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5:00 AM
You burst my bubble of happiness
Naw, I just put a tail on it.
whatever that looks like
... but aren't you always happy, @InfiniteHappiness? I mean, you're infinitely happy... whatever that means.
slaps ~ mustaches on Shog
I think it's a tail
5:04 AM
Why use ~ instead of ≈ there?
@hichris123 It means hihappiness123...infinity
err... someone broke bjb
I knew it'd do that eventually.
5:05 AM
someone needs to kick him
I didn't implement the safeguard yet.
No one told me borky was still alive!
then fix it in the sandbox ( or den or sugarcube corner)
@hichris123 If total happiness is defined by Integral (t from -inf to inf) of (theInstantaniousHapiness dt), if there is finite happiness sustained for a long time, like back to the -inf part, there can be infinite total happiness.
@InfiniteHappiness Fine. I shut it off in tavern.
5:12 AM
Before borkey borked:
8 mins ago, by Behaviour
Why use ~ instead of ≈ there?
Add another ~ and it's bacon!
I've never seen bacon used in math, out of the approximately equal signs ≅ is closest.
If the majority of lifehacks community thinks it's ok to copy stuff from other sites and use it as their own idea (without any attribution or slightest hint of the original source), then should I join and flag for plagiarism? Or is plagiarism a community-specific thing? If the community is ok with it, should I ignore it and move on?
As a first attempt, I would add a comment with a link to source, so that readers/voters can make their own judgment.
If it's like illegal plagiarism, it's not community specific.
It's illegal, because the original sources are wikipedia and other SE sites ( both use cc-by-sa 3.0 licence)
Thanks, I will try using comments first.
Whoops wrong button sry
Ok, unborked.
You may be interested in the "!comp" command.
Hint: It's not eval.
6:08 AM
scary people are entering chat :eek:
be nice to the kitteh plz
!comp 4 / 4 + 27.6
6:36 AM
!comp 0.1+0.2
Probably not!
!comp 0.1+0.2
in Sandbox, 1 min ago, by bjb568
smiley with big grin
@bjb568 But that's broken. The correct result is 0.30000000000000004
6:52 AM
Behaviour should start taking Math lessons from Borkey
@AndrewT. spam because the link matches their website; it's an advertisement with no disclosure, nor is relevant
ok, thanks
What are you trying to build @bjb568? It started as a LQ botling which is now effectively a SillyBot. But we have Bart, so we don't need another one
How would I know?
6:58 AM
Sep 8 at 12:51, by Shadow Wizard
Hey guys, want a SillyBot here?
^ Youtube show'd it in my feed. N it's good!
Sep 8 at 12:54, by Bart
@ShadowWizard what do you think I've been doing all these years?
@bjb568 .. I want a refund of my 25 minutes of my life watching that.
It isn't even a video. And it hasn't been 25 minutes.
Time is relative, 25 minutes here is only a dozen seconds to you..
Also the ethernet here sucks.
7:01 AM
I have a bad concept of time. I'm a digitally enhanced cat with a time machine attached.
Will your sophisticated botling send me "please kick me @Inf" and "Why aren't you kicking me @Inf" messages again @bjb? Or have you fixed that?
It's completely rewritten.
Well, there is a way to make it say arbitrary things, but I don't think people will figure it out.
Don't underestimate Undo, Doorknob, Jan and hichris. They have a lot of creativity :P
And IlmariKaronen beats all of them, he borked borkey so many times
Well, yall can play with it tonight.
I am the victim here :P
Players should start sending "please kick me Shog" instead of Inf. He has better boots.
7:12 AM
How much can a tiny duck kick??
Added "Bjb Time?" command.
bjb time?
Caps matter.
Bjb Time?
7:17 AM
^ 24-hour format? (12-hour format should have AM/PM)
Yes, 24.
@InfiniteHappiness HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash started 12 days, 7 hours, 19 minutes and 40 seconds ago.
7:21 AM
^ shoot to kill
Spam / offensive + downvotes are needed
If my bot goes wild, you can kick me.
22 mins ago, by Infinite Happiness
How much can a tiny duck kick??
7:37 AM
