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12:48 AM
Wow, quiet in here on a Sunday evening!
1 hour later…
2:00 AM
@TheUnhandledException It is, isn't it!
@YiJiang no, ... er yes ... er ... ouch, my head
Just for ya'll, I'm gonna make a photo montage of something ... bbiab
@drachenstern Yes it isn't, and no it is!
@YiJiang tehehehe ;)
@YiJiang I guess most people have "things" to do on a Sunday evening, whatever that may be. There's this thing going around, I hear it's called a "life". I don't know where to get one, but it seems like people who have one aren't online as much as those without one ;-)
Sorry, no autocomplete via XMPP @YiJiang ;-)
@TheUnhandledException It's Monday morning here, FYI :P
2:13 AM
@YiJiang It's 9:13PM Sunday here :-) How's Monday so far?
I think you can catch a life by going out and being around a regular group of people on a semi-regular basis. I guess that makes it communicable
@TheUnhandledException Asked a question on MSO complaining about the number of HTML5 attribute questions that have been appearing on SO lately
I've considered setting my computer clock to UTC and seeing if I can adjust, but haven't gotten the nerve up to do that yet ;-)
Q: Large number of HTML5 attribute questions?

Yi JiangI've noticed a recent uptick in the number of HTML5 questions about HTML5 attributes: 14th November What is html5 aria attribute used for? What is the definition of the HTML5 aria-* attribute in laymans terms? Can someone explain the HTML5 aria-* attribute? 13th November What values can t...

@TheUnhandledException Nah, I just add a clock for San Fran, New York and London. Seems to do the job
@drachenstern hahaha. Makes me glad I don't have one!!! ;-)
@YiJiang When I work with contractors in different time zones I add clocks for their local region to my OS X Dashboard
@YiJiang Sorry, had a few too many drinks to answer serious questions right now ;-)
2:20 AM
@TheUnhandledException I've done that too
I was working almost all weekend, save for Saturday night and tonight. And a few breaks today for XMPP bridge coding... I hate that!
wants my weekends back...
haha. sending messages via XMPP and then editing via web interface + @rchern 's userscript produces unusual, unexpected, undesirable effects :-)
heh, just checked and the Tunes room is frozen, that sucks! Maybe @balpha can unfreeze it?
2:37 AM
@TheUnhandledException My script causes nothing of the sort. Blasphemy!!
The Queen has spoken. Long live the Queen. ;)
@rchern You're right! The userscript is never wrong
That's why it isn't on the Wheel of Blame
@rchern on the other hand, is, so.... (hint hint) :)
3:24 AM
my collage took long enough, I shouldn't chat so much, or watch movies :p
what I don't get is why my transparent background became black
3:50 AM
@rchern you don't like my picture I take it? I thought it ended quite well ;)
lol, three of you? ;) [yay edits!]
Lock up your house! Hide your families! It is here! It Is The Infamous: TRIPLE OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:09 AM
> “Hardware: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked.” (Jeff Pesis)
> “Come to think of it, there are already a million monkeys on a million typewriters, and Usenet is nothing like Shakespeare.” (Blair Houghton)
> “The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry is its continuing cancellation of the steady and staggering gains made by the computer hardware industry.” (Henry Petroski)
> “There are two ways of constructing a software design. One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies. And the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies.” (C.A.R. Hoare)
@drachenstern I have no desire to look at pictures of bugs. (:
@rchern but it had a happy ending :p ... however you have my apologies, I didn't intend to make anyone feel uncomfortable
> “For a long time it puzzled me how something so expensive, so leading edge, could be so useless. And then it occurred to me that a computer is a stupid machine with the ability to do incredibly smart things, while computer programmers are smart people with the ability to do incredibly stupid things. They are, in short, a perfect match.” (Bill Bryson)
4:35 AM
I've been busy!
This time, I've been working with the data dumps.
I'm making a tool that will allow you to view the dumps offline.
Currently, it's designed for AskUbuntu, but could easily be made to work with any other StackExchange site.
...and it's cross-platform.
I found an import utility to dump it into a local sql instance on my computer and just query that generally.
@rchern did you ever determine how big it is deflated?
For AskUbuntu, the posts take up about 9MB.
Cooking - 26.04546
Game Development - 17.63125
Gaming - 33.59988
Mathematics - 37.31009
Photography - 16.44743
Server Fault - 490.8481
Stack Apps - 12.79138
Stack Overflow - 11383.73
Statistical Analysis - 18.30191
Super User - 464.9769
Ubuntu - 30.62409
Web Applications - 22.93601
Webmasters - 15.20423
in megabytes, though I should differentiate between parent and meta
4:52 AM
SO appears to be winning
...for now
FC - 21.93309  MFC - 4.11237
Game Development - 16.59937  Game Development Meta - 1.03188
Gaming - 28.70583  Gaming Meta - 4.894053
Mathematics - 32.9336  Mathematics Meta - 4.376493
Photography - 15.05525  Photography Meta - 1.392183
Meta Server Fault - 3.007199  Server Fault - 487.8409
Stack Apps - 12.79138
MSO - 203.9239  SO - 11179.81
Statistical Analysis - 16.4283  Statistical Analysis Meta - 1.873616
Meta Super User - 5.014089  Super User - 459.9628
AU - 28.0979  MAU - 2.526186
MWA - 2.597086  WA - 20.33892
wow, thems interesting numbers
What about StackOverflow? :)
That would bring my browser to its knees... though it is amazingly fast at parsing the XML. (It's written in C++.)
SO - 11179.81
4:57 AM
5.33gb of that is post history though.
That leads me to believe that there's nearly as much history as there is content then?
No wonder they upgraded their database server :P
what for 11GB of data?
With that much data, yes - it's no surprise.
A: How much disk space does SO take up?

