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2:00 PM
@Frank inf is a duck not a chick
Q. Why did I cross the road?
A: Your branches grew and you had no control over them
A. To steal the pizza I was eating?
A. township crew cut me down
2:01 PM
Q. Why did Pham cross the road?
A. Because everyone else was already there.
eh eh eh
Bad Tag(s) Used: [row] | Changing Row Method for a jTable, by Karim De Alba, on stackoverflow.com.
I'm just gonna tell Pham to reflect everything here, then. Since he crossed the road already, so I've been told.
Yay, I can see hats there! :)
Low Quality A (21.8%): thank you very much unset UPSTART_SESSION solved issue, by sudeep, on unix.stackexchange.com.
2:20 PM
@Pham I wonder if nicael flagged it
@Braiam I did, so what...
@Braiam I flagged it with NAA. It will be there soon I hope...
Q: Defining Local Variable const vs Class const

Stealth RabbiIf I am using a constant that is needed only in a method, is it best to declare the const within the method scope, or in the class scope? Is there better performance declaring it in the method? If that is true, I think it's more standard to define them at class scope (top of file) to change the v...

I can't even understand c# at all
2:29 PM
What's confusing about it?
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Infinite SnowflakesMeme: Bart Originator: Bart, in chat Cultural Height: The usage of the iconic glasses as profile images by multiple users. Background: Bart, his glasses, his smiting stick and his stars are legendary in the Tavern on the Meta, as evident from the topic of the room "MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS...

2:32 PM
OMG. I'm apparently more of a meme than brown? That can't be right.
well, Brown is just...
Bad Tag(s) Used: [facebook] | FB account hacked. also the recovery email. Anything i can do?, by Raveen, on stackoverflow.com.
I thought Mum Skeet was the originator of Jon?... — Locutus Apr 23 '10 at 12:39
aha ha ha
Q: Add Web Apps SE to Migration dialog

MoosemanWe get a lot of "questions" (such as this one) that are blatantly off-topic on Stack Overflow, but are on-topic at Web Applications Stack Exchange. Please add Web Apps to the Migration dialog.

@nicael where is your proof? — Malachi 4 mins ago
damn :D
A: Why do the client and server sides of StackExchange use different abbreviations for time spans?

Nick CraverWell that sucks! We have no clue why it's different - I'm sure at some point there was a reason. In the next build the base page will also use the "mins" format like other question lists to.

^^ +1
3:00 PM
Q: How to clean off my touchscreen without baby swipes?

BraiamThere´s no baby swipes, because... there´s no baby and buying some to just seems wrong, but my screen is still dirty with my oily fingers. I know how to fix the fingers but the screen is still dirty. How can I can clean it off without damaging the screen?

dupe somewhere for sure, I saw similar question...
for monitors
saw it, and since there´s no baby swipes....
swipes? :D
@nicael I told you... is not a monitor
But it is similar...
3:05 PM
not identical
in my case is oil the problem, not just dust
@SmokeDetector BOOM HEADSHOT!
only if it's yours Bart
Also...I believe that's CB's first spammer.
3:07 PM
@SmokeDetector tp
@Braiam Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
All part of the initiation @Andy
also the other answers don't help, "swipe it off" <-- with what?
3:22 PM
@DroidDev planning in advance :)
3:34 PM
@bjb568 Madonna?
What's dat?
3:45 PM
Ugh, more Spanish to endure now.
I feel like I'm sorta stuck in a faraday cage.
Hm… The spoken part of the exam was graded nicely. I said like nothing (was a group discussion), and got like a B with comment "good adj agreement".
I think the grade was based more in how many mistakes you do
4:26 PM
@Braiam s/do/make/
@Fundamental make me a sandwitch
4:44 PM
@Braiam E_DENIED
@Braiam sudo....
@Vogel612'sShadow you are not in the sudoers file, this incident will be reported
poor me....
@Braiam to Santa?
4:49 PM
weird spam this 2015 already
5:20 PM
Q: Unify reputation across multiple accounts?

