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12:00 AM
on SO, I'm using OData now
it was a term that I liked
@MarkE Googling for "site:stackoverflow.com couch Mark E" returns nothing of interest
I know!
hehehe, I'm going the api route
so was I!
Isn't Google the Internet's API..?
does the API have a convenient query interface?
heh, I'm full-text searching the comments to my posts
using OData
for all links
ooh, it's taking some time, too
12:03 AM
you said it is on one of your answers?
yeah, I believe it was a comment on one of my answers
if not, it was a comment in direct reply to me, I'll search that in a minute
Well I'm off to see The Social Network, catch you guys later!
see ya
dang, my query isn't returning =/
no wait, just took 90s
@MarkE Yeah, complex queries take a lot of time. If it doesn't say anything, just wait for it
@YiJiang It's not that bad, I mean, I only have ~250 answers
and I'm filtering by that first...
12:06 AM
@MarkE I actually once did a query for LIKE '%@Yi Jiang%' in the comments that took around three minutes I think
the odata images aren't showing up for me, anyone else having trouble with that?
@MarkE Yeah, they broke some CDN image links I think
There's a bunch of stuff referring to the sstatic server which is broken right now
maybe the odata stuff isn't up to date enough to have this comment
now i'm very frustrated
12:09 AM
@MarkE It's updated monthly
frustrated I can't find the comment, not at odata
@MarkE Try searching the API?
never used it, will take a look now
I'm working on finding it. Doesn't seem to be in the most recent 100 answers
12:11 AM
Erm... the link broke...
Or I did something wrong.
wonder if it got deleted
Dang... okay, http://api.stackoverflow.com/1.0/help/method?method=users/{id}/comments
the term had something to do with perpetuating what amounts to a meme
because I didn't explain something enough
or something like that
could've sworn it had the word couch in it
@YiJiang that's not going to find comments on my answers, is it?
ah yeah, i need the october dataset to be on odata so i can just query this
@MarkE You can try grabbing a list of your answers, with comments using this route: http://api.stackoverflow.com/1.0/help/method?method=users/{id}/answers pass in the comments option so that it'll retrieve the comments as well as the answers
12:15 AM
not seeing the proper one by searching "couch" or "wiki" in your 257 comments
@YiJiang there's something other than going to that URL I need to do to access the API? (I'm getting a 404)
@rchern Can you tell me how to run the query and I'll skim for what I'm looking for?
I'm using a few different api hits
i'll just do it with jQuery
any other search terms?
or I can give you full text of the comments
@MarkE was it something on session fixation?
@Artefacto, <a href=\"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_fixation\" rel=\"nofollow\">Wikipedia suggests a number of ways beyond simply not accepting GET/POST SIDs</a>
That's the only comment that has a wikipedia link
This is the $.ajax options I used
12:27 AM
I'm searching mentions now
    url: 'http://api.stackoverflow.com/1.0/users/21441/answers',
    data: {
        pagesize: 100,
        comments: true,
        page: 1
    cache: true,
    jsonp: 'jsonp',
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    sucess: function(data){
maybe it's gone
it was something about starting a "cascade"
but i could swear it had the word couch in it
I thought i was recent -- within the last two or three weeks
what do you guys use to run your JS?
@MarkE Erm... the browser...?
heh, fair enough
I'm actually using c# (:
12:30 AM
i was trying to use chrome's dev console
but i've got to figure out how to get it to load jquery
@MarkE Just use it - the entirety of SO is jQuerified
I realize that
it got mad at me when I tried to access the API from the chat domain
If you're on Firefox with Firebug, there's an add-on called Firequery that includes an option to inject jQuery to any arbitrary site
> Origin chat.meta.stackoverflow.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
@MarkE You need jsonp
12:31 AM
@MarkE json with padding. Basically, the json is transmitted inside a callback function, and a script tag is used to load the data
nothing with cascade in answer comments or mentions >_<
Instead of the usual XmlHttpRequest object
ok, I guess it's lost =/
i wish i remembered enough to describe the concept
also @rchern, to make life difficult it was probably before I switched from "Mark" to "Mark E"
though I suspect your mentions search is using my id?
Searching 257 answers for cascade.
Searching page 1
Searching page 2
Searching page 3
Searching 102 mentions for cascade.
Searching page 1
Searching page 2
Press any key to continue . . .
12:38 AM
heh, thanks
no laughing at hastily written code
hm, I wonder if it was downvoted and I deleted it or something
can I find my own deleted posts?
meh, this seems fruitless
but thanks for the help
no, you can't see your deleted posts.
so the term described perpetuating a design pattern
without describing the rationale
or something to that effect
as you can see i've got term in a variable, so just tell me what to plug in and i can hit f5 (;
12:45 AM
if i remembered the term i wouldn't need to search =(
A cargo cult is a religious practice that has appeared in many traditional tribal societies in the wake of interaction with technologically advanced cultures. The cults focus on obtaining the material wealth (the "cargo") of the advanced culture through magic and religious rituals and practices. Cult members believe that the wealth was intended for them by their deities and ancestors. Cargo cults developed primarily in remote parts of New Guinea and other Melanesian and Micronesian societies in the southwest Pacific Ocean, beginning with the first significant arrivals of Westerners in the...
now @rchern, tell me what that comment was on and put me out of my misery
the comment will be something like "this is how cargo cults start"
This answer would be much more useful if it went into why the original code didn&#39;t work, rather than just presenting fixed code. This is how cargo cults get started.
(yay, memory! [and also, yay, browser history!])
@rchern that's the one, what's post id?
Cargo cult programming is a style of computer programming that is characterized by the ritual inclusion of code or program structures that serve no real purpose. Cargo cult programming is typically symptomatic of a programmer not understanding either a bug he or she was attempting to solve or the apparent solution (compare shotgun debugging, voodoo programming). The term may also apply when an unskilled or novice computer programmer (or one not experienced with the problem at hand) copies some program code from one place and pastes it into another place, with little or no understanding of ...
I think was the actual link
thanks @rchern! (much happier now)
1:04 AM
Ok, this may be a dumb question but: how do you do anything with site in the commitment stage on area 51?
I see: great on-topic example, great off-topic example, not a good example
@javamonkey79 You... eh, get people to commit
But I don't know how to "vote" on them or do anything otherwise....
Why do the example questions have numbers next to them?
Oh, can you not do anything else until you get someone else to commit - is that how it works?
once a site is in commitment stage, you don't need to vote on the questions anymore
the voting stage is over
1:38 AM
Why did he come here, get an answer, and then post the question anyway?
Funny guy
He may have left before I answered.
2:10 AM
Look at @waffles's comments
Q: Seeking Javascript RAD IDE (or best JS IDE in general)

