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12:08 AM
@animuson only those with brackets?! darn
I'd think it'd be easy to strip tags already provided in the tag field from the front and end of titles without brackets.
If they're not surrounded in brackets then you can't accurately determine if it's organically integrated into a sentence or not.
Q: Automatically remove the patterns "tag :" and "tag -" from titles

ben is uǝq backwardsMy feature-request is a, slightly, stricter version of this, un-actioned one. If the following conditions are true, can the patterns be automatically be removed from the question title: Where the pattern ^<tag>\s?(-|:)\s? is matched. The question has actually been tagged with the <tag> matched...

^ found the one I want
@animuson jQuery adding two numbers - How is it possible that "jQuery" in the start or "in jQuery" on the end of the string is organic?
Obviously use your brain to make fancy rejex, but it's not the hard to parse simple english.
But take an example like "jQuery does not want to work" - should that just be stripped down to "does not want to work"?
12:14 AM
@animuson well, worry not, I'm asking about the "jquery - adding two numbers" where is obvious is not an organic part of a sentence
I don't see why not. jQuery does not want to work doesn't tell us any more than does not want to work
@VotetoClose It was an example. What I'm saying is that you can't say all titles that start or end with a tag don't need that tag in the title.
@VotetoClose that title has a fundamental problem...
@animuson do you have a problem with "tag - title"?
I can't really imagine a scenario where a dash in there could be part of an organic sentence.
then you agree with the above presented proposal? this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/138321/…
12:27 AM
@BenCollins around?
Wanted to talk to you about some of the ML stuff you're doing.
@animuson "jQuery does not work" is a horrible title, it should be blocked.
(btw, root bear floats are good)
stackoverflow.com/questions/24966336/… (too broad or POB, take your pick)
@hichris123 here now
what's up?
@hichris123 the question was fine until he said "my question is firstly"
if it was a question about what I was thinking he was talking about at the beginning it would be a fine Q
Well the appropriate action is firstly downvote twostly closevote threestly VLQ.
12:43 AM
A: Bootstrap animate progress bar when scrolled

user3550170Still no body ? Pretty please ?

