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2:00 PM
Hi @TheGuywithTheHat!
Low Quality Q (48.7%): I need help at my java homework: the programm has to encode a string, by beginner, on stackoverflow.com.
@Undo, you might receive crap on SR due to this, I tried my best to tell them it's unfit for the site
@Pham I want to answer it :( With a regex solution ;(
stop downvoting spam :(
Doesn't the spam flag give an instant downvote?
Or is that offensive that does that?
both do
@jadarnel27 yeah, but one can more or less calculate the amount of flags needed based on the score
@cVplZ, stop saving your stars for retirement and go star stuff, the room is hardly filled with stars any longer...else FR to change the room description!
Yay, I got a 50% on my enlightenment essay for history class. Others got 40%.
I tell everyone to join tavern because of these reasons.
@bjb568 Is 50% good? To me that percentage would still be a failing grade.
Just less failing than a 40%
@bjb568 What's an enlightenment essay?
2:28 PM
IIRC, a typical grading scheme in bjb's country is: A for 90%+, B for 80..90, C for 70..80, D for 60..70, below that it's F. Although some argue E should be somewhere there, meaning Epic.
Haha - it is the perfect solution for a homework! — assylias 3 mins ago
A 100ker liked my regex solution =)
@InfiniteRecursion I know. I've been fairly quiet lately. Nothing much for you guys to star.
2:43 PM
@Braiam arm pit odor?
_ O _
@Unihedron And now it's gone.
@jadarnel27 -2 :( vengeful downvoters on homework questions, so I deleted my answer
before it gets me a Peer Pressure badge
@rene all but peer pressure
Probably for the best. The user has already been downvoted to oblivion, and had his question closed. No need to also snipe him with sarcastic answers.
2:51 PM
@Unihedron I pressure you to get that badge
@jadarnel27 Sarcastic answer? :(
People are all excited about winters and going all "omg hoodies!" "Omg boots!" and I'm like "yay! no bath no bath!!"
@Unihedron Oh gosh, you're right! I don't know how I missed the sincerity the first time I read it! My apologies.
2:53 PM
@Bart Is it so? Hmm, that might be the reason the tavern looks a bit silent nowadays.
@jadarnel27 how so?
@InfiniteRecursion And I finally cleared the ants from my laptop.
@Unihedron The existing close vote choice would be good.
@Unihedron Yay!
@Andy No. It's an F. Totally a failing grade.
@Unihedron Essay on the Enlightenment era in history.
So it's "Yes, I suck, but not as bad as you all suck!"?
By "suck", I mean the teacher's expectation's reasonability.
@Andy exactly :P
3:26 PM
today I has +135 on MSO. Jon's tracker is wonderful.
3:36 PM
E should be "effort"
@JanDvorak E should be "Ehhhh, you didn't really listen, did you?"
Awesome - Boring - Cool - Done - Effort - Failed
That's so 1998.
@Unihedron you are so 1998
3:52 PM
@vba4all Uhh... yes? Why do you ping me about that answer?
Q: how would this look in C, C++, in C++11 and in C++14 ?! (about barred toilets behind the mars)

dschinn1001snippets of which one is in C (worked only with gcc-version of year 2001 to 2003) and one in perl (which needs to be improved here) : Now scenario is that toilets are barred behind the Mars, and a top-agent like Sandra Bullock, or like Bruce Willis would be too expensive (or to be too much of va...

@Jamal Ha, really? xD
Yes, really; it's not from SO. I'm still shocked, too.
I love stuff like that. When somebody clearly puts effort into writing something stupid, and probably thinks "this is AWESOME" before they post it, then it just gets shut down.
The contrast between expectation and reality is hilarious.
I'm sorry; I forgot to recommend Quora instead. :-(
4:07 PM
swimming :D
mm... there's a query about the average answers per day, right?
> Q: How to do X?
> A: Well, that's easy. It can't be done.
4:25 PM
> A2: Hack the system.
... what?
Oh, I just realize what that meant.
4:47 PM
Low Quality A (65.8%): ***** ****** **** ****, by stephen king, on bicycles.stackexchange.com.
@Pham clean
/me notices that @Bart started talking and grabbing all the stars again
Oh, the bot is paused.
@InfiniteRecursion order restored ...
... How?
4:49 PM
@ProgramFOX That doesn't stop him from listening to commands.
no! we are in the beta timeline again!?
@Sam oh, that's cool!
@InfiniteRecursion stick smiting?
Pausing Pham simply pauses his post scraping/checking threads, nothing else.
4:51 PM
... who can smite Bart?
@InfiniteRecursion Bart can.
@ProgramFOX Bart can bart himself.
Good job @Bart, keep the stick at hand and make sure you don't stop talking and fall off the star wall ...
@Unihedron somehow that sounds wrong ...
4:58 PM
@Bart I'm so sorry.
@Bart is not wrong if it's Bart who do it
... inb4 meanie grammar corrections ...
"Bart. Barting himself since since Bart"
@InfiniteRecursion grammer
Nice to see the order restored :)
@Bart Bart, barting Bart's barts barted bart.
5:00 PM
@TGMCians plz send teh coffee
@Unihedron ... did I miss something?
@SmokeDetector yes here all caps capital
36 mins ago, by Braiam
5:03 PM

