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@Sompuperoo I counted 30 possible.
@Unihedro I voted already on it. Thanks. Btw, that is on questions, not answers, right? Should be the same though.
@PatrickHofman we hate anything fun, no matter where it appears. adjusts silly hat
@Bart glad to see you wearing a hat , I thought you were maybe a scrooge
3:08 PM
@Sompuperoo the other hats didn't fit with glasses
@PatrickHofman dropped below -3
But still +3. That -7 won't hurt.
@Unihedro inb4 evil high-rep chat users rudely downvoted my answer, being the abusing abusers that they are
@PatrickHofman Well I striked to increase the penalty of getting downvoted, it got severely mob-raged, so there you go
at least they're a step farther from their shiny tag badge
Today's Listening | New Dance With The Dead aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
By the way @ShadowWizard see my update to this question meta.stackexchange.com/a/240103/232374
@Unihedro This is dope.
cv-pls stackoverflow.com/q/723017/1699210 pure link collection
Hm, could it be that I need a upvote on my question to get a "Selfie" hat?
(Seems like a good way to prevent horrible self-answered questions)
3:29 PM
@Cerbrus you need to "self-answer" it using a sock-puppet account which is subsequently discovered, merged with your original one, after which you're suspended for a year.
@ArieLitovsky great, I took proper actions now ;)
@Bart: That sounds like something that can't possibly backfire
Also, thanks, random upvoter :-)
Thanks random upvoter yesterday who ruined my chances of a naruto hat :D
Ah, both "Selfie" and "On the road" require the question to have a score that's greater than 0.
Oh I see!
3:32 PM
Can't we have automatically assigned hats? I that way, everyone is happy: the hat hunters, and the regular users getting tired of all those stars, etc. :)
Looks like Naruto is the most hard-to-earn hat.
3:36 PM
@Pham you're laggy
@ShadowWizard I think Red Baron is harder to earn.
@ShadowWizard Isn't Eureka?
@TheGuywithTheElfHat but at least the requirements are clear.... Naruto requirements are untrue, to say the least. Something is missing.
@ShadowWizard since only a few can get it
Q: Naruto & Selfie Hats

OneWayI have some doubts how earn these hats. Selfie ask and answer your own question I do a Selfie yesterday, but nothing happen (yet). I earned this Hat right now. I guess that this post wakeup some process. As @ShadowWizard said You got Selfie due to the upvote on the question. :)...

@TheGuywithTheElfHat ^
@SPArchaeologist not talking about how rare... maybe should said "the hat with most obscure/misleading description" :)
3:40 PM
Red baron?
Ah yes
so there was no hat for a rollback?
Rollbacks might count for the Time Lord
Since those are basically edits
But nothing specific to rollbacks
@ShadowWizard ah! comma matters. Otherwise things could go so so wrong :) — Amit Joki 42 secs ago
@bummi gone
3:50 PM
@bummi how about just gone?
@bluefeet fine :) how should it flagged, rude?
Eek, finals in English was pretty bad. Annoying kid got points taken off because annoying, I almost fell asleep...
@bummi rude/spam
@bluefeet thx, I was on NAA :(
Also, chaos everywhere.
3:53 PM
@bummi that would work too without the penalty to the user
Nice hat, bluefeet.
stupid smart auto carrot
I'm sometimes insecure at which point rudeness starts, did a wrong flag some time ago
I think flags as a whole are confusing.
@bummi everyone flags wrong at times
especially @bjb568
3:56 PM
reassuring :)
I did before I was a mod
So now you just handle them wrong?
@bluefeet afterwards nothing can go wrong? :)
@bummi yes, things can still go wrong. @bjb568 thinks I process all the flags wrong now
He seems to like you , duck and cover :)
4:00 PM
@bluefeet then you took an arrow in the knee?
@bummi he doesn't, I'm aware of that
@bluefeet Not as bad as brad or boltclock :P
sometimes appearances are deceptive
this was no response to @bjb568
@bjb568 nice to know I'm not the worst
@bluefeet :)
4:05 PM
@bluefeet you're my favourite of all blue-footed moderators.
@bjb568 out of 17 SO mods, I'm 3rd worst in your opinion.... awesome. I have something to aspire to.
@bluefeet Well, not 3rd worst. I'm just not bothering to name all the bad mods.
Because toooo many!
How serious is this all meant? I can not complain about the Moderators and I have some preferences, not dislikes
Not all that serious.
@bummi They're joking :)
4:09 PM
ufff :)
Mods aren't that bad.
@bjb568 Except when they are.
but in all seriousness we all know that @bjb568 hates SO mods.
sniffff ...
4:10 PM
see, I told you
So I have to distance myself from @bjb568 ;)
A: Starpattern in console app

