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1:00 PM
goes to ask ubuntu to suggest helpful edits on @Braiam's posts
@InfiniteRecursion they would probably approve them
I am enlightened!
I am encouraged!
1:03 PM
@Braiam's about me box is amazing, @inf
Yes, he filled the space with a nasty flair :P
@Unihedron really? I just wanted to get a badge
> Nothing to say about me... but if you insist, just take a look at my actions, they speak better than I could ever do.
^ That deserves a badge on its own..
●←Badge for @Braiam
←Blue badge for @Braiam
1:08 PM
feels shy
I do what I do, because I feel good doing it
@Sam you might want to implement some kind of score instead for the low quality filter
A question without an accepted answer is like an Agatha Christie novel with the last chapter missing. You have lots of suspects but you still don't know who committed the crime. And it was the less likely one that did it, difficult problems have unusual resolutions. It also gums-up the system, the question periodically gets re-activated to try to get it resolved. Wastes a lot of time having SO users look at again. — Hans Passant 3 hours ago
@Braiam I'm kinda doing that atm. It'll mark each term with a score (starting at 0). For every false positive the score is decremented by 1, for every true positive the score is incremented. If a term hits -3 it'll be auto removed and blacklisted from the filter.
@Sam mm... I meant more like if it hits 3 out 10 filters it triggers
obviously, some of those filters would have more value than others
1:21 PM
@InfiniteRecursion wholeheartedly agree..
@InfiniteRecursion I prefer OP not accepting anything rather than accepting the wrong thing
@Braiam Oh right, good idea. I'll add that to my list...
@Sam that way you can also split the regexes
I prefer the same @Braiam. I found Hans's opinion surprising. Thanks @Uni.
my point is that OP often writes "thanks it works" then walks away, instead of waiting for 5 more minutes to accept..
read: Within the journey of ~300 thanks comments I flagged in the past week, about ~60 were left on posts without an accepted answer, and so I leave them mercy..
1:25 PM
@Unihedron that's why I don't like "thanks, it works" comments under my posts
@Braiam Ok. So, each term will have a score determined by it's true/false positive rate, the higher the rate the higher the term's "weight" will be. A post is then scanned for each term and for every existing term the term's score will be added to the post's score, finally if the post has a score of > X then the bot will post.
I know, I know. Since then I've fixed that bug.
1:39 PM
@Sam Eventually, all will get blacklisted.
@Unihedron What would you suggest then?
I have an HP 10000 Series rack in the basement of my home, my wife is the only one frowning. — Chris S ♦ Sep 4 at 17:10
No, I think it's a good idea, it's just that there is a potential for it to screw up / be screwed up.
@Unihedron This is how a democratic system works. We can't expect anyone to wait five more minutes to accept the answer. It isn't fair in isolation, but this freedom helps maintain fairness across the system. If they give any incentive or encourage users to accept useful answers, people will accept incorrect answers and break the system.
@InfiniteRecursion You are absolutely correct
is there no way to tell them accepting > leaving "thanks" comments?
1:44 PM
@Unihedron IMO, there's a check
@Unihedron Leave a comment...
@rene by then they've already walked away..
21 mins ago, by Unihedron
my point is that OP often writes "thanks it works" then walks away, instead of waiting for 5 more minutes to accept..
@Unihedron That's why I'm making these bot commands, so if it screws up one of us can undo the damage. For example, if a score is too high for a certain term, you or I, can tell the bot to remove that term/lower its score.
@Sam Great idea! Maybe at some point on the future there would be an automated unit as well..
Low Quality (-3 + 84%): gimme the codez
I plan to do so.
1:47 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PAST PERFECT OR PAST SIMPLE on ell.stackexchange.com
@Unihedron It'll probably be more like: Low Quality (83%): blah blah blah
And I'll drop the "(possible)" marker as well.
@Unihedron I might sound like an old fool now but remember this: You can't fix the complete world...just accept some behaviour will never change...
@rene yes..
Thanks for admitting I'm an old fool ;)
1:51 PM
2:16 PM
stop making fun of me... :)
Not an old foolish ostrich :|
(keeps self from laughing)
/me hopes the room will not burst while everybody holds their laughs
2:29 PM
@Braiam I see no reason to think it is not.
It is a batch programming issue isn't it?
@rene "batch"? no, just a quoting mess
@Braiam but as I read it, he tries the command once from the command line and then from a script where he uses quotes...
It might not be great question
But it can be on-topic... how do I properly quote argumenst in bash/shell whatever
Anyone here use C# (WPF)?
C# yes, wpf... hmm you may try...
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, 12 mins ago, by Sam
@Pro Do you if it's possible to read a WebBrowser element's console output?
2:42 PM
@ProgramFOX ^
Lol, I replied just before you posted it here :P
2:55 PM
@Unihedron upvote and close vote?
It's a good community wiki post.
A mod could lock the thread for community effort, but I'm too lazy to m-flag it for one, so let's close it!
Roflcoptr, this worked for me. — cpatrick Nov 4 '10 at 4:15
@Unihedron wait 18 hours and everything will be fixed
cv pls tutorial pls ^
will check back in 18 hours
and flag "thanks" as too chatty
Hey, SEDE data dump has refreshed! Good time to query something!
3:28 PM
@Braiam why? it has an accepted answer.
15 mins ago, by Unihedron
is this vlq? link is dead http://stackoverflow.com/a/5166004/3622940
... and?
@hichris123 talking about the answer
Accepted answers don't get auto-deleted.
@hichris123 that's what I ask you
@hichris123 yup, they do
3:29 PM
@Braiam No, they don't.
... where are you getting this?
@Unihedron done
@Unihedron done
@hichris123 if the answers are < 0 Community ignore them
In AU we deleted a bad answer that was accepted because the mods didn't wanted to delete it
A: Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered zero-score questions after a year?

