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@ɥʇǝS vlq
My flags are back!
@Unihedron anything yet?
I don't know... Something's wrong..
Is it the regex?
12:20 AM
Q: 10,000,000+ questions preemptive bug attack

lostsockHaving 8 digits or more questions asked breaks the layout and looks bad. When Stack Overflow hits its 10th million question, it'll be an extraordinary event, likely celebrated with shenanigans, riots, and lots of crying with pure hysteria. If my uneducated guess calculations are correct, the 10t...

clears throat Maybe make the font smaller?
Q: "viewed 1 times"

deletedWhen a post is first created, it says "viewed 1 times" in the sidebar. This should say "viewed 1 time".

@Unihedron All I really want is the profile page code. ;p
I think my avatar shrank in the wash.
cocks head
12:23 AM
@hichris123 Yeah, don't happen to have them either...
@KitFox It's back!
nice avatar
I swear it's smaller though.
Maybe I shrank my view.
Maybe it's Meta.SE chat.
Oh, I know. It's probably the white background.
Anyway, I'm outie like Nick Gaudi. Good night.
hiya @Qantas94Heavy
12:29 AM
@Unihedron :)
Our robo-editor was at work again yesterday, did you flag him?
@KitFox night
@Frank It's always day on the internet until someone has to go sleep.
@Unihedron I know. :)
Sometimes it's like someone says, "Night!", and I'm like "No, it's 3 pm."
And it is night here, right now, btw.
@Unihedron ... there's something seriously wrong with this website. ;P
12:34 AM
@hichris123 I agree. I have no idea what state of mind the developers of this package are in.
@Unihedron It's almost DailyWTF quality.
12:50 AM
@Unihedron Except I've already reached my daily limit.
1:06 AM
@Unihedron flagged
1:25 AM
It would be nice if I could justify closing that question also, but I can't find a good reason.
Hey @SmokeDetector You free tonight?
@SantaClaus Of course
@SantaClaus Another!
> protected by Community♦ 2 mins ago
@SantaClaus: debugging help/can no longer be reproduced?
@SantaClaus Downvotes and flags issued..
1:37 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Well it can be reproduced...
I guess it's an issue from Apple side... so sudden
@AndrewT. Can't let anything slip by the StackOverflow community...
Well I'm excited to find out how many more answers get thrown on that question, but I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.
"Our Apple contact told us he'd heard something about this and to keep trying" umm in SO? — Braiam 8 secs ago
By user3768574: "Our Apple contact told us he'd heard something about this and to keep trying." I guess it's really an issue from Apple's end. Unless anyone can provide correct information/workaround, please refrain to use answer to "comment". Answers are for real answers only. — Andrew T. 1 min ago
@AndrewT. ^ moar bold plz.
i.e. something like NOTE: then everything else
> protected by Community♦
nobody has to refrain... the system refrain them
1:45 AM
well, yeah, but education!
@hichris123 but Apple!
J. Musser ♦
hopefully that's enough
Meanwhile, in the hot questions sidebar...
Q: Did Colorado replace any 420 mile markers with a 419.99 mile marker to deter theft?

FlimzyThis claim has been circulating on Facebook: Although marijuana is now legal in Colorado, I don't see any particular attraction to mile markers from this state, as US mile markers are pretty standard--at least along interstate highways (where this photo appears to have been taken). In any cas...

2:05 AM
Is it possible to post an image link in chat?
@Frank: just add the link and it will onebox
If you need to upload it, click upload
@Qantas94Heavy I mean, make it so any uploaded photo will take you to any website when clicked?
@Qantas94Heavy That stinks.
2:26 AM
Yay for repeating rep
@Undo congrats on all 7's
iz dying of hw exhaustion jsfiddle.net/o65vsumf
@Undo Lucky 7s!
blah, anyone know the vim for select all + copy?
gg"+yG and gg"*yG don't appear to work.
2:41 AM
Q: Copy all the lines to clipboard

XinusIs there any way to copy all lines from open file to clipboard in VI editor. I tried yG but it's not using clipboard to store those lines. So is it possible?

Who is Jason Punyon?
Never heard of him 'till now.
one of the first
@Undo doesn't work, although I may be missing a necessary package.
2:42 AM
@ɥʇǝS try the second answer?
@Undo It was a rhetorical question.
@Undo Getting there...
@Undo doesn't like either + or * for register name. Let me read the comments.
(I'm surprised I didn't find that question in my Google..)
@Undo Second answer worked after installing the vim-gnome package.
Apparently normal vim doesn't support the clipboard.
3:14 AM
@ɥʇǝS wut?
3:31 AM
@Braiam ikr.. didn't like + or * for registers.
Yay, my firs answer on Sceptics, but it has to be about manure.
Q: Is It Possible To Block Certain Elements From Another Source In JavaScript?

