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10:00 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 86.1556: insufficient memory even though i have free space on android.stackexchange.com
@SPArchaeologist Only glasses were included in the list, glasses with eyes were excluded (Andrew.T and Shog9). It's a glasses-only club.
@InfiniteRecursion Those glasses can't help it that they're being photobombed
@Bart Don't underestimate those glasses!
2K+ user on MSE Mkay is wrong in meta.stackexchange.com/q/242087/245167
Is it just me, or has MSE slowed down to a crawl?
@Bart It's just you
10:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Mkay
4secs here, but my internet has 50ms ping to anywhere, so it's normal
39 mins ago, by rene
Nerds ^^^^
Given your continued presence here, I'm afraid you're one of us @InfiniteRecursion. There's no escaping.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Good way For Skin Care Performance on drupal.stackexchange.com
@Bart I am here for the skin care tips! ^^^
10:17 AM
Surely you need down-care ...
@SmokeDetector SPAM
@InfiniteRecursion mine are cool and neerd-y, So it's fine
@Braiam You look like a Sam-bot, and you name fits the pattern too - Sam, Pham, Gham, Braiam...
Mind = Blown
10:22 AM
I wonder...
@Braiam delete
@Braiam dance
@Sam check again, you might have lost a sock and never noticed it's gone
lol :D
@Sam ...a grayscale sock before you upgraded to colored socks
... with its own personality module.
10:26 AM
...it's ubuntu after all
Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux testing (jessie)
Release: testing
Codename: jessie
tsk, tsk, tsk!
All my true bots are Microsoft powered. I guess you're not one of my bots afterall.
Yay! I have more starred messages than Bart on the star wall -------->>>>
Negative, I have the most :D
@Unihedron At this moment, I mean. It's a momentary happiness
10:35 AM
Consider yourself a hero.
@InfiniteRecursion fleeting happiness is the best happiness, huh
Upvote the question and read updated question again. — AnjumSKhan 3 mins ago
@InfiniteRecursion Lol, the order is telling a lot.
10:39 AM
here we go
@PatrickHofman Order status: completed
@Uni It's one of @bjb's. I'm not sure whether it works entirely, but it's supposed to flag as VLQ, downvote, and post in chat.
what's that?
10:47 AM
10:50 AM
now, can I ask a monumentally idiotic question?
Sure. We're experts in those.
i requested deletion of 3 of my accounts... but 1 I would like to keep...
do I just not write 'delete me' on the account i wish to keep?
I'd say so. And even if deletion is initiated, I think you have a 24 hour grace period to stop that from happening. But a mod/employee would have to confirm that.
10:54 AM
sounds reasonable
@Gone ...also, the text is "Please delete me" meta.stackexchange.com/a/153487/245167
anyways, thank you @Bart
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MAP ROUTING API on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: I NEED HELP IN ONE QUERY on dba.stackexchange.com
11:22 AM
> I'm left with two options--I can either begin wallowing in sadness and cursing the name of whichever CM is listed in the revision history
@PatrickHofman C#- That's Skeet's tag <insert nothing is impossible for Skeet joke here>
@hichris123 -9 and still not deleted?
11:48 AM
I've come to the same conclusion myself, having had both dogs and cats most of my life. What a dog will do to say 'Hey let's play!' is what a cat interprets as 'I'm gonna cut you!'. Basic miscommunication, I'm sure, is a contributing factor. — morganpdx Mar 25 at 0:24
> a dog on his back is being submissive (or friendly) while a cat on its back is in a fighting posture) and speculates that this may be part of the historic problem between dogs and cats
@hichris123 TP
@hichris123 TP
@JanDvorak Oh, cool, that works now?
I added it once, but it is removed because it didn't actually train the filter, it only updated the files that were used for initial training.
Hiya @ProgramFOX!
12:12 PM
A: How to find out if an installed Eclipse is 32 or 64 bit version?

