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12:12 AM
@Jamal Terribly substandard: the scansion is completely off.
On the bright side, someone earned a shiny new Nice Answer badge.
> Let's first of all ignore the fact that you misspelled Shakespeare and ignore the fact that he was a playwright, not a programmer
I still thing Nice Answers should be more desirable than Good Answers. You know, like girls.
Wait, Shakespeare wasn't a programmer?!
@hichris123 Oh dear. Billy the Bard is notoriously known as the Man Who Could Never Spell His Own Name the Same Way Twice in a Row. How could anybody have him his name mispolen?
12:19 AM
Can't do that. The guest account was "made" with a valid email, but one I don't have access to 'cause I lost the password years ago. Today I just use it as a junk email. — Carl Vidal 21 mins ago
lost cause...
@AnnaLear I need one of those
A: How could I optimize this script?

nhgrifThis script is a total of 99 lines. Of that, 49 lines are insulting, annoying, and ironic self-congratulating comments. In general, comments are good. They help any future maintainer (including yourself when it's been 6 months since the last time you looked at the script) to understand what ...

I don't know weather to upvote or ... Eh, what the heck. +1. — ckuhn203 6 mins ago
@Jamal, he said weather. Migrate it to Earth Science!!!
Too late. :-(
Plus, it already violates the crap rule.
... and we're not even a programming site. :D
Every site is a programming site.
They just don’t admit it.
12:26 AM
@Jamal I'd upvote if the dang auto-login worked
But no site is complete without Baba Ji spam!
We haven't gotten any spam yet...
@hichris123 Belongs on Music.SE.
@hichris123 fun fact: I failed earth science
well, the first time, then got like an A or B with a professor that wasn't a douchebag
12:29 AM
@iStimple Then I guess you can ask a few questions. Answering though... :P
like 60% of the class failed or dropped it half way through
@hichris123 La la Lasa!
Wait, what's the difference between Earth Science and Geology? I took the latter.
@Jamal Geology is a subset of Earth Science.
@Doorknob Let's sing together!
12:31 AM
@hichris123 Yaaaay! \o/
@hichris123 I only know one geologist
@hichris123 please reopen this question and I might join
@iStimple I think not. :)
What's your favorite Code Golf joke? What's your favorite Puzzling joke?
What is you favorite bar tender joke?
12:46 AM
What is your favorite joke?
What is your favorite?
What is?
What is your favorite @Doorknob joke?
What is your favorite @Doorknob?
@Doorknob Philosophy question
What is @Doorknob?
user image
Poor Pluto
12:49 AM
@Doorknob that question really activates my mind, I can feel the electric charges going throughout all my brain , but sadly cannot locate the answer
Also, I'm on the star wall too much. THIS IS A PROBLEM!
so... is Pluto a planet or just some massive asteroid of ice?
@hichris123 you deserve it!
Agreed. If you're going to make reference to something, it's best practice to actually let us see what you're talking about. — Joel Davis 3 hours ago
12:51 AM
@Braiam It is a Dwarf Planet
A dwarf planet is an object the size of a planet (a planetary-mass object) but that is neither a planet nor a moon or other natural satellite. More explicitly, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) defines a dwarf planet as a celestial body in direct orbit of the Sun that is massive enough for its shape to be controlled by gravity, but that unlike a planet has not cleared its orbit of other objects. The term dwarf planet was adopted in 2006 as part of a three-way categorization of bodies orbiting the Sun, brought about by an increase in discoveries of trans-Neptunian objects (objects that...
If you have a score of more than 5 in , vote on the tag synonym.
approved. ;P
@Braiam It's not an asteroid or a "planet," per se. It's a dwarf planet, as @Andy mentioned, since it hasn't cleared its orbit.
Someone should totally approve this synonym: stackoverflow.com/tags/download/synonyms
That's way more work than seems necessary for something that's so incredibly obvious. Some questions just don't deserve long-winded answers. I barely thought that my first sentence was necessary. — Barmar 1 hour ago
^ Somebody deal with this guy.
12:58 AM
stop trollin good high rep users @bjb568 I upvoted his comments btw
What did I have against you… oh yeah, robo-reviewing. sifts thru profile
@bjb568 Translation: I have 100K+ rep, so I don't give a crap.
@iStimple Wait, so high rep means you can post bad answers and get away with it?
Just sayin'.
When you hit the "somebody deal with this guy" point in an argument, it's time to walk away. Downvote if you think the answer isn't useful, and leave it. :)
@Doorknob I just think that Barmar already knows how to write good answers, and he doesn't think it's necessary in this case to expand more. I think he has good judgement and doesn't need to be told how to write good answers since he already obviously does that all the time.
1:03 AM
@iStimple Translation: "He knows how to write good answers, but he just didn't feel like it. So he wrote a bad answer instead, and that's perfectly fine" ???
@AnnaLear Hey, if correcting people has a net positive effect, it's worth it (also applies to everything else).
@Doorknob This is what downvotes are for.
Not saying you shouldn't try to get someone to put up a better answer, but if you have made your points in comments and they just don't get it, it's okay to downvote and walk away.
Don't waste your time on arguments that aren't gonna go anywhere. :)
loosen the mood
user image
@AnnaLear I'm not the one who commented on it; I'm just replying to @iStimple's chat messages. :P
Well, it is better than just posting "no" an an answer.
1:05 AM
@Doorknob Oh, the same argument totally doesn't apply to that.
^ I felt I'd post a random kitten pic.
That's my cousin.
@iStimple Why are you skipping so many reviews in the LQRQ?
@bjb568 how can you see that I skip?
@iStimple I see all.
Also, Why'd no NAN this?
@iStimple (I think it's Shog's sock)
incredibly this fly outside your collective radars' stackoverflow.com/a/25370409/792066
@Braiam Flagged.
@bjb568 *you
1:35 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: clients leaning back Gamma Blue 11s on webmasters.stackexchange.com
I know we've had this argument, but how is this not VLQ?
It's an answer on a crap question
@random Because of the question.
So the question asked for that kind of answer
1:43 AM
@random Not necessarily: it didn't have to be that bad.
It answers the question tersely. That's not what VLQ is.
What about the answer that's just "Life?"
@random That's a good answer.
It's more a comment
No. It's an answer.
1:48 AM
35 secs ago, by bjb568
No. It's an answer.


