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11:00 AM
downvoting is more for the answerers, to alarm or anything
but cause misunderstanding for the OP
we're alarming them they're going to answer utter crap ;-)
@Ahmad No, downvoting is to show the lack of effort / usefulness / clarity, there is no misunderstanding.
Read the hover tooltip.
take for example the proposal I made or some other question of me like meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/275709/… with -19
@Ahmad you can only understand a thing after using it for some time, please use stack overflow for some time and the judge it's features
what -19 means for a visitor of a site?
11:03 AM
Voting on Meta is different
@Ahmad Did you... Take the tour of meta?
I will, I had some before, they say how to ask ....
@Ahmad As a visitor, you don't go to someone's home and tell them - "hey, you are doing it wrong, I know more about your home than you do"....
Oh, that link is broken.
for example suppose I search for an answer for a problem in c# combo box
11:04 AM
report a bug
There's no you on meta
I will find it in the SO with -10 votes, what does it mean to me?
@Ahmad You tell us?
11:05 AM
@Ahmad If you read a -10 question, you won't be able to understand the question, do you want some examples?
I dont care that votes, I just check if the question is my problem too or not, then I check votes of the answers
Then you don't need to care
yeah give the examples
Q: How does Meta Stack Overflow work?

Martijn PietersMeta Stack Overflow appears to have different rules and user behavior from the "regular" Stack Overflow site. How is it different? Individual questions answered below: Do I have an account here? What happens to my reputation and badges? What do votes mean on Meta? Why was my well-written post...

I mean just answerers pay attentions to the votes of questions, not askers and goggleres
11:07 AM
You mean contributors? There are askers who care, so your stance doesn't really stand.
anyone in a bad mood today?
Q: How to turn off Overflow Check in VBA for MS Access?

AndroidNFCI am writting a CRC8 function in VBA which results in error: Overflow ! Since I cannot fix it and there are no sample code solutions on how to fix the overflow error with left shifting, I`d like to try and turn it off to see the result I get. I cannot find it in options. Thanks

And also, question ban
@vba4all @inf is
how to search with score?
@InfiniteRecursion score:...-10
But I'm writing a SEDE
11:09 AM
@cVplZ i said sorry
@Unihedron Thanks
@Ahmad can you understand this question? stackoverflow.com/questions/19574141/…
@Unihedron Why not just use the SEDE that's already there?
reinvents the wheel
What is <t>?
11:11 AM
@AndrewT. lang-pls
lol, but you think who will search that question?
@Ahmad which language do you code in? I will find questions in that language as example for you
it was not that bad question, he said his best effort
I'm done.
11:13 AM
lol, the title of question is good and also the asker says his best to solve the problem ;)
I also give up.
if no one in the world, lookfor it it s just in the corner of the server and if one have the same question the answer is beneficial for him
@Ahmad I tried my best to educate you.
Chess anyone?
I was kidding but there is a point
why you bother about the quality of the questions of the site? you just bother the quality of the answers
no one browse the questions , they search, its my point
putting the cart before the horse, lol
11:16 AM
We browse the question to answer it
@Ahmad I do, I have a email subscription filter to minecraft, bukkit, minecraft-forge and regex.
@Ahmad false
Anyway, gtg
@Ahmad And I sift through every single post every day I get it, so you're taking it wrong.
11:17 AM
@Ahmad Do you need proof?
@Ahmad If you search and don't judge questions by votes, then why are you concerned about the votes of the question?
entertained ^^
I worry about votes of my own questions
it's like saying I don't care if you are wearing black or white, don't wear black!
11:18 AM
because they upset me if i found no reason for them
@Ahmad give example