FletchD: All of the above. [filler text to reach stackoverflow minimum characters. This is really killing my joke]

Your joke is bad and you should feel bad, user.
@Unihedron flagged
12:29 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 95.2758: Pune's Top Most Packers @ 5th.co.in/packers-and-movers-pune on drupal.stackexchange.com
non-muscle spam on Drupal? Now that's new.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Is normal to have sum shit on dik? on philosophy.stackexchange.com
From the same brilliant user: philosophy.stackexchange.com/a/17579/4392
12:50 PM
Spam Q (100%): Is there any Best Solution To Gain Slim Body?, by user38152, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
there @JanDvorak ^
1:06 PM
@Oded: pokie. Or @MarcGravell. Can I have a reputation recalc please? I've been +1 over my actual reputation for a few days now.
which site?
That +1 is keeping me awake at night. I'm afraid people will find me out for the fraud I am, pretending to have 1 more point than I actually have.
Stack Overflow.
There was a downvote and cap-hitting and undownvoting dance a day or two ago.
Recalculated rep for User.Id = 100297 -> old rep = 294867, new rep = 294867
I guess you get to keep it
Congrats on bonus rep!
Must've dropped off in the past hour when I downvoted a post then.
@MarcGravell: thanks for looking anyway!
1:08 PM
You're downvoting posts?!? FOR SHAME!!
It was definitely at 29859 earlier :-)
@Bart Don't make me go through your posts and find something to DV, Bart!
I mean it!
@Bart is a keyboard warrior @Mar, they post comments instead of downvoting because there's no keyboard shortcut for downvoting! :D
@MartijnPieters No need to go through it. Just get rid of it all.
@Unihedron V -> D.
Sure there is!
steps out again. Using a keyboard shortcut.
what's the status on exchange-wide HTTPS?
Because while I can change my protocol in SO to HTTPS, it doesn't automatically apply to other networks I visit from there
@CareBear Kewl it's me! :D
Low Quality A (100%): This solution has work for me..Thanks., by aatif kungle, on serverfault.com.
^ is this a new bot?

Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
1:34 PM
@BenCollins it only post true positives, to get more users to act on
@Braiam how does it know what a TP is?
@BenCollins People reply tpa to a bot message to indicate that.
It posts everything in the LQP room, and it only posts TPs here.
so, every post that the bot post in this room pass through an human
@Braiam In this room, yes
1:36 PM
@Unihedron I moved his message from the SO Close voters room to the Trash
@rene I moved his message from RegEx to Trash
@Ben @Brai And through the feedback hopefully Pham will be calibrated perfectly such that there doesn't need to be supervision, it can post in the tavern directly in the future.
@Unihedron I'm very interested in that part. we're currently working on something that would work similarly
yep, was just reading that
It doesn't give me the actual image url. o_O
1:49 PM
@PatrickHofman hah.. his newest comment is priceless
@LynnCrumbling Just keep trying. It is urgent!!!
@PatrickHofman Dear diary... Three accounts suspended, and no user wants to answer my question. How am I going to get this done on time?!
@Unihedron Don't make me feel sorry for him ;)
Is an MSE request for user statistics a or a post?
@Stijn I think it depends on exactly what you need and if you'd need it over and over. If it's one off, I'd say support. If it's something you want access to any time, a feature
1:53 PM
@Andy one-time thing. Thanks :)
Anyone here has experience of MScript, or is it true that it's so obscure?
@PatrickHofman is it really so difficult to just plz send them teh codez?
MScript... Is that a play off MS? :) Shouldn't it be MS-Script? :) j/k, of course
@LynnCrumbling Actually yes, I never heard of that PSP.
@PatrickHofman very tempted to inquire as to who he works for, to be sure that I never run an online transaction through them.
@LynnCrumbling m-script.org
1:58 PM
@Unihedron interesting
Their documentation makes me rage my hair out.
@Unihedron shouldn't you totally drop that and use PowerShell instead?
@Unihedron If I'm in the right place, these docs seem sparse.
There's more, scattered across the domain. It's like a scavenger hunt of doom, as there are five pages demonstrating a method, but those five pages requires decent hunting to find.
@Unihedron That's a bummer.. looks like it's been three years since there was any dev activity, too.
@PatrickHofman Fantastic. Now the OP is asking for the reason for dv's.
@PatrickHofman I almost feel like we're being trolled.
@PatrickHofman I've never heard of them either, and I've worked with quite a few.
2:12 PM
@LynnCrumbling I flagged that post. The should at least warn the person from the original account.
Low Quality A (100%): ghudha sala kutta bhad mein chale jaa, by aryan, on physics.stackexchange.com.
Whatever it is, it's terrible.
NAA/VLQ at least.
2:16 PM
Google Translate says: ghudha prayer bhad TTA mein full incision
(See? I knew Jan was a bot!)
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 61.8561: Exchange 2013 OWA White Screen Out of the Blue on serverfault.com
@hichris123 ?
@JanDvorak It posts here if the post has a score >50.
Why is the score so high here?
2:22 PM
(Or one could argue it's not even a question.)
Overemphasis on capitals @JanDvorak?
@JanDvorak The bot has got a huge file of low quality posts as initial training, so probably there is a pattern in some of those posts that also can be seen here.
@ProgramFOX I thought it was a spam hutner?
@JanDvorak No, it's a beta machine learning thing.
@JanDvorak Well, it also hunts for low quality posts now, but not sure what the reason was.
2:26 PM
k then
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected, Phone number detected: +91-9950211818 kala jadu ~@2014~specialist baba ji on english.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 99.9776: +91-9950211818 kala jadu ~@2014~specialist baba ji on english.stackexchange.com
^ free flags
@SmokeDetector Hm, it should also have posted in the EL&U room because it is on EL&U. /cc @Undo
2:27 PM
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected, Phone number detected: +91-9950211818 kala jadu ~@2014~specialist baba ji on english.stackexchange.com
@Undo Ugh, caching.
@ProgramFOX :D
It didn't show up for me, but now I refresh it does.
By the way @Undo, do you remember the reason for letting SmokeDetector detecting low quality posts?
2:29 PM
Whatcha mean? That it does or that it doesn't?
@Undo It does, and @Jan was wondering why.
The only real low-quality filter we have is the all-caps thing,
6 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
@ProgramFOX I thought it was a spam hutner?
@Undo I mean for the Bayesian filter.
Oh, that was mostly an experiment I was running. Needed stuff to feed it, downvoted questions seemed to work.
ah, okay
2:31 PM
And hichris took it and ran with it, made it betterer :D
Somebody knows what to do with wrong undelete votes? stackoverflow.com/questions/26375919/…. That answer is another question, but has one undelete vote.
@PatrickHofman laugh at whoever that voted for undelete and move on
@PatrickHofman one undelvote = from the asker. No need to worry about it
@JanDvorak Okay. I thought OP could insta-undelete and that that would raise a mod flag.
@JanDvorak Guess I was wrong.
yay doubleping
2:38 PM
Sorry... :)
Just took the pSAT. Is too easy.
Except the vocab, which is just crap. Not a real-life skill.
@bjb568 Define real life skill!
cough cat-lingo vocab cough
Nothing is real life, it's all ones and zeros.
Life haz no zeroz and onez @Uni
2:43 PM
I luv the comment there
@InfiniteRecursion not3d
@Sam gotcha.
@InfiniteRecursion U luved to say that, didnt U?
2:47 PM
^Imposter alert! That's not @JanDvorak!
@InfiniteRecursion Lies.
Absolutely @rene <3
Ducks never lie...ever!
hiya @meagar
@lostsock Really? Someone put up a bounty for that q?
@LynnCrumbling yes, and the answer is NAA if you ask me...
@LynnCrumbling the question asker though..
wow, 5 of the 6 of those are effectively the same question: web-based mssql admin
3:03 PM
@LynnCrumbling a user posted a question on Meta.SO about a user that answered 7 of 9 questions promoting his app.. then shortly thereafter deleted the question. I already flagged for mod attention on that answerer.
Any suggestions on improving this query @rene ? data.stackexchange.com/meta.stackoverflow/query/234846/…
@Unihedron improve for what?
@rene I don't know... It looks pretty bad
3:06 PM
There's not enough jQuery.
Yeah, and SQL is deprecated.
@lostsock None of his posts even provide a disclosure that he is affiliated with the product.
@lostsock I'd call that spam.
@Unihedron is that suppose to be the same person? they look different
and the table is brown on the left, but black on the right? who done this pic?
@Unihedron real life skill
thinks Uni will rise from his brown table and throw a black table towards lostsock now
/me grabs popcorn
3:12 PM
@LynnCrumbling yea.. but i dunno, the questions are all basically asking for spam. I'll leave it to mod to decide what punishment if any to give.
@lostsock I've dv'd two of his answers; don't want to hit any more lest I invoke serial dv'ing.
@lostsock Should I also flag any of them? all of them? If so - what are you flagging them... spam?
@LynnCrumbling Flagged all but 2 as SPAM.
@lostsock ChristopherW made it: meta.stackexchange.com/a/213857/229438
@LynnCrumbling I did an other flag explaining what the user is up to. Mod will be able to handle from there.
Flag one and mention the story, if you flag individual posts, different mods might handle those flags and may miss the pattern of the user @Lynn. We should provide all details in one flag
3:17 PM
@lostsock That was @Undo's name when it was winter.
The real question is: what was lostsock's name when it was winter?
@InfiniteRecursion goes to web.archive.org
@InfiniteRecursion codehorse
@ProgramFOX pics or its not true
Ugh, web.archive.org links don't work well in chat.
3:22 PM
Horse in winter and sock in summer...ha!
@Unihedron I fixed the link, check it now ;)
Thanks @ProgramFox :D
You're welcome!
@lostsock 6 7 of his 9 answers were deleted.
3:25 PM
@lostsock ... which is only available for you.
oh, duh
What will be lostsock's name this winter? :)
@InfiniteRecursion I've already kept this name longer than usual. I don't know if/when I'll change it. You'll just have to stay tuned.
sounds like you like this name...good...will stay tuned for sure
How long will it take before @lostsock changes their username once more? Place your bets!!
Oh, no guesses?... I'll go to sleep then. Night!
3:35 PM
Night! Sleep well :)
Night! Sleep well :)
3:56 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MVC TABLE BOOTSTRAP on pt.stackoverflow.com
I have found something on pt.SO that's not translated to Portuguese. Can I open an English question on their Meta?
@Unihedron if you leave out the complexity with the avg score this might work
Well, I've seen more English posts on pt.SO, so here it is:
Q: Message after suggested edit is not translated

