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1:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELP ME PLEASE? I CAN'T FIGURE THIS OUT! by Anneized on blender.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector That one is unfortunately beyond salvation.

AnneizedI'm glad I finally found a support forum for blenders. I have a Oster 6706 6-Cup 450-Watt, 10-Speed Blender and I accidentally started it with a metal spoon in it. How can I fix the blade? I don't want to have to replace it but I guess I can if there is no way to fix it.

^ Mine too; needed to die an hour ago. :/
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4:22 AM
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6:12 AM
Looking slightly more under control now!
@bjb568 Ohh, pretty!
Go review the pull reqs while I sleep.
(1:13 here!)
I will :)
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8:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ORACLE TO_CHAR ERROR by user2364211 on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ALTER TABLE CASE INSENSITIVE by Abu Mohanad on stackoverflow.com
9:09 AM
Hey there folks!
I've really hit the tool/rec reason hard the last week.
Would be awesome if some of you could hit it hard this week?
just use this query and type in 16 for the closeReasonId of course
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6 hours ago...
o/ tavern
\o user
@JanDvorak We at room wondered if we should create a tag [regex-fu] for questions that are NOT "gimme teh regex" questions, such a coincidence...
account not found /
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: Live with mysite.in but not mysite.in by Bagra Rajeev on serverfault.com
9:58 AM
@JanDvorak flagged, gone
725 stars? damn!
I only had like maybe 18 or so when I was a kid. How old is too old to decorate your room in these?
10:18 AM
My friend worked with a girl named Tuesday. She would often say, "Hey Tuesday, do you want to go to Friday's on Thursday and get a Sundae?" — Scottie Nov 5 at 22:33
star this if you like The Addams Family more
star this if you like The Munsters more
star this if you hate star polls
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Some time later...
12:20 PM
Some more time later...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: Jinja2.5 Syntax error on import by Black Magic on stackoverflow.com
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12:32 PM
Good Evening!
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: Live with mysite.in but not mysite.in? by Bagra Rajeev on serverfault.com
@Bart Good TimeOfDay!
7:32 am here.
12:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: Jinja2.5 Syntax error on import by Black Magic on stackoverflow.com
Other side of the pond
and here 6:00 PM
How's the @Bart coming along?
All I'm wondering is why it's already Sunday.
@Bart Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.
12:36 PM
You got notice when it was Friday, you got warning when it's Saturday, of course now it's Sunday
We really need 48-hour days
What do 'time flies' look like?
Meh, on its way out anyway I guess
@chmod711telkitty Ah! What do fruit flies look like?
Takes you way too long to answer that @chmod711telkitty. Disappointing ...
Am I the only one who can't reach ziggo.nl ?
12:51 PM
Hmm, weird
@bjb568 Seen them, and commented.
o/ Fox!
Works fine @rene
@TGMCians \o
@rene Works for me.
12:52 PM
I already tried two different browsers...
@rene You're BLOCKED!
That could be, but I try this from the PC from my dad and I assume he is not a hacker....
What do you see when you try to access it?
your IP has been blocked. you do some weird things on internet :p
12:54 PM
@ProgramFOX Er is helaas iets mis gegaan...
@rene You assumed?
@rene No further explanation? Bad UX...
You know what happens when you assume... (insert mandatory xkcd, i'm lazy)
@Unihedron He is 80, I think I'm safe...
Whoa, older than ever!
I know a 85 yr old who loves to make bugs/hack stuff.
12:55 PM
@ProgramFOX Maybe their site got a visit from the indian hacker team because they sponser Ajax now?
@rene And blocked only you?
@Frank Oops, you see a pattern?
Is this the place to ask "what's wrong with this question I just posted?"?
1:04 PM
@GreenAsJade Sure!
OK - what's wrong with this question I just posted? :)
Q: ImportError: Could not import settings (...) (Is it on sys.path? Is there an import error in the settings file?): No module named cm_central.settings

GreenAsJadeThis is a common error, with many causes it seems. I have read through the other questions on this topic, and none appear to have a solution (one was a basic misconfig by the poster identified by an answerer - I don't appear to have this issue, others apply to using wsgi from other modules etc)...