wafflesIt was 12gigs compressed a few months ago, probably up to about 15gigs compressed (50 gigs uncompressed) It is not a particularly huge database, most of the storage we have is taken up by history and indexes. Fitting most of our data in RAM is one of the reasons our performance is so awesome (t...

5:03 AM
I remember the question but the answer I don't seem to have seen before now
Now you have. (:
you almost had me posting a backwards smiley ... I had the ( but I put it on the wrong side of the :
Then I fixed it ;)
You broke it ):
I broke what? the backwards smiley?
@rchern Nay, you fix your smiley, then we can be friends again :)
5:08 AM
@YiJiang My smilies aren't broken!
Now I'm all mixed up!!!
Is it :) or (: ????
@rchern Humph... what do you know about smiles?
@GeorgeEdison or is it (:)
I think I shall adopt the doublesmile
5:10 AM
That's the middle section of a snowman!
or is it a universalsmile?
Ya... maybe.
( . )
( : )
hmm, something to that idea maybe
5:11 AM
 ( : )
(     )
@drachenstern It's what O'Brien would want you to do in 1984
ya ya
Everybody else who don't adopt the doublesmile is a smilecriminal!
> We've always been at war with Eurasia
@YiJiang I'm just going to stick with my snowman
5:26 AM
@rchern Smilecriminal! You shall be sent to the Ministry of Love for some simlecorrection, unless you repent for the smilecrimes you have committed!
(Right clicks, adds "smilecrime" to Firefox's dictionary)
·) cyclops smile
@drachenstern -)
I liked it
Hmmm... stupid markdownmini
5:30 AM
( - )
Universal Cyclops Smile
@YiJiang ...
@rchern No hesitation! Or else we'll just vaporize you on the spot!
oh dear, what do we call this? |:|?
robot chest?
@drachenstern The sandwich
5:33 AM
night all, time for boring forum time ...
5:49 AM
@TimStone with a pop
Err. :P
6:00 AM
The secret bit at the end of Black Ops is....interesting.
Does interesting happen to mean boring?
More like "Who comes up with this stuff?"
@rchern Of course. rchern('interesting') === 'boring'
6:45 AM
Q: html in email using php is recieved as pure html code.

shazThis is what i have so far <?php $_SESSION['name'] = $_POST['name']; $_SESSION['topic'] = $_POST['topic']; $_SESSION['message'] = $_POST['message']; $_SESSION['size'] = $_POST['size']; $_SESSION['deadline'] = $_POST['deadline']; $_SESSION['typeformat'] = $_POST['typeformat']; $_SESSION['style...