Uni Rants

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@JanDvorak true
@cVplZ IKR
11:18 AM
@JanDvorak yw
@Ahmad Yeah, no research effort.
Or attemptive effort.
I googled it and the answer is not that easy
its not duplicate too, and its very useful and common
@Unihedron and I wrote what I have tried
@Ahmad The way you wrote it expressed your attempt as the problem itself.
but sometimes there is no obvious attempt to do
you mean the writing of it has problem, and it could be written better?
11:22 AM
@Ahmad You got 2 upvotes and 4 downvotes, total score -2, you gained rep 12 from that question, am I correct?
Study this and this (disclosure: my questions), include what you researched.
you mean up and down vote scores are not equal in points?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PRESENT SIMPLE AND PAST SIMPLE by user5577 on ell.stackexchange.com
@Ahmad Upvotes on questions are +5, downvotes on questions are -2.
no, downvotes only take away 2 points from you, one upvote covers far more than 2 downvotes
11:24 AM
It's so overpowered. I really want them to change it where downvotes are -6. But if I make a meta post about it, people would murder meh.
but anyway I got 4 downvotes from people who I dont know and their reasons,
also, it is less than 24 hours, and 2 people found it useful, if it is a good question, many users will find it through google and they will upvote it
when a question has an answer then what downvotes means?
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 72.5859: How to cdr repair corrupted image? on superuser.com
I mean an accepted answer, if we suppose the downvotes are more for the answerers
11:26 AM
@hichris123 Out of beta?
it's a slow process, it takes time....nothing changes in a day. I will say you gained a lot in a day, you had a problem you got a perfect answer + you got some rep + your question is still open, so many more answers may come in future
@Ahmad There's a reversal badge, so if you're conveying that downvotes are bad for where the thread includes good answers, Nope.
I didn't got, I think I should that idea to my proposal too
Hmm, +0/-4...
@InfiniteRecursion are you with me
11:30 AM
Still undecided on a new avatar. What do you think baba ji looks like?
@Ahmad I am not with anybody
@babaji Poke Tim and ask him :P
also, protip, if you ask a question, add a "question mark"
OK folks, you have a great job by helping people, something that not any person volunteer then I leave the decisions to yourselves, but think on it.
correct question: are you with me?
with all here, answerers
@Ahmad sure, thanks for your suggestions :)
11:33 AM
@Ahmad I don't answer.
:) yeah I have a good faith, and now I also got more familiar with the down votes system, but I tell you its unclear for new users
@Ahmad New users don't like downvoting for the same reason as you don't. As any user sticks around and gets a better view of the site, they will.
@Ahmad if you use a new software/site, it takes some time to learn about it's usage :)
I didn't give up for my proposal yet, I hope my questions get some up votes, cause still see less meaning in its current status
11:35 AM
Everybody falls a few times before they learn to walk, we all felt the same on our first few downvotes, now we don't mind them
you don't mind them? lol, it's what you learned?
@Ahmad Hope to see you back here in the Tavern in a few days when you earn the afflication rep bonus.
it more like ignoring...
@Ahmad I learned a lot, I write a lot better now
11:37 AM
I mean learning from down votes, you conclude that its better not bother them, ;)
@Ahmad It's called learning, not ignoring. Now the downvotes I get teach me that I have written something wrong
note I am joking meanwhile
Please don't joke when Inf is being serious. It confuses me.
I almost rushed to hit the "I'm confused!" lever..
I put a lol
(intermission: how inf used to talk)
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, Jul 28 at 10:36, by Infinite Recursion
Thanks :-) wats with coffee and cupcakes here? I don't see those 2 users here (am confused now)
11:38 AM
I didn't joke I misunderstood you and then jokes, I thought you mean by learning ignoring
@Ahmad understanding people also takes some time :)
yeah specially cultures
@Ahmad so, today you learnt how to chat. Next time don't say that you don't know how to chat...
I am Persian
@Ahmad I am a duck
11:39 AM
I am on Earth! Beautiful planet!
yeah I mean cultural difference on understanding people
you westerns are more deciplined and one and zero
People? Where? looks around frantically
people of here, of everywhere
there's music to share
only if you dare
@Ahmad who told you we are westerners? Persia is to the west of the countries of many users in here who are talking with you
11:42 AM
for example kidding could be more in some cultures
Oh right, sorry where are you from?
I'm not a westerner. I live in HKSAR.
@Ahmad would your jokes remain the same if I told you am female?
you mean me or Persians? I am a bit different I think
they are more polite with females
but being joking there is no difference
Persians are warm with men and women
Ok seems you are busy, see you later
11:46 AM
nice to meet you
I'm just this other guy, you know?
nice to meet you too, now I will go and close questions :)
yeah do your nasty jobs :)
11:48 AM
;) bye
what is that ugly thing?^
should I flag that^^?
I decided this is how baba ji looks like.
Eeek! Don't make that your avatar, it's horrendous
11:49 AM
Just testing how the new "report this profile" feature works.
It's a little oversized here, the actual image is not as in-your-face.
still, extremely ugly
use altair's image
it sucks that Siddharth who is VBA number 1 on site can't close the question by himself
i know some may take too much advantage of their powers but ... hey ain't they already highly trusted users ?
@vba4all Don't think about what others do, everybody is different.
i remember someone has proposed something similar like people with gold badge in tags should have give 1 vote that would cast as 3 cvs or something like that
11:58 AM
Q: Empowering tag-badge holders part II - let's look at silver?

Tim PostNot long ago, we gave folks that have a gold tag badge the ability to instantly mark a question as a duplicate of another. This has worked out exceptionally well in practice. While there have been some disputed closings, the process is completely transparent and community oversight has worked jus...

reopen this one please
and close this NEW one as exact duplicate
Q: Combining two tables in Excel using VBA

h.l.mUsing Excel VBA I would like to be able to combine two tables in excel with a common key. Please see below for a minimal example: I have the below to start with... Sheet1 A B C 1 type year1 year2 2 aaa 100 110 3 bbb 220 240 4 ccc 304 200 5 ddd 20 30 6...

