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12:01 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started at rev 1236180 (@Undo)
rev that engine undo
We're testing new stuff, I suppose you Tavern folks don't need to see when it starts. That'll be shut off in the next run.
@Undo iwaanaseeeee
then join CHQ ;)
12:15 AM
on a bandwidth cap, can't join you ;(
> Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today; come back in 23 hours to continue reviewing.
you're welcome ^
Say hello to our newest shiny!
um.. hello?
12:32 AM
Hello world!
print("Hello World!")
console.log('Hello World!');
12:55 AM
@lostsock ^ all closed except stackoverflow.com/questions/2488/…
@AndrewT. cool, thanks!
@lostsock Should that one really be closed? IMO, if you edited out the API stuff it would be okay.
@hichris123 but now it seems too broad, i guess you can vote to reopen and see what some random reviewers think
yeah, I guess so. :P
1:40 AM
> A: I did run into Linus Torvalds
B: Did LT call you ugly and stupid?
A: No, sadly.
B: That's easily rectified. Send a patch to the kernel mailing list.
2:39 AM
!!/al... never mind
@Undo Of course
There we go, now you don't have to ping me if you want to know if it's alive :D
(credit @hichris123)
2:42 AM
testing by non-dev
@AndrewT. Of course
@animuson ... we're not that dumb :P
@Undo credit? Hah! I merely borked it.
**Tutorial:** How to be a *Perturbing* _Pedantic_ **Problem** of the __Day__
2:46 AM
Oh, @jadarnel27 is around?
@hichris123 [**Tattle Tale!**](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattletale)
This is when I want my diamondy powers to easily see markdown of other people's messages :P
@animuson has to be PHP
3:01 AM
> You've earned the "low-quality-posts" tag badge.
until you don't get the "tag badges" tag badge, you are nothing
I need 5 more upvotes for a Reversal badge though. :(
@Braiam Can I combine my "tags" and "badges" tag badges?
I need to answer 2 more feature requests for the gold badge.
@animuson I'll make you a deal. I'll buy it for you, if you buy it for me.
3:22 AM
@hichris123 Sir!
3:38 AM
Who's bot is @Zephyr?
that sounds awful familiar.
Now I understood who @Zephyr is :) It's Andy's bot.
@Undo Of course
I love that ;)
3:43 AM
@lostsock Of course
@InfiniteRecursion Of course
@Undo It's very nice indeed. Brilliant idea btw.
3:44 AM
thinks @lostsock wants to kill it
This is why we can't have nice things
@lostsock you did it wrong :P
!!/alive? and it should work with other stuff after it. Right @SmokeDetector?
@Undo Of course
@Undo !alive was intentional, not alive == dead
3:46 AM
@Pops animuson was being a perturbing & pedantic problem.
Oh ;)
@hichris123 hard not to star that
@lostsock wasn't that closed yesterday?
@SmokeDetector hide, @SantaClaus has arrived
@Unihedron no, first time it's ever been closed as 2 hours ago
3:48 AM
@lostsock ah, must be my bad memory, but I went to the thread and saw that I already dv'd.
but yea, I've seen like thousands of similar pdf questions lately
@hichris123 Let's see here... yes, I'm showing him as still on the active mod list.
@lostsock yes, seems like some new homework. everyone is asking pdf questions these days
@Unihedron you did cv it too, maybe it had 4 yesterday and 1 cv expired
@Pops Are you sure about that decision?
3:51 AM
lets ping @animuson constantly, and then when he says something in chat, lets yell at him for chatting instead of reviewing our flags!
All my flags have been reviewed. Time to raise new flags.
Yeah! My comment flags has been marked as helpful. To SEDE!
all 100 that you did today? ^
@lostsock no one handles your flags, you should write a rant on meta
3:54 AM