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
Life. But "Life?" is a question.
^^ There's like 20 there.
@random Fine, edit it.
No, it's a high rep user, so all their answers must be valid.
7 mins ago, by random
It's an answer on a crap question
So why do you say an answer that's asking a question is more a valid non-VLQ answer than one that provides a link and a description?
Is it because one is from Germany and the other San Francisco?
1:53 AM
3 mins ago, by bjb568
7 mins ago, by random
It's an answer on a crap question
That's some kind of inherent bias you're showing
How is this hard? If it's an old crap closed question with high votes, how does flagging it's answers help? If it's a new crap question with low votes, flagging it's answers (if they're bad enough) gets it closer to deletion.
Explain: "Graal Online really nice" (with a link to actually see the gameplay in action) vs "Life?" and why one is VLQ while the other is a valid answer
@random They're both valid answers to crap questions.
I never said they weren't.
14 mins ago, by AstroCB
I know we've had this argument, but how is this not VLQ?
1:56 AM
3 mins ago, by bjb568
3 mins ago, by bjb568
7 mins ago, by random
It's an answer on a crap question
So you can't explain
Flagging an answer to an old closed high-voted crap question does nothing. So you shouldn't flag.
And that's what was pointed out
why this doesn't surprise me?
@random And I agreed with you there. I don't know what we're arguing about.
1:59 AM
When were we arguing?
@random Started with:
14 mins ago, by random
That's not an argument
No, that's basically just trolling.
2:12 AM
@random For the record, I came across this answer in some queue (I'm not sure which, since nothing about that specific answer seems to have put it there other than a flag sending it into VLQ, which wouldn't have allowed me to flag it as VLQ. Had I come across the answer in the context of the question, I most certainly would have flagged the question rather than the answer.
@AstroCB Invited to robo room.
in Closevotes, 4 hours ago, by bjb568
OffTopic/13 http://stackoverflow.com/q/25372847
Anybody have CVs?
Q: Commercialization

Elijah ClevelandI was just curious if anyone ever made a true attempt at commercializing this technology. I just thought of a similar tech a few weeks ago and I was wondering if there were any serious road blocks and if it wasn't brought to a commercial stage I would like to know why. Thank you, Elijah Cleve...