Can't you just link it in comments or something?..
Oh. :P
such a mess
12:03 PM
Ahmad's conversation reset the star wall :D
What good is that? Don't you miss Bart's starred messages? :P
1 hour ago, by Infinite Recursion
@JanDvorak Why do you ask me so many questions?
Hehe. :P
Sep 12 at 8:22, by Bart
@InfiniteRecursion how could we not
How can we not miss him?
12:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RANK OF PRODUCT OF TWO FULL RANK MATRICES by Tarik on math.stackexchange.com
12:33 PM
too broad
um... disputed flag on NAA -> stackoverflow.com/a/9741069/2140173
what do you think
@vba4all Well, it is an answer.
too broad.. no code included
just a dump of a requirement
On second thought, including full phone number wasn't appropriate. Baba's privacy should be protected. New version:
1:04 PM
@JanDvorak: it appears math.SE doesn't like VLQ flags like that, even for complete copy-paste homework question they declined my flag there.
not observed yet. Thanks for the warning
My VLQ flag for that question was marked helpful.
> 1. Assume that books from a certain publisher have an average of one misprint every 20 pages. (a) What is the probability that a given page has two or more misprints? (b) What is the probability that a book of 200 pages has at least one page with two or more misprints? Thanks in advance : )
@Qantas94Heavy when was that?
@JanDvorak: I think it was a few months ago.
1:06 PM
@ProgramFOX mine too, along with the OT, so either dismissed by a mod or someone vtc'd
@Unihedron: the edit auto-dismissed it.
@Qantas94Heavy I know how VLQ works. ;)
@Qantas94Heavy Depends on who's handling it. If it's a mod, they will likely decline. If it's reviewers in close queue, you'll probably get it marked helpful.
The culture of Math.SE is that apart from spam-type things, mods almost never close questions using binding vote, let alone delete them. (I'm not fond of this personally, but that's what it is.)
1:09 PM
A mod voted to close the question ^^ when it was the fifth vote, thus acting as a regular user.
1:40 PM
@babaji it's still not quite acting as a regular user.
@Undo still, it isn't using its binding vote at it fullest
It isn't, but having a diamond in the close vote list looks a whole lot more official.
Q: As a Stack Exchange moderator how should I share a close vote opinion without using my Moderator powers?

James JenkinsOn Stack Exchange sites, there is a no way for moderators to cast a normal, non binding vote, If I have an opinion but I am not sure it represents the community response how can I best share my opinion with the community? Example: On a site where I am a Moderator Pro-Tem, my personal opinion was...