PleunRefactor Console.Write("*"); in a separate function and call that each time you need it.

-7 already...
Make that -8
Net gain is just +8 now. Coming from +30.
When will he delete?
Or should we help? ;)
@ProgramFOX evil guys ;)
4:21 PM
@PatrickHofman help, how, it's a valid answer
@PatrickHofman my comment is at 10...
@bummi Just kidding
@Unihedro Why not a hat for that?
How is your title related to your question? — ProgramFOX 38 secs ago
@PatrickHofman was wondering the same...
Vote on my comment everyone, maybe a hat comes at a "42" score comment
kudos if you know that number
4:24 PM
@bummi Not really, it is just sarcastic
@PatrickHofman flag for sarcastic ;)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GROUP AND ITS SUBGROUPS by Subhadip Majumder on math.stackexchange.com
Wanna know how to attract even more downvotes?
Meta effect
@Unihedro you are going to bring it to Meta?
@Unihedro: Give him some time :) meta doesn't have hats, so no hurry
@bummi I don't hope so.
4:27 PM
@bummi Nah, I just pointed out that you could do it if you really want downvotes piling up on the answer.
I wouldn't, though.
Low Quality A (100%): * ***** ****** **** *** * ***** *****, by ******* ****, on webapps.stackexchange.com.
@Pham clean
Wise words from the Corndog King ...
@PatrickHofman two more downvotes to rep-wh***-effectiveness 0%
one more... so close...
4:36 PM
At -13 already.
See you!
Keep in mind that the author has not been back yet, so going entirely bonkers on that answer might be a bit overkill.
@Bart Well, if that answer gets accepted the entire world would cry, so peer pressure comes at reason...
@Unihedro sure, but now a user who was perhaps just having a bit of fun has been nuked into oblivion an labelled a rep-wh*re. A bit of perspective is all I'm asking for. He'll survive because he has enough content to weigh up against it, but still.
4:41 PM
disagrees with mumble
How to read this answer stackoverflow.com/a/19663684/1699210 Close the question as OT not reproduce etc. or keep due to the accepted answer?
... naa?
I'd leave it.
I was thinking. Laura had to point that bash 2014 had 10 secret hat
and that while replying to a question asking how many hats 2014 has
are we sure that 8 is the right number?
dunno, maybe we missed the zero index for both arrays of regular and secret hats
4:44 PM
30 common hats is correct, but the 8 secret ones seems strange
odd number to have
was it 10 it would fill last two rows
Then... go find the hat? :)
but 8 just seem missing something
@Unihedro while they could be lazy, i still fell it is strange that there isn't at least one unicorn hat.
I could try to create a question with that tag on meta
... again?
@Unihedro again?
Q: The quest for the winter unicorn of the bash

SPArchaeologistThere are many rumors running about the winter bash site. Many voices of an easter egg hidden somewhere. Beards growing overnight. Yet, one of the legend lies unspoken. The legend of an unicorn. A weaponized pony. A glimpse of glittering in the snow. Many have searched for the pony. Fewer hav...

