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(sorry for stealing your line...)
@Jamal I'm not giving away free lines here.
@SantaClaus but... but... you're SANTA!
@hichris123 This is your reminder.
@Doorknob No freebies here.
12:21 AM
@SantaClaus B-but I've been a good boy this year!
@Jamal Santa has a business, not charity
Two more close votes here: stackoverflow.com/questions/369683/…, and one more close vote here: stackoverflow.com/questions/289915/…
Thanks, capitalism.
@hichris123 I see you got the reminder.
12:23 AM
Yup. :P
@Jamal No butts.
@Braiam We're hiring an accountant soon.
And now your face is exposed on the Internet.
@Jamal Damnit you found me.
I bet you're still doing the "three Bs", too.
12:27 AM
From the movie, I mean.
stackoverflow.com/questions/25150456/… (The comment. Not the post, unless you want to.)
12:40 AM
Hmmm, can chat room names have profanity, or is that discouraged?
> You've earned the "Outspoken" badge (Posted 10 messages in chat that were starred by 10 different users).
1:38 AM
Someone who edits Wikipedia should fix the instance of "StackOverflow" on the Dapper page.
@jadarnel27 done
You win the prize, @Braiam.
Some of them.
> Was a bug in my code
Well, that's why you're here, isn't it?
It seems @Stonz2 is using the same db explorer query I am...
> I had the same problem, but it was just ; missing in the javascript code.
@Jamal I like free.
2:07 AM
Yeah, you give away free stuff each year. ;-)
@Jamal Ha - you thought they were free? It's your tax dollars at work.
Upvote the shiz on this guy:
Q: User harassment outside of StackExchange

CfreakEarlier I voted to close a question on Stackoverflow. (user was ranting about the site). This person proceeded track down an email address via my publicly listed website and email me regarding my close vote. Presumably he attempted to do this to other users as well. I won't name the user because...

@SantaClaus D:
> I had the same problem last week. Just waited a few hours, and tried again.
> You should use netbeans
2:25 AM
A: Sound working in simulator not in iphone 3GS

AMAN77lol I had the same problem but it was the sound mute switch on the iphone!

@jadarnel27 yessss
2:38 AM
I flagged a couple of "use jQuery" comments as noise. The flags were declined, why?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MATEMATICAS ! DIAGRAMA DE FLUJO EN COMPUTADOR on spanish.stackexchange.com
I don't speak Spanish, but that still looks like spam.
yup, it is
Here we go. Another new account
@SmokeDetector gone/mod
Who wants a new day job?
3:28 AM
I got a discussion bronze badge on MSO! Yay!
That you got a discussing bronze badge on MSO? D:
Interesting since it says I have 161 score…
Maybe because of account merge?
NAA! stackoverflow.com/a/25151785/3890059 (soft offensive, too)
@bjb568 What's the close reason?
@Unihedron Unclear. You can use that for any question without the ? character :P
(also… questions that are unclear)
Haha. xD I see now.
@JanDvorak I would say you beat me, but I correctly used the spam tag
@iStimple However, you failed to use it just now.
Haha. xD
@SantaClaus no, only use it when referencing an actual spam post
4:26 AM
@iStimple So I can only use when referring to a post about waffles?
@SantaClaus you can use it however you want, i just go by a high? standard and use them modestly
Anyway, goodnight.
4:39 AM
@SantaClaus pong
lol! cheat for the win! boo ya!
morning guys
morning peeps
4:46 AM
Good morning @SilentKiller!
@iStimple what happen dude.?
Oh, one more thing:
A: How to know which questions should be closed

bjb568Ok, I agree that it's more useful to close new questions, but that doesn't mean that closing old questions is a "waste of time" or that it should be discouraged. Questions should be closed when they have little potential value to the community, are off-topic, or actively cause harm. If a questio...