ProgramFOXAfter you suggest an edit, you get this message, which is in English: Can it please be translated to Portuguese?

4:06 PM
Still morning!
12:08 PM!
17:09 PM!
00:09 ._.
4:10 PM
@Sam UK is the hipster
the rest of Europe counts 18:09
@Undo Sup
Low Quality A (100%): Yes it is correct because it sound so., by Anom, on ell.stackexchange.com.
4:27 PM
@Pham del
@Pham tp
@JanDvorak TP acknowledged.
Spam A (100%): me trading for teflon tape for pipe threding..., by bhushan kumar, on diy.stackexchange.com.
@Pham tp
@JanDvorak TP acknowledged.
double tp?
4:31 PM
@Pham gone
Me like to see +210
Full command access is available in here, so tp/fp'ing stuff actually does register.
@ProgramFOX Wondered how long it would take someone to notice that.
Makes me feel like I got many upvotes.
4:34 PM
@Undo When did you add that to your profile?
about a month ago, IIRC.
Me is too lazy to go use the Wayback Machine and figure it out
> Wayback Machine doesn't have that page archived.
And the Wayback Machine is too lazy to archive it. Laziness attracts laziness.
Why do I answer duplicates?
Q: Is it unhealthy to move houseplants?

SamtheBrandA couple of my succulents have bent as they've grown over the past year or so. I suspect they're "reaching" for sunlight (they're next to a window, bending southward, and I live in the northern hemisphere -- though it's possible this is just a coincidence). I'm wondering if it's ok to resituate...