4:49 PM
mhhhh, there is too much fun with the hats for my perceive ....
If there was an hat awarded for that, premade questions would not count
@Unihedro so you would have to create a question tagged Unicorn during the bash.
@bummi Oh no, this isn't fun. This is serious business.
@Bart some would hire their grandmother for hats ;)
Guys, my Selfie hat is not beign awarded to me. Are we out of Selfies ?
I asked a question yesterday, and answered it today.
@Optimizer @Unihedro had the same yesterday. Don't know whether it got awarded eventually.
4:54 PM
@Unihedro ?
@Optimizer need positive score answer for hat to reward
think they implemented that to prevent boring, stupid selfies
well, like other hats are not boring
Q: How to create a MethodHandle with a java.lang.reflect.Method?

UnihedroWith a Method, how can I make a MethodHandle? Method method = Math.class.getDeclaredMethod("random"); // MethodHandle mh = ???

@Optimizer IKR?
what about deleting ur own answer
people are just dummy answering random questions just to delete them
I think the entire thread has to be created during winterbash + upvoted answer for hat to come
@Optimizer if it's gibberish and abuse, then it's not allowe
4:56 PM
people are answering gibberish and deleting them to get the hats
ban them all
/me have that hat
@Optimizer Stupid people. Much easier to just delete your existing answer and undelete. No typing.
4:58 PM
(that's what I did)
Yeah, me too.
Please relax "naruto" time limit... 12 hour is insane
I just deleted a pending to be deleted question
5:00 PM
Yay Xilentofficial
Xilent is the bomb
Yeah, I want to destroy the world. :P
Nice the question the spam took :) fitting
@Unihedro meh, conquering it is more funny... destroying the world is way too easy
@Braiam I find it amusing that some people try to dominate the world, but at the end they only rule a nation with lesser power, where they conquer slightly less than a country, which is only so little of the planet, which is so little of the world.
5:04 PM
Chaos… Calculus people are mostly 11th/12th graders, they eat at a different time as me.
gg no re
And I got locked out of the room while going to pee.
@Unihedro umm... Hittler dominated most of Europe, if memory doesn't fail me
@bjb568 sounds like urine quite a problem
@Braiam They dominated a dust in the world, yes, because that's what the earth compares to.
5:05 PM
Oh come on, really? That message got flagged and deleted?
@Bart which?
@gunr2171 heh
@bluefeet elf's?
litteral toilet humor
Elfslice's message "dope as fuck" @bluefeet
5:06 PM
Teresko was on to something yesterday.
@Bart nice
Listening to the music in question it was an accurate description @bluefeet. :p
for me as not native speaker, does this sound offensive photo.stackexchange.com/a/57549/35225 or just direct?
I'm not easily offended @bummi, so I go for "unnecessary".
I suggested an edit.
5:12 PM
@Bart thx
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 62.0647: Cadastro com id on pt.stackoverflow.com
34 seconds and already deleted, that was fast
Huh, my history teacher just made my grade rise from 79.2 to 79.6.
Keep it up, and you won't be repeating history
bu bum chi
5:19 PM
"wouldn't it?" No, it wouldn't. — Andres Caicedo 16 hours ago
they are mad.
So bored at work, only thing keeping me going is lame puns.
You missed out @gunr2171.
on what?
/facepalm didn't realise was link
oh yeah, the bird puns from yesterday, yeah, i was watching that
those were great
5:35 PM
Was that really necessary
I'd say not @ElfSlice
5:46 PM
kicked for 30 mins from The Bridge
A very retro Christmas <3
hmm.. fp I'd guess.
@SmokeDetector fp
@ProgramFOX Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ORACLE PROCEDURE SELECT INTO, CURSOR by Gustavo on pt.stackoverflow.com
a bahavior like this stackoverflow.com/a/27510821/1699210 two times, is this already abusive or just clueless
ok, now I should know
i'm saying borderline
it at least relates to the question, but it's the same as saying "you should totally drop that and use jquery"
I flagged as NAA.
It might be declined, but that doesn't attempt to answer the question "Where are the wallpapers stored" so..
Low Quality A (60.9%): It works perfect . Thanks for the solution., by Geetha Elango, on salesforce.stackexchange.com.
Spam A (25.3%): Check out voyagersearch.com or e-mail [email protected]..., by Bruce Dahms, on gis.stackexchange.com.
6:17 PM
@ɥʇǝS Go yell at the people in TL for me.
@Moosemaniseatingpizza seems like that website has a github
@Undo which people?
@Pham del
Because it's gone.
Oh well, too late.
@ɥʇǝS whichever one kicked me :P
@Pham I would close the question too
6:18 PM
Pham doesn't care...
There, yay! Back in.
oh, yes @rene, Pham do cares, if he didn't he wouldn't be posting this at all
That is true but @Pham seldom talks back if we give advice....
@rene Oh really?
6:22 PM
A: Should product, service and learning material recommendations be off-topic?

