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12:00 AM
It will not, @J.Musser
@Rafflesiaarnoldii That pinged me.
@J.Musser @J.Musser @J.Musser!
What if it's simply @J.M.?
@JasonC +1'd your answer finally.
It said
The question should probably be closed as a dupe anyways.
12:04 AM
> Daily vote limit reached; vote again momentarily.
And deleted, taking all your ill-gotten rep with it.
^^ which means less than one second.
@JasonC Is there a Nazi soldier standing over you requiring that you down-vote a question? Isn't the point to provide answers to people, not down-votes? And 5 doesn't have to the perfect number. Maybe 10? I just wanted to introduce the concept, which I did not see on the many other suggestions for managing the down-vote system. The down-vote system really discourages new members. — Paul 27 secs ago
Godwin's Law in action.
Godwin's Law strikes again — Gone 26 secs ago
@JasonC could not help myself
12:10 AM
I didn't even know that still happened any more...
@JasonC Why does everyone who complains about downvotes say something about answers? (You downvoted because it's too hard of a question for you to answer!!! Don't downvote if you can't answer!)
Dude, I know. It's weird. I have no idea where that comes from, except maybe from some warped sense of entitlement or a roundabout way to rationalize a question by demonizing (and thus invalidating, in one's mind) the down-voters.
@JasonC I have very little problem with receiving down-votes. In fact, nearly all of my points come from asking questions. Take a look. — Paul 3 mins ago
Looks like Paul went off the let's-get-sidetracked deep end. Guess that conversation's over.
I think it's because they are upset that some other question, somewhere on main, was downvoted and left without answer. Mostly it's the second part. They just want someone to answer. Like, really want it. Want it. Answer, ANSWER, ANSWER.
^ Pretty much.
@Paul Stop nit-picking; it's not constructive. — Frank 1 min ago
I am too blunt.
12:18 AM
Note that user @Gone doesn't have time to respond to my request against his false accusation. — Paul 3 mins ago
Just... wow.
Flagged as not constructive.
@hichris123 same
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/243425/… (This is the Paul question; should probably be closed sooner rather than later)
@Gone It's gone.
@hichris123 awesome!
12:22 AM
I almost was going to say 'Gone', @Gone, but then I realized that would be confusing ("Well, my username is Gone, sooo... is he saying hi?") ;P
lol, I often wonder that
You could just combine it all into one, like:
@Gone <- That
such a versatile nickname
Lol. Could come in handy when you're pretending to be afk too.
12:25 AM
@Gone Your MSE name is different, too. But you have the same dp, unlike myself.
yup, I have a different name for A51 as well - Sabre Tooth
I am trying to get cv privs on MSE, so it was kinda pointless to answer a q that will probably be nuked anyway.
@Frank I have a 100 rep bounty set to expire soon, but it would be difficult to give a useful answer there without hacking the software.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I can't hack software, but thanks.
12:38 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I'll break into an SE server farm tonight and unleash a hotfix... all for the 100 rep bounty. Sound good?
^^ JK, if it wasn't obvious enough.
@bjb568 Shower, spanish HW done.
12:51 AM
HSM site is doing very well. Enthusiastic crowd. Went into public beta with no comments from SE team (on the meta, at least). Top question so far: How did German become the language of science?
Be quiet. I may only be 14, but I do not appreciate you changing and misspelling my title, it was done for emphasis you idiot. It was done for emphasis to ensure that it was seen. Just because I am a minor doesn't mean you have to treat me like one and give me a lecture. — Damon Blevins 5 mins ago
kids these days
@Rafflesiaarnoldii "It was done for emphasis to ensure that it was seen." Act like a kid, get treated as a kid. Do they not understand?
1:02 AM
I think my shortest answer ever:
A: How far apart should I space Thuja 'Green Giant'?

J. MusserPlant them 5-7' apart for a privacy screen, 15-20' apart otherwise. These trees mature at 35-60' tall and up to 15' wide. I you want a screen, you may like the result even better if you stagger the trees, rather than planting them in a straight row.

Oh, I almost forgot about your bounty. Awarded.
Everyone should go serial-upvote Frank to get him to 20K. (And then back under).