Is this question asking what I think it's asking?
@TimStone I don't know, I'm too busy trying to forget the code there
@YiJiang Yeah, now I am as well.
7:06 AM
What are you being shifty-eyed about? :P
7:40 AM
looking around if anybody is in the whereabouts here
8:23 AM
uninstall mysql following these steps:

1.   Open Terminal
2.   sudo nano /etc/hostconfig
3.   Delete the following line: "MYSQLCOM=-YES-"
4.   CTRL+x
5.   y
6.   CTRL+m
7.   Make sure MySQL is not running
8.   Open Terminal
9.   sudo rm /usr/local/mysql
10. sudo rm -rf /usr/local/mysql *
11. sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/MySQLCOM
12. sudo rm -rf /Library/PreferencePanes/My*
13. sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/mysql*
14. sudo rm -rf /Library/Receipts/MySQL*
You can guess how this ended.
The [holywar] tag still exists on SO.... X|
Q: HTML/CSS font color vs span style

IsisWhat should I use? <span style="color:red">test</span> or <font color="red">test</font> and why?

@YiJiang The what?
I think you're seeing tags, man.
@radp Yeah, must have been my fault
I'm instead disappointed that the oy tag hasn't been made yet.
Let's keep the spoiler within the same screenful of that command list: step 10 has an excess space.
@radp Oh... man. /facepalm
The humanity. Looks from the replies on that thread it looks like some unfortunate souls have already done it
8:36 AM
And this is why widespread edit powers are a good thing
WTH... *blink blink* percentDiscount = eval((sale/original)*100);
Brilliant. eval used for Math...
eval(x) == rchern(rchern(x))
1 hour later…
2 hours later…
11:15 AM
So I attempted to compile a program on battery power from my arch USB
it was amusing watching powertop change from '20W (1.0h left)' to '181W (0.0h left)' in the space of three minutes.
it was less amusing, however, to learn that the remaining time estimation was correct.
w. t. f.
@radp Wait, so how long did it actually took to drain the batter? 5 min?
I hope the battery wasn't fully charged...
So what were you trying to compile?
4 mins of make + gcc. I've done this.before from ubuntu on battery power...
I guess arch didn't know how to downclock the cpu.
I wonder if there's a specific datatype for SQL tables to store ranges, like say [12, 14] or [100, 120], instead of storing it in two different columns
11:23 AM
I was compiling my uni proj-- oh, who am I kidding, I was compiling crawl :D
@yij Even if there was it'd be stored as two vals anyway.
@radp Of course, but I'm kind of annoyed that I'll have to create *_max and *_min for every one of these range I'm storing
you can't sanely map NxN to N.
You could store *_desired and *_tolerance if *_max and *_min bother you :P
@radp Uh... no thanks
you're welcome anyway
can't you hide the column overflow with an ORM?
...heh, it'd prolly default to make a separate table with all possible ranges, all a join away!!
@radp ? I've erm... never used an ORM before
11:34 AM
it's serialization to a db, with some fancy mapper-specific query system.
I only really used one with GAE.
django brings the specific query system fanciness to 11. Dunno about rails.
like, dynamically interpreted method names.
12:08 PM
Heh, the battery now claims 7.5% capacity.
I'll call BS on that.
(and cross my fingers.)
12:27 PM
   ╶─╮╶─╮▢ ╱       ╶╮ ╶─╮╭─╮
    ─┤ ─┤ ╱         │ ╭─╯├─┤mAh
   ╶─╯╶─╯╱ ▢       ╶┴╴└─╴╰─╯/384
↑ Charging  08% capacity
Must be a bad reading.
1:11 PM
┌─╴╭─╮╶─╮▢ ╱    ╶─╮╶╮ ╶─╮╭─╮
╰─╮├─╮  │ ╱     ╭─╯ │   │├─╮mAh
╶─╯╰─╯  ╵╱ ▢    └─╴╶┴╴  ╵╰─╯/384
✓ Charged  08% capacity
right after I plugged the battery in and out
It's still a far cry of the original capacity, still :(
I wonder if I put a check to not show percentages larger than 999.
Dupe for your consideration:
Q: Is it still worth obfuscating email-addresses to prevent harvesting?