Proposed Q&A site for students needing help and hints for homework problems in the field of physics, maths, biology, chemistry, humanities and any other school or university subject area.

Closed before being launched.

... Wow. Oh wow.
/me proposes NotMyHomeworkNoReallyItIsnt.SE
@ProgramFOX already voted
5:09 PM
/me voted
I know, some people already voted but some votes expired, so I posted it here.
ping Bart, @Inf ^^
Yeah, ping them. Otherwise they will never know.
hehe done
1 last vote...who can help...
@ProgramFOX so finally [status-closed] :) 10x all
5:16 PM
Am late, already closed :/
yeah Inf
@Bart you rang!!!!
The transcript looks changed, Smokey doesn't shout, meanie doesn't correct grammar, the glasses don't get stars, the tree doesn't speak, and the maths wiz reports all the spam o_O
The world changes too quickly.
5:32 PM
There, at least something is normal.
I could complain about @TimStone never getting to any of the stuff on his to do list. But that would probably be "old school," rather than normal.
Plus we just don't talk about that in polite company.
Smiling is the best way to face any problem, to crush every fear and to hide every pain.
@Unihedron But subject-specific HW sites appear to be acceptable:
Physics homework questions

Proposed Q&A site for students needing help and hints for physics problems and questions either experimental, conceptual or calculational and people who need help to understand a concept in physics or have questions about some concepts taught in class or physics books.

Currently in definition.

5:41 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii /me goes to propose gimmethecode.SE
@TimStone ...but we're in The Tavern.
Yeah bu...hm.
Unregistered users are present in the Users table in SEDE, but there is no column that says they are unregistered. :(
coming up, unless it was requested already.
Of course it was requested in 2013....
@Rafflesiaarnoldii That's not that old then. Give it 6-8
the newest answer there ^ seems somewhat spamish too: stackoverflow.com/a/26807079/189134
anonther answer from the same guy: stackoverflow.com/questions/6641052/…
so... spam
gone and gone
Can anybody else reproduce the error, or am I just special today?
@ProgramFOX Would you please delete your answer so i can delete my question? Thanks.
6:08 PM
@Mooseman Why? Perhaps it's a bug that it only works with focus on the textarea.
@ProgramFOX True. I revised my question instead
@Mooseman Okay, thanks!
@ProgramFOX And yes, I did give your answer an upvote. ;)
Q: what are name server in respect to the purchase of domain?

AnshimaWhen i was on the way to purchase the domain from hosting india, it asked for the nameservers. "If you want to use custom nameservers then enter them below. By default, new domains will use our nameservers for hosting on our network." Then it gave the In domain registration, what a nameserver is ...

> put on hold as off-topic by Community♦, Sneftel, Nimesh, rene, gunr2171 4 hours ago
what is the role of Community♦ ?
or that user who voted has deleted account ?
6:14 PM
@TGMCians I think the question has been CV'd by a user who is deleted now.
hmm ok
@ProgramFOX First comment is by user3414693 w/o a profile. He's Community
@Mooseman Indeed, well-spotted.
@Unihedron Your story was heart-touching...but everybody doesn't leave...some stay forever :)
@InfiniteRecursion meh :P
6:18 PM
@Unihedron :D
@ProgramFOX but why guys delete accounts after having more than 3K reputation or may be he had more than that /
@TGMCians It happens, unfortunately.
@TGMCians His account could have been hacked and started posting spam... I've seen it from 20k+ users.
@InfiniteRecursion :D
@TGMCians I've seen a 29ker on SO with the name "please delete me" and the profile about me as "please delete me". Never saw them since.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FILLFACTOR = 99 by Junior Mayhé on dba.stackexchange.com
6:21 PM
@ProgramFOX hmm I remember H2c03
Yes, indeed.
user image
still google hinting h2co3 stackoverflow
Finally, a confirmation:
A: Are job offers spam?

