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12:01 AM
BTW, I have 100 flags/day in SO :D
^ we need that instead of bounties for SE employees
12:23 AM
@DwarfSlice there are some tracks that will let you down :/
It's 00:30 UTC: do you know where your delete votes are (before LQRQ eats them)?
chat.SE is down?
do SO wants this question? unix.stackexchange.com/q/170346/41104
From the comments it looks like an answer is forthcoming on U&L.
According to SE, this question helped 2500+ people. I feel so bad about voting to delete it now. (And that was my last delete vote for the day...)
12:40 AM
@Raff If you want to say that the people helped stat is horrible, just say it.
@hichris123 needs at least 1 more
It is
@animuson go nuke some spam.
What the hell is with the flags queue today? You'd think it was a holiday or something... Sheesh.
12:43 AM
@animuson Meaning... too many flags or too few flags? I can solve the latter. :P
Jumped from 20 yesterday to 270 today. o.o
@animuson that's like asking peasants how great the gold necklaces, rings, and purple capes are
@animuson Well, at least it's not 1000+.
@animuson You know, sometimes a glance at the Tavern's starboard is enough to figure things like this out, but I don't see anything there...
I don't think I've ever seen this many spam/offensive flags at one time.
Ah nuts I got rate limited on destroying users. retry
12:46 AM
I've only did 1 spam/offensive flag today.. Tavern's been pretty quiet too. Not sure where they'd be coming from.
@animuson Yeah, you missed two. one, two, three
One would think the "trending videos" feed on Youtube would contain something decent. The best I've found so far was a poor cover of Mariah Carey at #142 - except a second voice took over in the second verse, and I had to stop the playback as well.
adds limit to the amount of users moderators can nuke
Amount is for uncountable nouns. Everyone says "amount of people" nowadays, but that's still wrong.
@Raff So shouldn't it be "number of people"?
12:49 AM
Yes it should.
@Raff "amount of users", also, I don't know exactly how many either, so I'm just guessing
Q: "Amount" vs. "number" vs. "quantity"

SLaksFor what values of x does one write the number of x, the amount of x, or the quantity of x?

> But it can also be used for things that can be measured (as @psmears points out below), especially money:
starts new ELL post titled "Is the amount of crap on SO correct?"
12:54 AM
The top answer there is kinda wrong. The point is, users are distinct objects that can be counted, so "the number of users" is the correct option. For "crap", it's definitely "the amount of crap", because we think of crap as ... well, something that is not measured by counting distinct units.
self answers "No, it should be The 500 800lb horses worth of crap on SO"
@Raff how about paper?
Depends on the meaning. "Amount of paper produced by a paper mill last year". Versus "The number of papers Paul Erdos published in his lifetime".
Jaydles has a degree in English, if I remember right.
... perhaps I don't remember right because his Twitter profile says "Ameteur Dad".
1:09 AM
^ finally back on topic
2:03 AM
Q: Is this a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships?

David MulderThis image has been making the rounds on the internet, with the caption: This is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships. The obvious question being: is this true or a photoshop? And yes, I spend quite a bit of time searching around, but reverse image search only turns up the same i...

A: How do I draw a pair of buttocks?

mikuszefskiI have to confess that I see this as a proper challenge, as I am usually quite creative in finding/combining functions to provide a desired behavior. So I will give it another try. which is generated using box[x_, x1_, x2_, a_, b_] := Tanh[a (x - x1)] + Tanh[-b (x - x2)]; ex[z_, z0_, s_] := E...