(I just got downvoted the last two questions I asked, which made me start to wonder, after all the reviewing I've been doing ... I ought to know how to ask a question! :) )
@GreenAsJade Huh... looks ok to me. Looks on-topic and decently written - not that I'm an expert.
it looks good to me.
1:07 PM
Anyhow, thanks for your support on that one. Cheers,
@GreenAsJade :(
@GreenAsJade Perhaps someone has lost his keys.
Sure, no worries ... and one downoted question I just shugged my shoulders (especailly since the previous one didn't really matter to anyhow). But two in a row ... whoa! :)
How does one shugg one's shoulders?
Oh, you kind of move them violently back and fowards, making sure your head moves too, until the sensation of "geez, that pisses me off" passes ;)
1:12 PM
@GreenAsJade Haha
bed time here, thanks again
@GreenAsJade OK cya!
@GreenAsJade The only thing I would add are the links to the questions that don't apply to your situation
name change and caching...
1:18 PM
@TGMCians Make sure you do
1 hour later…
3:25 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Using health and Nike+ ipod app by Naveen on apple.stackexchange.com
4:08 PM
Tom Limoncelli ♦, Bloomfield, NJ
826 2 4
^ If anyone here knows him, please tell him there is a typo in his "about me"- I was excided when they finally said what it was
Is this why you were looking for "report this profile" link? :D Alert the typo police!
Hope someone here will silently go and fix it in his profile without disturbing him, atleast that's what I would do for a colleague :)
4:24 PM
@SmokeDetector false
@ProgramFOX Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
4:40 PM
Ugh. I did the pull reqs wrong, didn't I...
@bjb568 Well, it looks like you did. Some commits are duplicated.
gets outta bed, runs to computer
sends a dog to the kitten to make them run faster
whistles for the dog
4:47 PM
a pack of wolves come hurtling towards bjb
github.com/bjb568/DevDoodle/pull/101 The first commits are already merged, I don't know why they are shown in the other pull reqs.
So, I hope it's a github issue of displaying the wrong things.
The commit graph should be:
O - O ↴
      O - O ↴
            O - O ↴
                  O - O ↴
So I merged the second level, and the third level and fourth level remain. The third level should be merged before the forth.
The commit graph should be now:
O - O ↴-------H
      O - O - ⇵
              O - O ↴
                  O - O ↴
(H is the latest thing on master)
… so right now github.com/bjb568/DevDoodle/commit/… is what needs to be reviewed
@bjb568 Doubtful. GH doesn't show the wrong things -- it shows what git says.
@hichris123 Ugh, link to your github account and I'll give you access to the repo.
1234? What's with this crazy world?
4:58 PM
@bjb568 GH needs unique usernames. :(
@hichris123 You could choose something uniqueyer :P
Nobody takes my username.
@bjb568 soo... what am I supposed to be looking at?
@hichris123 Pull reqs
@bjb568 Why are some of me octocats? (in blame)
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, Phone number detected: +91-9950211818 lo ve problem solution aghori baba by bhaibhai934 on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
5:01 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@bjb568 It should just be fine, merge it.
@hichris123 \o/
It's just using cached data.
5:05 PM
New markdown parser is live.
github.com/bjb568/DevDoodle/pull/104 seems to have updated its cache
So review that!
I've decided sublime text isn't too bad.
@bjb568 404
@bjb568 I can't seem to find anything wrong with the last pr
@TGMCians The repo is private.
If there's nothing wrong, you can merge it.
5:08 PM
Hm… maybe there should be a procedure for large pull reqs. How about somebody submits it, somebody else reviews it and leaves a comment, then the original submitter comes back later to merge if he didn't change his mind?
Sure, so we comment if we think the pr is alright and whether there are enuf confirmation to warrant safe merging is up to the author?
aha, @Unihedron is still awake. Then I can still share this:
5:27 PM
@Unihedron Yeah.
And it's up to me to shout at everybody who doesn't do it right. :P
@bjb568 Why do you always spell 'through' as 'thru'? That's not professional at all.
@ProgramFOX cuz itz bettah
uh, no
Professionalism is... hard
Hey, it's used in street signs now. Not a thru street.
It's easy for people to recognize too. Not like thero.
5:29 PM
Oct 22 at 21:25, by Sam
@Bjb Besides spelling through as "thru", it looks fine.
5 through 2
@bjb568 "easy to recognize"? meh
I find "through" easier.
5:31 PM
5 thru 2
5:31 PM
@Unihedron ha, I just was about to say that :P
@bjb568 Now you see why spelling is important! :P
@ProgramFOX Kaboom is spelled right. Kabopm isn't. Thru is spelled right. Through isn't.
@bjb568 For a non-native speaker, it's very hard to recognize those words if they are spelled in that broken way.
5:34 PM
@ProgramFOX Sound it out.
@bjb568 Pronunciation is... hard, so having a well-written word simplifies it.
@bjb568 Disagree. Thru is not commonly recognized in any dictionary.
What kind of discussion are we even having here? Words should be spelled right. Period.
Well, nothing will make me stop my spelling reform expeditions! Muahahaha!
5:37 PM
What about this cookie?
Tempting. But no.
@hichris123 What's that?
@hichris123 I know about that, I was in the room when that was posted.
@bjb568 Sekrit.
5:39 PM
@ProgramFOX Ah. I wasn't. ;)
6:01 PM
Q: 100 edits in one evening. Is it wrong?