I review all these comments already @lostsock :) data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/223313/294932/…
@InfiniteRecursion still have 7 comment flags waiting...
Weekend over. 22 tabs still left open. Ugh. Goodnight!
@bjb568 Sleep well!
nm, all my flags are done
turn this into comment pls stackoverflow.com/a/5056026/3622940
@animuson ^^^
4:08 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Zephyr is mine
@Unihedron, can you make the format dv-pls vlq <link>? That's the format Zephyr is watching for. The vlq isn't required
@Andy gotcha, is there documentation? and is it case sensitive?
4:11 AM
@Unihedron There is no documentation yet. I'm actually waiting for one last random bug to occur so that I can get a proper stack trace and hopefully squish it
@Andy Understoof :)
As for case sensitivity, no.
Clearly the plan failed because I was in the shower! Ha!
@animuson Ha! Now give us cake!
Cool bot @Andy, really great work! :)
I don't think you'd want cake out of the shower. It'd be soggy, and covered with a mixture of nasty body dirt and soap.
4:21 AM
gj @animuson
Morning @Sil !
@Unihedron it was probably bluefeet , animuson was having cake and then shower
@Unihedron howdy ?
My number is bigger!
@animuson nooo!!! goes to flag 100 posts for community effort lock
275 of those are disputed low quality review flags.
4:24 AM
@animuson reopen and lock as community effort stackoverflow.com/q/22739920/3622940
You guys need to be more agreeable in low quality review.
It's not easy being the user.
@animuson do those include ones that are also sent there directly? for being accepted lq answers?
@lostsock Accepted answers just plain don't go to the LQP queue. They remain in our queue under NAA or VLQ (whichever it was flagged as) with no indication that it won't get pulled into review, because the default (collapsed) view of a post doesn't show us if it's accepted or not.
The vast majority of disputed low quality flags are "more delete votes than looks good"
4:29 AM
^ already gone
4:30 AM
@InfiniteRecursion that was weird, it said "you do not have permission to use this type of flag".. if anyone wants to start a bug report... b.c that is very misleading error message
@lostsock Maybe someone has already deleted it?
@lostsock its gone that's why.
@InfiniteRecursion question nuked
It seems that @Inf is our new link fighter :)
4:33 AM
@Unihedron You have no idea how many answers I flag ;)
@Inf flagger.. :P
tftf (thanks for the flags)
Oh the price for pre-ordering The Big Bang Theory Season 7 dropped to $29.99... Nice!
Sep 4 at 3:15, by Infinite Recursion
user image
20 minutes ago I flagged 100 comments, all have been handled and marked as helpful :D
4:37 AM
@InfiniteRecursion yay :D
brb lunch :)
@Unihedron i had just done with ma breakfast. :)
@SilentKiller did you have bacon?
@lostsock That was all due to bluefeet's encouragement :)
Sep 3 at 19:02, by bluefeet
@InfiniteRecursion your history is very respectable for a duck
@InfiniteRecursion I've named my next Christmas special "Abusing SmokeDetector this Christmas"
4:40 AM
@InfiniteRecursion a duck that just came out of its shell at that
@InfiniteRecursion Of course
@lostsock nopes not in morning. ;)
@SilentKiller then it wasn't a real breakfast
@SantaClaus No please!! You are a bot killer
4:41 AM
@lostsock meat in morning. nopes but i'll have it in lunch.. ;)
@InfiniteRecursion Too late, I've already recorded the TV promos and signed an agreement with Apple to get my special on every iDevice ever.
Do you have anger management issues?
@SantaClaus Of course
@SantaClaus Bad Santa
Q: Flagging a deleted post should not give "you don't have permission"