blah238No. We have several years worth of examples where such questions have been asked and answered without being closed as off-topic. As our site is primarily for professionals within the niche world of GIS, I think recommendations from other professionals are very valuable, and so long as a question...

I should get Pham the red shirt hat thingy for Christmas to match his office wallpaper.
@gunr2171 needs one more
@bummi I see a question that gets a spam answer and looks legitimate for the question, I would rather blame the question for being spambrewing
6:27 PM
@rene boom
25 secs ago, by Mooseman is eating pizza
@rene boom
oh ho
Did someone say pizza?
@Braiam I'm in the SO spirit and hate all recommendation questions, but sites are different, I'm not sure about gis ...
inb4 boom pyramids
6:29 PM
inb5 boom pyramids
inb6 boom pyramids
inb7 boom pyramids
inb8 boom pyramids
inb9 boom pyramids
It looks bad, this to-and-fro comments by both of you (on every post on MSO). Just letting both of you know. — Infinite Recursion 33 mins ago
^ too rude?
6:32 PM
Yeah, looks fine imo.
George and Servy were squabbling again on MSO, they need a friendship hat :)
The argument doesn't look to heated though?
I've seen worse between the two of them, that is my point
meh, some people knows how to push each other buttons perfectly fine
There were tons of comments be Servy under every answer in that post @rene . George nuked them and left mod notes. His own answer starts with a note-to-servy
6:36 PM
Ah, ok missed that, I had the feeling I lacked some context
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MAC OS X 10.9.5 by jdawg on superuser.com
@InfiniteRecursion no it's fine
In other news: Just got the Chameleon hat... On GIS.SE...
good to know @bluefeet :)
@SmokeDetector much caps, that title, so helpful, wow
6:39 PM
Go fix it @Braiam :D
@InfiniteRecursion I miss your bird. you are confusing me with this avatar
@InfiniteRecursion too late
2 days ago, by ProgramFOX
Infinite Confusion
@bluefeet ... reasons
Q: Finding a substring in Python

JayIs there a fast and pythonic way to search for a string within another string, and then assign it to a variable? So far, I've only been able to get the index where the inner string starts: text = "helothere" a = text.find('helo') print a # this prints '0'