> Before asking your LinkedIn API-related questions at StackOverflow, please make sure you:
Tagged your question with the #linkedin hashtag, or the LinkedIn engineers likely won't see them!
2:31 AM
SO will be truly become a knowledge repository for all software developer... wot.
This search query might become useful soon.
Or.. .. which will be converted to normal though.
@hichris123 yeah, it's possible to search, but it's impossible to create when writing a question
@Raff for some reason I prefer that the tag is called linkedin-api
people shouldn't ask "how to reset my linkedin password?"
2:46 AM
Not until, "Good, there are no questions at all! Our documentation is very clear." from LinkedIn official team.
@AndrewT. it should be "Good, there are no questions at all! Our documentation is very clear and people is reading it."
Q: Merge the [android-lollipop] and [android-5.0-lollipop] tags

hichris123android-lollipop is the same as android-5.0-lollipop, but android-5.0-lollipop a) uses the naming scheme that every other Android version tag has uses, and b) has been around longer. Can the android-lollipop tag be merged & synonimized into android-5.0-lollipop?

@hichris123 *synonymized (no suggested edits on meta)
2:57 AM
Looks more like VLQ, unless the user starts posting the same thing around.
Is the in-text tag formatting on meta.SO obnoxious, or is it just me?
@Raff Is it a tool rec question? I can't tell.
@Raff Eh, I kinda like it.
@hichris123 It's not even about programming at all, as far as I know.
It's a gadget recommendation.
3:00 AM
I'm just going with tool rec.
Could be in the scope of electronics.SE? But it's an old question anyway.
@Raff Hold on, I can see. :)
@Raff In scope, off-topic since it's a recommendation question.
3:30 AM
@hichris123 I would go with too broad/is a moving target
each time a module comes out there's a new answer
3:47 AM
A: How To hide Template Loading in browser console

user3651830un moonja pakathula kondu poi kami athuve odi hide agidum. I hope this will help

Kind of
But not really
and the monologue starts
yen kumar yen ipdi pannunenga. unmayai sonnathum ipadi bongu agi viteergaley kobal.. — user3651830 1 min ago
4:03 AM
I'm trying out SageMathCloud, looks very neat. An IDE for mathematicians... or for anyone with math task that requires more that WolframAlpha.
^ not spam
What should the answers heading be?
"Answers ($a-count)"? "$a-count answers"? What if there are none? "No answers?" "0 answers?" "Answers (0)" (<- probably not)
Is commenting on Android.SE borked, or is it only me?!?!
I could press "add a comment", then write..... but couldn't submit???
This is a test comment. Please ignore. — bjb568 6 secs ago
4:15 AM
Ok, thanks... weird, since this happened just now. Let me restart the browser ._.
@bjb568 $a-count Answers, where $a-count could be 0.
Problem fixed without knowing the cause :|
@Raff okey
Happy hour begins a little late today.
Spammers eating turkey?
and building muscle on it, apparently. BTW, I assume it will be 1 Answer, not 1 Answers... or you will be channeling the spirit of Atwood.
Yay, spammers need hats too! — bjb568 12 secs ago
5:20 AM
Random SE fact: two sites show 0 Unanswered questions as of now: World Building and Russian Language.
On the other hand, at Software Recommendation only 57% questions are considered answered.
In a way, WB and SR are similar: questions from people arbitrarily imagining something. It's just that on WB the answers can be imaginary too.
Drupal spam is at -3. :-/
Do you think I should split my answer? Every answer there has its own point...
While mine has 6 points.
It would make sense if the goal was to vote on them separately. But votes don't really matter there. SE designers & developers will read (hopefully) and then do what they want. So, no need to split.
5:28 AM
Happy hour seems not so happy today.
Yeah, we got one lousy muscle building post and it's still just -4.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keywords in title: Packers and Movers pune by suchetaets on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 94.2339: Packers and Movers pune on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
> Which means this lengthy in addition to nutritious string associated with gurus carry out the particular moving perform consequently completely that will extraordinary probability of just about any destruction or even damage occur throughout the transferring course of action.
You have an excellent Programmers question going on there. The body is copy-paste ready, just needs a matching title.
"weight lose" not detected, @hichris123 . Could appear in either order.
5:53 AM
Yes, the right site for this is Drupal Answers. — Raff 16 mins ago
^ the bitter truth
6:26 AM
@bummi: The answer has been removed :)
Let's see how it oneboxes... Not bad. ja.SO will enjoy onebox.
That wasn't surprising
6:52 AM
Something about ink cartridges, I gather from Google.
yes, the same Japanese ink cartridge spammer by "Prada bag"
Username bagprada. BTW sharepoint spam is finally gone.
plus, doesn't answers question
wow! and OP really helped answerer here to write correct answer for him/her. Could this be marked duplicate of the linked post?
lol, fMRI
7:12 AM
Why did I read "retail gasoline" as "rectal gasoline"?
@InfiniteRecursion thank you, my worry was less the answer itself, than the strange entanglements, which left room for different interpretations :)
That small font everywhere on SE is bugging me so much...
125% browser zoom here.
same here, but for SO only, now applying on MSE too
7:19 AM
not getting any younger
@Raff you can take advice from spammers about that :P
@DroidDev have your books been stolen and silently replaced by the same books except with smaller letters?
@JanDvorak exactly! even for books of my friends, same thing everywhere!!
7:33 AM
all spam should have gone been eaten now
Happy Black Friday!
@AndrewT. but isn't?
7:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EQUATION OF A CIRCLES by Robert Kibet on math.stackexchange.com
8:11 AM
I like how Drupal's 404 is a tear drop. B.c if you're on drupal, you might as well cry.
8:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PROBLEM WITH PARTITION ( UBUNTU OS) by rhein on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: How to remove dx.doi.org string from doi field in BibTeX style? by Igor Kotelnikov on tex.stackexchange.com
What made the Wheel of blame? It has the wrong like to the Tavern (old MSO).
@Pops: Can you change the URL to the Wheel of blame to jsfiddle.net/Ldvwp8uv/1 ? There is a fix for MSO > MSE.
A: What is best tips to get wrinkle free skin?