BobCI have multiple SE accounts (mainly on SO, but also SF and SU), for Home, the Day Job, and for each Consulting Client. This is because I want Job and Clients to be able to see what I'm doing with their time/money, while not exposing the answers I've given under other accounts (to keep job/client...

@bjb568 The cannot-login-to-DD bug is back.
5:50 PM
@beha why math.se hates the twitter bot?
Everyone hates the twitter bot
Some say it's because they can't control it
Some say it's because the selection algorithm occasionally picks lackluster questions
But the truth is, Twitter sucks
tempting... but not tempting enough.
6:12 PM
Q: Review Link in Navigation Bar shouldn't appear on Meta at 500 Rep

nicaelI have more than 500 rep and able to review First Posts and Late Answers on the main site. But on Meta I can't review anything yet. There are no First Posts and Late Answers review queues there. Why do I need to see the link in the top bar if there is nothing for me to review? If I have more th...

how the hell can I draw attention to it?
Maybe move it to MSE (I'll rephrase it then) so I can start a bounty?
6:25 PM
@nicael Ironically, MSE is the only site where this is fixed.
Q: MSO Review Queue Privileges are Misleading

WendiKiddWhen I visit Stack Overflow, I see the review option in the bar at the top of the screen. However when on MSO, I don't see it. I assumed this was because I didn't have enough reputation to access the queue. I was curious what the requirement was on meta, so I moseyed on over to the privileges ...

ahh my hat... :(
@nicael I gave it an edit
@Shog9 This applies to all the per site metas, thats what I mean.
@Moosemaniseatingpizza thanks :)
@Shog9 May I ask you something? Have you always been just a head?
6:34 PM
Just learned about Taylor polynomials and intervals of convergence. Lots of fun!
@ProgramFOX O_O
@bjb568 It's exactly the same as yesterday. The id cookie is also still there, even while it says I'm logged out.
Q: Why can't we see who reviewed our flags?

Mooseman is eating pizzaI would like to be able to see who reviewed my flags. Whether is is a diamond mod reviewing a custom-reason flag or the users who reviewed a naa flag in the queue.

@Shog9 No, I mean per-site metas.
ya um... that's kinda what he said @nicael
Low Quality A (47%): Jsksksjsbsihdbslsvsisjhwksiwvwkishwldhddjdwhsdkddiddqslsvsshwlsidvss, by die yolos, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
Low Quality A (21.8%): Thanks a LOT.. Best tablets 2015, by alex, on android.stackexchange.com.
6:44 PM
^^ abusive then spam
@Vogel612'sShadow No, he said about MSE. MSE is not a per-site meta (and was named MSO earlier, but now MSO is per-site meta).
with it being the only site where this is fixed...
Man, my keyboar sucks.
@Vogel612'sShadow Yeah, but MSE is the site to report problems related to all the sites on SE, not just MSE itself.
How come you get all the rep? Other people had good answers too, and you didn't post them all before them. — NoviceInDisguise 37 mins ago
^^^ posted on my CW answer.
6:51 PM
Q: Dupehammer causes comment notifications

Mooseman is eating pizzaThe dupehammer is a good system. But when a gold badge holder closes a question, the OP gets a "possible duplicate of" comment notification. This, to the best of my knowledge, does not occur when a diamond mod closes a question. I propose that all binding close votes refrain from leaving a comme...

