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@JanDvorak Maybe? *shrug* Downvoted and VLQed it anyway.
@Doorknob冰 ...because obviously you can't just move the hat. :)
@JanDvorak kaboom
Q: Operating Systems: Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux

user402442I want to know everything there is to know from the ground up between Mac Linux and Windows. How Mac handles programs vs. Windows?Windows vs. Linux ? What is the difference in what happens when each one starts up etc. ? I know that Macs can get viruses, but no one really develops viruses for Ma...

@IlmariKaronen But... but... it fits the doorknob so perfectly! :P
12:22 AM
12:33 AM
@inf please kick bjb for posting a 2.4MB image!
every heard of image compression @bjb?
whats the /file to see vote history on a post?
@UndotheSnowman is getting very close to 20k on meta.SE!
@bjb568 So what is that? Besides a U.S. / Europe population map, I mean.
It's an internet population map. Where all the IPs that responded to a ping are.
12:47 AM
@bjb568 Sorry, too tired to start fixing that. I'm trying to get off the laptop and get to sleep.
Well, night!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TIMER INTERRUPT by Sean on arduino.stackexchange.com
@bjb568 It's an html website, the calculator is built in javascript but the script used to record the keys could be any. I'm not too sure, but I would think javascript. — John106 2 mins ago
@SmokeDetector Whenever I see a title with only two words I feel tempted to edit it into fake Latin and pretend its a Harry Potter spell
> profectus bar non operatur
What, you can't just add us to everything? Screw you, Google!
Eh, needs to be just 2 words.
1:17 AM
@SmokeDetector fp
@SmokeDetector woops
@Sompuperoo Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@Sompuperoo What, why?
@SmokeDetector fpu
@Sompuperoo Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
1:18 AM
Does it listen to me?
idk, it doesn't work on edit
@Sompuperoo Been drifting for the past few months, should probably make a push to get there
Make a push?
To get there?
Wrong tab?
Anyone around who knows C and/or C++?
follow reply arrow, @bjb568
1:22 AM
@hichris123 I can guess at it :/
@UndotheSnowman Maybe. It has to do with memory management (calloc).
People still manage memory?
1:23 AM
I've been blessed with not having to deal with memory stuff for... years.
@bjb568 In C, yes.
@UndotheSnowman I know, right? :/
What are we, dips---s flipping dips----hs?
Keyboard went wonkey there.
not enough blanks :P
1:29 AM
!calc d????????s
!calc fastest way into pentagon
now bjb will be on every watchlist ever.
It's !comp, you d-sses.
!comp 5+4
!comp fastest way into pentagon
1:33 AM
now he'll be on every watchlist ever.
!comp "hello"
Hello, human.
!comp "hi there"
!comp color of blood
Hello, human.
1:33 AM
!comp "@sompuperoo is awesome, I wish I was a cool dog!"
!comp "highrise"
album | music act | release date
Orbital | Orbital | Tuesday, October 1, 1991
!comp pentagon
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TIMER INTERRUPT by Sean on arduino.stackexchange.com
1:34 AM
(drawn with rotation angle 0°)
^ Useful!
!comp white house
!comp !eval 5*3
!comp d????????s
city | Washington, District of Columbia, United States
height | 70 feet (city rank: 19th | national rank: 626th | world rank: 1628th)
floors | 4
floor area | 5100 m^2 (square meters)
completion date | 1800 (214 years ago)
1:34 AM
!comp pentagon rotated 75 degrees
!comp bjb568
!comp "bjb568"
!comp latitude of washington dc
38° 54' 15"N
!comp d????????s
d | a | c | h | s | h | u | n | d | s
D | a | c | r | y | m | y | c | e | s
d | a | i | n | t | i | n | e | s | s
d | a | i | r | y | m | a | i | d | s
d | a | l | l | i | a | n | c | e | s
d | a | l | m | a | t | i | a | n | s
D | a | m | a | l | i | s | c | u | s
d | a | n | d | e | l | i | o | n | s
d | a | n | g | h | e | r | o | u | s
d | a | p | p | e | r | n | e | s | s
d | a | r | e | d | e | v | i | l | s
d | a | r | t | b | o | a | r | d | s
D | a | r | w | i | n | i | a | n | s
D | a | r | w | i | n | i | s | m | s
1:36 AM
.. ooookay
That's something
d | e | b | a | u | c | h | e | e | s fits best here.
!comp meaning of death and everything
!comp 42^42
!comp 42!!42
!comp 93999392939293^93208390283490283409282930482093482093842948
Oh, it's arrows that I want, isn't it?
!comp planes overhead now
1:38 AM
!comp number of ip addresses
total | 3.589 billion
mean | 15.14 million
median | 295072
highest | 1.587 billion (United States)
lowest | 1024 (Svalbard) | (2012 and 2014 estimates)
(based on 237 values; 3 unavailable)
!comp number of cats
74.06 million
(AVMA 2012)
!comp hello
!comp number of dogs
1:38 AM
69.93 million
(AVMA 2012)
!comp number of people
Cats are bettah
!comp planes overhead now
:O It works.
!comp number of botlings
!find ipv6
Might wanna delete that @bjb568 -- someone could find your location.