Robert HarveyYes, they are spam. The purpose of Stack Overflow is to get answers to programming questions, not to solicit developers for work. If employers want to do that, they can use Careers for that purpose.

@InfiniteRecursion THAT had to be asked AND it got 39 upvotes? Tsk tsk...
It's confusing...for many...
@GolezTrol Here, flagging as spam is appropriate, per this answer. When flagging as spam, the conventional wisdom is not to downvote, as a negative score can remove the post from the front page before it attracts enough spam flags. — apsillers 3 hours ago
6:36 PM
Good night!
6:57 PM
@Unihedron Top deleted users, ordered by total score of their posts (so, reputation was roughly 10 times that). "anon" is a conglomerate of many users, because of how SE handles disassociation, and because in the old days users renamed themselves so prior to deletion. Disregarding "anon", the top deleted user is H2CO3.
Spam A (100%): Do you want to become very rich, famous or p..., by Elder Roskin Illuminati, on puzzling.stackexchange.com.
7:16 PM
Spam gone.
@Mooseman cv'd btw.
@Sam +1
Spam A (100%): i.d theft shondrafuller@yahoo.com fraud aler..., by shondra fuller baylor, on money.stackexchange.com.
7:35 PM
/me hears crickets and sees tumbleweeds
7:50 PM
8:17 PM
All you sick people need to get out. I don't want any of your germs getting on my internet pixels.
cough wheeze
/me sneezes close enough @Andy to make him flinch
@Rafflesia arnoldii: Please abstain from editing my posts, I find your rationalization for downvoting to be bogus; it is repulsive and fallacious. — Guest 38 mins ago
^^ Is there a logical connection between the two that I'm missing?
8:27 PM
Did you say you downvoted? If not (and there are downvotes on the question), then they are making an assumption that may or may not be true. Since they didn't roll back your edit, I'd say they are just complaining.
There are no downvotes on the post. Strange. I guess some people like to complain.
I know for a fact that some people like to complain.
* love
@Rafflesiaarnoldii That's definitely a weird comment coming from an unregistered user posting their first question on the site.
Oh the irony. I just now noticed this in my published Chrome extension:
8:32 PM
Haha, typo'd!
@bjb568 Why don't you explain to them why the product of two odd numbers is odd?
Anyone who wants to try Inbox. I have 3 invitations left.
@TGMCians Please (Is there a way I can PM you my address?)
8:37 PM
don't know
@Mooseman You could try dropping a comment on one of his posts (that doesn't have any other comments) then quickly deleting.
do please here
I don't mind saying it here if I know it's really deleted when I remove the message.
I am still recovering from the shock of getting the redesigned Gmail Android app...
let me know when you've copied it
8:39 PM
@Mooseman delete
@Mooseman Only ROs and Mods can see deleted messages, so you should be fine. ;)
@Sam Good enough. Thanks!
@Mooseman Sent
@TGMCians Got it! Now to download the app... Thanks!
No problem
Try it is awesome
even you can try web app also
8:42 PM
Nooo "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
you must have android OS 4.1 and up
but anyway try web interface
@TGMCians Says "Activate your invite on your phone first."
ah ok
Thanks for the invite, but I can't even use it now. :(
hmm np
8:50 PM
Q: Adding a background to a branched div tag (Beginner)

Colin KoenigI am getting into difficulty where when I try to add a branching division and adding a background to that division nothing happens. HTML: <div class="content"> <div id="page1"> <center><img src="img/logo.png"/></center> <h3> <b>Hello</b> This is fun and frien...