Andrew WelchDrupal is apparently very good for anti-ageing. Use of Drupal is very good for you skin. I suggest you use it. Much better than Wordpress which burns your skin off.

@AndrewT. SPAM
9:16 AM
@Unihedron the answer, you mean? Why?
it promotes drupal (whatever that is)
The entire site is about Drupal.
Oh. Gotcha.
1 hour later…
10:39 AM
Wouldn't it be more convenient if all posts on Drupal were blocked and we only let the ones through which aren't spam?
11:00 AM
@Raff so thats what I'll do: one answer for bugs, each req will have its own answer.
@JanDvorak: Gone
It is quiet today...
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 65.1499: Picking out the Greatest Movers Packers Companies for Move on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
11:15 AM
ehm.... how do the title and body of that signal processing question even match?
and tags @Bart, that post is immaterial
I'm guessing the post oscillates ...
haven't used that one in a while
@PatrickHofman yes, it is.
just rejected an edit that changed a bullet list to a number list. Nothing else, and list item weren't sequential step or anything...
@SPArchaeologist Thanks. The robo room needs you!
11:23 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WIDTH SPAN LI IE CHROME by SimsSidy on stackoverflow.com
Haha, my flag from a couple of days ago may have been at the top of the list, but it still isn't handled. Difficult one I guess. :D
You're welcome. Also, please do try to keep the titles readable and avoid using full caps, which can be considered as shouting within online communities and will likely deprive you from good answers. Don't forget to take the tour and learn how this site works. — Unihedron 6 secs ago
adds another stroke to the tally of tours taken
11:55 AM
spam gone
@Bart Hand them your smiting stick....
@rene I want it resolved. I don't want bloody carnage.
12:38 PM
what a nice interface!
now.... wait a sec....
Yeah, OSQA install
@SPArchaeologist In an alternate reality where Stack Exchange was fine with big-list questions?
open any of their users and oh! surprise!! 500 Server Error!!!
And their moderator is obviously of user 666.
12:53 PM
@DroidDev but it doesn't seem to be scrapped from here. I didn't find that question on stack.
that said, considering that the question is "can you suggest "
probably the original got deleted
@SPArchaeologist I think its a shadow clone, but of-course, very poor quality shadow clone :P
Not made by a ShadowWizard
This morning I was on 6010, now back to 5910. I really hope that the dev that decided to delete my answer gives out some compensation upvotes...
As in, serial upvotes? Where's my haha-no gif?
@JanDvorak I'm open for an insert direct in the db...
1:06 PM
Hey @rene. If you upvote me, I'll upvote you. But let's keep it between us. Nobody has to know.
Wait, who are these other people here?
@Bart you should slide over to den for these secret conversations. We don't spill secrets ;)
you can ask @SPArchaeologist I never told anyone that he is a pony. Oh....wait...
@Bart umm...
the answer section of this questions stackoverflow.com/q/1214296 looks sorrowful, is there an option besides deleting the next link only answer?
1:22 PM
@bummi ? There are no answers ...
@rene dammit ... now I want speculaas and pepernoten and chocoladeletters and .... grrr
you're welcome
me goes mad
@Bart addictive...
Myeah, you better keep that stuff away from me. I can't buy it and then have it around for a long time.
Until a few months ago, our company was next a backery factory. From March until December they were baking pepernoten. :)
@Bart not anymore, but you did see the history ... I'd suspect it will grow the same way, not familiar with that matter maybe a library as linked in some questions may indeed be a solution, I still have problems in understanding the link only politics here (I know about good and bad apples) but declines on VLQ, expecting NAA instead it feels like a mine field for me
@PatrickHofman wha-bam
1:43 PM
Perhaps I'm missing something @bummi, but I don't even see deleted answers?
All I see is a question from '09 with no responses.
old long answer with no votes: superuser.com/questions/610677/…
@Bart uops, sorry clipped a number on trying to remove my signature stackoverflow.com/q/12142967/1699210
Ah, that makes more sense. :) I'd say that question might as well be closed.
@bart to broad?
That's what I went for.
1:49 PM
@bart thanks
@SmokeDetector I was too late to notice, but WTH dsp.stackexchange.com/posts/19364/revisions
... what the actual frick
Q: Men: how do you control your reactions to women in immodest dress if you can't avoid them?