Jeff AtwoodJust to formally document the exact policies we have in place to remove old abandoned / dead questions, the Community user will delete questions in the following circumstances: If the question is more than 30 days old, and ... has −1 or lower score has no answers is not locked ...or... it ...

> no answers... no answers... no accepted answer
sighs 1843 "Thank you so much!" comments..
(check - review all "thanks", "welcome", "excellent", "gotcha" comments)
@hichris123 in server side that isn't like that
@Unihedron it would take you at least 19 days to flag all those, and then like 190 days for mods to review them all
3:35 PM
@Braiam huh?
@Braiam what is teh server side u spoke? some secret layer?
@lostsock I made sure all my comment flags are marked helpful before I go on another wave of flagging :)
that said, I'm out of comment flags..
@Unihedron needs one more close vote
@TGMCians thank god chat rooms exists, those close votes would dry out after four days!
@TGMCians @lostsock saved the day!
3:39 PM
@lostsock \o/
naa / vlq / too chatty stackoverflow.com/a/5632252/3967621
@hichris123 start reading here
naa should be comment / obsolete stackoverflow.com/a/5884255/3967621
@hichris123 y no hnq e.s.?
@Braiam I'm so confused -- yes, it'll go through the LQP queue, but no, it won't get auto-deleted. It raises a mod flag for someone to delete it since it's accepted.
@lostsock ?
@hichris123 Yes, there's a disputed / mod-priority deletion queue, for disputed tasks and accepted answers
3:45 PM
anyone see what's wrong i.sstatic.net/rnQ1W.png
Welp, link fixed so all of this is invalid. xD
where? @hichris123
A: Django: fullstack admin site based application

Vinay SajipAn official API for customizing the Django admin interface is in development (source). However, the info on the linked page may be useful for customizing the admin in older (pre 1.0) Django versions. Update: Fixed link. Further update: fixed link again. However, there are newer approaches to cu...