MawgIs there such a thing as a Rapid Application Devleopment IDE for DHTML? I would like to graphically lay out my HTML (and edit my CSS) and couple JS events to some screen items, with the IDE generating JS function stubs as appropriate.

2:41 AM
question: do you think we should merge chat.serverfault, chat.meta.so, and chat.superuser into chat.stackexchange.com ?
I ask because generally the more audience for a chat, the better it does
Is chat.SO staying separate then?
yes, purely based on its 100x larger than everything else
@JeffAtwood Wait, so you mean MSO Chat has 0.2 users using it right now?
chat.SF and chat.SU together have 11 rooms and 1 currently active user, so I'd say definitely for them. chat.MSO is doing slightly better, but probably doesn't warrant being separate either
right now is not necessarily indicative, you'd have to check during US biz hours
2:48 AM
True. I'm told SU and SF are generally ghost towns; I've never actually been there until right now
just something we are thinking about
3:04 AM
@MichaelMrozek This has been my experience as well.
It makes sense to merge them, and let them fall out by rooms.
@JeffAtwood I'm leaning towards no, simply because I don't see the purpose of chat.SF, chat.SU or chat.MSO.
Although I greatly enjoy being in The Tavern, I don't really feel like it's doing much to make MSO or SE a better place.
Hello @TimStone. Looks like I've got the same Gravatar size problem as the one (you?) reported in Chat Feedback
I had an issue where it wouldn't get unblurry, is that what you were referring to? :P Also, hello! I've officially returned. ;)
And if Jeff is gone... what was this?
Q: Why does chat point to Doug Kaye's website?

Popular DemandI just clicked on a link to chat on this page: Instead of getting sent to chat, I was taken to this web page: I refreshed normally, refreshed via Ctrl + F5, typed the URL http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com in manually... same result every time. This is occurring on both FF 3.6 and IE 9 on W...

