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6:03 PM
@Pops: Tim said I should keep you in the loop... blah blah blah... meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/2024/…
@Jamal Thanks!
The smell of burnt tags is gonna linger for a few years I'm sure.
I'm surprised that Pops still hasn't gotten mad at his characterization:
yesterday, by Jamal
I hear Pops has been feeding secrets to the Indian Hacker Team.
6:14 PM
@hichris123 Pops doesn't get mad. People just disappear
@Bart I thought that was Anna.
I thought that was Tim.
Well, have you ever seen Anna and Pops in the same room @hichris123?
Or Tim for that matter
Actually, they are all just accounts from Shog
I knew it!
6:16 PM
@Bart Yes. In TL.
TL is a lie
Am... I a lie? I'm a moderator... WHAT HAVE I DONE?
Q: Display text-only language hint on each tag for regular users

animusonIt's currently very difficult (not impossible) for regular users to determine if a tag on their site is currently set to one of the available language hints. For moderators, there is a drop-down box at the bottom of the tag wiki info page that lets us select a hint and save it. For users, nothing...

Don't worry @hichris123. You're not a lie. You're a cake.
@hichris123 He is kinda right, though. TL doesn't really exist.
6:17 PM
@Jamal Not at all.
TL actually stands for Total Lie.
^ that
A: 100 days later, was the split a good idea?

bjb568There are cross-site dups. I have a solution! Meta SE is for stuff about the whole network Child metas are about the site they are a meta for The site they are a meta for is part of SE Meta SE posts should be shown on child metas because they are relevant (in addition to the site-specific posts...

^ what do you think?
Nope, utter failure
With people being all positive and not affraid
Where's the fear
6:23 PM
Fear of what?
@bjb568 That was already [status-declined].
@hichris123 Link?
@bjb568 Now let me actually read beyond the title
I second @animuson's sentiments though.
6:26 PM
@bjb568 You were the last vote. ;)
@bjb568 ... can't find it. :(
Ewwww I just touched some nasty sticky butter on the side of my desk.
Better than the bird poop I leaned on at the zoo yesterday I suppose.
@animuson :P Good.
@animuson Do people put nasty sticky butter on their desks these days? Young 'uns.
Probably leaked off the popcorn I had last night.
6:32 PM
@bjb568 Ever since that hit tv-series "You got nasty-sticky-buttered" ...
Butte'd Butt'd - am I doing it right?
I'd not go with the latter option @bjb568
I would just bin but it doesn't solve the issue
I've already explained to the user the issue with the information in the image
/me doesn't look ... at all
1 hour later…
Merry Christmas!
Ho Ho Ho!
8:01 PM
A: Is there any support for mass link editing?

Nick CraverWe don't have a way to do this, but as luck happens we're software developers. Jon, you've given a metric crap top of knowledge here and it's supplemented by blog links all over the place. We don't want that to be harmed, so on something on this scale we'll just make it happen. Send me a URL ma...

Someone get Nick a bald cap so that he can point his finger and say "Make it so"
So if you're Mr Skeet anything goes ;-)
Ha, we get some of the code to see that the team will use on that feature!
Is a "crap ton" metric? Isn't that imperial? Isn't a "shit load" metric?
@Bart a crap ton is 2000 lbs of poop, a shit load is more like a pickup truck carrying poop of any weight between 50 and 5000 lbs
in The SO Tavern (General) on Stack Overflow Chat, Jul 17 at 19:08, by rene
Didn't we agree that all countries/people would use the normal/sensible metric system and drive on the rigth-hand side of the road?
@VotetoClose you talk about this "lbs" thingy as if it's an actual thing. Everybody knows it's just a made up thing nobody really uses in the real world.
8:14 PM
@rene Stop trying to brainwash the American kids with your hocus pocus fairy tale measurements
@Bart so are you saying my doctor is an idiot when he says that "I'm 80 lbs overweight"?
@Bart Save us real world, you're our only hope.
8:43 PM
Ooo I'm almost to 1,000 answers on MSE.
9:00 PM
I'm not sure what to do with this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/24957594/…
It's starting to attract recommendation answers.
That's not really a problem, but the question itself could use a more clearly problem-oriented focus
9:17 PM
@Cupcake reeks as recommendation
@balpha Thanks! Let's be faster in updating than the official Wolfram Community! ;-) I want to brag about StackExchange
9:49 PM
Ha, this question had 34 reopen votes age away before it finally got reopened. What a timeline!
@animuson why did Jaydles reopen it?
Wow, I'm behind the times.
Google bought Twitch yesterday:
It would have been better for content producers if they stayed independent.
Google already controls way too much of the online video market.
Wth is Twitch?
I'm surprised you haven't heard of it.
Since you're a gamer.
10:00 PM
I rarely ever watch videos online.
Video streaming specifically for gamers.
It's actually kind of popular, hence the acquisition.
@Cupcake holy shit
You could stream yourself if you wanted to.
10:01 PM
See, Anna knows what I'm talking about.
Gonna be interesting how this affects eSports streaming (Blizzard, etc)
Assassin's Creed just super-spammed my Twitter feed.
10:29 PM
@SantaClaus Pong
Q: How do i create a bot on twitter? (For fun)

user3622016So my friend was using a series of accounts to favourite up his posts to try and win something, now, rather than having him go through all the nonsense which is petty I was wondering on getting some payback, in the form of a bot that simply replies to any tweet sent with his twitter name in it. H...

10:47 PM
Anyone here know how to get an external hard drive to show up as removable media?:
Q: External hard disk not showing up as removable media

markWindows 7 Pro x64, my external hard drive is a Western Digital Carviar Black. The hard drive is connected via USB (tried all my 2.0 and 3.0 ob my Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7) but once I initialized it in the "disk management" (or whatever the proper term is; I'm using a German edition of Windows) I hav...

None of the existing answers are clear as to whether this is actually possible or not, and if possible, how to go about doing it.
@Cupcake Don't use windows? And any Javay OS?
11:18 PM
anyone knows where is that feature request to automagically remove "tag - " from titles?
11:52 PM
Q: Automatic removal of bracketed tags from question titles

slugsterI have noticed a trend recently of people inserting tags into the title of their posts. I have edited quite a few to remove those tags, and it occurs to me that it would be a very simple operation to just remove them with a regex when they submit the question. So instead of having a post title li...

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