Levi JohnsonI'm Creating A Websie For A Client And Getting Ads On The Website Online, Is There A Way To Block Ads From A Source And Can It Be Used In Wordpress

What Is With The Caps Here?
some people don't know English very well.
Some people are illiterate.
But I Am Not One Of Those People.
@ɥʇǝS Is Using Capital Letters and Spaces Before Punctuation Common In Other Languages ?
3:35 AM
interesting blog post by Jason Punyon: jasonpunyon.com/blog/2014/09/05/…
cc @Undo @hichris123, there's some stuff you might be interested in --^
@AstroCB I Have No Idea.
@ɥʇǝS I See That A Lot. Perhaps It's An Online Translator Issue.
At least I know that German has capitalized nouns in the middle of sentences, But Not Like This Though.
@AstroCB Could Be. I also see people put punctuation with spaces . That really bothers me , most of the time .
All the time.
@AstroCB well, title's are technically suppose to cap the first letter of each word that isn't a/the/an/and/etc
@lostsock Titles. This Is The Whole Post, Including The Articles.
3:42 AM
I don't even do that for question titles though.
It still looks odd.
@Seth cool
hmm.. get this after clearing the meta.SE close queue
> This queue has been cleared! If you're looking for more to review, view all review queues. Want to get back to the questions? Return to the Meta Stack Exchange homepage.
I think it's making the queue seem happier.
makes me feel like they think i'm stupid
3:45 AM
i already know how to see all the other review queues and how to get back to the homepage
not a big deal though, wonder if anyone didn't already know this tough
maybe it's the "lost" in your name, that' why they are giving you directions...
who stars everything I write?
the star monster.
Wait, I thought we already decided it was Bart's socks?
star wars commence... now!
doesn't doorknob or undo have a bot to post who starred what?
they did.
but that ruins the Bart's our fun!
3:51 AM
@Seth (and all) Do you think ML would be effective at detecting low quality and spam?
First, it's ɥʇǝS. I am highly offended.
Second, what is ML again?
@ɥʇǝS machine learning
ah, right.
@weirdname ^
3:52 AM
nice. A new URL
See, mobile chat doesn't have autocomolete @Seth.
@ɥʇǝS it's gravity, it effects everybody once in a while, don't take it to your heart
@hichris123 maybe? Aren't the folks at SO trying to put some of that into their new homepage?
@hichris123 Try +h.
Yeah, but on a 6-8 week timeframe.
@InfiniteRecursion I will attempt to keep that in mind.
And with that folks, I am off to bed.
3:54 AM
Me too.
Night all
All I can say is, I got myself on the star wall. Mission accomplished!
Wait wut? Nevermind.
3:55 AM
@ɥʇǝS I push everyone off the star wall, including @Bart ;)
@hichris123 back already?
That was quick nap.
Aug 15 at 10:24, by Infinite Recursion
@Bart: you were right, you no longer dominate the star wall :(
Aug 15 at 10:24, by Bart
I'll take that as a sign @InfiniteRecursion. Farewell.
@hichris123 I really want to build some learning into ole' Smokey at some point.
But he does his best.
3:58 AM
: ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :( : ( :(
Even if it's simply Bayesian stuff.
@lostsock What happened? Why sooooooooooo sad?
@lostsock Why so many sad faces?
Bayesian stuff is still way better than I have managed
@InfiniteRecursion :( for bart
3:59 AM
@ɥʇǝS thanks, I'll look at at.
@lostsock That means you are Bart's sincerest sock, you get the "Sock of the year" for this.
: ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :)
Sock of the year is @lostsock:
user image
@Andy nuked
@InfiniteRecursion yup
@hichris123 Yes. But...you need a good corpus.
@Andy we can get that.
@Undo Still hoping for that spam dump? :)
4:11 AM
But, you also need good questions (SEDE) to train it on good stuff
we can do that too.
Everything's there except for a couple thousand spam titles.
@Undo did you see this?
You should get Mr. Holland's corpus.
I've heard it's good.
@Frank ... I'm not even that big now :P
4:13 AM
@Undo But it's funny.
@JanDvorak gone
@Undo Maybe I got it wrong, and it was really your brother.
4:15 AM
@Frank Meh, maybe ;P
Anyway, time for dogs to go to sleep. Night.
@Undo Night!
@SilentKiller Morning
@Frank Name changed not DP.
4:17 AM
@SilentKiller Morning!
@SilentKiller He is still composing the "I❤F" image for his DP
@InfiniteRecursion :P
@SilentKiller Well?
an image for you @inf
@Frank all is well. ;)