Actual goodnight now.
Night! :P
@iStimple DV'd and flagged.
Anyone would like to enlighten me to how to respond to comments like these?
yes i know but how can solve the problem!! — BuGsHaN 48 secs ago
@iStimple The user's other answer is spam, too.
here didn't check videos
4:55 AM
@Jamal I think it's VLQ instead.
@iStimple no description just a link. amazing users.. :/
Those YouTube links are spammy.
That's the definition of VLQ - these posts should be removed immediately
why users are answering when there already answer accepted before 2 years. :/
If it adds something to other answers, encourage and UV. If it doesn't, be straightforward and tell them the post was 2 years ago and the answer didn't add anything helpful.
5:00 AM
Until I get to 3k rep and can cast close votes, I don't want to review first posts anymore. It gives me a headache.
hahahaha ejjactly(exactly).. :D
Good morning, evening or night depending on where you are. If it is currently afternoon where you are I do not wish you anything.
lols. @Sumurai8 :P
5:18 AM
Much spam, wow!
is this a valid answer?
Does drupal.se get more spam than the other sites or does it just happen to get reported more in here?
@DroidDev yes
5:33 AM
@DroidDev answer is valid but he should add some description too.
@iStimple but it only contains links to other answers, better done, the user should have flagged it as duplicate
@DroidDev that person doesn't have enough repo
@DroidDev "You could try using SparseBooleanArray " is an answer
it's an android class in the docs
it's an answer that just points the questioner in the right direction, not telling him how to do everything
@Pops Can't... look... away...
@iStimple agreed.
5:37 AM
hmmm, ok
5:57 AM
is this answer valid. Isn't it a link only answer?
@DroidDev Link-only. Should be a comment on the answer of the person mentioned in their answer.
@Unihedron If only SOA was around that probably never would have happened.
Oh, sorry I promised I wouldn't be snarky any more.
No wait I promised one snarky comment per week. So I'm good until next Wednesday.
6:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: world-famous-astrologer-call to 91+9928860580 on math.stackexchange.com
6:31 AM
gone * gone. :D
@SilentKiller you broke the train :'(
6:37 AM
@DroidDev actually, JasonC did
Also, woah, @DoorknobChatbot has 81 notifications. Now he has 82.
@JanDvorak oh! never noticed it, sorry @SilentKiller
@DoorknobChatbot Knock knock.
@DoorknobChatbot Knock knock.
@DroidDev no issues buddy. :)
6:38 AM
Your bot didn't seem to be interested in my knock knock jokes.
@Unihedron I closed the Incognito window that I logged him in on and now I'm too lazy to do it again.
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 11 secs ago, by Doorknob
[feature-request] Add testosterone as a SmokeDetector filter @Undo
Gone. Last hit from here.
6:50 AM
@hichris1234 One filter maybe to add to SmokeDetector, if it's not there already, is question bodies that end with a non-markup hyperlink. Almost all of tonight's spam fits that form, I don't really see many non-spam post that fit that form.
@hichris123 *
@JasonC Btw that would only work if SmokeDetector was able to get the entire post body, which it can't. My Firefighter thingy can, but I'm not completely done working on it yet.
@Doorknob I see that becoming a problem if we have any biology related SE's.
or health-related even
6:52 AM
It only has 3 results for title:testosterone though
(3 results in the history of its existence)
5 on fitness
how sensitive it is, though?
@JanDvorak How sensitive is what?
@Doorknob Oh I didn't realize it wasn't grabbing full bodies.
That would sound wonderful out of context
@Doorknob how much spam would "testosterone" pick up?
6:55 AM
@Doorknob Lol
@JanDvorak I've seen plenty of it, surely more than 8 posts
What about "muscle"?
@JanDvorak 225 results on fitness
Three in the past 2 days
... why didn't SD pick that up?
Bam, down.
Hi everypony. Hi @DroidDev.
Hi @SPonyArchaeologist
7:22 AM
@SPArchaeologist Hi :)
@SPArchaeologist is that a coincidence? we pinged each other at same time in different chat rooms
@SPArchaeologist Hi!
hi, @ProgramFOX!
@DroidDev did you maybe saw a rainbow and heard a sonic boom right before pinging me? That could explain a lot...
@SPArchaeologist actually I heard "Moonlight Sonata" from far away :P
7:33 AM
@JanDvorak thicknes is with double-s at the end...tjeee can't even spell its name right
It's actually pretty hard to get the unsung hero badge.
Yes, it is.
I almost got it, but I just had 10 zero-score accepted answers and I got an upvote on one of them before I got my 11th.
Can someone improve this question asked by a new user? stackoverflow.com/questions/25154715/…
Or close it?
Um, I think I might have scared this guy off meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/267872/…
I'm under 10k, can I have a screenshot? :)
7:42 AM
That, or the -5 downvotes.
@Unihedron gimme a sec...
Or rather, a few minutes...
@Unihedron woof
Can someone improve this question asked by an experienced user? stackoverflow.com/questions/25154629/…
7:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IS NOT NULL IN IF CONDITION MYSQL on stackoverflow.com
Or close it? xD
@Cupcake Oh, I see.
@DroidDev hihi. Btw, did you had the time to listen that song :P?
I hope he at least got the idea that if no one has a link to his deleted content, then no one is going to find it.
7:46 AM
@SPArchaeologist no, unfortunately, I only had 6 hours of sleep last night. You see work is worship
@Cupcake if you're using Chrome this might be useful, you can take full page screenshot with it. :)
@ShadowWizard I'll need to read the source to make sure it's not full of any malicious code.
Oh em gee thanks so much @ShadowWizard for that chrome app!! I've been looking for it through out my life!!!
I generally don't trust Chrome extensions.
Because they've been known to carry malicious code in the past.
7:48 AM
@Cupcake Just the extensions?
@Unihedron no idea if you're serious or trolling but you're welcome anyway :)
@Cupcake you also read the source of the OS? ;)
Totally serious. Saw it in the past, no clue where to look for it ever since... xD
@Unihedron Google "page screenshot", first result. That's how I found it.
@ShadowWizard I think my OS is a little more trust worthy :P
@Cupcake it's sending your bank details to Bill Gates' private email right now.
@ShadowWizard he can't have my bank details if I don't save any money in the bank! Ha! Maybe I should just start using Bitcoin.
@Cupcake One little step for a cake, one big step to the onion.
@SPArchaeologist onion cake actually sounds pretty good right about now.
The East Asian kind.
Everybody quiet!
7:53 AM
I think there's a killer among us...
(walks off to SO to answer questions quietly)
@Cupcake are you sure he doesn't kill when it's silent?
lols. :P
@Cupcake Bitcoin is for n00bs. Unicoin rulz.
such puny wow
I actually laughed because "Uni" was the prefix of my username.
8:06 AM
@Unihedron not my invention, where were you in April 1st? :)
I should drink less cafeïne :(
Getting a headache if I start my morning without it :S
@Cupcake only one?
@Sumurai8 that's not healthy. How much do you drink then? I'm between 1 and 5 big cups a day, but I don't have headaches when I skip coffee.
@Sumurai8 try tapering off
8:29 AM
I've used 12 flags on Drupal.SE, but I don't even visit that site...
8:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: OWIN fucks up log4net on stackoverflow.com
Thank you, guys. This helped a lot. — Ybarra 4 mins ago
What should I flag these comments as?
it is a comment
chatty. Or ignore it. It's not harmful.
Ah, I see.
You can advise them to leave an upvote and accept if they didnt figure that out already
8:58 AM
@SmokeDetector that escalated quickly
9:25 AM
-7 for using a swear word might be a bit over the top
Q: Is voting to balance in the spirit of the site?