Low Quality A (38.2%): I Have the same problem too, same device same kernel -.-, by user97143, on unix.stackexchange.com.
7:25 PM
Low Quality A (60.9%): Thank you so much! I have been going crazy!, by Amanda, on apple.stackexchange.com.
@SmokeDetector fpu
@TGMCians Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
@ProgramFOX anything i did wrong by marking "baba" username to "good" ? :/
that user looks fine to me, that's why I did
7:38 PM
@TGMCians If the whitelist works the same as blacklist, it records the user account (site/userid), not the display name itself.
I.e., you whitelisted the user, not his name.
ahh ok :)
@Braiam Notice the new username, with better short form for your convenience...
And math.se has a ton of other community ads to promote, so the bot naturally gets stomped into the ground in the process.
I suppose it's something of site tradition.
7:43 PM
There isn't much reason to hate it; there are so many bounties posted on the site that the bot rarely tweets anything other than bounties.
@Fundamental that looks like a bug in the undelete code; investigating further. — Jarrod Dixon ♦ 1 hour ago
Looks like @Doorknob's guru-answer got undeleted due to a bug...
SO sidebar has oddest class names...
7:52 PM
@TGMCians What Fundamental said. Don't worry, you did the right thing here :)
orange is presentational, looking is unclear, tagged seems fine
@ProgramFOX nice thanks :)
We haven't seen Baba the spammer in quite a while, BTW
@JanDvorak Correct. He's now posting loads of spam on CodeProject.
Maybe we should call him to see if he's okay?
8:01 PM
delete-vote if you can ^^
ahh nice tavern chat!! thanks :)
Please don't wait 11 hours before posting next time, please :-)
8:33 PM
cv-pls dupe
Q: PHP get first and forth value of an associative array

MarcusI have an associative array, $teams_name_points. The length of the array is unknown. How do I access the first and forth value without knowing the key of this array in the easiest way? The array is filled like this: $name1 = "some_name1"; $name2 = "some_name2"; $teams_name_points[$name1] = 1...

if anyone is an English user (the site), could you suggest a better title for this: english.stackexchange.com/questions/218705/…
8:48 PM
Should this really have been deleted as offensive?
Probably so; edits were being rolled back
9:01 PM
@ProgramFOX found bug, fixed
20 hours ago, by hichris123
lol http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/01/04/official-android-bug-tracker-overrun-wit‌​h-hundreds-of-spam-posts/
@hichris123 Hahahaha
9:17 PM
@bummi 4 of us used our CV while filtered on . There no more items in the queue for today.
@rene thx, should have been about 30-40, maybe the got already handled
could someone vote to undelete here stackoverflow.com/a/27236294/1699210 meanwhile the answer is in question again
Yeah, I ran out of items before I used all of my reviews so that seems about right
@bummi I can't but maybe @ShadowWizard can help?
would be a endless story in CMS
Yeah, but easy close voting...
@bummi should we rollback that last edit? (on the question)
and/or extract it to an answer post
9:23 PM
Freeware is nearly gone anti-virus
Virus would need some first closers
@gunr2171 I would like to undelete and roll back
OH, i guess the author self-answered, which contained that text
and now after reading your comment, that makes sense
I'll hold off
Q: Is it possible to get more than one mystery box in one run?

nicaelEvery time I play, I can't get more than one mystery box in one run (top score 611k). Is it even possible?