I should get that cough checked.
1:58 PM
@Andy Now there's a question that belongs on meta, not on Mods.SE...
@AnnaLear I can't migrate it. It's older than 60 days. I will make a note to the OP though
@Andy I can. But I don't want to swoop in to migrate. Will ping the community team. :)
@AnnaLear Sounds good to me.
mm... Pops already managed that post
2:13 PM
nice language indeed
@babaji please revert back your avatar, the experiment with Smokey is over, isn't it?
and the star wall is still Bart-less, who stared all those things about me being the one who closes posts aka the police :/
2:34 PM
@InfiniteRecursion It's not over; I still have to post a questions somewhere. (Since answers are not detected).
not meh
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 99.9998: +91-9950211818 v ashikaran specialist aghori baba ji on english.stackexchange.com
... so call me maybe. ^^
@Unihedron delete doesn't work on the version he runs :(
2:36 PM
So... I did not star the phone number thing, but what's the big deal? There are several copies of it in the transcript already.
@babaji True, but I'd prefer to not have it also copied on the 'starred' tab in the room info.
@Unihedron should I give the obvious answer?
@Braiam dunno but the naas are gone
2:42 PM
@babaji OK, atleast keep a nice avatar image, we don't want/need to see such a amazing baba clone for Smokey's experiment, do we? Please ?!?
Something is wrong with the tavern now :(
Something is wrong in The Tavern
No Bart, weird self-evaluation questions, spam on the star wall weeps
Changed avatar on meta.SE only, presumably it will propagate to chat here.
Don't like the UI for doing this, btw.
Also, @uni don't keep closing and reopening questions within minutes just because a high rep user asks you to do so, same for marking dupes, unless you are absolutely certain about the vote, don't cast it. If someone has left a comment asking OP to add code, it's appropiate to wait for a few minutes. I have seen this pattern a couple of times, so I thought I should tell you
2:51 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Ok!
@Unihedron Thanks :)
Thanks for telling me :)
@babaji Yay! Thank you
It's caching, it will reflect after some time in chat
3:05 PM
Thank you dev team, the new contact us option to delete accounts is nice and very easy to use. Used it for my AU profile deletion, very easy and convenient.
A++, would delete again
Stop shouting nic
They did it for me
3:26 PM
@PatrickHofman imho first can be closed as dupe of second, second has better answers and more information
How about recommending a merge instead?
@Unihedron Possible too
Flagged one to merge.
@PatrickHofman The OP of that post is showing good progress
@InfiniteRecursion Sarcasm mode on or off? ;)
3:42 PM
@PatrickHofman Off. I don't use sarcasm. I like the fact that OP is online, edited his question to add information, and is using comments for clarifying meanings, instead of lamenting about downvotes in comments. I see a lot of honesty there.
@InfiniteRecursion Okay. That progress is clear indeed. The progress in the question isn't going that fast. I am still in though, so I monitor the question.
@PatrickHofman he wants to know why you wrote this:
Where do you see one class as a property? — Patrick Hofman 38 mins ago
Since it's upvoted, he knows it's valuable, so he is asking you
*upvoted thrice
Alas, coffee drinks too much coffee every friday and rants on MSO :/
With a name of "Patrick" I would have assumed you to be male, which means you either watch porn, or you lie about it :P — James 43 secs ago
^he forgot to @ you @PatrickHofman
3:59 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Thnx
Poor user in the SQL room:
Ok, I will use it, let's see if it distracts you when I use your avatar :) — Infinite Recursion 5 mins ago
I changed my chat avatar to Shog's avatar to check that^
You changed your meta picture, not chat.
Yes, it takes that one in chat, reflects a bit later in chat due to caching
4:14 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO INSTALL JELLY BEAN ON SANSUI E-TAB by ALEX on android.stackexchange.com
@Will And I hate coffee so this is question is really making me angry. — bluefeet ♦ 4 mins ago
@bluefeet delete this question before you get too angry and become redfeet — Infinite Recursion 40 secs ago
@InfiniteRecursion That would never happen, my bluefeet are permanent. ;) — bluefeet ♦ 1 min ago
@ɥʇǝS done
4:26 PM
Ooh, Infinite has some snazzy sunglasses.
@ɥʇǝS But then there will be no ... :)
I need to find my other picture..
@ProgramFOX thanks.
@LynnCrumbling Are you accusing me of killing all the ? :P
Thanks Seth, soon I will look like Shog, am trying to check if it distracts him :)
@ɥʇǝS Just sayin' ... :)
Ok, I will use it, let's see if it distracts you when I use your avatar :) — Infinite Recursion 27 mins ago
4:29 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I saw that!
next tavern trolling task: that all users use Shog avatar
@LynnCrumbling Hey, I didn't want roadkill smelling up the site ;)
@InfiniteRecursion are you photoshopping that hat of his onto your current avatar, or changing yours completely?
@ɥʇǝS So you think you know better than Peterborough City Council?
Changing completely @LynnCrumbling
4:31 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Too bad.. I felt like the James Spader "Blacklist" look would have really been a hit.
@InfiniteRecursion Oh my. Yes, your meta profile page has changed.
@InfiniteRecursion Your rep seems to be slightly lower than Shog's however.
@Braiam That joke has been done before =)
Of course, that doesn't mean it can't be done again ;-)
Yeah, I need to work on that @LynnCrumbling, however the difference is minor, easy to cover.
I am just going to feel very odd using a male avatar, don't know how long I will keep it.
@InfiniteRecursion Well, FWIW, consider keeping the hat, when you do switch back :)
<--- after all, every "good" avatar has a hat.
4:43 PM
No, hats are too boyish
Infinite puts on sun glasses
Your choice of avatar is excellent @LynnCrumbling
Those glasses are a gift @ɥʇǝS, and I love gifts. If Shog gifts me a profile image with a hat, I won't decline it :)
btw <-- WANT
Eeek, no thanks!
I don't fully understand what dsc is. Is this ot? stackoverflow.com/q/26679267/656243
4:50 PM
@LynnCrumbling if only there was a place where you could look up the definition for such things
> Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a feature in Windows Powershell that enables deployment and management of configuration data for software services and management of the environment in which these services run.
oh, Shog beat me.
And no, not strictly OT
though no idea wtf he's asking
Hi @Shog9, are you distracted?
I'm always distracted
by meta
Not distracted by my avatar?
I feel like @Jan now, asking questions :/
@LynnCrumbling closed
4:58 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Infinitely Distracted
Yay success !!
@Shog9 Yeah, I moused over the tag definition... saw powershell, which made it more likely to be on topic.
It distracts me o-O

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