@BenCollins ugh, computer crashes kill me. Anyway, I was wondering how you were harvesting post bodies, as there's really no good way to do that via the websockets. I'm assuming internal-only? Also, anything for answers?
@hichris123 s/post/
@hichris123 I created a DB subset to train on, so it's completely offline
@hichris123 you can get the body through the API, though, if you were interested in that
you just need a filter that allows it
I would caution you, though, that the API is rate-limited and it would probably be hard to train anything useful on data obtained via the API
Yeah, that's the problem. :/
The recently active question titles is half-decent for spam, but for anything else...
you'd be better off using a data dump (archive.org/details/stackexchange)
the StackOverflow Posts dump is 5.2 GB compressed
start downloading now and you'll have it before Monday
12:54 AM
@BenCollins but then how would you actually use the filter? You could train it, sure, but actually using it?
@BenCollins I have one of them... (I think February?)
@hichris123 how would I, or how would a user?
@BenCollins How would a person without dev access? ;)
i.e. me.
You could use it to identify questions you were interested in, I suppose
or if you're a really active user in a tag and you help moderate, then you could write an app to flag things
there are a number of things you can do - it's just going to all be offline (from our perspective)
Huh, okay.
let me try to answer a different way, more clearly:
12:57 AM
But nothing realtime, I'm assuming?
you could use the API to get near-realtime questions as they come in and then your app can do something with that
(i.e., use the API to get your test set as you go)
@BenCollins Poor beer meta...
joomla is way sadder
@BenCollins Though ratelimiting + limits. Though I guess fetching every 5 minutes might work...
beer is pretty new (a few weeks, iirc), joomla has been around
@hichris123 oh, you can go faster than that. if you have an access token, you can do up to 30 requests per second, for a total of 10k per day
that should be plenty to catch every question coming in, even on SO
1:00 AM
huh, wow.
That's... actually a lot more than I thought.
(thought limit was like once per half minute, 4k requests/day)
@BenCollins Wow. I don't get why we need crappy CMS, let alone a dedicated Q&A site to them.
@hichris123 if you don't have an access token, it's a lot lower
Ah, okay.
@hichris123 well, to clarify: it could be potentially a lot lower. Depends somewhat on how you deploy your app because the limits are IP-based when there's no access token
@BenCollins Why IP?
1:03 AM
@BenCollins So if I have an access token, everything should be golden for me? (even if I use API requests on my IP but not from the access token, I should get still 10k requests/day?)
@bjb568 because that's the only thing that identifies a requesting application when they don't provide an access token that can't be easily faked
@hichris123 there are some other caveats: read the last two paragraphs carefully. api.stackexchange.com/docs/throttle
@BenCollins Proxy? Head over to a couple local libraries to distribute it?
ok, sounds good.
@bjb568 it's not a question of whether it's fair for the individual app - it's a question of preventing abuse. If you're behind a proxy and http headers get stripped so that all requests look like they're coming from the proxy, then we don't have a reliable way to count how many applications are there
if getting more requests is important, then it's easy to get an access token and avoid the IP throttling issue altogether
Sounds like you have a huge strong metal gate triggered by untrained dogs barking.
1:18 AM
@bjb568 oh, nos. They're trained.
1 hour later…
I'll make it my mission to add funny comments to spam before deletion.
Please don't comment on spam. -_-
Why? It doesn't do any harm.
Being nuked within a few minutes with seemingly nobody noticing is less encouraging than making it seem like people are actually seeing your spam.
@Doorknob If spammers bothered to look at their spam, the world would be a nice place.
Flagged it anyway...
2:33 AM
@bjb568 Well, in any case, by the same logic, it doesn't do any good either.
@Doorknob If it does nothing, and I feel like it, why not?
@bjb568 That's like saying "If yelling 'I AM A DOORKNOB' in an empty room doesn't do anything, why shouldn't I?" It's just better in general to let spam die without a trace.
@Doorknob If I like yelling, it'll be fun. Spam doesn't die without a trace anyway, it's soft deleted.
Weird, a mod cleared the flags.
2:44 AM
@bjb568 It got owner-deleted and then undeleted again
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DFSA’S AND REGULAR LANGUAGES on math.stackexchange.com
... and deleted by owner again.
@SmokeDetector ARGH! Can't create account because borking.
Ok, so I just earned the Necromancer badge for having my answer merged with another question? stackoverflow.com/questions/6048913/…
@ColeJohnson Why don't they merge more often?
2:51 AM
@bjb568 ?
Merge answers of questions.
Oh yeah, I found my meta post:
Q: Handling the answers of Duplicates

bjb568This got me thinking. There are problems with the way answers to duplicate questions are handled currently. Low quality There are far too many of these: See [here](dup) You can foo the bar. More info here: [here](answer to dup, maybe by the same person) See the [manual](manual) ...

But what if I want to fizz the buzz?
A bunch of really low-rep users just joined the Area 51 proposal for Stack Overflow Academy within the last 4 hours:
Stack Overflow Academy

Proposed Q&A site for programmers who want to learn how to ask good questions on Stack Overflow

Currently in definition.