Monica CellioA question on The Workplace from a man uncomfortable with the dress of some of his new, female coworkers got a highly-voted answer saying that you get used to it and he should just wait it out. As a woman I haven't had related experience; immodestly-dressed men in the office aren't all that comm...

Erm... What?
... exactly
And the highest voted answer is pretty damn offensive. Taking off your glasses?!?!
2:05 PM
isn't that too-broad or something btw?
That's what I thought, but evidently it's a semi-high-quality question for that site..
It's a site related to religion, what can we say?
It's islam.se. Christianity.se is just fine.
Check again
2:08 PM
still... they are an abrahamic religion but they disregard Jesus
@JanDvorak I will never share an islam.se question here. ;)
Seriously scary face >:(
@JanDvorak perhaps propose to merge the sites? ;)
2:11 PM
be right back
@JanDvorak By angry dude...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RAINFALL DATA, SKEWED DATA WITH ZEROS by Jessie G. on stats.stackexchange.com
2:35 PM
@Braiam My vote is for Samsung galaxy trend lite. Samsung's customization (Samsung touchwiz) is good, I liked it.
@Bart I should create an account just to upvote that answer. Take off your glasses - what a wonderful advice!! :D
@Uni: A mod asked that question 10 hours ago, it must be a high quality stuff for that site. Religious sites are funny on SE.
The tag says [men-male], I am confused. Both words are synonyms, aren't they?
men = thing, male = sex?
yup, compared to [women-female]
@InfiniteRecursion for shame!
Wasted my time trying to figure out how to find out how many items there are in a bookmarks folder in Chrome... Turns out they don't have that as a feature.
dat answer
That site is another yahoo answers
@InfiniteRecursion this seems to only affect the more "eastern"-ish religions..
judaism, islam ...
they both have this ... WTH thingy
I don't see how those sites are of acceptable quality to SE.
2:56 PM
Take off your glasses, you will be able to see.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DELETE DELETE DELETE by user57230 on stats.stackexchange.com
free points for rolling back vandalism?


