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10:00 PM
Q: Give "Citizen Patrol" badge for flagging comments too

KipThe "Citizen Patrol" badge is given out for "first flagged post". I'd suggest that this also include comments. In other words, if a user flags a comment before ever flagging a post, you should give him the badge for flagging a comment. Or maybe you could create a separate badge for first flagg...

just found...
I like how this has so many upvotes
Would you look at that, another upvote
+20 today from that one answer I posted a year ago
I wonder how that happened...
What does that song have to do with anything? – Doorknob
I was just listening to it so i thought i would share it. — Timothy 3 mins ago
10:03 PM
My computer's internal soundy stuff is borken, can't listen to it
218 moderator attention flags
4 waiting for review
210 deemed helpful
3 declined
1 disputed
I don't flag much.
26 posts marked spam
22 deemed helpful
2 declined
5 posts marked offensive
3 deemed helpful
1 declined
47 comments flagged
47 deemed helpful
I should work on this....
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 hour ago, by Anthon
Such a question always tempts me to ask for the root password to their server...
10:30 PM
@Doorknob that's the kind of things that should get flagged as NAA's... but sadly they aren't
@Braiam But it is an answer. Please don't flag that.
@Doorknob to another question, mayhap, but not that question
> flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention
I'm one of the advocates that we shouldn't have "NAA" but "Delete this" flags
whoops copy/pasted wrong thing...
> flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
10:32 PM
@Doorknob yeah, how do you get that answer deleted?
@Doorknob is not even wrong
we aren't discussing the technical accuracy, but the relevance of the answer in the context
which is, btw, none
@Braiam Delete votes. (Or just downvote it and leave it, and perhaps the OP will delete it himself)
@Braiam It's clearly an attempt to answer the question.
@Doorknob you think is easy gathering 3 20kers?
@Doorknob not this one
@Doorknob what's your favorite feline?
@Braiam No, which is exactly the point. Wrong answers aren't supposed to be deleted (unless they're terribly wrong, like this one).
@Braiam Why not?
1 min ago, by Braiam
we aren't discussing the technical accuracy, but the relevance of the answer in the context
@Braiam The answer is relevant.
The question is about getting time in milliseconds. The answer is about getting time in milliseconds.
10:35 PM
> This has absolutely nothing to do with the question. — Doorknob
yourself said that
now "is relevant"?
@Braiam Uhh, sure, might as well go along with this... let's say the large cat for the sake of discussion. Now what?
@Braiam Err... okay, maybe I worded that a bit poorly. My argument stands, though.
@Doorknob if you answer "elephant", would it answer my question?
obviously not
or let put it more extreme, your answer is "flowerpot"
not even an animal
@Braiam Nope, because you're asking for a feline and I'm giving you an elephant. OP was asking for milliseconds and he got milliseconds.
is your answer an answer to my question in that case?
The answer is attempting to answer the question. Can you agree on that?
10:37 PM
in the slightless
So why else was it posted?
he's such a helpful fella ;)
through his problem was that, but he hasn't even read the question
If you can't see that the person who posted the answer was trying to provide an actual answer, this discussion is going nowhere
Anyway, I'm off to go to a piano lesson now
@Doorknob lies... you don't have fingers....
unless you just roll in the piano
@Braiam Unlike me.
10:39 PM
@Frank ... really? :O
@Braiam I have 100's of fingers.
@Braiam You don't have any.
@Frank :(
@Braiam They would mess up your dp anyway..
@Frank dopamine?
@Braiam display picture.
10:51 PM
I'm not a severed head, you know?
Updating to 5.0. :D
@Braiam I deg to biffer.
@AndrewT. ^^
A: Coding under the influence

Shadow Wizard ____ | | | | |____| | | ( ) ) ( .' `. ...

I like how more than half the April 1 questions are closed.

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