@hichris123 it's a link-only answer, so it's still going to become invalid over time.
@hichris123 why he "fix" the link with another link instead of just importing the relevant content?
3:47 PM
89 pending comment flags... a mod is going to stab me
While this answer may theoretically answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference. Please add the relevant content directly to your answer, as it'll prevent further link rot. — hichris123 8 secs ago
@hichris123 thanks, added to autocomment bank :)
@Unihedron they can't see who flags comments
:) Yeah, the first two sentences are my slightly modified auto-comment.
@Braiam really
oops then I shouldn't have said it in chat... (runs away)
3:50 PM
quickly, delete all the evidence!
I can't! It's been 2 minutes and 1.337 seconds since I posted the message!
4:05 PM
> I see that comments have been made about including parts of the answer in this post to mitigate linkrot. I would agree in general, but this is unfortunately not a question which can be answered succinctly. Perhaps you would prefer it if I just deleted the answer? It was useful for a time, but no longer, it seems.
All hidden avatars have left the tavern..
@InfiniteRecursion Sam is still here
@Unihedron b.c your searching every comment on SO for 1 of 4 strings?
4:08 PM
did it finish? only needs to do it once, then will be cached till the next dump
Yes, but Sam's hidden avatar is wearing glasses. He isn't a matryoshka doll like the others @lostsock.
It refreshes every sunday 3am UTC
@InfiniteRecursion s/monday/sunday
jumps out of the faded darkness...
@Sam have you seen hidden avatars that look like matryoshka dolls?
@InfiniteRecursion Nope.
@lostsock but.... it's been 15 minutes and still running, not being auto-terminated, i'm worried.
@Unihedron omg, that is weird
@lostsock just loaded! :D
4:14 PM
You are lucky @Sam.
i thought you meant like a minute or something, ya, more than 2 minutes should always auto-terminate in my experience
@InfiniteRecursion Which room were they in?
tavern ^
Oh. Well I've been busy working on the bot, so I didn't notice anything.
4:19 PM
Good for you @Sam. You escaped their weird presence. Phew, they are gone.
it leads me to a page that looks like {"running":true,"job_id":"5e7aa67b-3de3-4f47-876e-bb90957a36db"}
@Unihedron back and "run" again
hmmm a lot of uuids
works for me
Ugh. Blames caching.
A: Why are Review Audits not more clear and well-explained?

Unihedron Why not spend a little time on improving the whole thing? You're a developer / programmer too. We all know how hard it is to have the best system. I would like to break down the main blockers for improving "the whole thing" (the review system) into... some smaller things: Planning (Researc...

hey, it's my post!
@Unihedron are you positive it took 15 minutes to do that query? The longest query I've ever run successfully without timing out has probably been right under 2 minutes. Anyone else care to share their experience?
> Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
huh, it timed out just now... I wonder why the other time it didn't but computed successfully..
4:32 PM
No, I shared it for everyone to read, it's a nice post @uni.
thanks @inf :) glad it was a nice read to you :P
@Unihedron you ran the same exact one? or made an edit and then ran? i get 18273 rows returned in <1 ms
The same one gave me 18273 rows returned in 692 ms (cached)
I edited in "order by score" and now it times out
yea, editing it will re-run everything from scratch
All my queries timeout after 2 minutes too. I will try to find documentation about SEDE timeout @lostsock.
4:33 PM
WELP! Uni and Inf broke SEDE
break ALL the things
WELP! @Braiam used shoutcase!
"Have you tried google and wikipedia?" stackoverflow.com/a/195360/3622940
^ seems like an answer to me
4:38 PM
Yeah, fix it @lostsock
in Room for Low Quality posts, 2 mins ago, by Sam
Low quality: Trigonometry Need HELP PLEASE, by user175995, on math.stackexchange.com.
@Undo every Yahoo! answers answer looks like those to me :D
@Undo is a moderator on yahoo answers
@lostsock Y/A has no moderators
Y/A moderation is based on a self-enforcing automatic trust-based flagging system
@Unihedron I tried running the query of yours where you added and Score < 2 , and it was still running for like 5 minutes, but I manually exited out.. some weird stuff , how do you do that?
4:41 PM
@lostsock what? i don't know... im kinda an expert at breaking things.....
appears at the sound of people breaking Data Explorer
@Unihedron SE is not minecraft
Must investigate!!
@lostsock yet
Timeout was 2 minutes as per Tim's answer, ofcourse now it's broken:
A: How is the data explorer secured?

