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10:04 PM
@nicael He got no rep until then.
It seems like your rep graph doesn't start until you get > 1 rep.
@bjb568 Is he trying to promote projecteuler.net?
@nicael Probably.
@bjb568 So edits should be rejected.
10:08 PM
I'm doing that.
@bjb568 Maybe also flag him?
@hichris123 So just rep farmer?..
@nicael Possibly, and/or thinks that they're helping.
10:11 PM
Ughughugh. I keep inviting people to SO Tavern instead of the robo room.
> Thank you for reviewing 20 suggested edits today; come back in 1 hour to continue reviewing.
@JonEricson Hey, you gots a diamond. Could you deal with stackoverflow.com/users/4186297/… ?
(fingers type "reg" because regex)
Found a bug
Q: If an edit was suggested to an answer to my question and I go to this edit, I see the checkmark

nicaelFor example, this edit was proposed to an answer to my question. The bug is I see the checkmark when I go to this edit (I can't click it however).

10:28 PM
@bjb568 Man I love Project Euler. What's the issue?
@JonEricson There's no point in linking it everywhere. And the repeated behavior looks like spam to me.
The tag needs to be burninated.
Huh… how is meta.stackoverflow.com/q/275935/2371861 so controversial?
@bjb568 Looks likes someone who just discovered the site to me. Looks benign to helpful.
Well, make it stahp!
@bjb568 That looks like a helpful edit. The original is basically a malformed link.
@bjb568 perhaps users consider the tag useful ;-)
10:30 PM
@nicael: I was an inactive user for two years until I got the chance to participate in SO actively during working hours (I do invest some serious personal time too). I am mainly active in the .net tags which is the main technology I introduced as CTO / senior consultant.
I removed the association to project euler on the older edit-proposed posts.
@PatrickHofman Thanks for clarifying :)
@in our company. (hit enter too soon)
@bjb568 why?
10:31 PM
Aren't questions (supposed to be) about the question? It isn't important that the question was from attempting a project euler problem.
@JanDvorak It added nothing of value.
It tells answerers not to answer with full code
@bjb568 You meant tags, right? ;)
Also, you can easily be an expert on Project Euler ;-)
@hichris123 Also the mention in the question.
@JanDvorak … How?
@bjb568 by completing it;-)
10:33 PM
Anyone knows if this answer is linked in a recent post on SO? Received one up and one down vote on it today. stackoverflow.com/questions/25009327/primitive-types-in-net/…
@JanDvorak That's an argument for the homework tag. Or the newbie tag.
@bjb568 It turns out to be a skill that doesn't easily transfer to other realms, sadly.
@bjb568 I was referring to "Aren't questions (supposed to be) about the question?".
I don't mind these two tags, actually
@PatrickHofman It isn't linked to anything :)
10:34 PM
@hichris123 I meant questions. Meaning the question body should be about the problem, not fluff.
@bjb568 Okay, that totally didn't make any sense. :P
At least This edit fails to make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more accessible. Changes are either completely superfluous or actively harm readability. applies
@nicael: how can you see that? I mean another question that has this answer as link.
@bjb568 Those two fail the second meta-tag criteria. They mean different things to different people:
Jeff Atwood on August 06, 2010

There are a few tags on Stack Overflow that have bugged me for a long time. Namely:

subjective best-practices beginner

best-practices beginner


But I could never quite articulate what, exactly, was wrong with these tags. It’s been bothering me more and more as time goes on. So much so, that about two months ago, I was compelled to ask on meta: Should we permanently remove the [subjective] tag?

There are some weak arguments in favor of keeping [subjective], but that’s about the best its proponents can muster. The arguments against it are much stronger. I felt Shog9 made the best case: …

@hichris123 Questions (the actual post) should be about the question (what the OP wants answered), not containing fluff.
@JonEricson I wouldn't like it to be the only tag on a question either.
10:37 PM
doesn't fail those tests. (But it could be worth removing for some other reason I haven't heard yet.)
@PatrickHofman :) Because while viewing your profile to find out real age of your account, I noticed ugly -2... Now you can guess yourself.
@JonEricson What? It doesn't add any categorizational value. It doesn't matter if a problem is from project euler or not. Those problems come up in other places too.
@nicael lol
@bjb568 it might help searching for them
10:40 PM
@bjb568 But to solve PE problems, you have some odd constraints. Like they really ought to take a few seconds of compute time. So brute force solutions don't really work. The tag defines a venue in an analogous way as the tag does.
@JanDvorak 1) You shouldn't search for them 2) No, you search for "how to blehblehbleh" not "project euler problem #123"
@bjb568 I might, but some people just want to pass the tests
@JonEricson not really; PE solutions can take as long as you want as long as you're willing to wait that out
@JanDvorak Well, we shouldn't keyword-stuff just because we want people to find stuff. If it's fluff and doesn't help answerers (the core of SO) answer the problem, it's not worth keeping.
@bjb568 um...
@JanDvorak … yeah?
10:43 PM
the point of tags is to aid search
The point of tags is to categorize posts.
> Tags are keywords or labels that categorize and group your question with other, similar questions.
ok... w/e
PE questions aren't similar to each other and a group of them doesn't make much sense
they are similar to each other
How? There's a bunch of different problems about different things.
10:45 PM
PE questions form a distinct group of questions. Some nontrivial math considerations are involved, for one thing.
… things that can and are categorized thru other, more valuable tags.
Rather different from "why does not my code compile" kind of questions, for instance.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Some PE tagged questions are that
@Rafflesiaarnoldii so are performance questions, yet that tag is being burninated
should I suggest a tag for questions that are not about basic debugging?
Okay, my compiling remark was pointless. But "math" can mean someone struggling to figure out the distance between points on the screen, given their coordinates. PE is a more narrow category that that.
10:49 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii how?
There's specific tags like stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/primes anyway
inb4 nuke-pls
They are challenges in mathematical computation. Not questions about basic math concepts needed to program something like rotating an image.
Speaking of math: I have just leveled up there:
10:51 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii [math][not-crap]
^^ those 5 posts were not crap.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii FWIW, you could have claimed them misclicks
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BROTHER HL-2170W PRINTER FEED by user388081 on superuser.com
11:48 PM
There's also the difference between working to add something that may be of marginal value, and working to remove something that may be of marginal value. There's a territory in which neither adding nor removing are worth the effort; I think PE references falls there.
Fine. Just ban that editor!

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