Yes, roll it back
@bummi Unclear IMO, and I'm eager to flag as VLQ
Don't flag, close it. Flags are for nuclear options @uni.
Gotcha. ;)
Downvote, for indicating quality :D
3:08 PM
@InfiniteRecursion but, I can only flag, yet
@DroidDev Get 3k rep!
Then you need to wait @DroidDev till you earn the appropriate privileges. As per MSO discussions, this is not flagworthy.
@Unihedron I am working on it, but my company won't let me... They keep giving me more projects
@InfiniteRecursion Noted :)
it still needs one more cv...
3:15 PM
to broad stackoverflow.com/q/4423342
this revision history is funny stackoverflow.com/posts/9/revisions?page=2
@Braiam It's so... wikipedia
those title edits were BS (well, except for the capitalization on c#)

Jeff Atwood♦ edited Oct 15 '12 at 6:45
Rollback to Revision 20 - that last title edit was BS too, "in C#?" is not a tag for crying out loud, it's the end of the question title

BoltClock♦ edited Sep 8 '13 at 11:04
What's so wikipedia about it @uni?
Too many edits :)
3:32 PM
The question is about sencha so would this be spam or no spam? : stackoverflow.com/a/27187601
Really, my impression of wikipedia are intensive inline citation links and lots of edits :o
That's an outsider opinion @uni. Just like SE outsiders think SE is full of cruel mods who downvote and close everything. Wikipedia is nice once you get used to it. The reason you see so many edits is because it's a15 years old community, lot of crap comes which needs moderation, and the user base is huge. Also, all the editors edit the same page. On SE, every post has it's own revision history, the entire page doesn't have a common history.
:O Cool!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INTELLIJ IDEA DATA SOURCES AND DRIVERS by odns on stackoverflow.com
cpr ^
3:39 PM
go save it :P
Ok :P
> I don't know if I am the only one faced with this problem. I however believe that the solution to my question will also be useful to a great many members of this community.
I give up... The stack trace has newline characters removed.
Oh wait, I know regular expressions. :P
If you answer it, a certain high-rep user might request a downvote-pls on your answer ;)
3:45 PM
Eek! :P
I think it's NAA.
I am still confused about NAA's. The more I read on MSO, the more confused I become.
then leave it, let's find something better to salvage :)
3:51 PM
Thanks @InfiniteRecursion
Any mod around?
SO? ThiefMaster is here...
Yeah, SO mod
I'd prefer not to ping ...
3:53 PM
Hey ThiefMaster! Wake up! Bart needs you
It worked!!!
thanks :)
@Bart you can ping now
3:55 PM
Would you terribly mind nuking the comments here: stackoverflow.com/a/6135578/488657 ? Or I'll just nuke the answer.
P.s. no need for sympathy upvotes if anyone of you is upvoting there. It's really not that great an answer.
Ha, @Sam replied to the Meta thread the user linked to.
These users have a name; "Give meh teh repz"... — Sam Jun 10 at 16:46
Ha! lazlo again!!
Nevermind @ThiefMaster. I'll nuke it.
Thanks anyway
@Bart meh, just delete the whole question ;)
4:04 PM
And the next time he irritates you, don't honor him with a reply comment. Let him troll and leave. Silence is the best way to kill an argument @Bart.
Myeah @Braiam. Heck, I would have deleted my answer upon reasonable request sooner ...
Or flag it as too chatty or something..
Attention-seeking people hate being ignored, so never reply to them.
@inf please, pay attention to me, please, inf?
inf, please?
I think I heard an echo.
4:08 PM
ignores @Braiam
@InfiniteRecursion SilentKiller is the best way
@Bart: deleted the comments. feel free to undelete if you want
Thanks @ThiefMaster. I think I'll just leave it like this and move on.
5:11 PM
weeps in a corner
waves at Braiam
keeps ignoring @Braiam
after getting chat throttled in den, goes to play 2048
5:19 PM
@InfiniteRecursion by pinging him? That's just playing hard to get.
The OP even agreed in a comment that it is a duplicate.
A newer one, still duplicate of the same old question...
5:54 PM
@Bart Quack :(
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