ChrisRI was wondering, is it really worth the trouble to implement email-obfuscation techniques in order to prevent emails from being harvested these days? My initial thought is no but i might be wrong. My (possibly inaccurate) arguments: spam filtering and detection is superior these days (when look...

1:30 PM
Do you have the interesting person badge? Well do ya, punk?
2 hours later…
3:24 PM
@rchern ''morning
Good morning everyone!
Great! The whole crew is here. (or thereabout)
3:36 PM
There's a crew?
@rchern what I meant by my comments regarding the userscript last night was, I was trying to post a "/me" message via XMPP, and because of my fat fingers (or maybe multiple drinks) I mistyped "/me" as ".me". Then I had to edit via the web interface because I can't edit via XMPP, and when I did your userscript stripped the "/me" which I was trying to put in :-)
and that reminds me, there's a major bug in XMPP write support, it looks for slash commands anywhere in the message not just at the start. grrr.
does too (:
ok. I now have a problem :-)
> (10:37:56 AM) The_tavern: Unknown Command "/me wants real me support"
3:38 PM
My XMPP bridge parses messages with "/me" as commands to the XMPP bridge! Meaning you can't send "/me" via XMPP at all! LOL
OK, time for a few quick fixes :-)
3:52 PM
@rchern or anyone else: If you're using the XMPP bridge, I am about to apply some changes so it will be up and down for a few minutes
I can't tell who's using it anymore because the users in the SO chat room now show up as XMPP users as well
I don't have it on now.
or up, or logged in, or whatever verb is appropriate there.
@rchern "logged in" would be best :-)
and actually, re "I can't tell who's using it anymore because the users in the SO chat room now show up as XMPP users as well" I just found out why, bug in my code
After the restart, hopefully XMPP users will show up as room moderators, and SO Chat suers will show up as normal users. We'll see...
Logging in feels weird when I'm not putting in a password (;
Good point. But you can, just use /fkey <blah> and /cookie <blah>
Assuming you trust me with your mso auth details, that is... ;-)
OK. "/me" support fixed and slash commands are now only interpreted at the start of a message, as they should be.
/me is happy
4:11 PM
@rchern No password? Ooh, another way for me to impersonate you!
@PopularDemand, I know that you think I'm so epic that you want to be me, but really, control yourself!
@rchern oy.
Hahah. :P
@PopularDemand q:
4:23 PM
Whoa. You have to be a ninja to find the inline retagging button.
I think most people probably know about it before hitting 10k
@PopularDemand nah, I found it by accident.
@MichaelMrozek I did, but forgot about it.
@radp Irrelevant, you are a ninja.
Anyone know of a tool to sort bookmarks with labels (like GMail) instead of with a folder structure?
@PopularDemand Firefox's bookmarks have a tag system, if that's what you're looking for
@YiJiang Oh, wow. I never even saw that.
Firefox it is.
4:36 PM
@YiJiang I remember there being great debate on how they should separate multiple tags, heh.
5:08 PM
5K degrees for Wednesday, then nothing else for the rest of the week. Hmm... Also, Death Star is now a weather, eh? :P
> Unfortunately there seems to be a glitch about Tuesday's high temperature and no readings from Wednesday on for some reason—we apologize for the technical difficulty. On the bright side, we have a new artificial moon called The Death Star and it's crescent is clearly visible and awesome. Enjoy.
@YiJiang Oh, quit your worrying, it's just a moon with a big ol' crater in it.
Heh. That's a smart weather gadget. It knows the world is ending. |:
@YiJiang Wow, you put a lot of effort into that HTML5 attribute question.
What is with Apple and their hugely exaggerated claims that makes you want to scream O RLY at them?
@YiJiang Because their userbase flips out every time
Whatever happened with this?
Nov 5 at 2:41, by Jeff Atwood
question: do you think we should merge chat.serverfault, chat.meta.so, and chat.superuser into chat.stackexchange.com ?
Did they decide not to do it?
5:25 PM
in Thoughts on merging on Super User Chat, 1 hour ago, by Ivo Flipse
roll up this joint and move us to SE
I wish SE didn't have the HTML5 dependency.
--sent from my html5 uncapable mobile
The discussion on Chat.SF seems even less active.
in Thoughts on merging on Super User Chat, Nov 12 at 12:26, by Marc Gravell
we're working on the localstorage issue - as discussed above
@radp Yeah... I'd think that maybe creating a separate account, then doing the association thingy would work
I believe "above" refers to this:
in Thoughts on merging on Super User Chat, Nov 12 at 10:19, by Marc Gravell
@DMA57361 - there are no promises etc, but that is something we are giving serious thought to, i.e. enabling chat.SE on IE7. Watch this space...
So, there may not be a HTML5 dependency permanently.
Any news about askubuntu's chat?
5:30 PM
I thought they were staying separate because they have high traffic
@MichaelMrozek What about Unix?
Unix never had a separate chat
Gaming has higher traffic.
@MichaelMrozek So, then, AU is the superior site?
@radp Not sure then
5:32 PM
@MichaelMrozek What have you done with Michael Mrozek?
Do we have to sell our souls to VALVe to get the goodies?
@radp Probably :P A Valve branded SE site doesn't sound tooooo bad, heee
Except one can't start now. Area51 and dupes, yknow.
I hope the team is as annoyed as we are by the special casing :P
I blame @rchern for not creating enough trouble with web apps.
@radp Yeah, she should have screamed and shouted and cursed and swore when they took the NTI domain away from her
5:47 PM
she should've started googleoverflow, facebookexchange and asktwitter in concurrence with webapps
"Over my dead body, Atwood!" I would imagine her shouting, but noooo... she just gave up without a fight!
Okay, so maybe not. My imagination is slightly overblown today.
To be fair, Jeff might have read her complaints
then noticed they were ended with ):
and Jeff misread that as :)
and decided she was cool with it anyway
@YiJiang She pretty much did. >_<
The bit I loved the most is how Joel said "one domain per site!" then gave the name to webapps then 180 degreed on the issue all on his own
with Robert having to handle and defend the change.
I guess I'm colouring this
I blame gaming.
If gaming had just come up with a name. q:
5:54 PM
I do trust everybody involved to do their best
The fact is, that the "Elevator Pitch" questions just doesn't seem very inspired to me
Q: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline

Robert CartainoWe closed the domain naming thread (click for details). Instead, let's start with a killer "elevator pitch!" Joel will be blogging about the elevator pitch approach to naming, but to get you started: The Elevator Pitch This isn't as easy as it sounds. Imagine the user who will never read your...

Generated 4 answers, none of which are anything more than slightly generic taglines copied and pasted from elsewhere
The question on Gaming isn't much better.
To be fair, I'm no good at generating elevator pitches, but now that that's said, I can't think of any effective elevator pitch I've ever heard.
And I've seen meta's that have been actively hostile to that idea
I think it was... Math? Where it got downvoted to -8
@YiJiang No, Math's is at 0.
I'd be interested in seeing the -8 one, though.
5:57 PM
StackOverflow isn't ExpertsExchangeMeetsWikipediaMeetsXBox.com
No, it was definitely Math. It might have gotten +8 after I read it a very long time ago though
Q: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline

Robert CartainoWe closed the domain naming thread (click for details). Instead, let's start with a killer "elevator pitch!" Joel will be blogging about the elevator pitch approach to naming, but to get you started: The Elevator Pitch This isn't as easy as it sounds. Imagine the user who will never read you...

Read the comments, they don't seem very friendly to the elevator pitch idea
The first comment says it all:
> 18 All these examples are awful; why do we need such a thing? – Robin Chapman Oct 9 at 15:24

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