@bjb568 It's becoming quite the party in there, isn't it?
@AstroCB I'm still waiting for it to actually do something :P
@AstroCB invalid, or too extensive, but no too minor
@Cupcake It's made at least one person more conscious that I've seen: I haven't seen any others in the queue, so I don't know.
@Braiam It was a 6-character edit that fixed two typos.
@AstroCB and changed the meaning of the post
2:28 AM
@Braiam Not really: "log in in VB.NET" and "log in VB.NET" sound different, but if you understand what it's saying, they mean the same thing: it doesn't mean something different.
Well, at least, not in the context of the rest of the title.
@AstroCB I went thru burninating.
If it changes how the post can be interpreted, it changes the meaning
@Unihedron Your tag synonym was approved, so I edited your answer on the post to reflect that.
@Braiam I'm not sure how that could be interpreted differently if you've read the whole title. If you haven't, then you shouldn't be answering the question.
@bjb568 Not that I'm aware of. You can mouse over the tab to see that it's based on your history and favorite tags, which is really all I know. — Bill the Lizard ♦ 56 secs ago
^ Another SE secret!
@AnnaLear out of curiosity, did anyone actually receive an account deletion request from this guy?:
Because it looks like he's been waiting to be deleted for a while :P
After edits, meta.stackoverflow.com/q/265415/2371861 is a helpful question.
@AstroCB I did, and I normally autocorrect when reading stuff, so I could read the title as: How i can I encrypt passwords at (the) log (file) in VB.NET?
@bjb568 you know you can actually view the stats on what SE thinks you like, right?
That's also a semi-secret.
2:37 AM
@Cupcake How?
@bjb568 gimme a sec...
Is it buried in a google-privacy-settings-like place?
@Braiam It should be declined either way, so I'm not sure why we're having this argument, but a 6-character edit whose only purpose is to fix two kinds of typos is too minor, no matter the circumstances.
Q: Prediction about tags on which you are most and least likely to answer

Marjan VenemaSome time ago there was a blog post about someone analysing what tags SO users answered on and coming up with the five most and least likely tags that this user would answer on in the future. The post included a link (template) where you could view the results for at least yourself, possibly for ...

> last updated Jan 8 at 19:18
2:38 AM
@random kewl
That's spot-on!
@Andy I know right?
2:41 AM
It still thinks I like to answer PHP questions, even though I haven't touched that tag in over 2-3-4 years :P
@Cupcake You know you like PHP questions.
2:57 AM
Surprisingly, I'm finding a bunch of questions in (the malicious kind) that are actually on-topic for (the "make stuff do stuff it's not supposed to do" kind), whereas 99% of the questions in were about the malicious kind. People are really bad at tagging.
It sounds like it should be the other way around, but seriously: read the excerpts.
Well, since we're trying out this mentoring thing on M.SO...
Q: What should I do to improve my question?

KubuxuI'd love to know what I did wrong while asking this question. It got closed and now got downvoted. I have a feeling that I've done something really bad and I'm even considering not trying ask more questions on Stack Overflow. I am pretty new to asking on Stack Overflow as usually answers that al...

A: How to use LLGeofence framework in iPhone?

Your victimwhy are certain programmers forcing (through hacking) their programs on our phones? Why are you creating accounts pretending to be me and taking payments? Someone is this computer programming world / hacker world needs to help. You have involved minors!! Very young children and you all need to st...