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Hey, no foul play! >:|
@Rafflesiaarnoldii is in awe at how that hasn't been downvoted to hell
Huh, my blog post from 2013 suddenly got a traffic spike coming from search engines only. Not from social media, as usual. Anyone knows why there's a renewed interest in fourier and fouriest transform?
1:11 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Maybe a math contest asked a question on it? Just a guess.
searchs what is fourier and fouriest transforms
satisfied that my evil traffic-inducing plan works
Does the Posts table include deleted posts?
@JasonC No, it does not.
it does... just the ones that existed before the dump and were deleted after the dump
1:14 AM
Pretty much everything related to deleted posts is removed from the public database dump and SEDE. An exception is post links.
1:28 AM
Actually the cool Undo's the copycat. Close him as a dupe...
Ah, it did come from social media in a roundabout way: a tweet by SMBC creator.
Really smiling over how "fouriest transform" in google produces a ton of hilarious results.
Sometimes I google for typos just for fun. You'd be surprised the number of folks who have something to say about "doe snot".
1:45 AM
@JasonC Yes, that's the 2013 comic that inspired my blog post (among other posts and discussions). For some reason the author reminded the folks about it today.
It's not a particularly exciting subject, but better than arguing with Paul...
@JasonC "I am unclear on that, and I think it would help clarify in general" - love it
@Louis inb4 xkcd about "sometimes I X for Y"
btw, I had to click 16 times just to get an account be deleted
@Gone I'm not sure why I'm bothering. I mean, I understand what is really going on here. It's, obviously, yet another new user, perhaps with some confidence issues, who had some problem with some question and is having trouble fitting in, and is now freaking out all over the place defensively. I get it. It happens all the time. We've all seen it all before and it is common, valid, and reasonable, albeit annoying, behavior.
1:53 AM
Let the xkcd appear in all its splendor, if it must!
So I wonder sometimes if it's even worth the effort to try and squeeze some valid points out of it, because those behaviors are a really hard force to fight against.
it is getting old
Sometimes I start writing an answer and then.... "good grief, I've got better things to do." deletedeletedeletedeletedeletedelete, back button...
Yeah; I am losing interest on that thread. I actually am genuinely not trying to troll him with those questions, I'm hoping he'll think about it and come up with something with more substance. But I think I've about hit the limit of my attention span there.
interestingly, what is shows is that the community does care - which flies in the face of his 'elitist' etc name calling
1:56 AM
@Louis Exactly.
@Gone Exactly.
@Braiam A meticulously detailed bug report. Anything odd about it?
Each time I saw "Awww." I was hoping for a catpic :( — Braiam 7 secs ago
@Braiam lol
@bjb568 Chapter 42 complete!
2:03 AM
@Paul as an aside and response to your constant remarks referring to SE as elitist, and about us members as being jerksetc and the most unnecessary comment about us having a gangbang - the fact people are answering in comments and as answers shows that we care enough to interact and particularly in Jason C's case try and help you clarify your proposal. We don't have to, as like everyone else, we have lives to live and other things to do. But we are here, trying to get you to clarify what you are asking and explaining why the proposal is being downvoted. — Gone 3 mins ago
now i am tired of this
Is awww usage about evenly split between "adorable" and "disappointing"? [Maybe an ELL question?]
Really depends on the tone in which it is said.
Which does not render in typed text...
2:07 AM
... like sarcasm
Aug 20 at 2:58, by Shog9
@bjb568 xkcd oneboxes. Every time you post a cartoon without oneboxing, Jim Davis kills Garfield.
Yep. "This is such a bright idea." can be a compliment or an insult depending on how it is said. :)
the nuances of life... in the written internet
The title text on that one is weak, though. No loss.
2:11 AM
yeah, go skeptics.se!
I am in a hospital bed, the nurse is looking at me funny from laughing so much at that
@Gone, hospital bed?
@Louis yup, in hospital
2:13 AM
@Louis :)
I'm flashing back to my heart attack (happened many years ago and much too young: bad genes) and my time in the ICU and then recorvery. The nurses were looking at my laptop with suspicion. There was no Facebook then and most people did not know about the Internet.