rtruszkYesterday I made over 100 edits. Why I did it? To gain some badges and reputation points. To make SO site a little better Wanted to check if it is possible to gain 200 reputation points in one day this way. I was curious how community will react for my unusual activity. My edits weren't neith...

a little better Wanted to check^ why is W capital?
@bjb568 Really?
I'm sure the other contributors will agree that it should be fixed.
Okya if yuo dsiagere, wyh no ptu teh wabstie flul of spelign errosr?
Eeek, stahp it guyz!!
6:10 PM
It's not an error. It's like saying Hypertext Markup Language is correct and HTML is wrong. And 'cause is wrong. And stahp is wrong.
@bjb568 stahp is wrong the way 'thru' is wrong
Spelling "errors" can indicate a tone of voice.
There's a valid use of stahp in english.
i18n is "wrong" too.
Tone of voice might be appropriate in chat and such, but not on DevDoodle.
@ProgramFOX Who says DD has to be formal?
The users would prefer it I think.
But okay, let's ask in chat what the users think.
6:12 PM
Obviously a "why you were banned" page should be formal, but formal, but a "welcome, we'll show you around" page shouldn't.
Hi @rtruszk, sorry your question got ignored...these guys are squabbling right now...feel free to ask what you wanted to ask :)
/me votes for professionalism
I actually should ask this in the EL&U chatroom and everyone will say "Fix it!" >:D
Visitor here...let's behave
I answered.
6:14 PM
@bjb568 Answered? I thought it was a follow-up question.
oh, you didn't mean on DD chat
A: 100 edits in one evening. Is it wrong?

bjb568They look suspiciously like spam, but even if they're not: This edit fails to make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more accessible. Changes are either completely superfluous or actively harm readability.

that answer
yeah, saw it now
(brb, washing more parasites out of me)
6:16 PM
Ok, they aren't "spam" in any way, please don't scare people. Rapid retagging isn't spamming.
Adding linkage repeatedly looks a hell of a lot like spam.
migrate bjb from SO to drupal.se and don't allow him back till he learns to identify spam!
@rtruszk: read this answer:
A: Reviewing some awful questions is just a waste of time, can we have a "no comment" close reason for these?

Hans PassantThe real issue that I see is: why did you see a 2 month old crap question??? This was a systemic failure, many things went wrong in a house-of-cards tumble-down mode that got you to look at this junk. Roughly like this: The question was ignored back in April, the mangled title was probably en...

