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@JanDvorak y u no flag?
A: Watch Most Welcome 2014 full movie online

Max Wang-1! This is a q and a site for serious programmers, not an advertisement site for tv stations. Either ask a serious question or go away!

@JanDvorak why the heck he edited the tags?
12:08 AM
all queues are empty :(
@Braiam huh... that's not how you flag...
12:26 AM
@Shog9 any news about upgrading the roomba script? or still in "we will see"?
12:53 AM
Any thoughts from you experts on the politeness of asking a site moderator why a flag was declined, but the flagged post deleted anyway?
@J.Musser You could ask us first?
@SantaClaus I just did.
@SantaClaus on chat, anyway.
@J.Musser it can happen for a number of reasons. 1. Fat fingered it. 2. You chose the wrong flag reason. 3. They misread it. 4. .. 5...
@iStimple Meaning of fat fingered it, please?
@J.Musser misclick
1:05 AM
@iStimple and thanks for the response.
you can search through these questions meta.stackoverflow.com/search?q=flag+declined to see similiar things, or if you really want to , you can start a new question on meta.SO
@iStimple So how can I keep a good flag score when mods make these mistakes?
@J.Musser if it happens a lot to you, then the chances are that you possibly are misunderstanding how some of the flag reasons work, like what is and isn't considered an answer. I've raised thousands of flags, and I can't think of one declined flag I have where I still disagree with the decision after some time has passed. So moderators don't misclick often enough to really effect your helpful ratio.
@iStimple Thanks for that link. But how about something like this? gardening.stackexchange.com/questions/13432/…
I flagged it with the reason: This question was posted without a picture, and when that was brought up, the user posted a new question, with a picture, that now has an answer.
And now the flagged question was deleted as it should have een, I asked why the flag was declined, and the mod didn't get back.
@J.Musser my bad for assuming SO. In this case I'm not sure of the rules on gardening. But you did a custom flag then I assume? So yea, seems like it should've been helpful to me.
I'd either forget about it, or post on meta.Gardening
1:14 AM
@iStimple It's no big deal, but I think I'm trying to stay over a certain ratio of helpful/other flags, to get badges.
And on GL, there's barely any flagging to do, anyway.
Or reviews. I get to do like 7 a week.
but yeah, I don't like to complain about stuff
From what I looked into about flag badges, there are three of them. First flagged post. Raised 80 helpful flags. Raised 500 helpful flags. So there is currently no badges for ratio of helpful/declined flags
@iStimple Isn't there something to keep people from being too free with flags?
@J.Musser Yea, you can be suspended for like a couple days to a week for doing too many declined flags. But then you're free to flag again. If a user consistently gets suspended from flagging and has a bad ratio, then mod's will end up not even being able to review the user's flags. But I doubt that's anything you'll ever need to worry about.
I mostly came here to ask how polite it is to ask a particular mod (only one really active on GL anymore) why a certain flag was declined
@iStimple Thanks for your help.
<a href="http://stackexchange.com/users/531689">
<img src="http://stackexchange.com/users/flair/531689.png" width="208" height="58" alt="profile for J. Musser on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&amp;A sites" title="profile for J. Musser on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&amp;A sites">
@J.Musser no problem, anytime
1:19 AM
That's me^
Wish I knew how to make it look fine on chat.
I don't have a big rep, being on a slow beta and all.
Wrong room and wrong person to reply to
@Andy You can talk to us if you want.
@J.Musser yea, the tree isn't going anywhere anytime soon
Could be an Ent.
@iStimple Yes i'm an ent from the Gardening site.
@iStimple I'm a professional horticulturist, lawn care guy, arborist, landscaper, specialty gardener, etc, so I need a tree icon.
1:30 AM
@J.Musser ... how much are you an Earth Science person? ;) If you are, join Earth Science!
@hichris123 I have only like 170 rep there, asked how helium deposits form.
@J.Musser Welp, I've already upvoted your question. :P (I'm a moderator on Earth Science)
@hichris123 Oh yeah, I remember you! I always look through site users when I join.
For some reason, the tab says, earth history - How did helium deposits form? It's not earth history. Must be some bug.
@J.Musser It's because of the tag [earth-history]
@hichris123 Oh, duh. I forgot about that.
Q: Aerating water to raise nutrient solution PH

MantriurAs anyone who has ever had to tend to a pool painfully discovered, aerating water causes the oxygen to react with something and raise the PH. From what I have read it converts contents of the water that are considered micro nutrients for some plants, like manganese and iron. Now when watering pla...

