/284017/… I edited it and asked some question in it. its still on hold, hope some check it again
3:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INSERT SELECT + VALUES by ProtoVB on stackoverflow.com
3:29 PM
What's the process for getting a tag renamed on SO? I figure it involves a Meta.SO but I have no idea what to tag it
@KevinBrown synonym-request or retag-request?
@Unihedro It'd be renaming to
Not something which we (non-mods) can do (the tags are too similar, the system knows)
@KevinBrown Meh, is it really necessary? AFAIK, auto-suggested tags ignores hyphens
@SmokeDetector fp
@Unihedro Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
3:51 PM
@Unihedro For consistency? and exist, kinda stands out
Eh, then by itself should be sufficient.
Speaking of incorrect hyphenation, note that is hyphenated all wrong.
4:31 PM
HALP! I just clicked a tv-tropes link!
Ewww, quarantine @Braiam please.
4:56 PM
Today's Listening | funk / nu jazz
I did not read that URL as funkin ...
You totally did not...
Not bad
Ooh, new series of The Unbelievable Truth. Nice. Trying not to laugh in the office.
@chmod711telkitty <- the mysterious female RO
5:11 PM
Hi bummi :)
I don't mind youtube
Good for youtube
Low Quality Q (84.1%): o whant to make unity laser 2d, by axe, on gamedev.stackexchange.com.
5:17 PM
Line renderer and a single texture. Look it up.
!find Line renderer and a single texture.
> Not saying it isn't worth a try, but it hasn't been invented yet
mhmmm can this be on topic? stackoverflow.com/q/5879570/1699210
5:37 PM
How should this be handled?
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about SEO. — Mooseman 6 secs ago
Low Quality A (60.9%): Thanks for the info, gave me the info I needed!, by Roxxor, on askubuntu.com.
Very nice competition
@Mooseman really?
A: Do tools and libraries constitute "helpful" link-only answers?

Brad LarsonI had this to say on a similar question: Sometimes, a third-party tool, library, or framework is a viable solution to a problem. You can't post the entire code for a framework in an answer, and Stack Overflow doesn't host code repositories or other file downloads. While I'd prefer ...

I wouldn't flag it...
Same, i'm going to disagree
6:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GHOSTING ON IPAD 1!! IN CLASH OF CLANS WAR??!!! by user166748 on gaming.stackexchange.com
6:34 PM
Learning teh vectorz!
6:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: changing options doesn't work by user3057477 on askubuntu.com
@bjb568 vectors? LinAlg? C++?
@bjb568 Multivariable calc?
Line-based drawing?
I guess we can vote to close as "unclear what you're trying to tell us"
7:11 PM
@Bart ehh? but I wasted all my flags with all bjb had said before
7:27 PM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by TGMCians
cv-pls http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28200559/where-can-i-find-android-eclipse-pro‌​jects-on-my-phone
cv-pls ^^
8:03 PM
@balpha Any further analysis?
Yeah. It's... complicated.
8:15 PM
@balpha Two days ago, SE bot felt the need to create a room for Ask Ubuntu, assigning it to the host "chat.askubuntu.com". Is this something you triggered, or is it sentient now?
hmm, it should only do that if there's no room for the corresponding site, but there clearly is one for AU
and if I delete it immediately recreates
Somebody gave the SE bot a mind of its own...
Kick the bot ...
the creation turned against its creator! :O
@balpha Normal AU rooms have host = askubuntu.com. Maybe you got extra chat. in a string somewhere. Other such chat-prefix-hosted rooms were created at different times, sometimes leading to confusion.
8:25 PM
google * operator sucks
Yeah, that's probably the issue @Fundamental
9:10 PM
Is there a way to disable chat notifications for a room?
speaker button at top-right, next to "all rooms" button
those are the only choices you have
Aha, thanks
and if you are running chrome (not sure if there are others) you can find the "enable/disable desktop notifications" under the star board
Yup, I was just looking to hide notifications from a room I wasn't going to be visiting often
(like this one)
oh burn!
9:25 PM
The duck will kick you ...
Remember she reads the transcript from the moment she left, so....
@Fundamental It's part of BC…
oh whoops wrong ping
@Bart teh calcz
> you're compiling your distribution with link-time optimization? is this some strange technological form of masochism?
9:51 PM
@bummi Mod flags it as spam or offensive/abusive
@Doorknob I know I flagged both posts, but was wondering why it was deleted by Community with just 2 votes (not a Mod)
I can often see up to 7 or more votes until it get's deleted
It's 6 flags or a single flag by a moderator.
@Doorknob usually a Mod's name is standing there if he is involved?
5 mins ago, by Doorknob
@bummi Mod flags it as spam or offensive/abusive
from m.SO to german.SE
9:57 PM
A moderator used the actual "flag" button to nuke it as spam.
weird thing that neither of our German residents are involved D:
@Doorknob sorry for bothering but was is the difference between those stackoverflow.com/a/28198338/1699210 and stackoverflow.com/a/28191505/1699210
One was deleted by a moderator, and one was flagged as spam by a moderator.
@Doorknob ok, thanks, I did not know that this difference exists, what are the reasons for a or b since the effect (except the missing name) is the same?
Movies & TV graduated!
10:07 PM
many horoo
oh wow fancy
Is it me, or does their Twitter bot post links in white font color on white background?
uhhhh... yeah, it does O_o
For some reason, the links the Twitter bot posts are white & you can't read them... — hichris123 15 secs ago
Maybe it's a feature. The tweets look somewhat enigmatic, horse_ebooks style.
10:16 PM
derp derp. and now I know what "theme color" actually means on Twitter.
@AnnaLear ahaha. Thanks for that.
10:41 PM
@jzy @courtnycotten "The background should be red....BLOOD RED"
Oh, well I was right.
Sorry about the IIS default page that some were seeing - a new web server snuck into the load balancer early. Should be fixed.
I'm blaming Seth
Or at least super slow.
Yeah, websockets and everything seem to be broken.
11:12 PM
@bummi One difference is that spam-flag by a mod (which immediately takes effect) not only deletes but also locks the post. Another is the 100 rep penalty applied in the case of flagging, but not deletion (I think)
@Fundamental Right on both counts.
@Fundamental uh
there's no practical difference between mod and 6-users spam/offensive flags
@Braiam See the reply:
1 hour ago, by Doorknob
One was deleted by a moderator, and one was flagged as spam by a moderator.
@Fundamental this would mean a deleted one should have been deleted by me but not flagged as Spam, while the one flagged by the Mod was a correct Spam flag?
@bummi Not necessarily. A mod might reach for delete button instead of spam-flag because they are only 80% sure it's spam but 100% sure it's garbage. It does not prove your flag was wrong.
11:20 PM
@Fundamental ok, thanks ... this will help improving my flagging, gtg cu
Night all
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: To what extent can triceps make up for pecs? by Angry Gonza on fitness.stackexchange.com
^ I deem this inappropriate for respectful discourse.
Of course, there is no clear evidence of me being a reasonable person.
11:38 PM
@Fundamental ... exactly our point ¬_¬
that's how they talk in detroit
so cool, wow, damn popcorn makes me hungry
please note that I've never been to detroit, so i'm just basing that off of watching hardcore pawn
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