Who is subway surfers player there? :)
I'll go with NAA
9:29 PM
^ same, borderline spam, but not enough concrete evidence I see
@JanDvorak delete vote
and gone
@JanDvorak I went for SPAM punish me later if proven wrong
sticks Rene into a black box with a radioactive atom, a radiation detector, a cyanide bottle and a relay-controlled hammer
@nicael my daughter :) to young to know or vote ...
Schrödinger's @rene
Did we already amuse ourselfs about this?
Not sure if I volunteerd for every experiment the Tavern comes up with...
Pops-Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: leafblowers
(And if you don't think they qualify as a "problem," I invite you to listen to them all day long.)
@Pops better than stump grinders
Uhhh wut @Jan?
9:42 PM
had to ;-)
Worst part of the job: my office location. I'm slowly going crazy. (Yes, yes, I know, "don't you mean 'crazier'?" Ha, ha.)
Be careful that your sanity doesn't... (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) pop.
(okay, that really didn't make much sense. I just wanted to make a pun)
To be honest, that failed...
10:18 PM
> Moderators, and normal users with >=10k reputation, see all deleted posts. Moderators are able to undelete any deleted post. "10kers" may vote to undelete deleted questions (it takes three votes to undelete), but cannot undelete deleted answers.
^ From the FAQ
Should say something about 20K users undeleting, I suppose.
Suggestions on how to phrase it?
10:28 PM
I've been cursed.
Dec 18 '14 at 20:30, by Shog9
> Moderators, and normal users with >=10k reputation, see all deleted posts. Moderators are able to undelete any deleted post. "10kers" may vote to undelete deleted questions (it takes three votes to undelete), but only 20kers can undelete deleted answers.
Move to palo alto!
@Pops True. I was using one tody, but chainsaws are worse
@bjb568 ...are leafblowers banned there?
10:30 PM
@Undo Yeah. And sometimes it takes more than three votes...
@Pops Yup!
@Frank People don't walk around outside the ol' office with chainsaws (thankfully).
Sep 12 '14 at 5:18, by balpha
@J.Musser curse you for making me think "What kind of bug has caused the pause indicator to appear inside a message" there for a second
YOU CHANGED YOUR NAME @Fundamental!!!!
@Pops Wait, they don't? Obviously that's your Problem Of Tomorrow.
@hichris123 ..... and that is surprising????
10:31 PM
@hichris123 What an interesting behavior on his part.
@Fundamental No, just confusing my memory. ;)
@Pops lolyeah. Well I do some commercial landscapes so I know why they go around with leaf blowers. We're done that already here.
Hm, this may be a use case for a userscript that renames chat users based on their ids. Can assign any name you want. Using Chrome storage, if it's a Chrome extension.
I never "got" leafblowers, since I'd always see folks using them in their grass yards. "Why not just rake?" I would think. Then I had to get leaves off of a gravel yard...
@hichris123 If it is, you can expect a really cheap house to show up on the... whatever the slang word for real estate market is, tomorrow afternoon.
10:33 PM
Hi @WarmFuzzies/@Raff/@Behavior/@whateveryournameis!
@Pops You do at least have swords at Community Team meetings (when they're in person)? :P
Or sticks to poke people with?
(but not sharp sticks of course!)
@hichris123 Huh, I've been doing it wrong the whole time.
@Shog9 I use them for all kinds of bed cleanup, especially getting leaves out of groundcover beds, but also blowing dirt, grass seed, fertilizer, etc off folks' driveways after moving the truck, and for cleaning off lawn mowing equipment.
I've complained about leafblowers there already. Apparently someone on the team has past experience, and the people I'm seeing are Doing It Wrong by not bagging what they're blowing around quickly. No big surprise.
@Frank I suppose, once you got it handy there are no end of uses. Now you can add "annoying Pops" to the list.
Jul 18 '14 at 17:18, by Pops
@hichris123 It was my understanding that I would not be poked with any sharp sticks as a Stack Exchange employee. Your request for room unfreezing has been put on indefinite hold until HR completes its investigation.
10:36 PM
@Shog9 Yah.
in The Nineteenth Byte on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 20 '14 at 15:02, by Doorknob
I'm poking more people with sharp sticks to figure out if there would be something like a hard limit on answer count, if we do go with the "no retiring sandboxes" thing.
... lesson of the day: if you poke people with sharp sticks, HR gets involved and ties up your request.
Okay, so it looks like I didn't actually go through with the sharp stick thing. :P
@Pops You guys should hire me to do groundskeeping around there
If only it were up to me.
10:38 PM
Their hiring page claims that no sharp sticks will be involved, so...
@Doorknob Ooh, not good
a past office had this great room built for acoustics testing. Soundproof walls, ceiling and floor, sealed door, mounted on springs. I think that's what Pops needs.
If only. I have a secondary complaint. My laptop is making a barely perceptible whine.
Actually today I was brick-laying, so I only used the leaf blower to clean up crushed rock.