I think they're worried that they gave me too much medicine
Nurse: "You're not working with this thing, right?" Me: "No, I'm chatting with friends." Her: "Really? You can talk to people with that thing?"
that still happens out here
2:16 AM
could we not change how you refer to the nurse :(
@Braiam, what do you mean?
just me being nitpick about unimportant stuff
Braiam's sad because we need to accept that boy nurses can be stupid, too.
The nurses that took care of me at that time were women. I got guys on other occasions.
2:21 AM
I think the nurse who is giving me and my laptop an evil eye is a woman
Gone, you "think". What on earth are they giving you?
Pain medicines
Let's play a game and say mildly sexist things about various occupations until one of us gets flagged. I'll start small:
The most important thing about a restaurant is a quick waitress.
... well that proved to be as unpopular as I'd imagined.
In my defense my wife was showing me pictures of her family so I was distracted. (Yep, I'm going to go with this excuse.)
I was getting another injection from that gender-uncertain nurse
2:31 AM
@Gone I think that happened to me last Saturday night... :(
@Louis Is your wife's sister hot?
@JasonC that nurse travels far and wide, with her gender-neutrality and pain injections
@Gone I don't think this one was really a nurse. :((
@cVplZ Wow... you don't beat around the bush... my wife only has a brother, and he's settled so....
2:34 AM
@JasonC uh oh...
@JasonC I didn't know she was the manager of the business.
@cVplZ The typical 3rd grade teacher in California has 23 students in her class.
The handyman was sexy to me.
2:40 AM
no comment
nice one ^
VHDL programmers get all the ladies.
I had no idea that this many words contained woman in them. Are they new words, or maybe they aren't actually words since.. scrabble
I sleep in a two man tent.
(Yeah bet you didn't see that one coming!)
mind blown!
2:44 AM
You could also probably fit two large dogs in there. Why not market it as a two-dog tent?
Because nobody likes wodogs.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I have a pair of glasses in transit from China right now. Two days to deliver from Chang Zhou to Colorado. Living in the future is awesome.
@JasonC The woman went to the market.
Maybe. Some of the folks on sustainability.stackexchange.com might disagree.
2:48 AM
@JasonC cranial flatulence?
@Gone I think that's the proper medical term, yes.
@Louis see, being in hospital being watched by a gender-neutral gargoyle... erm I mean nurse, has its advantages
Sorry to read it's gargoyles over there. My stint was heavenly. (If you ignore the fact that my heart had nearly quit on me.)
2:52 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii yeah, if you think of it that way it's kinda depressing - two days to ship, less than a week from ordering them to having them in my hands... If I order from a local optometrist, it's a two-week turn around. Assuming they don't have to order the frames from China anyway.
nah, just this one gargoyle, she has been quite abrupt with all of us in the ward - but the rest of them are very nice, kind and efficient
@Louis damn glad your heart did not quit on you!
@Gone thanks, I'm glad about that too. :)
@Shog9 Yay 90's.
2:55 AM
I only had an extended hospital stay once; it involved a gn tube and a foley tube, and was totally not heavenly.
My advice is: If you ever have to get a foley tube, DO NOT WATCH THEM PUT IT IN.
my extended stay in hospital (far more than now), was when my internal organs decided to go on strike... looked and sounded like Grandpa Simpson
Gotta go... ciao!
That sounds terrifying.
@Louis catch ya around
@LoganMaingi No, I'm never sure which definition of "unanswered" questions we're using today. I was right at one time, but there are currently two versions of 'unanswered' in use... neither of which agree with 70,304 questions with no upvoted answers. You're right and the text is wrong — fixing it now. — Robert Cartaino ♦ 5 hours ago
3:04 AM
I have long given up on SE definitions of "unanswered". For me it is now simply answers:0.
Does anyone find Unanswered tab useful?
I don't use that tab
I still believe it's answers:0 OR isaccepted:no
hasaccepted:no (isaccepted is for answers)
ya, that's what I meant, thanks for the correction
SO has just reached 2M SE-defined unanswered questions...
3:13 AM
The lead of android as the most unanswered tag is undisputable.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii yes
but only the "my tags" tab
It's sorted by votes, so the first page is the same old problems-from-hell I've no clue about.