Someone's angry.
58 mins ago, by bjb568
in Closevotes, 4 hours ago, by bjb568
OffTopic/13 http://stackoverflow.com/q/25372847
Why hasn't this (and the other ones in the CV room) gotten any CVs?
Good reviewer of the day: stackoverflow.com/users/2991525/fabian
3:36 AM
@bjb568 No one uses the CV room because you'll get more votes here.
@AstroCB But I posted it in a quote here…
Anybody know how to make a simple SE chatbot with Node?
This na7fe23 is just a random field. Someone will just do cUrl http://example.com/yourscript.php 'POST' -d na7fe23=BIGCHUNKOFBASE64ENCODEDPHPCODE or something like that from their command line, and you're screwed. There's no way to check what that code will be. Also, you cannot know what other backdoors on your server have been created already. I would unplug it from the internet now, and basically re-install it before plugging it back in. Depending on the permissions the web server user has, everything on that server and possibly on the rest of your network might be in danger. — GolezTrol May 12 at 10:28
I am already screwed. Anyway thanks for the info. I really appreciate. Thanks again :) — Err0rr May 12 at 10:53
Someone has full access to his server and he's using smiley-face emoticons on Stack Overflow.
It's so obvious it hurts. Read the question I linked to. You'll see what you did wrong quickly. — John Conde Apr 28 at 1:07
You shouldn't care about dates. You should care about your site being hacked. — Oriol Apr 25 at 18:41
3:53 AM
@Cupcake not that I know of. you'd be surprised how many people miss the "and contact us" part of the deletion process
Would anyone here happen to have a score of 5 or above in ? Because needs to be a synonym of very badly.
@AnnaLear Do you delete users if they make it obvious like that that they want to be deleted?
@bjb568 no
You'd also be surprised how many people change their name/edit their profile/etc and then change their minds.
@bjb568 It could be a joke...and then you log in one day to find your account gone.
Deletion is pretty much irreversible, so we like to be sure.
Also what AstroCB said.
3:56 AM
@AnnaLear mutters something about merging being just as bad
Merging is arguably less bad because you can at least recover your votes/actions prior to the merge which isn't the case at all with deletion. ;)
But yes, also rather destructive.
@AnnaLear Poke somebody to stop auto merging.
Meh. Don't run multiple accounts when that's not officially supported.
@AnnaLear First it's "ugh, ok I'll unmerge you from your friend's account" now it's "ugh, that's what happens with socks"…
No proof that it's a sock!
@bjb568 You've changed your mind a couple times throughout the unmerging on whether it was a friend's account or yours with just really similar emails.
At least keep your story consistent.
4:08 AM
@AnnaLear Yeah, I've accessed it before, but it's mostly my friend's.
@bjb568 Yeah, that's not just "unsupported". That's "actively discouraged".
Why would you spam without a link? O_o
@Doorknob Nobody has standards anymore. ;)
@AnnaLear That was a couple times a long time ago, does it really matter?
4:09 AM
@Doorknob get paid by post, not by quality?
Anyway, I should get to bed early, big day tomorrow! Goodnight!
My point is "don't do things like that and then get annoyed when your profiles get merged". In any case, as much as I'd have preferred to avoid this whole rigamarole, it's done. Best to move on now and not access any friends' accounts in the future.
On that note, night!
@AnnaLear especially when they're throwing a tantrum, huh?
@AnnaLear nighty night!
once I found the tavern, I'm not surprised about anything anymore
@Cupcake I don't know if Anna's going to bed. I think she was just saying night to BJB.
Well, we won't let Anna go to bed either way!
@bjb568 sketchy story :P
I need 2 downvotes on this: stackoverflow.com/a/20836996/456814
4:19 AM
Just 2 is enough though.
Just bring the score down to less than 3.
why does the score matter?
@iStimple no rep retention for deleted posts with score less than 3.
really, i did not know that
hmm, I don't know if this is really spam? It doesn't seem to be promoting a product anywhere that I can tell. It seems to just be promoting push ups.
oh, the spam is on his profile page with a link to his muscle site
Seems like they've implemented something to remove links that appear at the end of posts?
4:36 AM
@AnnaLear If you're still here, can mods single-handedly synonymize tags?
Or...say, Stack Exchange employees?
@AstroCB Yes, both mods and employees have the ability to insta-synonym tags.
@jmac Thanks; I might have to talk to someone about making -> , because their tag wikis (and usage) are essentially identical.
@AstroCB The best way to go about that is to make a post on meta as a
(but on meta.so, not meta.se)
Q: Tag synonym request: [export] and [exporting]