But none of you have close privileges on GL. :(
@Frank I do. ;-)
4:45 PM
@JonEricson Oh yes. You do. Thanks. :P
@Frank You might want to delete the answer to the new question.
@JonEricson Why?
'Cause that's why we close dup questions; to avoid duplicate answers.
@JonEricson Ah. OK, will do
Great work on Gardening, by the way. Since the site is heading into a traditionally slow season, what would you think of running a topic challenge?
4:59 PM
I'd really like to do something like that on SR, but... I'm having a hard time seeing it working :P
@JonEricson My favourite part: 3. Profit
no swagz? :(
@JonEricson It looks like a great idea, but... there really aren't many regular question-askers on GL. I have asked like twice what the next person has, and then there's Bamboo, who never asks any. Basically the only high rep users that are active are kevinsky, Bamboo, and me. Bstpierre, Winwaed, Mike Perry, mancuniensis, Yoda/Ipsum, etc, are not really active, or have left.
Great big storm here.
I think it blew down the neighbor's tree
Probably @Frank's uncle or something
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 46 secs ago, by Pham
Low Quality A (100%): I have the same issue. Anyone have an answer..., by Darren Bean, on sharepoint.stackexchange.com.
@Undo That's mean. xD
5:05 PM
@Undo We've not found any evidence that prizes actually increases participation in these things. It would be convenient if it did.
I could try it, but knowing how few people get on GL meta the post would get very little attention, and what it would get wouldn't necessarily be very fulfilling. The GL users are a strange bunch.
@Frank The site needs a change then. Invite your friends!
@Frank The first step tends to be very informative on that point. If nobody suggests topics, the challenge just dies out there.
@Unihedron Well, I refer people all the time, and they never show up.
Part of it is, they find it easier to ask directly, as chances are I'll be the one who answers it on GL.
@JonEricson It is a good idea, and there is no harm in trying. I'll try to remember it sometime when the traffic drops.
@JonEricson did you see the site self evaluation? It was biased and most of the questions it picked were answered by me!
@JonEricson that surprises me.
5:12 PM
@JonEricson I've bookmarked so I don't forget.
@Frank I haven't looked at it yet. 10 questions is not often a great sample size. (But if you've answered a lot of questions, it's likely to pick a lot of questions you answered. ;-)
Q: Let's get critical: Oct 2014 Site Self-Evaluation

CommunityWe all love Gardening & Landscaping Stack Exchange, but there is a whole world of people out there who need answers to their questions and don't even know that this site exists. When they arrive from Google, what will their first impression be? Let's try to look at this site through the eyes of s...

Only two votes^
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
C'mon, I know you're excited by this.
@Frank +1 for "variety is the spice of life" - TIL
oh em gee lightness is racing in the orbit again
@Frank Good stuff. These automated votes don't usually get as many votes as posts composed manually by real people. ;-)
5:18 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit woot.
@Unihedron All your orbit are belong to me.
@JonEricson I know. My answer on there has 1 vote. Probably cause it sucks. It's kinda long.
@Frank It has two votes.
No, three!
@Unihedron One when I oneboxed.
Q: "Sina Weibo" and "Weibo"

unorAccording to their tag descriptions, weibo (41 questions) and sinaweibo (21 questions) seem to be about the same thing: the service/website Sina Weibo. All 21 questions questions that used sinaweibo also used weibo. I don’t know this service, but according to Wikipedia, Weibo is the Chinese wor...

5:23 PM
And I think none of these votes are from regular users. If I'm not mistaken, one from bjb, one from Uni, and one from Jon.
There are regular users?
in Low Quality Posts HQ, Oct 10 at 14:25, by Pham
Darn you bugs! Get outta me!
@Unihedron starred that some time ago. Pham is a comedian.
Low Quality A (26.8%): the real real real answer for real is 7, by Snoop Doge, on math.stackexchange.com.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: POTTING COMPOUND.?! HOW on electronics.stackexchange.com
@JonEricson is it OK to post duplicate answers on two different sites?
Cause this answer on Pets is the same as the one linked to it, from GL.
5:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CAUSTIC AIRY EQUATION AND DIVERGENT SERIES on physics.stackexchange.com
@Unihedron If it was on GL, I'd dv and comment.

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