Tim StoneFirst and foremost it has the benefit of having relatively dedicated hardware, sharing its space exclusively with the chat platform. I don't have any figures on how much traffic the Data Explorer sees, but it seems to be reasonable enough that current demand doesn't appear to have any negative im...

4:46 PM
@Unihedron nope
Ugh, my query sucks. Too many false positives.
@bjb568 ah.
That OP ruined his entire post. He posted addition info about his question as answers.
why do people even write "please help" in code? o_O stackoverflow.com/q/14025643/3622940
Kind people like me help can't stop ourselves from answering when we see please help.
@InfiniteRecursion ah long answer great :)
Q: Does a monkey/ape flee from half peeled bananas?

Angelo.HannesThere is a claim by a German philosopher, named Max Scheler. Ein Affe, dem man eine Banane halb geschält in die Hand gibt, flieht vor ihr, während er sie ganz geschält frißt, ungeschält aber selber schält und dann frißt. Translation by me: A monkey/ape who is given a half peeled banana...

I think Cary meant a cake/bread/pastry/... made with rice flour (which is often not baked but steamed). Because he seems to come from the Phillipines it think there is a eqivalent to the Vietnamese "bánh" which does not differentiates between cake, bread, noodles, pastries, other boiled or deep-fried or .. stuff made with flour. — Ching Chong yesterday
@InfiniteRecursion that name is racist
^no difference between cake and noodles
They are using same word for cakes and noodles, and @Jan is worried about names! o_O
Q: Why did my banana catch fire in the microwave?

yossarianWow, that sounds like a silly question, but really! My wife froze bananas in the freezer with the peel still on. You can't peel them frozen. I put it in the microwave for one minute at 50% power. After 30 seconds the thin end of the peel (where a bunch connect to each other) was on fire, with a v...

bananas bananas bananas
Nobody likes bananas and ching chong :(
For banana haters:
Q: How can I get chewy chocolate chip cookies?

LorenzoMy chocolate chips cookies are always too crisp. How can I get chewy cookies, like those of Starbucks? Thank you to everyone who has answered. So far the tip that had the biggest impact was to chill and rest the dough, however I also increased the brown sugar ratio and increased a bit the butt...

Q: Do monkeys love bananas?

yrodroThis one comes from my 7-year-old. So, do all monkeys go bananas for bananas? Some types of monkeys? Do all monkeys like bananas somehow? ...or is it just a cartoon convention with no basis in reality?