A day late but my dreams about a white christmas came true...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Best Supplements for Muscle Growth by Amber Koss on meta.stackexchange.com
Now they are spamming two things at once!
Spam Q (55.6%): Best Supplements for Muscle Growth, by Amber Koss, on meta.stackexchange.com.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Immediate Products In Muscle And Fitness - The Basics by cervadherruy on meta.stackexchange.com
@rene "pics or it didn't happen"
nuked both spams on MSE \o/
!eval "@Sompuperoo is the best dog, I wish I was a dog!"
!eval 5*7
@Sompuperoo baby wipes!
@Behaviour Is the webcam from the town I live in OK?
Ooh, cool. It's ~0 C here, and =0 snow on the ground. :(
7:51 AM
happens frequently here. Freezing but no snow.
Would you like some cool photos BTW?
Of no snow? Of course!
no, animated snow only plz
@Sompuperoo Such a "high quality" question for the site, I'm surprised it hasn't gotten upvoted yet
7:54 AM
The guys on that site have serious hygiene issues
@InfiniteHappiness but at least we are trying to improve our hygiene?
That's what all the "atleast I am trying to learn programming" users say on SO :)
^^^^ I agree with Inf
@bjb568 your botling sleeps too or what?
8:01 AM
Honestly, what disturbs me most is that the potential moderator candidates see no harm in copying stuff from other SE sites without attribution.
The chat room users discuss and encourage it
They're digging a deeper hole.
Low Quality A (100%): I have updated my script and I have created a script with DOMDocument., by Pilipe, on codereview.stackexchange.com.
Yes, stealing content for the sake of increasing question rate doesn't look good to me. I might write a mail to SE or make a post on MSE about this. Haven't yet decided what to do.
Good luck!
8:08 AM
Thanks :)
You should nominate yourself for mod @uni, if possible. You have better judgement of right and wrong.
@InfiniteHappiness But I don't see myself participating on there because the community expects differently. They want decent numbers and progress and cat gifs.
I had found the scope and theme interesting and potentially sophisticated when it was back as its proposal, but now I'm just watching and wondering how the questions asked on the site are anywhere even near helpful.
someone is spamming money!!!
8:13 AM
True, it was far better during proposal @uni. Then someone should nominate Sompuperoo as mod candidate.
Yeah! @Inf
Also, I just noticed I have one more hat than @Sompuperoo.
@Unihedro thanks, i felt like being in a bad mood
@Sompuperoo xP
@Sompuperoo should run for mod on LH
8:23 AM
@InfiniteHappiness Yay! Thanks!
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Sure Done by jonesterry on drupal.stackexchange.com
copy cat ^
copy duck :P
I'm done, jackpot
9:25 AM
^ too much repz, please help fix it
@rene evil number ;)
Morning all
@bummi yeah, demons!
9:26 AM
I took care of the evil number
goes to add some spam terms to SmokeDetector
/me checks if I'm not kicked
Phew, luckily we still have the pictures
/me wonders why everyone talks about kicks nowadays
9:27 AM
@bummi closed
@bummi afternoon
@TGMCians ;) ups these timezones, afternoon
9:46 AM
20 mins ago, by ProgramFOX
spam http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/42847/lifeforce-t-2000
Still alive, some more flags please
@ProgramFOX created account, flagged
@ProgramFOX gone
10:23 AM
Is Praying Mantis true?
I wore my Chameleon hat upside down,
but no hat notifications...
I think it's a prank.
No, it's a joke. Like the scary eyes hat (which is the gelt hat placed on the eyes)
You think, @uni? :D
Yeah, I still haven't figured out whether it's true though. I couldn't prove it false with contradiction ;)
Ok, after all secret hats were revealed, users were having fun with prank hats :)
Dec 20 at 14:55, by Jan Dvorak
Is there a "miserable pedant" hat? If there is, I think Infinite Recursion just earned it. ;) — Davïd 56 mins ago
^ @uni deserves that. I gift it to @uni :D
10:43 AM
A: Are refrigerated hard boild eggs really unsafe after a week?