I'd take the search parameter unanswered: instead of that tab.
that just means your tags suck
3:20 AM
The tags in my case are branches of math: every branch has very hard problems that nobody on the site can solve for years. They are great to have and show off, but seeing them every time on that tab is not useful.
yeah, I can see how that'd be a problem
Meanwhile, this unanswered question just got a new answer today. One that works!
please ✔ my answer — cVplZ 21 secs ago
hadn't seen that before... weird how it is black in comments but green in chat
*dislikes nagging question askers about acceptance. Or the concept of acceptance itself. It's okay to never accept answers.
anyone willing to fix/salvage this answer please? stackoverflow.com/a/14656236/2982225
^cVplZ, go fix that :P
3:38 AM
@cVplZ Praveen Kumar was the first to VTC the question, but at the same time answered it, and then asked for the answer to be accepted. Classy.
Yes, that kind of classy behaviour is unfortunately very frequent on SO :/
NO MY CODE IS NOT WORKIG. — vimal patel Oct 9 at 10:48
@InfiniteRecursion I want to say "iOS doesn't have external temperature sensor to measure body temperature", based on this reddit thread, but I'm not sure
since I'm not an iOS dev
@AndrewT. Interesting, and I don't know iOS either, so am not sure. Someone nuked that post!
3:51 AM
aaand... that please ✔ my answer also got nuked
my comment had an upvote... angry face
user image
If there's one thing I hate, it's Unicode
@cVplZ ^ There, you can frame it.
3:56 AM
@cVplZ Asking for SEDE queries on SO is valid, check these tags : stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/dataexplorer, stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/sede
^That's what happens when you put bounty on a post, it attracts answers :P
@cVplZ My solution is something like this. It costs me nothing, because it's the neighbor's
@Andy that is sweet
I'd like shovel the whole neighborhood with that.. I'd even plow the streets, and watch the confused reactions of the city plow guys/gals when they can't remember if they were the ones who plowed this street yet or not.
4:08 AM
I'm surprised that flag-farmers did not wipe out all the "accept rate" comments from SO by now.
Auto-marked-helpful comment-flags count toward Marshal. It's like free gold.
@InfiniteRecursion Oh, right. I guess that's true. But that question still should be closed for give me teh codez.
I have marshal badge already, but I flag auto-mark-helpful comments frequently....to cleanup without disturbing mods
@InfiniteRecursion yes, mods do not like to be disturbed. If you are ever missing the do not disturb sign on your hotel room, it's likely b.c a mod stole it
@cVplZ yes, I cv'ed it for that reason
4:11 AM
Do you know other auto-deletion triggers besides those listed here?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii accept rate
It's #1 on my list.
no, I don't know. The ones I know are already listed. But "what have you tried" is not auto-delete on MSE (I checked), it auto deletes on SO
Yes, that one is SO-only. Too bad.
also, if there are few words after "what have you tried", it auto-nukes, e.g what have you tried so far? etc
...but if there is even a single character before "what have you tried", it doesn't nuke, like "so what have you tried"
also, bare links to "what have you tried" website is not "too chatty" or auto-nuked. I was testing so I flagged one comment, mod declined my flag
4:17 AM
There's still 4958 comments with accept rate in them. Not all of them should be deleted, since they can contain other content that is useful. But likely 95% should be deleted.
let me test by nuking this:
@kamal: Accept rate is low. Start accept answers if you want people's help. — Dummy00001 Aug 26 '10 at 20:38
^ this will auto-delete. Called it :)
yes, it got removed. yay!
@cVplZ I think it's better to order by length, increasing. The shortest are the most useless ones.
A: Comments should only persist on questions / answers for 48 hours

cVplZWhile I'm a big fan of deleting/flagging comments, I see lots of value in comments many times. So I don't think auto-removing every comment after 48 hours or 2 months for that matter is the right thing to do. What I would propose instead is one or all of these processes being implemented: The ...

4:22 AM
@cVplZ Lol; my dad has a plow on his truck and when he gets bored plowing the driveway he takes on the whole neighborhood.
It makes him feel manly I guess, haha.