The question I'm currently answering
This is a slow room.
1:45 AM
@J.Musser We're not slow! It's just that @Bart isn't here, and he's the life of the party!
12 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
@Spa: We wanted to shoot Bart, didn't work out.
lol didn't see that yet.
@hichris123 What does the esteemed Bart look like?
@J.Musser He's funnier than he looks
@hichris123 Ah! I think I remember him
Wasn't he the one that did nothing in GL but edit one question near the beginning of July? It looked like his glasses, if I remember correctly.
@iStimple Can he write software?
(partially due to our ALL CAPS POST detector in here)
1:50 AM
@J.Musser there are some other users that look similar
@hichris123 Ahh, you're good at finding stuff.
I was still looking for his profile on GL.
@iStimple Whoah, I recognize cCody Gray from Biology. I have a rep there. Was 1300 but is now 825 because of bounties.
I can only write software one way.
Just testing.
aha! that's how its done.
I told you it was a slow room.
I don't know how to ask questions on here very well, they keep getting downvoted.
2:11 AM
@J.Musser on which site?
@hichris123 If I remember right, I did a meta answer on ES as well.
Hi @doorknob
@J.Musser Hello!
@Doorknob can you write software?
I can write it only one way
@J.Musser very well he can
@iStimple figgures...
2:14 AM
@J.Musser Um, what do you mean?
@Doorknob Just out of curiosity
@J.Musser Yeah, and I upvoted that as well. ;)
@J.Musser Well, I know several programming languages, if that's what you mean. stackoverflow.com/users/1223693/doorknob?tab=tags
This is how I write software: 'S-O-F-T-W-A-R-E' There, I wrote software. the only way I know how. :)
@J.Musser Oooh, ooh, let me try! software
I did it!
2:16 AM
@hichris123 Was that you just now? I seem to have recently gotten an enlightened and nice answer badge.
@Doorknob Wow! You are amazing!
@J.Musser Nope, that was a while ago for me.
@Doorknob try taking a fourth grade spelling test, I did, and it was hard.. oh nm, you're still in school
S-O-F-T-W-A-R-E: Software. the programs and other operating information used by a computer.
@Doorknob you spelled it like a pro!
@iStimple Oh, that should be easy. I'm reelly gud at speling.
2:22 AM
@Doorknob It always gets my un-computer-geek friends. They're like, "Of course I can't write software!", and I say, "What are you, illiterate? I could write software all day!" And they don't get it.
@J.Musser To be fair, I didn't understand it until after you spelled it out (pun intended). :P
@Doorknob I know, but I love laughing at clueless people.
It's fun!
@Andy Hola!
@J.Musser Hola!
@Andy What's up? :)
Not a whole lot. Just finished playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
great short game
only 3-4 hours
2:33 AM
@Andy That's fun
The problem with being 'fitness freak' is that it still hurts when you fall on a gravel bed, you just have a lot more force. :(
I scraped a large fragment off my hand, which I am bandaging back on. :)
@jcolebrand Hi
Yes! (sigh of relief) I've finally finished answering this extremely boring question.
Now I can do something else!
Are people done with site self evaluations?
@iStimple this one.
@iStimple Meta.
@MarkBooth You look horrible.
@JonEricson Are you the guy in charge of GL?
It looks just plain wrong.
3:05 AM
@J.Musser "It looks just plain wrong" doesn't tell anyone anything. Describe exactly what you see as wrong with it? Like if it's something about the design, say what you don't like about it. If it's something about the stats appearing incorrectly/weird, say so. Be specific on what is plain wrong.
@iStimple The top user has over twice what the next user does, and only 17 users have <100 rep this month. It is just wrong looking.
Why can't I edit my profile properly on here?
I can't change my parent user for this room.
@J.Musser this is another server, separated from everything else
@Braiam Ah! Ok... That makes sense. Thanks!
@Braiam I wonder whatever for?
3:25 AM
Goodnight! Don't let the robots kill all humans!
Anyone know why I can't see myself on a recent followers list on a area51 proposal I recently followed.