@rtruszk Okay, adding a link to the problem was meh. Not sure, I skipped those. Adding a link to Project Euler did absolutely nothing. Adding the Project Euler tag is up for debate. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/276402/…
@InfiniteRecursion I disagree in entirety with that answer, fyi.
I know @hichris123, I disagree too...but it describes why users get annoyed by minor edits and rapid retagging done in a day
goes back to homework
6:28 PM
@rtruszk: focus from the fifth point onwards - "The question was re-activated today because of a small edit by a user with sufficient rep to make edits that don't get reviewed."
This answer tells you how the edits effect all the users on the site, and why they get upset. Beyond that, just know that many of us have done minor stuff rapidly and upset someone or the other without realizing it. The important thing is to learn and not repeat the same again :)
@InfiniteRecursion I totally agree with that answer.
I respect your opinion @bjb568, and I shared it because it's a longer version of your answer....@rtruszk should see both sides of the case .....though personally, I completely disagree with that answer. I was online on SO when this incident happened, and the subject of that answer is a friend of mine, and I will always feel bad that I didn't ping him and ask him to stop making those edits :(
6:44 PM
Don't feel bad about it @Inf, it wasn't your fault. :)
Low Quality A (100%): Jesus Christ. Cool story, bro., by Federal Tacos, on superuser.com.
^ free flags
@InfiniteRecursion I admit that I
I admit that I made mistake. I am new to SO and try different things
I made several retag edits previously and they were accepted. I didn't get any complaints then
7:03 PM
@DwarfSlice Sublime is better.
So I thought than I can retag and link more posts and this way reorganize some small part of SO. I supposed that this work would have some little value to SO.
@DwarfSlice can it fold Haskell code?
@JanDvorak blank stare
It happens to lots and lots of new users, don't feel bad about it @rtruszk, don't take the downvotes on Meta personally. All of us have done these things when we were new, learning takes time, don't feel bad :)
It's the fault of the reviewers who approved your edits, it's not editor's fault. You are new, that's why your edits need approval, but approvers are older, they should have reviewed properly.
> users from Southern Asia regularly get upvotes for no conceivable reason.
that's racist
7:12 PM
^why does owlie interrupt....grrrr
your monologue? sorry
also, where did you quote that racist stuff from? Source?
It's strange that edits are accepted so easily.
Only mass edit attracts attension.
@rtruszk It's an unfortunate anomaly.
7:18 PM
I don't want to mess with him, he will get angry if I edit it out. If I flag for racism, mods will get angry that I didn't comment or edit it myself. Am a peaceful person, so I will turn a blind eye to that racist crap.
Yes, mass edit attracts attention @rtruszk
I want spam flags. Give me spam. There must be spam somewhere. Come on. Give it to me. Where's it at?
goes on a spam hunt for Jason...
I suspected that I will attract attention. I wondered how it will be.
All edits go to a queue for approval. When many edits need approval, an ugly orange button appears on our top bar and we go to review the edits.
If single user made all the edits, it's easily visible.
@InfiniteRecursion Wow. That's one of my favorite answers ever. What a great breakdown.
7:26 PM
I totally disagree with that answer personally, but @rtruszk needed to know because he/she is a new user, and needs to learn how the system works
I don't know if I agree with the conclusions but I love the analysis.
Yes, the analysis and breakdown has been very well written indeed. Another example of Hans brilliant writing skills.
Low Quality A (31.7%): As a dude,I refer to bosomy women as "chicks..., by handsomerandyblackladbrad1953, on english.stackexchange.com.
Yesterday at the beginning I made edits in small packs and long intervals. Later I sped up because end of the day was comming. Then rejects started.
So the faster I wrote edits the more rejects there was.
So it was interesting experience. I saw that system is working
7:44 PM
nuke-pls ^
op has posted same question in answer also two times
& later deleted
voted hi chris
7:49 PM
didn't vote
Well, this was my fault then. There was no clear description on when to use that link/feature. So I used it maybe like 3 or 4 times to report spam accounts that had no activity visible. I could've done more but wanted to see if that was appropriate to use that link for this. Guess I/we got our answer! — cVplZ 2 mins ago
Yay, I got a feature removed!
5 messages moved from Closevotes
argh @bjb568 , bad kitty
Read the room description before posting!
7:58 PM
@bjb568 Why isn't zephyr in that room?
@Frank IDK. I don't control zephyr.
@bjb568 Seems there are so many rooms where people post junk.
Sweet, there's a cornify bookmarklet.
@Pham Baffled that a mod answered that rather than closing it.
@JasonC s/CM/mod
8:04 PM
Haha, cornifying low quality questions gives me a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: STANDARD OCEAN TABLE NOW! by user3756366 on earthscience.stackexchange.com
I edited all of the answers & the question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/22716900/…. wow.
@hichris123 see now
@hichris123 Why?
8:19 PM
@TGMCians /rollback
@Frank Mostly because no one asked, and it's not used frequently. On a single screen I see gaps of 4 days, 8 days, 2 days, and 11 days. I was also unsure of the formatting (what do the integers mean?) but since it was used infrequently, I didn't bother setting up recognition patterns for that room
@cVplZ why ?
@hichris123 Mostly I meant the answers.
@TGMCians Because the things you placed in code tags aren't code. And the things you removed from code blocks are message output. And no further edits were really necessary anyways.
8:22 PM
@JasonC no...I did correct /
like last week there was a couple users promoting the twittely website as well
ah I formatted code there
@TGMCians See version now. I won't touch it any more.
I am updating it again!
8:25 PM
will do later...
it's 2:00 am.. i have not reviewed cv queu
going ...
@cVplZ First one IMHO spam; the examples from the twitter web site are not on that page, or at least not clearly.
@cVplZ Second one, dunno, but the same link was posted on Oct 29 in a deleted answer, by a deleted user.
@cVplZ Third strikes me slightly more as spam seed question + answer.
All go back to that guy's web site.
It's all highly suspect.
Thanks. I other flagged for mod.
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