As in, they all joined 4 hours ago.
3:03 AM
It's kind of...weird...
Somebody advertising it probably.
Could we get a mod to check the timestamps? See how close they registered?
I have a feeling they wouldn't actually launch that site if it made it to 100% commitment, considering there is a bit of disagreement internally.
Hmm, interesting.
3:06 AM
@ColeJohnson the top 3-4 accounts were all created 40 days ago.
Most of those users I've checked don't have Stack Exchange user profiles.
Is that normal?
Do you only get a Stack Exchange profile is you actually visit Stack Exchange?
Okay, I just checked the profiles for all those accounts.
shrugs Does it matter? Those 51 rep users won't count towards anything in the commitment phase. All they're doing is dooming the proposal by giving it a prematurely high number of people interested.
3:10 AM
It just looks really suspicious.
All of them except for one were created 40 days ago.
Like...sock suspicious.
Or maybe I'm just imagining things.
Socks, you say? Maybe check votes.
@Dan Most of the users that hate Stack Exchange are the ones that are too lazy to formulate good questions and answers and then don't care enough to understand why those questions and answers weren't good, kind of like the person in that blog. The entire thing is based on a question which is terrible by Stack Overflow's standards. But your strategy is good. Going around calling people stupid Nazi a**h*les is definitely the best way to go about getting questions reopened. — animuson ♦ 35 secs ago
3:13 AM
Are we talking about that Sergey blog or whatever his name is?
The "Why StackOverflow sucks" blog, that doesn't even type the site name correctly.
That post, along with that other one, are just cesspools of ranting.
@animuson VLQ - it's not constructive and borderline offensive.
3:16 AM
Every time some user becomes disgruntled with SO, they go and post a new comment on at least one of those, guaranteed.
@Cupcake Not me.
Because the best thing to do when you're disgruntled with something is to go to Google and type in "such-and-such sucks amirite?"
^ Huh.
I don't understand why Lance got worked up over deleting this: stackoverflow.com/questions/12498308/…
It's not even that old.
3:20 AM
> Still think Internet Explorer sucks? Microsoft wants you to know it sucks.
@animuson I really want to correct him on the name, but I'll hold off.. ;)
3:46 AM
Seems like MSO was really active with popular questions this week.
I don't know, maybe it's just me.
@Cupcake it's just you. It's always just you.
There. Proof :P
Oh wait, the query is wrong.
3:51 AM
Oh wait, it's not wrong.
Maybe it needs url encoding...
Screw it, just use this:
is:question score:40.. created:2014-07-18..
brb, eating muffing
cupcakes are safe... for now
3:58 AM
Cupcakes are never safe!
Cupcakes are delicious our friends.
4:25 AM
Cupcakes are our friends because they are delicious.
GTG - I'll eat some in my dreams.
Love the username
(the spammer's username)
I feel like there should be a Captain in front of that.
Seems short for "longnight of spamming"
Mt. 5:44 - Love thy enemy['s username]
5:15 AM

Proposed Q&A site for who are failures in life.

Currently in definition.

I'm hungry but we have no real food in the house. Only gummy bears and Mike & Ikes.
@JanDvorak This username looks strangely similar to animuson's...
abstract class File extends Magic { ... }
function(){[native code]}
6:05 AM
Jan : do you work in mobile hybrid framework as like phonegap etc ?
6:29 AM
> You're not a loser. Think how pretty you make people look by contrast. That's a gift.
7:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MEDICINE FOR BLOOMING FACE on meta.stackexchange.com
also, SPAM
Blatantly off-topic. I don't know what railways in South Africa has to do with the workplace...
8:03 AM
missed the early train...
If there is a new message in the Tavern at the same time there is a new question on MSE, it is in almost all cases spam...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GCM RETURNS 404 ERROR on stackoverflow.com
9:28 AM
^ wat?
@animuson class Magic implements Skynet...
@Doorknob crappy OP-approves do happen. If you think it should be rolled back, do.
class Community♦ implements Skynet
@JanDvorak No, I mean the edit comment.
"my" question. Yet the OP edits it as his own account again later.
yeah. Weird.
didn't it use to be at 8MILLION and some questions? now it only show 7MILLION and some? stackoverflow.com/questions
11:30 AM
Hello everyone
Hello @Sumurai8!
11:39 AM
ProgramFOX is now a plane
2 hours later…
It was in English :P
Not really
It pretended to be in English
Not really
It might possibly been slightly English-ish.
1:49 PM
Pure coincidence
2:19 PM
Today's Listening | Electronic / Psychedelic / Glitch Hop / Dubstep
Oh hey, that includes remixes too.
I gotta redownload that.
2:39 PM
Thanks @GnomeSlice :)
3:03 PM
Ugh; I am too grumpy today :S
3:42 PM
@GnomeSlice Whoa! A GnomeSlice music recommendation that doesn't suck?
@bjb568 that wouldn't be unusual
@JanDvorak Really?
I don't know what glitch pop is, but I like instrumental music
A: How can validate, so that the user can enter only positive integers

shashankDeclare int as unsigned int. If negative number is entered it is converted to positive