@bjb568 Oh, ok.
!comp ip address
Good news: W|A API is free only up to 2000 calls per month.
that's it?
1:40 AM
Then you have to pay to get more.
!comp api quota left
They're cheap!
I think the current version of botling should be able to get at least to 1000 rep on Mathematics, if it is made to run there.
!comp If (a,4)=2=(b,4), prove (a+b,4)=4.
!comp Why is limx→∞(∫n0k1−xdi)1/(1−x)=k when k,n>0 is constant real?
Nope, no "proofs with steps" yet. Might need pro version for that.
1:43 AM
!comp xkcd 1
!comp Fr−m(ra+g)r=12Mr2a
!comp who's your daddy
I was created by Stephen Wolfram and his team.
@bjb568 Needs better math syntax
1:47 AM
I remember editing that same question with "solve for a".
!comp meat thawing time
Depends on how much
!comp seconds until New Year
432000 seconds
!comp plot abs(x) + sqrt(1-x^2) for x from -1 to 1
1:50 AM
Suspiciously round.
!comp carbon footprint google
!comp carbon footprint car
Here come API throttles.
!comp seconds until New Year
432000 seconds
@Behaviour ^
1:51 AM
Time has stopped!
That's a heck of a bug, Android. http://t.co/3mlWSCEy1I
!comp voyager 1
targets | Jupiter | Saturn
mass | 1700 lb
length | 66 ft
width | 12 ft
height | 7.5 ft
heliocentric velocity | 38100 mph
orbital inclination | 36°
power source | radioisotope thermoelectric generator
distance from Sun | 12.1 billion mi
130 au
distance from Earth | 12.2 billion mi
131 au
1:52 AM
!comp earth difference from sun
1.963×10^10 km (kilometers)
!comp how far is 12.2 billion mi?
1.963×10^10 km (kilometers)
... that's not helping!
!comp earth distance to sun
1:53 AM
0.9834 au (astronomical units)
!comp Infinity
An unbounded quantity greater than every real number.
!comp convert 1.963X10*10 km to miles
!comp Infinitesimal
1 | noun | (mathematics) a variable that has zero as its limit
2 | adjective | infinitely or immeasurably small
@bjb568 That's an F in any Real Analysis course.
Well, if given as a "definition". For intuition, whatever floats your boat.
1:55 AM
What's the definition?
@bjb568 I'm not on Facebook, stop asking.
:P It's me talking to Infinity, basically.
!comp where is bart?
!comp where is bart
!comp bart
!find bart
A superhero in the. [DDG is kewl]
There is no definition isolated from context. The word used in different contexts and means different things. For example, "an infinite set" and "as x -> infinity" are defined separately.
1:56 AM
!comp f__k_
f | i | n | k | s
f | l | a | k | s
f | l | a | k | y
f | l | u | k | e
f | l | u | k | y
f | o | l | k | s
f | o | r | k | s
F | u | n | k | a
f | u | n | k | s
f | u | n | k | y
(10 words)
@Behaviour Yeah, I guess.
!comp f__k
f | e | r | k
f | i | l | k
f | i | r | k
F | i | s | k
f | l | a | k
f | o | l | k
f | o | r | k
f | u | n | k
f | y | r | k
(9 words)
!comp define ferk
1:57 AM
? damn, can't flag
verb | alternative form of firk
!find ferk
Nothing found, sorry
!comp define firk
1 | verb | (transitive) to carry away or about, carry, move
2 | verb | (transitive) to drive away
3 | verb | (obsolete) to have sexual intercourse, to copulate
4 | verb | (transitive) to rouse, raise up
5 | verb | (intransitive) to move quickly, go off or fly out suddenly, to turn out
6 | noun | a stroke, a lash
(6 meanings)
!find firk
Nothing found, sorry
DDG doesn't find it. Must be fake.
!find singles in your area
Nothing found, sorry
1:58 AM
!find ddg
!image dog jpg
2:01 AM
!find sleep
!vote print
Forgot already.
!find vashikaran specialist baba ji +91 9950211818
Nothing found, sorry
baba is a lie
2:03 AM
!find vashikaran specialist
Nothing found, sorry
!find vashikaran
!find love
What was it?
!comp tell me a joke
2:04 AM
!comp weather prague,cz
!comp why did the chicken cross the road
who was?
2:05 AM
counts heads
People seem to like kicking cats around here, @JanDvorak.
Probably not cerbrus then.
someone star this if you can see me in here
Maybe @Sompuperoo is missing?
!kick @sompuperoo
2:14 AM
Turns out Chrome extensions can't match meta.*.stackexchange.com
When is the meta URL reform coming?
6-8 time periods
How long are the periods?
2:16 AM
The expert's blog post is from April 2013.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow buht leer creepy
Three users collected all 35 hats available so far. The remaining 3 will not present any difficulty. So, unless there is something super-secret, there will not be a single WB winner.
Resolution hat had the potential to be nontrivial, if it was "delete 1000 comments" instead of "10".
For myself, I resolve to delete at least that many.
@bjb568 lolwut
@Braiam nope
@Braiam nope
2:54 AM
Alright, time to write unit tests! How exciting...
@Doorknob冰 What's this for?
Believe me, tracing down memory issues in C++ is worse.
3:07 AM
What is the "triage queue"?
I'm getting access violations and ugh.
And @Doorknob冰, you can give me my hat back, now :P
Q: Help us test question triage!