Whining Room

This room is for whining in. All manner of QQ will be tolerated.
Go whine about your whine in the whining room!
10:39 PM
It is a conspiracy, I tell you.
@Frank Wait, that works? Huh, learned something new today.
Then, I washed it down with a hose, and it was so cold the water froze on to the brick staircase I'd just made.
in Whining Room, 9 secs ago, by Doorknob
I will now proceed to whine about @hichris123 whining about @Pops whining about his laptop whining about who knows what.
Now it's slippery.
I told the folks to stay off til it wasn't shiny :D
Must resist... urge to change... Doorknob's name... to Xzibit....
10:41 PM
@hichris123 Depends on the blower. I have a hand-held, two backpack blowers and a huge backpack blower
yo dawg I heard you like whining
this room is filled with whinnies
I'm not a whinny xD
@Shog9 Those things don't have a catalytic converter so only good in an open area.
Cool tho
10:43 PM
@Frank Which one did you use for today?
@hichris123 One of the backpack blowers.
@Shog9 Huh, cool. I swear I watched that episode of Mythbusters now...
@Frank next you're gonna tell me not to use it for cleaning under furniture
@Shog9 lolyeah. That answer is actually a bad idea
Leafblowers are also great if you're constipated.
10:49 PM
I was about to post inb4 Bart... I see I was late
@Frank Just like all other answers on LH?
@Doorknob I have some answers on there too.
So there are some good ones
no, actually, I think there are quite a few cool ideas on there
@Doorknob I bet I can find less useful ones
10:52 PM
Way to go Undo
You are so good at finding useless things...
Argh, I really need edit privs on AU. I have more rep on Parenting than on AU, Unix & Linux, and Android combined. :/ (not counting assoc bonus)
Apparently I'm also a "top new Parenting user" according to this annoying automatic email Stack Exchange sent me.
10:53 PM
@Doorknob You'd make a .. weird parent.
uhhh. @Doorknob has little knobs already?
@Doorknob The title has some information, "new to Ubuntu". I saw "CAN ANYONE HELP ME?" once.
@Braiam Lol, no, it was all from a single question asked as if I were a parent.
@Fundamental "YES"
What exactly is wrong with an image?
Like a character in a custom font inserted in a pseudo element via CSS on an italic element?
How SE can make bjb happy: all icons are SVG
10:57 PM
Pekka's been asking questions on GL recently
@bjb568 Looks like something done via fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome, maybe. Not sure.
Haven't seen him for a while
@Braiam … and not an SVG font character inserted in a pseudo element via CSS on an italic element.
@bjb568 Isn't this a valid use of ::before, to include fancy "bullet points"?
@Fundamental It's not really a bullet point.
It's an image.
10:59 PM
Any sufficiently fancy bullet point is indistinguishable from an image.
> a bullet ( • ) is a typographical symbol or glyph used to introduce items in a list
> An image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts or records visual perception, for example a two-dimensional picture, that has a similar appearance to some subject – usually a physical object or a person, thus providing a depiction of it.
You see, it's a delicate balance between bullet-point-fanciness and image-being-ness. I'm a scientist.
IOW, a bullet point does not convey meaning on its own, it only introduces items in a list.
Here's a question: What kind of clock is the more accurate than the most accurate working clock?
Is that a trick question?
@bjb568 That sounds like the typical terrible low quality question on Puzzling
11:09 PM
Is the answer to this question no?
@Unihedro yes
@Frank Depends on what this is.
@Doorknob yes
It's one of those "a clock that stands still because it's absolutely correct twice a day" type deals I guess?
11:10 PM
> wheather
I don't have enough helpers at GL.
That's, like... the worst of both worlds
@Doorknob :D
@Doorknob uh?
@Bart … maybe …
argh... I was trying to create a dotfiles repo and I copied all my .foorc's into it and then I wondered why ls was returning nothing...
11:19 PM
bye bye dotfiles...?
No, it's because... they're dotfiles...
I'm sure you would be weeping if they were your 20 years of carefully customizing
I'm not sure how I could carefully customize longer than I've been alive, but sure. :P
inb4 doorknob has a time machine
11:35 PM
I haz a TARDIS!
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