metacubedexport x 3572 "Export" refers to the automated or semi-automated conversion of data sets from one data format to another. The term refers to both act of exporting and to the result of the action, i.e. the exported data set. exporting x 194 No wiki entry

@jmac Alright; I don't know whether that's warranted since I already have this and it's a result of it, but I might.
4:44 AM
@AstroCB Ah, that gets a bit stickier.
If the tag should be burninated, then making a synonym doesn't seem to be the best way to go about that. Why not just edit that meta post to make it clear that you want both tags to be burninated, and apply the criteria from Shog's comment to make it easier to determine whether it should be burninated.
Burninating is not something mods can do, so it may take some time. Making the post easier to make a decision on (by including the criteria from Shog's post in the actual meta question) will definitely make it easier for someone to determine how to proceed, and increase the chances of it being accomplished.
@jmac True, but as the burnination request has developed, it has become evident for those of us working on it that and have legitimate uses and should not be burninated, but rather cleaned up. It's been slow going, however, with 2-3 of us working on ~1500 questions.
@AstroCB Okay, well, from where I sit the current meta request doesn't actually say any of that, so you may want to either revise that post to change to the current thinking (and asking specifically for what you want to have done), or to make a new post that explains the new thinking and what you want done.
@jmac We're down to about 800 at this point, and we've retagged many of them to and related tags: the ones left are the ones that are legitimate and, at this rate, it looks like anywhere between 300-500 questions could fit under the tag.
If you can toss all that info in to a post, it is much quicker for mods to read through and do their due-diligence before deciding whether or not to merge and/or synonymize the two tags. It would also be beneficial to improve the tag wiki for it to make it clear what the new tag will be used for in those cases where it is appropriate.
@jmac I tried to add some of that into my status update answer, but I'll revise the question as well.
4:52 AM
@AstroCB The answer seems to still recommend burnination:
@jmac Very true: I'll see what I can do.
> I should also mention that it's not total burnination: if I find any questions that actually adhere to the tag's description, I will leave the tag there, but I've gone through ~120 questions and have yet to see one that actually does.
Basically, my understanding is: (1) you are doing cleanup on hack/hacking/anti-hacking, (2) you have realized that the tags should not be burninated, but should be synonymized
If so, I would recommend figuring out which tag to keep (hack/hacking/anti-hacking), and update the tag wiki/excerpt for that tag to make sure that people who use it in the future are given good guidance on how to use it along the lines of how you've been doing the cleanup.
That sound okay @AstroCB?
@jmac That should work: thanks for the advice.
@AstroCB No problem -- I would do it myself, but I would need to dig up all that info that you've already done the hard work to gather, and that would take time. So the easiest way to get stuff done is to clearly state all the info you just shared in here in the meta post instead, and then it becomes much easier to do without taking a lot of time. Thanks!
(we really do appreciate the work you're doing going through tags manually, I did it once too. It helps to take that extra step at the end to make sure it's implemented by doing the relevant legwork yourself wherever possible to make it easier for folks to process the data and act on it)
Yeah, some folks get awful disappointed if you go in guns a-blazin' and kill the tag entirely instead of cleaning it up carefully.
5:02 AM
@Shog9 Damn straight. It's like handwashing a car only to have your neighbor rinse it off with a power washer. Thankfully we don't know anyone who would do something like that, right Shog?
that reminds me, I need to start watching craigslist for a powerwasher
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ERROR: HDL COMPILER 806 on stackoverflow.com
@Shog9 Joke's on you! I don't own a car! Now you have a powerwasher with no purpose!
Q: What are we [hacking]?