He gets so excited in the winter.
should I post a to auto-nuke these with a single flag? data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/edit/245692
:2644557 yes :(
my comment is not relevant after the edit :(
@InfiniteRecursion If @jan had his way, any comment containing a misspelling could be auto-nuked
@InfiniteRecursion As it stands, no. Several of those are more than "so what have you tried"
also, all users with duck profiles would be auto-nuked
4:26 AM
one example:
So what have you tried in terms of the Java smartcardio API? The output you get from the pcsc_scan tool only tells you that the card is not known (ie. not listed in the smartcard_list.txt). That's not necessarily a problem. — Mike Dinescu Dec 26 '13 at 19:31
> Too many queries are running, you may only run 2 queries at a time
^ That's a new one.
I observed that spam.se would start being active near this time, let's see if it's true or not...
@Andy yes, what have you tried auto-nuke works only if a few words are appended after it...I tested upto 5 extra characters - like "what have you tried so far"...anything longer does not auto-nuke
@InfiniteRecursion No but I'd support a to auto-nuke the questions most of those belong to.
When a site gets too big for SEDE to handle, it should be split. Clearly, Android Development should be a separate site. There's just one user answering those Qs on SO, anyway.
4:30 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I was, but I gave up seeing the quality of the questions
so, my feature request would be a few characters prefixed (maybe 3-5 chars) to "what have you tried", as such a comment is not likely to hold much value in 3-5 chars
@Rafflesiaarnoldii The only reason one user is answering them is because everybody else got fed up with the stupidity. I'd support a separate android site just to raise the average question quality on SO.
@JasonC That makes a lot of sense :D
Read 45, annotated 40-42. Night. Ugh.
A: species identification - re-animated

J. MusserRight now, species-identification questions are on-topic. At Gardening & Landscaping beta, we welcome plant, plant-disease, and plant-pest, and garden mushroom identification questions, but not just any animals or organisms. Here are three previous posts on this meta about species-identification...

whole big mess...
4:41 AM
If any of y'all have CV privileges on meta, one last time calling attention to meta.stackexchange.com/questions/243425/… (dupe)
@JasonC Working on it.
me too, working on it
Would have almost 4K if not for 1750 spent on bounties...
@InfiniteRecursion You have far more time, too.
@Frank yes, time as well as experience answering rants on MSO helps
GL doesn't get rants I hope, it looks like a nice clean site
4:48 AM
Economics got to 100% committment today. Is this attempt #2 or #3? There was at least one, I recall.
We need to clean SO and MSO so much each day, hardly have time/wish left to post answers on SO proper
Nov 6 at 11:15, by rene
@InfiniteRecursion only 2500-ish reputation to go...
@InfiniteRecursion Not usually, but I'm active in the metas of a number of other beta sites, so I am somewhat used to dealing with bad folks and their stuff.
@Frank You should stop by meta.Math from time to time. It's often fun there.
@Frank Yes, I saw your profile, you do amazing work on so many sites...you would make a good mod...get a diamond :D
Hi,Recently someone upvoted my question continously and i got -727 reputation.I feel very bad for my score.It down from 1059 to 322.So can you please remove this upvoting froud and return my reputations.
4:54 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Can't on a beta site. Maybe on GL some day.
90 rep to go until I reach 20k on GL.
@GauravJain The idea of serial upvote is that the points were fraudulent (or at least undeserved) to begin with, so now they are gone.
@Frank Okay, so once the site graduates, we have hope to see you win elections :)
@GauravJain The fraud has been removed. That is why you lost 727 points. You are at your "true" reputation level now
I just realized, I think I've spent about 5 minutes total on MSO since the split. I blame the tavern.
@InfiniteRecursion Maybe. Then there's the time...
4:56 AM
I've almost forgotten what it looks like.
Imagine a bunch of pointless burnination discussions... this is more or less what it looks like.
Aw it's so cozy and warm.
OK guys, I'm off then..
On the plus side, upvotes are generous. On the minus side, no rep... :(
4:58 AM
no i lost my actual reputation also.which i got from correct answers.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Why most of doctor's recommend weight loss products? by mariiatruitt on drupal.stackexchange.com
If the answers are correct and useful, they will bring you reputation gradually. It's just that some of the rep was from excessive voting by some individual, that's all.
not possible, serial downvotes means someone (like a misguided fan) upvoted all your answers, they were invalid votes, and therefore got reversed
4:59 AM
@SmokeDetector true
@JasonC Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector true
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
It's 5:00 UTC, do you know where your skin care products are?
spam gone
yes, they are on drupal
If SmokeDetector doesn't pick up a spam question, is there a way to add it?