joanneI just ate a hard boiled egg that had been in my fridge about 2 weeks, the last bites tasted like something bad, I am waiting to see how sick I get. I always thought they lasted longer....I will abide by the 1 week rule from now on!

^ for science :D
1 hour later…
11:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Resistance Training And Lean Muscle Gains For Women by CleoraSeau53 on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
1 hour later…
12:49 PM
Spam Q (55.6%): Healthy Brain Supplements For Students to Improve Memory?, by dokymousn, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
@Pham gone
1 hour later…
2:19 PM
!eval 3*5
still no @bart? come out , come out wherever you are @Bart if @inf has done kicked you, please email sompuperoo@stackexchange.com
!comp eval
jww's drama...
what a dumb proposal area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/75798/marketing , the answer to every question is sex , sex sells, sexy ladies, sexy bros, sexy sex sex
@bummi I'd say it's appropriate on SU since it's not tightly related to Android (change to iOS, and it's still a question on SU). It's about software usage on PC
@Sompuperoo Didn't you receive the memo? Bart and I retired from the tavern long ago
@InfiniteHappiness my bad, thought you both unretired
I thought we all retired from the tavern
No, we are in retirement. The vacancies have been filled - bjb has replaced Bart and bjbotling has replaced me.
Oh no!
3:18 PM
Jul 6 at 18:21, by Bart
You can do it @Cupcake. There's a little bit of Bart in all of you. How it got there I can't say, because that would get me into loads of legal trouble.
everyone bring out the @bart in you, since @bart has disappeared
@Behaviour :(
Bjb Time?
!eval 4+4
wake up @bjb568!!
3:25 PM
where is botling?
Wasting electricity having the computer left on :(
!eval 5*7
@Sompuperoo is missing you....
Bjb Time?
3:26 PM
? so he got rid of eval? :(
I think he's just running a time-only version.
!find cookies
!wake up
Probably not!
3:28 PM
^ no reply, so yes :P
!comp :D
lol, it's hard to find such borked stuff nowadays :P
It's unsalvageable
ha pun
3:35 PM
your joke Should Be Improved
do you see my hilariously amazing pun I did there ^
haha, that joke Looks OK
oh god your joke made me spew my drink, i Approve
These triage jokes remind me of:
1 hour ago, by Andrew T.
jww's drama...
3:41 PM
@Unihedro I'm having a premonition of something on LifeHacks, wait for it, wait... Oh I see a question titled "how to not spew on computer or other electronics when something real funny comes out of nowhere?"
not too bad a question, +1
suspiciously eyes @Sompuperoo; why are they trying so hard to make him ask a question, he wonders
That sounds far better than most of the questions on LH front page
4:06 PM
4:26 PM
@InfiniteHappiness k
!eval 4*7
@InfiniteHappiness k
Merry Christmas!
!eval 7*9
4:31 PM
!comp 1+1
Oh great, someone thinks I'm serious...
No, never.
@rene @ɥʇǝS stop being serious!
5:01 PM
dat question
Seems like trolling
@JanDvorak Your last name is the name of a layout of a keyboard, were you aware of that? — Connor Wright 17 secs ago
done. I'm flagging
Bad Tag(s) Used: [drawing] | javascript library to perspective distort, by tic, on stackoverflow.com.
Why can't I mod flag after VLQ?
5:07 PM
downvote pls
missing context on question?
@bjb568 Because VLQ was a mod flag. So are spam and offensive flags.
@Unihedro VLQ isn't handled by mods.
@bjb568 They were.
Keyword: WAS
Comment flags are, tho.
5:10 PM
@bjb568 It still can be.
@hichris123 Not responsible mods.
@bjb568 o_o I've handled a VLQ flag before.
@hichris123 Well, quit it!
@bjb568 Yeah, no. :P
Let the LQRQ do it!
answer not found
> Look like a chunk break out of the moon that was suck in by earth gravity force that bring us where we are today! Also is the moon as stable as the past? Will the moon breakout another chunk of rock?
If you handle it by doing something useful, like instadeleting, it's ok tho.
@bjb568 Stop bashing mods! Mods reviews your flags and makes everything go fluently!
LQRQ does it better.
5:15 PM
VLQ was a med-priority mod flag because users were abusing it. Lately it was no longer mod-reviewed until the community reviewers on LQRQ has finished voting on a decision.
@bjb568 .. No, positive scored posts in LQRQ voted to recommend deletion has to get delivered in front of a mod before they actually gets deleted anyway.
@rene >_>
you're welcome
I passed 2,500 total votes on SO!
@Unihedro Which should be fixed. The community should have more power!
500 upvotes, 2,007 downvotes. :P
5:17 PM
@bjb568 ... No, let's not "fix" what's not broken.
It works, and is cheap, and does work nicely.
It's meh.
math troll mod-gone
downworthy. Closeworthy?
5:33 PM
Q: Clicking flag and hitting rate limit temporarily disappears hat

bjb568 Clickyclicky, notice my hat in the top right. Oh noes, where is my hat?! Oh, there it is.

5:59 PM
Use Chrome. Apple eats your hat, Google doesn't. — Infinite Happiness 16 secs ago

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