@bjb568 Robots only kill who they're told.
@bjb568 Anyone ever tell you you look a whole lot like a cat? I'm not kidding.
If anyone wants to take a look at the M.SO suggested edits queue, you'll find a tag wiki edit or two.
@AstroCB i show 0?
maybe caching/delay
Or a moderator already review them. shrugs
nice! carry on
4:21 AM
morning morning
@SilentKiller Good morning!
How are you dude.?
@SilentKiller Awesome.
@SilentKiller And I'm looking forward to my daily 3 hour nap, coming up soon.
@J.Musser i mostly use this keyword.
@J.Musser tada :D
aka night
4:27 AM
night night
@SilentKiller What keyword?
Awesome ;)
@SilentKiller Ah ;)
@SilentKiller So you doing anything fun tomorrow? better than me?
I'm working 14 hours
@SilentKiller yo.
4:31 AM
@J.Musser same here. am at office. :/
@SilentKiller I do landscaping; will be hauling 200+ lb railroad ties all day, and pounding them together with a sledge hammer.
Very good workout, but tiring even after 12 hours.
@J.Musser while i am moving from one platform to another and again back to the same in One app. which truly a headache.
@SilentKiller Yeah, sounds like you are really building muscle.
@J.Musser hahaha or loosing weight..?? :D
@SilentKiller Yeah
4:37 AM
brb (taking drops for ma eye infection)
@SilentKiller Have never had an eye infection - sounds like no fun
@J.Musser lols.. xD. its ridicules even my vision was not clear. now days i am fine (getting clear vision day by day :) ).
i am top(back)
@SilentKiller good
I am ;)
My vision is 20/200, unless I'm wearing glasses, then it's 20/40
4:47 AM
@J.Musser i don't have glasses.
@SilentKiller That's good
@SilentKiller Ya heard about the girl who left her contacts on over six months and her eyeballs got eaten out by amoeba?
Kinda gross
@SilentKiller What bacteria were in your eye?
@J.Musser just check on google.
@SilentKiller yeah, thats where i found it
@SilentKiller How tall does one have to be to excuse weighing <215lbs?
4:53 AM
@J.Musser i am not a doc Sir. :P doc just told me because of conjunctivitis you got dots on eyeball
@J.Musser no idea. :/
@SilentKiller Is it okay in most peoples opinions to weigh 216 lbs if you are 6' 3" and can bench press 390 lbs?
(are you jealous?)
lols jealous. :D
@SilentKiller :P but one has to work for it.
@SilentKiller People flee when I play football. (partly cause I can't see where I'm going)
@J.Musser am having weight of 150lbs
@SilentKiller Whoah, you're thin!
4:59 AM
@J.Musser lols.. you are truly amazing. :D
@J.Musser between average and thin
@SilentKiller That's really good.
@SilentKiller Guessing you're not over 6' 3"?
@J.Musser thinking to start exercise to make it average and build muscle. ;)
@J.Musser 5' 11"
@SilentKiller Building muscle is good, but as ong as it's high priority in your life.
@SilentKiller Cause in my work, it is really, really, helpful.
@J.Musser yup seen your profile. 16k repo.
@SilentKiller Which profile?
Oh, all of them?
@SilentKiller 14.2k
@SilentKiller Yeah, mostly in the past two months. i wasn't really active muck before that.
not muck
instead of giving answer at main site i prefer to help in chat much
@SilentKiller On stack overflow?
5:05 AM
@SilentKiller That site's huge
@J.Musser yup. much huge.
On GL, it's hard to stay over 100 rep per day, with only 3.1 new questions per day.
The most I would have got in one day was 395, but was capped at 230
395 its good. :P
@iStimple morning buddy.
@SilentKiller Yeah, but it got capped
@iStimple Howdy
5:08 AM
@J.Musser Better luck Next Time. ;)
hope for the best.
@SilentKiller Try getting rep on a small site and see what happens
@SilentKiller @J.Musser Early Morning to you!
I did take a big break in the middle, but it looks something like this.
@J.Musser agreed its hard to get but if we hope the best then and then only we'll try to achieve and we'll get that na.
@SilentKiller And then, there's the fact that I have over twice as much reputation this month than the next user
it all comes with knowing your stuff
5:13 AM
I feel like being annoying. Wonder what I can do.
