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11:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Gmail Problem Helpline number 1-855-720-4168 by Mary Smith on apple.stackexchange.com
@JonEricson another i.sstatic.net/5wrti.jpg
@Braiam Thanks.
Maybe there should be a script that deletes images associated with posts marked as spam? Or just makes a list of such images for someone to go through once a week.
What level of hat gaming is allowed?
I'm thinking that if a post gets deleted as spam, we should consider deleting any associated image as well.
@TheGuywithTheElfHat What am I? Your conscience? ;-)
11:06 PM
I just noticed that quite a few people here were gaming hat quite a bit.
They formed a hatting ring.
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 hours ago, by Ste
@Hugo - could you please accept this answer? It should give me populist gold badge and hat: http://english.stackexchange.com/a/142355/20739
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 hours ago, by RegDwigнt
Heya, heya, step right up: just four more ups will earn me a hat.
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 hours ago, by Ste
Everybody post a question. The other five people provide an answer within 30 minutes to each question except their own.
Which resulted in questions such as these:
Q: A single word for pizza-hatting?

HugoIn 30 minutes, five answers are needed. Five answers are needed in 30 minutes.

Q: What is the etymology of the pizza hat?

SteI have seen the terms but I don't know from where they originate.

^^^ lol
IMO, it's not funny; it's cheating.
See, all high rep users should be destroyed, various reasons.
high rep = > 30k?
=> 29k, Mitch must be included
A: A single word for pizza-hatting?

Mitch'Here you go' is a good phrase for pizhatting.

11:17 PM
@TheGuywithTheElfHat I'm making a note of it. (And adding to my filter.) But if ELU regulars and mods are ok with it, that's their call.
'ELU regulars' are OK with anything that has to do with retaining their rep and not with keeping good moral.
A: Editing policy for responses to Questions: should we allow the edit to change the response?

medicaThe extent of that edit (and most certainly the comment made with it) is inappropriate, in my opinion. Lots of people write answers that are longer than necessary, myself included, but removing 4 out of 5 paragraphs is a bit much. The second edit was much better; not necessary, but completely acc...

Is the pizza hat 5 answers network-wide?
@JonEricson I would be fine with it if it was constrained to the ELU site, but tchrist is now one hat away from being tied for first place network-wide. At least 3 of his hats were only earned through his hatting ring.
@Moosemaniseatingpizza What's a network-wide question?
And one of those hats was the rarest one, only earned by approximately two people in the world.
11:24 PM
@JonEricson I mean do all 5 questions have to be on the same site?
@Moosemaniseatingpizza It means: you post 1 question that gets 5 answers in 30 minutes.
@Moosemaniseatingpizza How you gonna get five answers on the same question across sites?
nvm... thought it was answer five questions... facepalm
The rules are unclear on whether the 5 answers have to be by different users. Can one simply post five answers to own question?
@TheGuywithTheElfHat Yeah. I'm trying to figure out how the Red Baron came about. We don't typically revoke hats, since they are utterly temporary. But I might not credit people in the wrap up blog post if they cheated their way to the top of the leaderboard.
11:28 PM
Make a hall of shame and list the cheaters.
prepares to see Jon Ericson's Shame Hall
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 6 hours ago, by tchrist
Hat-vote, please :) I still need one more upvote on the question and two more upvotes on my answer to it to get Red Baron:
@Unihedro ... no, that's not a SE philosophy. "it's about the behavior not the person"
Jeff Atwood on December 15, 2009

There’s been no shortage of proposals for new badges since we first announced the badge system in August 2008. And we have implemented quite a few new ones since then, many of them based on community feedback:

Tag-based badges Reversal and Pundit Enthusiast and Fanatic Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary

Reversal and Pundit Enthusiast and Fanatic Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary

Enthusiast and Fanatic Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary

Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary

(Yes, more are planned.. I have one in mind that should go in before the new year as a little present to everyone.) …

Similar to Eureka, award Dunce Cap manually to those who cheated.
11:32 PM
(But of course, the result of that would be directly opposite...)
@TheGuywithTheElfHat Great, looks like English's chatroom had a blowup today. :/
Unless they are forced to wear that hat only for the duration of Winterbash.
Or just give them the hats but don't tell them why. If they wear them... fun
All high rep users, no exceptions :P
Hmm, I just need one more user to upvote this fine and excellent answer to get a fancy pirate hat.
11:39 PM
Too wordy for my liking, I'll pass.
@IlmariKaronen Vote in Math election, and you'll get Constituent -> hence the hat.
Gold badge, @Beh.
Ah, I mixed up those. Thanks.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Kaspersky Customer Service Phone Number by johnbotha on webapps.stackexchange.com
Not for the hatz but you should support my FR:
Q: One-box repositories, issue tickets and such on GitHub in the chat

UnihedroGitHub links are posted in chat quite frequently, but the support of the appearance is somewhat poor: <html><head><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/css/chat.stackoverflow.com.css"></head><body><div id="transcript"><div class="monologue user-2246344"><div class="si...

11:48 PM
yup i.sstatic.net/D6v80.jpg another one
@Braiam There is nothing wrong with the image per se.
@Behaviour well, we won't like people wasting their (and imgur) bandwidth with a image crafted to make spam looks "legitimate"
^^^ (*an)
Thank you, anonymous upvoters! :)
There are many more totally useless images that were never used in a post. Happens to me often: I am writing a question or an answer, upload a pic to go with it, decide it does not look good on the page for some reason, and replace with another one. No reason to spend any energy deleting it from Imgur. The pic of a box with Kaspersky could just as well be uploaded legitimately, e.g., in a Graphic Design post.
11:59 PM
In any case, it looks like I'm wasting chat server bandwidth and storage, so I'll go out for a walk. :)

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