9:18 PM
@Mooseman closed now (and edited)
thanks @rene!
Over 200 reps today :)
@nicael your sock-ring at work?
@rene :D
9:36 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: VERILOG EDGE DETECTION BETWEEN TWO SIGNALS by EE_PCB on electronics.stackexchange.com
10:08 PM
I'm back!
^ cv-plz
299 rep to go til 20k!
@Rafflesiaarnoldii What are you… replying too?
10:21 PM
Why is this comment relevant?
Then again, you never know what it's gonna take to avoid a downvote. Maybe it was just enough activity to prevent Tim from losing his keys...this time... — Nick Stauner Jul 17 at 4:58
I just saw that Q title on the screenshot and thought "this is the sort of question that calculus kitten might want to answer". Of course, it was answered instantly by a few users.
10:33 PM
I need a chrome bug to fix.
38% internet down time in past 24 hours, max 45 seconds at a time. Good job, cablevision.
How am I supposed to watch my porn like this?
@JasonC You aren't. :)
@Frank Challenge accepted.
Get Comcast cable put up.
@Frank No can do. Only other options are Time-Warner cable and Verizon whatever.
10:38 PM
@JasonC Too bad. :( Comcast is fast
I'm actually really happy with cablevision normally; the cable outside is fucked up I think. Tech's been here 3 times in past 4 days trying other things to avoid rerunning it.
Yeah mine's usually blazing fast too, this is actually the first time in about 4 years it's been down for a significant time. I'm just bitching because it's fun.
@Frank How fast?
@hichris123 Faster than what I had before.
@Frank Down/up speeds?
@hichris123 Have to go find that measuring site...
@hichris123 Forget how to measure that.
@hichris123 18.39 Mbps down, 3.66 Mbps up
@Frank How much do you pay?
On speedtest I usually get 45mbp down and 15-20mbps up with these guys, $70/mo; although $20 of that is an inexplicably mandatory land phone line.
@JasonC $39.95/mo.
10:48 PM
@Frank Whoa; that's a great price.
@JasonC yup.
Cablevision used to put time-warner to shame here but time-warner's been upgrading all their infrastructure in nyc, their advertised speeds are pretty intense. No idea what reality is though. Plus their support is nightmarish, I don't think they could pay me to be a customer.
E.g. their sales department doesn't know their package prices. For that you need to contact tech support, who can't place an order for you, for that you need to contact sales.
@JasonC Ugh. We pay like $45/month for 12 down, 1 up.
I kind of want to use the land line, and have an answering machine. I miss that.
@JasonC DSL?
10:59 PM
@JasonC screenshot?
@AnnaLear I had dsl before, and it was sloooow.
@AnnaLear Nope it's cable. It's mind boggling. I don't even think I have working terminations for the phone line inside the house.
@JasonC yeah, that's super weird then
@AnnaLear When I asked them about dropping the service on the phone they just said "sorry, it's part of the package, we can't separate it". Then I remember a knock on my door, then it was 3 days later.
Anyone else here ever used Dial-Up? shudders
Ah, the good ol' shshshshzzzzzshshhshzhhzhz days
11:02 PM
Used to click a button, walk out of the room for five minutes and do something else, return, click another button, repeat... ... ... ...
Ah, the good old mom-picking-up-the-phone-to-kill-your-bbs-connection-because-it-was-dinner-time days.
@Frank A screenshot today would probably be Chrome's "web page could not be loaded" page.
@Frank ... Yeah it peaked at 0.3 mbps down then just timed out and gave up. I'm impressed it was able to load the page to begin with.
Time to rock the cell phone tether.
11:19 PM
When 4g lte is faster than cable...
@Frank when you use Comcast...?
10.65 down, 0.45 up on my phone; good enough for porn, so good enough for me.
Both of my cats have been staring bushy-tailed out the window all day, but there's nothing out there except the wall of the building next door. It's kind of starting to freak me out.
11:36 PM
@Braiam Not for me.
DevDoodle pull reqs @Uni @Prog
@JasonC Give them computer.
@bjb568 did you not argue that you are very enlightened?
@bjb568 I can't even pull them away with the iPad or the laser pointer. It's intense, man.
@cVplZ :P
@JasonC :O
Contact a witch doctor.
Someone posted an extremely insecure site on StackOverflow, I'm curious what I should do about it? I hesitate to let him know in the comments as it is very easy to exploit.
Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this.
11:50 PM
is spam?
is the link a payload?
@phantom Check the site for naked pictures of celebrities?
lol, no
11:52 PM
@JasonC important that one
then leave it alone @phantom
just out of curiosity, when was it posted?
Iight then, I just didn't want someone to be able to break into his site as the exploit allows full control of the host OS
@phantom If you believe that something really should be done about it; flag it with an explanation, maybe a mod will delete or something. You could also try to reach the user in chat.
Q: How to handle a publicly posted API key?

RangadTaking this revision and all earlier revisions of the question as example. The user posted his API key publicly in the question. Talking about this matter in general, what is the correct behaviour here? Leaving the key open on the Internet may possibly impact his site/service or may be used t...

The user only has 1 rep so unfortunately that option is not available.
but I guess all SQL questions without prepared statements would be deleted then.. so yea, just probably leave it
11:55 PM
How many unicorns I can buy — Braiam 15 secs ago
Alright, I flagged it, hopefully the individual in question won't get hacked, thanks folks.
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