Nice answer, upvoted....
3:47 PM
I suppose that's more of a dream than a fact. Why else would people do actual input validation?
Jamal : done
4:06 PM
Someone went on a starring frenzy O_o
@Sumurai8 wasn't me
@Sumurai8 if was @VotetoClose
Well, to be fair, that was the most important thing that happened in the chat in the last few hours
And it is important that no-one will miss out on it
i'm just surprised that not everyone starred them.. stingy tight wads
I am just waiting for that single smart comment and dump all my stars into it.
4:11 PM
<single smart comment/>
now is out of stars
You're welcome
<comment single="" smart="" better="" />
A: Announcement: Keyboard shortcuts are now integrated into the site

Vote to CloseWill these keyboard shortcuts help me robo-review faster?

bug... the <s>strike</s> does not get implemented in chat
It does.
4:14 PM
@bjb568 You are too late. I am out of stars :(
---like this---
don't know what you're talking about
@Sumurai8 Unstar something!
4:16 PM
@ProgramFOX got it , thanks
You're welcome!
̶Y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶
̷A̷n̷d̷ ̷t̷h̷i̷s̷
4:32 PM
A: Announcement: Keyboard shortcuts are now integrated into the site

bjb568Great, now I'll just go check that box on 125 sites and their meta sites...

Ugh; I can't stand it when people use the term "forum" to address SO.
1. people are used to "forums" 2. "forum" is a fair enough word to use in plenty of occasions when you don't necessarily mean "internet-forum".
> This is an ultimate link, which will help you in solving your problem.
ultimate link or any other link ? any diff in those ?
A: Download file to phone with and without sdcard

Kanak SonyWhen there is no SDCard, you can store files in Internal Storage. For same check - http://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/Environment.html This is an ultimate link, which will help you in solving your problem. http://developer.android.com/training/basics/data-storage/files.html#Wri...

4:49 PM
@SantaClaus pong
For the record, I blame the one who upvoted the answer. There are still users out there who are okay with these kinds of questions.
@Sumurai8 he has less than 15 rep, he can't flag
4:53 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GOING TO CHURCH? on christianity.stackexchange.com
@Braiam It was fine as an answer, wasn't it? Ah well, have some rep +1.
3 more need...
5:19 PM
@SmokeDetector Y U SO BIG FONTS?
5:53 PM
@ɥʇǝS close...
6:26 PM
Wonder Woman in the Batman v Superman movie:
The boob armor makes me sad.
"Corset" armor :P
7:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT IS INPUT HIGH VOLTAGE COMMON MODE RANGE on electronics.stackexchange.com
7:52 PM
Eeeek! My dad replaced the yellow light bulbs in the bathroom with bright white light bulbs. Now it looks like the closet out of Poltergeist.
8:15 PM
Should there be tags for specific methods? stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/downloadstring
3 hours later…
10:46 PM
Lol, from youtube:
"That is kinda why it's called \"faith,\" just sayin'."
"Remind me, who here before you was talking about semantics that justified your comment?"
"I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that I needed justification in the eyes of the almighty <username is="me" />. I decided to share my opinion, instead of just replying to various other replies without actually sharing your thoughts."
"I'm sorry you did not get the proper education to know that it is unsociable to change the subject in the middle of an active conversation. Remind me, where did you share your personal opinion on the su
@bjb568 just me or that's html?
@Braiam I have an HTML censorer and JSON escaper built into my brain.
starts moving away from @bjb568, and then runs for it
@rene uuh, yeah. Those things.

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