Michael KjörlingIf you try to flag a post that has been deleted since you loaded the question page, the system returns a rather unfortunate error message: You don't have permission to use this type of flag Actually, the problem isn't that you don't have permission to use the type of flag (in the particular...

@SantaClaus o_O Staph!!
4:46 AM
Oh BTW, anyone that asks for an Apple watch this Christmas is getting a PHP textbook.
@SantaClaus Of course
@Undo Please block @SantaClaus from accessing Smokey
@Qantas94Heavy That is a plagiarised answer, I didn't flag it because it's code-only
@InfiniteRecursion hey what did I do?
4:51 AM
lols 2 stars.. :D
8 mins ago, by Santa Claus
Do you have anger management issues?
8 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
@SantaClaus Of course
@AndrewT. lame, smokey is very useful, shouldn't be played around with
Well it would be easier to just delete SmokeDetector messages if the command message was deleted
Hey @SmokeDetector Are you the cause of all political corruption in the world?
@SantaClaus Of course
4:54 AM
translate pt: hello
@SantaClaus It takes effort and bandwidth to run a bot. These bots are running on their individual machines, not on the server side, so respect their time and resources. Ask those who are running bots, how much effort it takes.
^@Sam, @Undo, @jan, @Andy: please tell @SantaClaus that running a bot takes time and bandwidth
agreed. i too have a bot.
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, sure, I know.
@InfiniteRecursion ask @SantaClaus how much effort it takes to travel around the world, going down and back up every chimney on earth, carrying millions of pounds of luggage, while weighing 350lbs , all in one night
@InfiniteRecursion: if it's plagiarised would a custom flag be in order?
4:57 AM
@lostsock it will be a week homework.. ;)
@Qantas94Heavy Yes, I use others flag saying "Plagiarised from <link of original>"
@lostsock That sounds like a problem out of a physics textbook
@lostsock This santa is a dupe, someone should use a dupehammer on him :P
@InfiniteRecursion But you're a cute yellow chick, you'd never try to hurt anyone.
Bbbboooommmmmmm :D Family Member of Donald Duck. XD
5:03 AM
Hey @SmokeDetector are you friends with my old friend smokey the bear?
@SantaClaus Of course
@SantaClaus Grow up!
@InfiniteRecursion I guess you like forest fires?
@SantaClaus I get bored when some one keeps repeating the same joke with a bot
@InfiniteRecursion Oh, I see.
@InfiniteRecursion So what all can Mr. SmokesALot do?
5:10 AM
Santa is another zigi..?? @inf
@SantaClaus No idea, but I will poke you every time you poke smokey. Let's see who gives up first :D
@InfiniteRecursion Turns off push notifications
@SantaClaus from what i'm aware, it normally finds new posts with all cap titles or phone numbers in them
@SilentKiller He is closely following his trail...soon it will be hard for us to distinguish between both of them
@InfiniteRecursion set an alarm for wake up. ZzZzZzZzZz
5:14 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I'm not fermilar with this person. Can you fill me in?
@lostsock Whose side are you on? We already have one genius abusing that feature of smokey when he wants to shout in the tavern, we really don't need @SantaClaus to join him, do we?
@SantaClaus No
@InfiniteRecursion :(
Bye for now
@SantaClaus Bye :)
5:26 AM
@JanDvorak gone
@Unihedron too late and too red :)
lol :) missed andy while I was out for lunch
5:33 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Of course
spam ^^ gone
5:51 AM
Might be a question for earthscience.stackexchange.com — msmucker0527 Sep 11 at 12:41
6:01 AM
Q: Team members spending too much time on Stack Overflow

user2711965Almost 8 months ago, I introduced encouraged my team members to follow Stack Overflow so that they can read questions, help others, and build their skills. But now this has gotten out of hand. I have a team of 5 developers, and three of them make at least 150 points on average,each. (This is most...

I suggest you focus on the real problem which is that work is not being completed in a timely manner and there is a loss of quality.
@InfiniteRecursion they are just like us. SO addicts :)
6:21 AM
@JanDvorak gone
This isn't a banana post:
Q: Cleaning lady may have taken fruit from my work desk

CardinerYesterday in my office was weekly fruit day. As always, I took a few, and did not eat them all. I left two on my work table. The fruit were in perfectly good condition, and I have done this more than a few times. Today I came to work and realised that the fruit was missing. I left work late and ...