I suspect the bananas were, like many of the fruits you find in grocery stores, coated with some sort of food-grade wax. The dry woody end of the banana would have allowed this wax to heat to its flash point and ignite, catching the stem itself. — Shog9 ♦ Oct 1 '10 at 17:41
Ew. Ew. Ew. EEEW - wax???
@Braiam This is amazing!
5:22 PM
(gifts waxed bananas to @Jan)
> This space is used for various tests, none of which are currently running. Move along...
@GnomeSlice I know
@hhh: I think your best question here is "how can I know whether a potato is too old?" If you focus on that, keeping in mind existing questions on the topic, you should have better luck avoiding OT answers... — Shog9 ♦ Mar 23 '11 at 19:42
Heh a simple search for "builtwith.com" gave me a nice list of crap questions to be deleted.
@animuson On SO?
@Sam Yep. So many "what does this site use?" questions. Nuked.
5:37 PM
Adds "builtwith.com" to LQ blacklist...
I historically locked one very highly voted and visited question, but this term seems to be a pretty surefire way of indicating the question is utter crap.
waits for someone to complain about my mass deletion spree
I was originally going through the "website" tag and saw a few posts with that link pop up. :P
@animuson Good to know. If you find any other solid LQ terms and have time to spare, would you mind dropping me a ping here‌​.
Oh, interesting. That one was just a crappy off-topic answer to a legitimate question.
5:47 PM
Yeah let's close it
pokes @animuson ^^
thanks :)
Only 7 results left with the term. :D
5:59 PM
yeah link only answer
I wish I was here in the good old days when link-only answers got upvotes. Now my bounty answers get serial downvotes. :(
@InfiniteRecursion time changes, and eggs hatch
Yes @Braiam :D
@Braiam deleted by animuson♦ 4 mins ago
It's funny when people serial vote. I have experienced both serial upvotes and serial downvotes, so I have both fans and enemies. Progress!!
@TGMCians animuson◆ deletes all our lol content.
6:06 PM
It's only funny until something gets deleted.
> What is Side effect in Computer Science/Programing?
at a glance I read it what is side effect of computer science/programming
oh I downvoted & at the same time > deleted by owner 31 secs ago
I cv'ed as unclear. I know atleast 15 different answers of that question based on the compiler/interpreter/assembler they use.
I feel dirty, there's a question of mine in the hot list....
@TGMCians he wants to dumb it down further?
6:25 PM
Malicious for sure @Braiam- I know that you can't program a website to trap a user on a website, and not let them leave.
Hmm.... I wonder if brown is totally in the past now, just a shadow of a forgotten meme?
I cved as recommendation question.
Hi @sha :)
@ShadowWizard Well, jadarnel hasn't been around....
@hichris123 cv'ed, too bad Hammer won't work for Off Topicness
@InfiniteRecursion Hi @Inf!
@hichris123 so he failed inheriting it to us I guess :(
If only I could grasp the meaning of this I could take his place but alas, I did not
pokes @rene
6:30 PM
I wantz teh close votez @rene.
@rene let's send all those questions to EarthScience
@hichris123 already did that one
other done
6:32 PM
@hichris123 done, closed
The last one about Side effects in CS was answered by my favorite user.
@InfiniteRecursion I'm happy to open a meta post to request adding ES as a migration target.... that will get a good reception I assume....
@rene Hey, if you ever want to sing with us I'm fine with the migration! :P
Yes @rene, do it! What on earth are these doing on SO, they belong on Earth Science ;)
I need to make it CW to prevent being Q-banned after it...
@hichris123 one more cv
Yes, make it cw and help hichris123 clean up SO
Just gimme a SO ♦ and I can migrate it for you!
You were in the last SO election. I voted for bluefeet and bohemian :)
@InfiniteRecursion Y'know there's three choices, right? ;P
Yeah, I was in the last election, but I didn't expect anything from it.
I barely had 3k rep, sooo...
6:41 PM
Ok, I will give you my third vote, atleast you will stop poking for cvs
I think I can get everyone in here to vote for me if I just flood the room with 's.
I think everyone can ignore you, and you too might become famous for being ignored
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 5 hours to continue reviewing.
let me see now @hichris123 requests
@hichris123 closed
@hichris123 one more close vote..
@hichris123 closed
at the same time, close your tabs :)
@hichris123 closed
@hichris123 closed
> you have no more close votes today, come back in 5 hours
4 cv left...
26 mins ago, by hichris123
@rene use your close vote here
6:55 PM
Already had one from me
oh ok
7:08 PM
anyone knows if <10k can see all the close votes they have casted?
Only on non-deleted posts, though.
and 10kers?
10kers can only see deleted posts in their delete/undelete vote lists. Nowhere else.
actually they can @animuson
rpmfind.net down for anyone else?
7:22 PM
Oh, must've been a recent change.
The original feature request was only implemented for the two.
I feel bad about destroying the account because of that awesome profile picture.
you could found a graveyard of lost (but nice) avatar faces
goo.gl/#analytics/goo.gl/0Lzmwr/two_hours ... so someone here is using Ubuntu (Braiam?), a Mac (bjb) and Windows (animuson?).
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started at rev 2cf9309 (@Undo)
Both posts by different users...
and both were self-nuked before I could do anything
7:54 PM
@JanDvorak ... maybe this is like the last time?
let's brace ourselves
@animuson Was it all-caps?
Adds "it was" to filter...
@hichris123 Yep. Same thing as the other two.
7:57 PM
@animuson didn't want to mention it
Why didn't smokey catch it?
Where did the fun go?
@Sam I dunno. But I'm happy it didn't catch it.
Eeek! Spam flags!

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