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9:05 PM
@cVplZ All deleted now.
@InfiniteRecursion gah, don't make me look at that. There are several other errors in there and I can't edit it ...
And... we're down
and back.
Sorry about that. I tried to edit another user's profile.
Stop breaking things, @Bart! ;)
I'll blame it on Rene's hacker family
9:21 PM
Sure, no problem with that.
So sick of "I lack even the most basic of debugging skills, what is wrong with my code?"
@JasonC I lack debugging skills, but why doesn't if (1 == 2) { do_my_code() } work?
If only there was a site of some sort that offered to teach folks debugging. As sort of a prep-step for asking questions, a "learn this before you ask on SO" sorta deal.
@hichris123 what does it do instead?
@hichris123 It does work.
9:27 PM
@JanDvorak Nothing. It's PHP, by the way. ;)
@Shog9 If only somebody would make a proposal for a specific debugging help site.
Yeah; someone should really think about doing that.
And even then I wouldn't vote for it.
9:29 PM
I vote you propose it
@Shog9 Challenge accepted. Maybe a DevDoodle tutorial.
@JasonC Why do I have a feeling this is trending towards a 'Why I hate SOA' discussion, even though it's long been dead?
It's not. Shog knows.
gives hichris a cookie
enough fun; back to patching my driveway
@Shog9 Tasty cookie. Thanks!
9:30 PM
wants a cookie
Besides SOA was unrelated to a specific debugging help site. @Shog9 don't flatter yourself.
A specific site like CompilerErrors.SE would make sense. If Code Review and Golf can be split off, why not debugging too?
I'd support debugging.se and compilererrors.se only if anybody who posts a question on those sites is permabanned from SO. Also, nobody should be allowed to post an answer.
The names are not good... nobody knows what debugging is or compilereerrors are, at least not from the OP's that post questions that should go there...
9:46 PM
doesntwork.se and weirdmessages.se?
That is better, yes...
Although weirdmessages.se might become the archive of the tavern....
helpimstuck.SE -> for people who are stuck and need help.
halp.se and problam.se
... that's just cruel
9:51 PM
Poor duct tape, it's really going to hurt when they rip the cat off it.
@JasonC A rip off?
@Bart Why would someone do that?
@hichris123 me explaining that would require a fair amount of swearing ... so let's not.
9:55 PM
@Bart dose comments…
@hichris123 Quickest way to shave a cat?
@Bart Yeah, that's Fucked™.
Christ; I take my jokes back. I was hoping it was some sort of funny not-what-it-seems picture.
@bjb568 Haha, awesome title sequence.
10:16 PM
Hey, this user has been posting racism/anti-ethnic/anti-religious messages all day, this is not the first time, he is currently suspended (Second time today) for 30 minutes. Any change anyone could take a look?
Hello, rightfold.
I heard this is a nice room.
Yes, we get paid by SE to be nice.
See the star wall, for example.
10:21 PM
At least, hichris123 gets paid. In cookies.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii And @animuson. I gave him a cookie for his 1000 close vote queue rampage.
Yes, see, we have an Addams Family vs. Munsters poll, a picture of a duct-taped cat, and a bunch of snarky comments about an unspecified person's crappy unspecified site proposal. It's very heartwarming!
@Rafflesiaarnoldii no, the NSA pays hichris
We decided that he's an NSA agent.
@Undo In cookies, though.
No, probably in stolen metadata.
10:29 PM
In HTTP cookies then.
In case @Frank wonders why he's getting a bounty: I wanted a screenshot of comment dialog in the 50..99 reputation range.
Since Shog9 is busy patching the driveway, I might try to scrap review history to answer Braiam's question here... unless SEDE has review data... (I think it doesn't.)
@Rafflesiaarnoldii it has some
Indeed, I should have looked. My hunch is that >50% of 20K delete votes are wasted there, that is, do not accumulate enough to result in 20K deletion.
10:46 PM
Alas, useless for this purpose. Lots of Ids, no breakdown of votes.
11:09 PM
Mat, United Kingdom
101 1 2 4
Clones Answer OP :)
When does VLQ become abuse?
When the intention is to hurt, perhaps?
(hurt includes hurt the system, I.e. "asdfghjklqweyuiopzxbnm")
Servers don't feel pain, though. Unless it's DDOS. (I agree cat-on-keyboard is abusive)
11:20 PM
@JanDvorak Wow, that's pretty epic. (If anybody didn't notice, that entire post is one big image.)
They don't feel pain even in that case. They just feel stressed out and tired.
Wait, I thought some of it was text
I'm temped to give them E's for Effort
Screengrab of the same question posted elsewhere?
@JanDvorak The only text was the ~'s at the end to get past the minimum length limit.
then that's ... impressive
11:22 PM
What a great way to prevent edits
until someone realises that the images aren't really needed and the text can be OCR'd out.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii definitely
I would cast a CV before I went through the trouble of running images through OCR to edit the post.
11:24 PM
I'm surprised he bothered to crop the fake voting buttons out, though
Either that or I'd just edit it with plenty of freehand red circles and lines.
Flood Hazard Research Centres?
Foundations for Human Rights in Cuba?
Let's play, "Watch Jan make up meanings for acronyms"
I pulled them from Google
11:27 PM
or else?
I have an idea but I don't dare say it out loud
oh. 9/-13 on UD
11:54 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Probably initials.
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