Yes, I can slice everything in half!
Like this! ้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้‌​้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้‌​้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้‌​้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้‌​้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้‌​้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้
@SilentKiller yup what?
3 mins ago, by J. Musser
it all comes with knowing your stuff
@SilentKiller Oh, sorry
no issues brother.
everyone can see this line.?? :/
@J.Musser why it is there then.?
@SilentKiller Yeah. Wasn't it annoying enough?
5:17 AM
yes it is. keep passions. :P
@SilentKiller Everone can see the anoying line.
5 mins ago, by J. Musser
I feel like being annoying. Wonder what I can do.
@SilentKiller ^
2 mins ago, by SilentKiller
yes it is. keep passions. :P
@SilentKiller Stop grinning, I was trying to make you mad! :p
That you coughing?
5:21 AM
:P no. i am laughing
thats you coughing in anger
because I've gone and cut some of your well-written messages in half
i don't mind. :D
licorice old licorice (lol) (means your hungry, calling for licorice)
Or like old lace? are you an 85 year old female?
licorice is the worst tasting stuff I ever laid eyes on.
5:25 AM
@J.Musser xD now say for this.? :D
@SilentKiller what?
Arsenic and old lace
which is why you called yourself SilentKiller
@J.Musser that's Nick given by my professors when i won CounterStrike Game Championship at university level.
@SilentKiller nice
5:28 AM
@J.Musser thank you.. :]
No one will ever guess why I chose the username 'J. Musser'
then you should specify. ;)
please proceed
@SilentKiller It's my name.
@J.Musser full name please .:D
Joshua D. Musser
@SilentKiller You in the same time zone?
5:32 AM
@J.Musser 11:02 am here. :D
Its 1:31 am here
@SilentKiller were you up all night, or do you get up that early?
@J.Musser getup early
Ohh, that's not too bad, read your time wrong.
@SilentKiller I usually get up at 4:00-4:30, so still have three hours
@J.Musser usually i got up at 7 am
5:35 AM
@SilentKiller you sloth!
lols :D
2-4 hrs/night's good enough for me.
Enough to make my doctor mad
@SilentKiller You laugh out loud and smile alot. :D lol
:P lol :-) LOL
Me too
@J.Musser hahaha yup i used too. even my name have different meaning to. Silent-Killer killing silence too. ;)
@SilentKiller But you're in reality just sitting there with a blank expression on your face typing... how boring, sounds like me!
@J.Musser Hope SO support video chat so i can show you whats on ma face. ;)
5:41 AM
If people really laughed out loud as often as they typed lol, it would be a loud world.
so should i go with lmao or rofl.? :P
@SilentKiller some dirt? or don't I want to know?
@J.Musser lols. :P i am helping ma junior. :P
@SilentKiller with what?
@J.Musser in Android and BlackBerry. :P
5:43 AM
finding classified information on the building plans of some new skyscrapers, no doubt.
@SilentKiller Blackberry's old
@J.Musser yup but still working.
@SilentKiller My mobile's an LG extravert 2
And SE on that old phone is so full of bugs
@J.Musser i have Samsung S4
@SilentKiller No fair, you have 13 more rep than me on Meta! (goes and pouts)
@SilentKiller ay more cool
@J.Musser yup. :P then you should give answer or ask question on meta. ;)
5:49 AM
@SilentKiller (still pouting)
(pouts for a very long time)
(so long, grows a large beard, and talons)
(Still pouting)
Q: Should the closed as duplicate message be altered?

J. MusserHere's what the closed-as-duplicate message looks like: marked as duplicate by johndoe1, johndoe2, johndoe3, johndoe4, johndoe5 May 5 '55 at 5:55 This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question....

:2356118 Yes!! The best ever.
(now removed, of course)
There;s my question^
reading comments.
Of course, no answer.
its same for all sites.
@SilentKiller what?
the message? I know. And it's innacurate.
@J.Musser duplicate issue.
5:59 AM
@SilentKiller I wonder why they can't come up with a suitable message?

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