@SilentKiller Even disease?
@SilentKiller I'm not telling which of those I starred.
4:19 AM
@Frank disease getting bored of me.. ;) yup am fine. all well. what about you?
@SilentKiller Haha! All good, always good here!
@Frank he/she may be fan of @inf who stars all her messages.
@SilentKiller I tend to think it is more than one person.
@Frank yup there are more fans. :D
Aug 15 at 10:32, by Unihedron
(wondering why no one wants to star Bart's messages)
4:22 AM
It's me!
Hiya @Uni :)
Hiya @Inf!
@InfiniteRecursion You are a talented and usually very nice person to talk to, imo. I think it's natural that you get starred. Same with Bart.
Hi @Uni
also, the latest answer looks like spam to me
4:23 AM
@Frank hello, hello
@Frank Thanks Frank.
@Uni hols. hows ya?
@JanDvorak I flagged it as offensive, and cv'ed the question
I already flagged it before he mentioned it. :)
I have only 29 flags on SO.
Two declined and one active
I need to do more.
@JanDvorak question closed, do we not have any trusted users here from SO who can protect stuff?
4:28 AM
@Frank Flag count doesn't matter unless you run for mod on any site, that is the only time they make it public and a good flag history helps
Does it still benefit from protection if it's closed?
@InfiniteRecursion I know, I just like to see a bigger number there.
@InfiniteRecursion bragging rights?...
@Frank we use SEDE queries to find stuff to flag and cleanup, you can help if you want, it's easier through SEDE
@Unihedron Oh yeah, ofcourse...everyone wants to beat bluefeet
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah. Once you finish a few rounds of helpful flags, they come even faster. :P
It's like mining.
4:31 AM
@InfiniteRecursion :) nice, I thought you were. I'm at work for like 10-16 hours a day though, which puts me at a distinct disadvantage.
@Frank It's never too late!
@Frank yes, that's a huge disadvantage indeed.
Also, remember that SE is not your life, balance your regular work..
Yeah, I am not adicted to se
Yes, SE is for coffee breaks and to pass travel time
4:33 AM
My work is on peoples lawns and landscapes, and up in their trees, very physical. So no access to computer most of the time.
I use SE chat on my mobile, it's very inconvenient (can't click reply on any message), but it's a good way to pass time and help flag spam. Spam annoys me.
in Room for Low Quality posts, 28 secs ago, by Zephyr
Close Vote Request for http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25860657/how-to-divide-a-page-into-sections-u‌​sing-jquery-mobile by Zach Saucier from HTML / CSS / WebDesign
@InfiniteRecursion I have an lg extravert 2, so that makes it even more inconvenient.
@Frank Nice, working on a computer is boring. Working in the natural surroundings is healthy and good.
The nice thing about being self employed is that you can easily charge over 120$/hr without getting complained to, but a lot of it goes back into the job.
@InfiniteRecursion I agree, I do 'freelance' outdoor work of all types.
4:41 AM
What tree is that in your display picture? Since you are a specialist, it must be a special tree...
:2411622 That's good. How's the commute?
@Frank Some kind of train.
@InfiniteRecursion I'm not entirely sure.
Reminds me very strongly of fraxinus pennsylvanica, but impossible to tell without a good look at the stems and leaves.
@Frank ok :)
What's this?
"Besides being the best tree there is, I have strong allergies to certain cats, ducks, glasses, and other items I find myself liable to stumble across."
@InfiniteRecursion Me being dumb. :D
4:46 AM
@Frank You forgot dogs and socks in the list
I forgot that was on there, I should change it to something more serious.
@InfiniteRecursion I did. Seriously? glares at self
@Frank Now it's perfect. All the things you stumble upon are covered.
@InfiniteRecursion exept Jan.
4:55 AM
@Frank ok, add dodo to the list :P
@InfiniteRecursion But what is he?
Oh yeah, and santa.
And Uni.
@TimPost - Yay! <3 You guys are teh best
An owlhead. In the winter hats last winter, we had a "protector of the realms" hat, we all took off our hats at the end of winter, except Jan. He is still wearing that hat. That hat was for raising helpful flags.
@InfiniteRecursion Nice.
@Jan: Take off your hat, winter is over
4:58 AM
What is Uni?
I saw that.
@Unihedron We saw you!
That's uni, king of deletions and an enlarged peeping eye

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