JimThe other day I saw an answer which was ok. Not great but not bad. So no reason to upvote or downvote. However the answer already had a single downvote. I felt this was unfair so upvoted the answer to keep it at what I felt was a fair score. It wasn't until afterward that it occurred to me that I...

@Unihedron it looks like a good question though, that's why I upvoted. If it was a crappy question I'd leave it alone.
I get it, relevant link anyway. :)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TRANSFORMER LOSSES on electronics.stackexchange.com
9:32 AM
@JanDvorak gone
10:03 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CONVERGENCE OF SEQUENCE ON MATLAB on stackoverflow.com
What's matlab?
Mathematical language used primarily for data analysis mathworks.co.uk/products/matlab
@Ffisegydd Thanks. Never heard of it before.
One of my teachers insisted we had to do some image processing in mathlab
He's like "Isn't mathlab great?!"
We: Sir, we'd rather use <insert programming language here> instead :P
It's not an awful language/package but you have to pay for a licence, so there are better options.
10:08 AM
As student, paying is not an option
Heck, we had courses in photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver (yuck), after effects... All over the course of 3 years
Sude, you can get a student lisence to try that software, using your student email
But that licence is only valid for 6 months.
consider that a free extended demo version
Our teachers literally told us: "I'm sure you all know where to find the software required"
The student licence was not an option, because it'd expire too soon. And there's no separate per-product licence.
"I'm sorry, but my conscience doesn't allow me to do that"
10:13 AM
My conscience doesn't mind some TPB when it saves me thousands of euro's on software that I mostly use for school.
Sure, I still use Photoshop and premiere / after effects...
but the rest?
use gimp
I kind of never used the stuff I learned from School in my life ever, except for the Exams...
Gimp sucks
It's almost PS
@Cerbrus wat?
Shhh. MS Paint is overpowered.
10:15 AM
Well, sucks is a bit of an overstatement
@Cerbrus go on...
But I find PS easier to use. And that's coming from someone that exclusively used gimp before having to obtain PS for study
That said, I'm more of a casual user
gimp & PS have similar features ... but gimp is free
Similar, yes
And PS is free too. cough
What about MS Paint? :(
10:18 AM
Paint is OP
Should be nerfed
@Unihedron its single best feature is multitouch support
and... that's it
and ribbons. It does have ribbons.
But...multitouch > everything ! Just like how 3D movies > every other movie!
Any way, I don't make money using the software
When I do... If I ever make enough money using the software, to pay for the software...
then you still steal it?
10:20 AM
Which is unlikely, since my job doesn't involve the software
If I'm making money with it, I buy it
But now it's just minor personal use
does that include OS?
My current PC came with win7
So that's legit
!!afk lunch
10:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MEDICINE FOR BODY BUILDING on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector maybe add per site black list of spam word e.g. "medicine" or "body building" on MSE?
or just link all meta posts here
[ SmokeDetector ] New meta post: on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Fake SmokeDetector detected: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2283496#2283496
@Unihedron "vlq-pls" mean.?
potential keywords: side effect, weight loss
@SilentKiller Vote Low Quality
thanks.. :)
There was a "Thank you" answer that stuck around for two days, so I linked it here :)
11:06 AM
hmm that's the thing i wanna learn too. :)
@Unihedron it's not VLQ, it's just NAA.
@ShadowWizard Oh, yes.
VLQ is something that try to answer, but in a very bad manner that can't be fixed by editing.
So there's this eye doctor in the Netherlands
@Stijn what about it? can't understand the language and Google Translate won't work for images just yet :(
11:17 AM
@ShadowWizard dr I.C. Notting
Wonder if it's real? ;)
@TRiGisTimothyRichardGreen luckily we're not a forum
11:32 AM
@Cerbrus the royal hospital...

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