3:08 AM
@TimStone Their size is set in the URL s=21 is smaller than the size specified by the img tags (32px)
Returns to normal after refresh
Ah ha
@PopularDemand, I got that once. I think flushing the dns cache fixed it.
@rchern Erm. And it didn't concern you?
So, how many commits do I need to get caught up? ;)
@PopularDemand Isn't that a yes?
3:15 AM
@TimStone There are two pull request sitting for @rchern to process right now
@MichaelMrozek there are actually a bunch of reports from people with my router of things like twitter redirecting to myspace
The new and improved /profile. Taadaa!
@YiJiang Ah, nice!
@YiJiang o: there are?
@MichaelMrozek No, it's a "instead of moving them, just shutter them permanently."
3:16 AM
@YiJiang I think that's now the nicest looking feature I completely have no use for :)
@rchern DNS cache, huh? To Google! (Assuming I can get there.)
@MichaelMrozek Thank you, I feel flattered
@PopularDemand Well, that's what "moving" them means. I don't think we're going to have a separate general room for each site once they're merged into chat.SE
@rchern Yes there are
@MichaelMrozek I'm not sure we need any of it.
3:18 AM
@YiJiang well we can't have that, now can we?
@rchern You're right, you best deny his requests so I can get caught up.
@TimStone Oy ):
But more seriously, I should actually take a look at the issue you made a bug report about now that I'm back.
@TimStone I'm not quite sure that's how it works...
@rchern Don't worry, I've already Googled it.
3:20 AM
Q: alternative CSS sheets for IE?

JeffI have a question about CSS coding practices. IE often requires hacks or workarounds to get things looking right, and there are two different ways of doing things: 1) Put everything in one big CSS file or 2) Create two CSS files and have it load depending on the browser that the user is using ...

Look at all of the answers :)
Ah, even @Benjol's gotten in on the action now, cool :)
Okay, our mysterious downvoter withdrew all his downvotes. Even weirder
3:41 AM
pull requests merged.
@PopularDemand but chat.su and chat.sf aren't for you though, are they?
my argument is a more general one of scale
4:10 AM
Gah. I totally used the wrong word in a comment and I can't edit it now.
SO peeps: feel free to join my Minecraft server: fdotm.com:1337
4:36 AM
@rchern flag it for mod attention
I learned something new! You can't flag your own comment.
having fun with [status-completed]? (;
yeah ... like a kid in a candy store
I need to make it look like am doing work, otherwise my boss gets mad
4:46 AM
meta.superuser really does have 191 million tags
191 million AWESOME tags
that surprised me
30 minute azure wait is over
speaking of, is this by-design?
Q: Add Meta Web Apps to the data dump

rchernUnlike the other per-site metas, Meta Web Apps wasn't included in the October data dump.

don't know, but Geoff is working on that now
Hey was just going to bed, but saw
2 hours ago, by Jeff Atwood
question: do you think we should merge chat.serverfault, chat.meta.so, and chat.superuser into chat.stackexchange.com ?
I'm torn on that, but somewhat inclined to think yes @JeffAtwood...
ServerFault chat rooms and SuperUser chat rooms seem to be underutilized
StackOverflow chat rooms, however, do not
Anyway, I'm headed to bed. More thoughts later
Good news is XMPP has been running much better with the recent changes, and I have some good ideas from my SO question to improve it further!
'night everyone
5:18 AM
Chrome's dev channel is on v9.* now o:
@Jeff: Is there any way to get the data dump for AskUbuntu?
I heard that there was a need for an offline reference guide and I was wondering if there was a copy of the dump available for testing.
there will be soon, just wait
Oh good!
5:54 AM
@rchern , is that markdown bug fixed in v9?
6:34 AM
Hi @radp @badp
did you get my email?
aye, thanks.
waffles hasn't e-mailed me in months...
cool ... let me know if you need a hand
@michael :)
6:44 AM
@JeffAtwood what about chat.askubuntu? (re: chat.SU chat.SF chat.MSO)
2 hours later…
8:24 AM
4 hours later…
12:08 PM
@waffles no ):
Uh oh
Gah...stupid mistake. Of course he didn't. Moving on...
Okay, here, not a mistake, but a bad practice
if(match == undefined) {
Should be: typeof match == 'undefined'
A: Is there some markup to post tags?