AstroCBIf a tag ever needed a cleanup, it's hacking. The tag wiki defines its purpose in a way that makes it (barely) on-topic for Stack Overflow: Activities related to making hardware and software do things they were not originally designed to do. Of the 804 questions with the tag, I have yet to...

5:20 AM
Nothing beats the idea of using your $500+ sunglasses as safety goggles when doing a small amateur DIY construction/renovation project with powerful machines such as an electrical chainsaw or a grinder
My favourite place to shop nowadays is Bunnings, I go there every second day these a few months ...
Bunnings Warehouse is Australia's largest household hardware chain with stores in Australia and New Zealand. The chain is owned by Wesfarmers Limited. == History == === Pre 1900s === In 1886 brothers Arthur and Robert Bunning left London to settle in Perth, Western Australia, and soon gained a government building contract, which led to them founding a group of building companies which later became 'Bunning Bros Pty Ltd'. They purchased their first sawmill the following year in the south west of Western Australia,and over the next few years they concentrated more on sawmilling and timber...
@AstroCB CV'd. Also, thanks for helping me update the post while I was away!
These bots up so early in the morning!
They love the night
6:14 AM
Interesting question though.
Do my eyes deceive me?
It's no longer 10k!!!!!
Is that queue really below 10k?
6:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Bred 11s all to be sure on tex.stackexchange.com
@Cupcake Yes it is!!!
@SmokeDetector SPAM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Infrared 23 11s the hassle on webapps.stackexchange.com
Flag All teh SPAM! >:D
Shoe attack!
@JanDvorak Gone
@Cupcake I think it was even less than 3k at some point
the most annoying part is that they come faster than I can handle them
6:26 AM
@JanDvorak we should develop an Iron Dome for spam.
Hey, the spam bot tagged "flag", he sure does want to get a few spam flags!
6:45 AM
@JanDvorak Title was misspelled lol
@Unihedron likely to evade auto detect system that already identifies "slimming products"
that's when the human janitors come in
7:35 AM
I'm starting to get convinced that "delhi" is a swearword
Delhi (/ˈdɛli/, Hindustani pronunciation: [d̪ɪlliː] Dilli ), also known as the National Capital Territory of India is a metropolitan region in India. Such is the nature of urban expansion in India that its growth has expanded beyond the NCT to incorporate towns in neighbouring states and at its largest extent can count a population of nearly 27 million residents as of 2014, and is the largest urban agglomeration in India by land area and population. It is also the 2nd most populous city on the planet. The NCT and its urban region have been given the special status of National Capital Region (NCR...
@ShadowWizard what did it say?
wonder if he means spam flags??
1 hour later…
8:49 AM
Is the queue really shrinking?!?!
The queue has needed a shrink for a long time
Maybe they tweaked the flag expire formula again
@ShadowWizard I think he meant to say it's a good opportunity for everyone to buy property in the city of Delhi. That comment looks like an extension of his spam advertisement
@InfiniteRecursion oh, smart spammer!
@Shog9 what's up with this?
9:00 AM
10 mins ago, by Unihedron
user image
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CREATE A DYNAMIC URL OF ALL LIST ITEMS? on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
▲ kill it with fire ;)
9:22 AM
LQP queue is empty? Did Community resign or something...
that's weird
that moment when LQP is empty and many users have no idea, what to do with life anymore
@DroidDev HELP MEH ;-;
@Unihedron you wanna say, I should post an LQ question? :P
9:35 AM
Go hunt and flag some NAA posts :P
goes to SO -> new questions -> -> Don't wanna live anymore
@DroidDev just.. well see for yourself.
that too..
9:39 AM
@Vogel612 I'm outta fire, all of it
@DroidDev pity, I don't even have fire yet on SO.
@Vogel612 you have more than me
9:42 AM
/me goes to code a program while LQP is empty
/me follows @Unihedron
ah seems good approach
is there a new feature in side bar of chat
it is only showing top 32 users and after that ...
click on "...", you see other users, that were hidden
It's not really a "new" feature, but it's there.
seeing it for first time

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