They are supposed to listen to SPAM url posts in this room.
Oh, neat
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 1 min ago, by Zephyr
Spam Flag Request for http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/136556/they-were-initially-targeted-wo‌​rk-asians-get by Rafflesia arnoldii from Tavern on the Meta
^ example
5:03 AM
no, Smokey uses regex to check if any bad words are present in the title...this post didn't have any bad keyword - "They were initially targeted work Asians get"
@GauravJain The system disagrees with your assessment. The votes you received from the fraudulent account have been removed.
It monitors cv requests?
Zephyr watches for cv requests, yes
Yes, Zephyr monitors cv-requests from many rooms and reports them in LQP HQ
@JasonC Find the spam keyword, then suggest a PR for changing the regex
5:05 AM
@GauravJain You can try to get an explanation from an SO mod (flag one of your posts with custom flag, explaining the issue). No promise that this will do anything, but they are the ones who would know something about your situation. We don't.
It also feeds spam that Smokey/Pham does not identify but someone in the chatrooms does to the two bots to learning purposes
@Unihedron Word
Yes, poke Uni or ProgramFox if any spam keyword is missed by Smokey, they will add it to the regex
Poke Sam if Pham misses anything
@ Uni @ Pro pls add "muscle training" to smokey spam regex
^ like variants of that.
stop chatting in the tavern during skool @uni :P
5:07 AM
lunch break!! :D
but mommmmm....
drupal is spam free for now...
5:09 AM
> member for 21 days, helpful flags 58 on drupal
Since weight loss is on topic on fitness.SE, perhaps it gets Drupal-themed spam instead?
the bots ignore fitness.se and biology.se afaik...let me check Smokey's code
You'd find clouds yellow before drupal stops getting spam / fitness or biology gets spam.
@Unihedron are you already done with lunch?
> {'regex': u"(?i)\\b(weight loss|muscles? build(ing)?|muscles? grow(th)?)\\b", 'all': True,
'sites': ["fitness.stackexchange.com"], 'reason': "Bad keyword detected"},
5:15 AM
self-documenting jsonobject :)
good coding :)
Mobile chat hack: Drag from keyboard to chat message box to edit previous message.
I use the "edit last message" on the context menu that pops up
Me too, until I found out about it.
nice hack :D
5:19 AM
thanks :D
A: The Help Vampire problem

OmegaI think the only thing worrisome here is the idea that anyone would want to describe someone as a "help vampire". Why would this label need to exist and what would it serve to protect against? The checklist of qualities seems very heavy-handed and carry an inherent risk of being abused. For ex...

Shows a lack of understanding of the SE model.
5:32 AM
OP took Rafflesiaarnoldii's tip and deleted the intro
Now all of a sudden the reviewers see it's a legitimate answer!
@uni please add "online + free + movie" to Smokey's regex drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/136559/…
@Shog9 stackoverflow.com/posts/26856042/revisions Really? What about that even remotely implies how he's using Docker? The info did eventually come out in comments, but those comments are long gone and now only available as a screen shot on some meta post. He'd have to actually edit the info into the question to make it be about anything except general Docker usage.
Would match exactly one SO post, all time.
Not reviewers, mod. Mod deleted it as naa (should be posted as a comment), mod undeleted that answer
5:36 AM
I mean, even a Docker developer didn't realize it had anything to do with application architecture until after pulling teeth. His tags are php / hosting / docker.
Two drupal spam posts are still there... :(
Oh good lord, I gotta fix that deleted comment layout. Tomorrow. — Anna Lear ♦ 6 hours ago
Every time a see an @AnnaLear post on meta, she's always fixing something. :-D — Brad 3 hours ago
5:53 AM
> Retaining yoga together with your timetable will be of good support. It'll allow you to create the skin flexible, preserve pure beauty and essential of can help you prepare for time.
~ Three spam posts live on Drupal
Make it four. ;-/ This one is in Polish!
@Jan ^spam attack...we need flags!!
Maybe ping some friendly SO chatroom? I don't hang out there... (checked Math; it's sleeping)
I don't hang out there either...SO chat is creepy

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