6:41 PM
It's hard to tell if that guy is trolling, really stupid, or just isn't explaining his problem well.
@InfiniteRecursion bad ones!!!!
@bluefeet yes
Dec 13 at 16:44, by The Guy with The Elf Hat
@Braiam Oh right, reasons. I forgot about reasons.
6:43 PM
@InfiniteRecursion you'd be confused if I changed from my booby.
maybe I should!!!
@bluefeet, I'm going to make a change.org petition for you not to change your avatar.
(na, no i'm not, too lazy)
@bluefeet Bill changed his lizard ... I didn't get confused
"Mr. President I would like it to be a federal offence for moderators on Stack Overflow who are named "bluefeet" to change their profile picture."
Don't change your booby @bluefeet. You need a long beak to scare trolls. ;)
Calculus test easy, I have 45m.
6:47 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I changed it
2 days ago, by Bart
@Sunshine don't be a stranger ;)
You look like a stranger now @bluefeet :(
@bjb568 fix your hat !! It's falling off
@InfiniteRecursion I'll return eventually
Thanks :)
Is no one else shocked by bluefeet's new avatar?
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 55.5573: I don't want to join iCloud, but Apple keeps asking on apple.stackexchange.com
6:57 PM
@InfiniteRecursion well I just got 81 hats since I updated all my profiles
@InfiniteRecursion Uh… Halp? Hat complifusing
Look at your hat @bjb568. It's all over your face.
Huh. I noticed my calculus quarter grade is 103.44...
@bjb568 Out of how many?
Too many stimulus points.
@Behaviour 100
7:00 PM
that's profit @bjb568, you invested 100 and got 3.44 extra back, how is that bad news?
Everybody has the Werewolf hat and I don't... no silver badges recently. :( But will get Constituent in 3 days. :)
bjb is complifusing you @Braiam
@InfiniteRecursion I'll be back to normal shortly. I missed my booby
7:08 PM
@bluefeet fine :)
Low Quality A (47.2%): can you ya help help me how to play fifa 15 with friend, by Baassit Ilboudo, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
> I never died... ever
Therefore I will not die.
And.. I cannot die!
> I intend to live forever. Or die trying.
7:18 PM
My grammar parser failed a bit.
Low Quality A (100%): **** ***** *** **** *** ****** **** ********* **** ****, by ******, on dba.stackexchange.com.
dat name
I flagged NAA before noticing the name. Could be abusive.
But it does not have to be starred, does it?
@Pham clean
7:22 PM
what happened here? I flagged this question stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/6501314 now it's the accepted answer.
That's... weird.
@bummi Prerak Sola pointed out, in a comment on the question, that an answer already exists in another SO post. This resolved the question, so he posted an "answer" to that effect. The OP reacted (somewhat) properly, by pasting in the code from the other post.
@Behaviour I did the same. I just flagged the associated question and explained the problem.
@bummi I'll give you a helpful on that
Now marked as a dupe. Happy ending.
7:27 PM
@InfiniteRecursion No.
because I see the original version
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: I can't get sendsonar.com working but sendsonar.com and sendsonar.com work just fine by Vishal Patel on serverfault.com
@bluefeet thx, I would not be angry for not getting helpful, I was just wondering
not familiar with the matter that could mean it's a duplicate?
@bluefeet Still here? User on chat.SO is spamming rooms with links to their website. chat.stackoverflow.com/users/3111737/…
@GeorgeStocker Thanks. Relieved.
7:31 PM
@bummi Yes, bluefeet marked it as such.
@bummi there was a comment pointing to a dup under the question - this is where they got the answer so I just closed as a dup
@InfiniteRecursion I'm doing my best to not let those sorts of things happen; I'm sorry it happened. In the future I'll edit my answers where appropriate and not engage in the comments; since that seems to invite further comments.
@Behaviour ok, thanks all , I have to leave now , cu
@ProgramFOX they currently are serving a chat suspension chat.stackoverflow.com/users/3111737/…
Funny Shog quote related to the context @GeorgeStocker:
7:33 PM
@ProgramFOX I didn't do anything it was already handled
oh, lol
@bluefeet thanks
@InfiniteRecursion I hadn't seen that. That's funny.
7:38 PM
@GeorgeStocker Yes, Shog is funny. That was another thread moved to a room along with my message, so I saw it.
@InfiniteRecursion I see a bird again... so happy
@bluefeet What can I say ... you are convincing
the bird looks better with the hat
The cat needs to fix his hat. Balpha will be sad if he sees the mess bjb made with his hat.
7:50 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 60.7534: Could e-cigarettes be a weight loss aid? on fitness.stackexchange.com
I thought fitness was excluded from weight loss regex, @hichris123? (BTW biology should be too).

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