Kevin MontroseWe're now supporting the following syntax. [tag:tag-name] Examples: status-completed feature-request markdown This is done on post submission*, and for now isn't reflected in the editor preview. *Which means it only applies to new and/or newly editted posts.

is it just me or is the red background and dark text super hard to read?
@rchern Probably a bug.
indeed, the .moderator-tag color:white rule is overridden by the .post-tag a color:black rule.
Gah, you beat my comment. deletes
12:40 PM
Hmmm... the N8's already arrived here.
I absolutely hate Android's deployment schedule in Singapore
The phones appear on average 8 months behind their US premiere, basically meaning that the next generation would've already appeared in the US when they arrive here
1:11 PM
@YiJiang It takes time to add support for Singapore :(
@spoulson 'ello
Hey @YiJiang
1:29 PM
Morning everyone
Does CSS have a way to invert the colours of a picture?
@radp Not cross browser
not that I know of, anyway
.vote-count-container { background-color: #eee; border-radius: 5px; margin: 0 2px 0 0; padding: 0 0 0 2px;}
2:01 PM
div.message.meta{ border-top-left-radius: 10px; }
2:23 PM
I might need to write something that detects posts about how people close too often/the close rep requirement should be raised, and automatically filters them out of the question list so I don't see them anymore
@MichaelMrozek Just downvote them to below -3 and they won't be bumped by edits and answers anymore
See? That's what sockpuppets are for! :P
@YiJiang I don't use the activity view, I use the new questions view, so I see them when they're asked until enough new questions are asked to bury them
I'm pertty excited about this Brewing proposal that should be opening soon. Any hints as to when it will go live?
@JoePhilllips Link please?
@JoePhilllips 99% means you're almost but not quite there :)
@JoePhilllips Oh I so want to commit!
so you should focus on getting more people on the boat.
But, I have almost no knowledge, so I doubt I can answer 10 questions...
What to do? :-(
Er. Did somebody uncommit? It was at 100% five minutes ago when I looked at it
2:35 PM
Personally, I know jack shit on the topic.
It's one of those cases where one'd love there to be a site, but actually can't bring anything to the table.
I guess it's better to wait for one more expert
@TheUnhandledException I wouldn't
I've regretted committing to Maths, because I found out I couldn't follow up.
Cool idea? Sure. Did I help? Not really.
Feels like Gaming to me. A site I wish I could give more to!
2:38 PM
brewing had 220 yesterday
and 219 earlier today
now its at 218
could it be that committal expires?
Maybe people were drunk-committing and now realizing their mistake, LOL
@TheUnhandledException haha. good call
they had to drop that one so they could commit to hangoverflow
gee, thought I'd get a laugh out of that one...
haha. nice
2:47 PM
it's like a wheel of fortune 'before & after' puzzle
@Fosco HAHA
@Fosco Sorry, busy morning :-)
@TheUnhandledException no worries... need me to break anything for you this morning?
@Fosco Just open up the character map and drop random unicode character into your messages :P
@Fosco LOL. I am going to try and find time to add /&nbsp;/ /g to my code, to see if that fixes XMPP
It's much more stable, but still not perfect:
Q: Using Ruby, how can I confirm that an XML snippit is valid?

JoshAs some of you make know, I'm working on XMPP (Jabber) integration for the StackOverflow chat system, as an XMPP component written in Ruby using the xmpp4r package. I'm struggling with one issue (well, many issues, but one issue at the moment :-) I am taking the JSON feed from the chat and extra...

2:53 PM
How does editing/deleting work over XMPP?
@YiJiang You're getting a star if it means "Singapore -- unsupported!".... it doesn't :/
@MichaelMrozek It doesn't yet. XMPP is read only
2:55 PM
I meant how does it display edits/deletions
@radp It doesn't, though if you want I can say it
but I planned to support is with something like rchern and your userscript: /edit 1234 new content
"My" userscript? I'm a big fan of stealing credit for this
@TheUnhandledException and how would I get the message ID in the first place?
2:56 PM
I wrote about four lines; most of it is rchern, YiJiang and somebody new I've forgotten the name of now
^ That's "We don't support Singapore"
But anyway, I meant how does it handle people editing/deleting messages, not how does it allow people to edit/delete
@radp I'm thinking maybe message IDs somewhere, like the userscript adds them
If I edit a message right now what happens on XMPP
@TheUnhandledException I guess you could implement a custom /editlast command however?
2:57 PM
@MichaelMrozek Deleted not handled yet, edits handled by " EDIT: new content " for now
@MichaelMrozek I don't think XMPP has any support for editing and deleting
I don't think I've ever seen a chat program support it before this one
Skype does.
Oh, neat
2:59 PM
XMPP does not support editing of messages

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