If I remember correctly, there's a project in the pipeline to rethink how question and answer bans work, in light of the fact that extremely low-quality contributors will just cease to care about their bans and register new accounts to post new, terrible material - i.e. the system kind of reaches a threshold where it implodes and starts working to the opposite of the intended effect
Is there a meta post about that somewhere?
I'd like to link it on a meta discussion, do you know how I can find it? Or do you know where it is?
I haven't been able to :(
6:44 AM
@TimPost Hi! Can you please answer my message I sent via contact page? Thanks!
@IonicăBizău Yeah. We've tried about half a dozen times to get something to you, I don't know what it is about FedEx in your area but half the stuff we try sending there comes back undeliverable. We're working on trying to figure out what's going on there (well, our logistics company is).
I strongly suspect it's software related, something about unicode getting clobbered somewhere in the process. Unfortunately, it's not our software, so trying to figure it out from the outside-in has been irritating.
@TimPost Why don't you choose another way instead of FedEx?
It's not up for us to chose, we use a third-party logistics company. It's a little complicated.
7:00 AM
@JanDvorak Spam gone
@JanDvorak Strange, Zephyr didn't catch your spam message...I think it's not running
@InfiniteRecursion What's Zephyr? (Is this some kind of spam-handling bot-thing?)
@TimPost Well, and what does FedEx say? I think its their job to fix the bug.
@doppelgreener Zephyr is Andy's bot. It listens in 5 different rooms for all cv,dv,spam requests that users make and posts them in the LQP room. So we can help in cleanup from that room, because we don't want to be in all 5 rooms .
in Room for Low Quality posts, 3 hours ago, by Zephyr
Infinite Recursion in Tavern on the Meta has submitted a Delete Vote Request for http://stackoverflow.com/a/5157625/2982225 Reason: naa
in Room for Low Quality posts, 2 hours ago, by Zephyr
Jan Dvorak in Tavern on the Meta has submitted a Spam Flag Request for http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/239372/it-needs-becomes-very-difficult
It didn't post Jan's last spam message there.
@InfiniteRecursion Of course
Smokey is running :)
7:12 AM
@InfiniteRecursion that's pretty handy
@doppelgreener Yes
@JanDvorak: Please correct the typo in the title meta.stackexchange.com/q/239339/245167. You hate bad grammar and typos anyways
why won't you?
@JanDvorak I have 113 rep, I can't edit. And it's too minor for suggested edit.
I can't either
113 user can't. :O
7:24 AM
@doppelgreener Please correct the typo in the title: meta.stackexchange.com/q/239339/245167. We don't have enough rep to edit.
note to self: earn 2K rep on MSE
for all who have <2k. :D
@InfiniteRecursion [expunges typo]
@InfiniteRecursion for a moment I thought you were royalty or a hive-mind, then I saw the other chat messages :P
Thanks, how did you get that illusion? :P @doppelgreener
@InfiniteRecursion you said 'we', and I thought you were talking about your own reputation
7:38 AM
@doppelgreener But they are an hive-mind. All angry birds are connected just like borg do.
@doppelgreener We = Jan and I. I poked Jan at first and came to know that he doesn't have rep. After that I poked you with the cumulative result - "we don't have rep"
@JanDvorak gone
You should have poked me... I feel so left out :( ...
@InfiniteRecursion yeah, that's what I realised after reading the other messages
7:47 AM
@rene it's ok, it's just that my icon was unfaded. You're still cool!
@doppelgreener Ha, feeling better now...
Morning @Sam
Mmmm, more spam for analysis...
We have spam for breakfast...
@JanDvorak Was that title's format like this: http://bestpestcontrolindelhi.com pest control service?
7:55 AM
@Sam yes
Adds 11 new terms to blacklist (1 modified)...
8:11 AM
@rene Sorry rene, I didn't mean to hurt you. Now onwards, I will only poke you :). I won't poke the dodo anymore, he has so many accounts and no rep!
hiya @Sam, can you please help educate Santa that bots shouldn't be abused because they have limited resources? chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2407196#2407196 chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2407197#2407197
Hiya, sure...
8:27 AM
@InfiniteRecursion No....
Exam questions could be closed as 'lack minimal understanding'... oh wait...
@rene It got a low quality one-liner answer as well, and 2 cv's for unclear
And now he is going to tell al his classmates that you can get answers easy on SO.... — rene 43 secs ago
if fixed the spelling on the original comment but it won't onebox correctky here...
@rene Hope he doesn't. We don't want more SCJP questions here, till we get the option to migrate them to earth science ;)
8:32 AM
I could jokingly suggest that in a comment....
The OP would probably try...
@rene Haha, that would be fun
Yes, but I didn't reach the point yet where I want to annoy hichris123 to much...suppose he gets elected as a mod on SO... he probably remembers me...
@SantaClaus Building, maintaining and running a bot is a lot of work. All the code has to run on the owner's machine, sucking up CPU, memory, and more importantly, bandwidth. In fact, my IPS is actually throttling me atm which, makes it very difficult for my bot to download data, which then slows down the entire catching process. So, adding all these fancy features and just general bot operation is a strain on the owner's resources, and therefore should not be abused in any manner or form.
@rene Yes, that is a possible risk. Let's just cv it then. I cast a cv as unclear.
Thanks @Sam
Your welcome.
8:41 AM
Aug 26 at 12:54, by Tim Stone
Don't you dare ask for more nice things.
@InfiniteRecursion already did
is it on-topic there :/ ? superuser.com/questions/811890/… (From Phamhilator™)
@rene Thanks.
@InfiniteRecursion, I intentionally made it that way, see the comments and downvotes, they don't even want this question to be answered. — J.Lucky 57 secs ago
^I flagged it as a low quality answer.
@InfiniteRecursion Hmm, I expect that flag to be wasted...
I'm more inclined to dv ...
8:52 AM
@rene ok, I dv'ed it too. Let's see how the flag turns out. I too don't expect it to be helpful, but I wanted to push the answer into the queue for community review.
Atleast the answer will gather a few more downvotes, which is a helpful signal

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