Shog9tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, some are awful, some are in-between. We need you to help the system decide which category these ...

@hichris123 Thanks!
@Shokhet Yours doesn't even fit. :P
3:09 AM
Next SO goal: get to 500 rep to try triage. Anybody wants to put 250 bounty on an easy Matlab/Scilab question? :p
You guy's hats are way too big for ya
@Frank I don't have a head for my hat :P
I'm wearing it on the whole icon
your fault
@Behaviour If you help debugging my program, sure! (yay C++!)
3:11 AM
@Frank Yours doesn't fit either! Everyone's so lazy... :P
@Behaviour If you write my boring unit tests, sure!
@Doorknob冰 better than yours sonny
@hichris123 Trust me, you don't want my help. I have some files with extension .cpp within some zip in some zip in some zip...
3:12 AM
@Behaviour I'm actually the same :P
llama@llama:~$ ls *asdf*
asdf.golfscript  asdfojoew.png  asdf.png  asdf.txt  testyasdf.js
And that's barely a tenth of the gibberish-named files in there... :P
@Behaviour It's better than my own help, trust me. Currently I'm like "what would happen if I did this? Oh, that did nothing. ten minutes later Why don't I try that again? Grr, still doesn't work!"
llama@llama:~$ ls *test* *foo* *thing* *stuff*
foo2.docx          foo.rtf        svgthing.svg  testy.js   thingy.gif
foobarplaceholder  miscstuff.txt  test.svg      testy.rb
foobar.txt         svgthing.rb    testyasdf.js  testy.txt
Hiya @Inf
3:13 AM
@hichris123 Time to post an SO question, then. HALP PLZ C++ MEMORY PR0BLEM.
Hiya @Frank
@Behaviour Hey, Smokey can get me attention! :P
Came to see if bjb gets kicked for his botling, it's fun
7 hours ago, by Infinite Happiness
It started as a LQ botling in the Tavern @DroidDev, and has now evolved to a troll :P
A: Do answers need explanations / does the answerer need to know why it works

J. MusserYes.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

A: what to do with obsolete comments

J. MusserYes.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

I like doing that
Over 2:1 votes:words ratio. :P
(although I must admit, 5:1 is pretty nice even for a 1-word answer)
3:24 AM
@Doorknob冰 1.2 votes per char
@Frank You enjoy using the zwnj, don't you? ;)
<!-- these are easier :P -->
but zwnj confuses the non-techies more effectively :P
^ Not zwnj, but MathJax hack. Still the highest score/length ratio on Mathematics
3:30 AM
Meh, one more ping from the den, now I am ignoring invite(2)
@Doorknob冰 doooo iiiiiit
@bjb568 ... do you want to write them for me? :P
@DroidDev Please stop over-analysing why I moved 4 messages from the Tavern. It's really getting boring. I didn't do it to feel good or whatever. Your ranting over it and judging my character based on that is really going overboard. Move on! It's a trivial thing for me, so no more pinging me for that please!
@Inf You shouldn't move random messages around.
@Inf Is it because you're a duck?
@Inf Do you feel jealous of my bot?
3:36 AM
See @bjb568, that's a nice way to say that. If I do something wrong, please let me know (like you did just now) :)
… I wasn't serious. I was replying to your complaint to DroidDev in a mocking way.
Ahh, ok
Yesh, I feel jealous of your botling @bjb568 :D
@InfiniteHappiness I'm jealous of your jealousy of @bjb568's botling.
much meta!
3:44 AM
I'm jealous of code not giving errors. :(
!search annoy=0
!comp annoy=0
I'm jealous of @hichris123's pretty pink identicon. Why is my identicon so ugly? :(
Mine is boring:
@Doorknob冰 Sorry, the parameters you provided were not valid
@InfiniteHappiness I'm jealous of a certain profile image of a duck. :P
^ That's my Unicornify. :P
Plug your username into unicornify.appspot.com/use-it
@hichris123 :D

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