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8:00 PM
isn't Bart the unity master anyway
Not if NL is playing
already voted on
@hichris123: do you still need live stream?
@ShadowWizard around? (sorry, nevermind. thought I was seeing something weird with comment notifications, turned out I forgot a thing about how they work :P)
@FinalContest Yeah.
8:34 PM
I don't use Area 51 often at all.
But when you do ...
I hope that doesn't get me in trouble with the Copyright gods.
Am I supposed to vote on this as if it were an example question?
8:37 PM
Q: What is the purpose of this site?

Shog9Proposal: Stack Overflow Academy This seems like a complete waste of time. Surely it'll be overwhelmed with vampires and half-assed questions, and anyone able to help will leave in disgust?

Or is that like a meta question?
@Cupcake the one you linked above? that's a meta question.
about the proposal.
Ah, ok.
I see, thanks.
argentina looks better so far ...
8:43 PM
At least it's not 5-0 yet :)
59 mins ago, by mmyers

 The Clubhouse

General discussion for sports.stackexchange.com
@Cupcake Take a look at the proposal - area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/72987/stack-overflow-academy. Discussions are at the top. Example questions are below under a heading that says "Example questions" :)
@FinalContest It is not beauty contest...
I'm going to repost that until you guys take the hint and join us :)
@rene: lol
well, first yellow card
I think Arjen needs to drink some redbull in the break ...
8:49 PM
new builds are deployed on meta first and then promoted to the other sites?
does that take an hour-ish?
Not sure.
Ask @Anna.
It is not a manual push, is it?
@rene it is
we build dev tier automatically, but pushing directly to prod would be a little bit insane. :)
9:01 PM
OK, I saw 2014.7.9.2359 already on meta I wondered when it would be pushed to SO
@AnnaLear And you're claiming you're not? ;)
@Bart I would never. But I'm insane in different, safer ways. ;)
@rene what change are you looking for?
> (> rev 2014.7.9.2359).
note the >
You want rev 2014.7.9.2360+
Ah, off-by-one error
9:49 PM
Keep on eye on this user defacing his question: stackoverflow.com/questions/24663627/…
... hmm, sudden answer, and that's accepted ...
The teams had so much fun they decided to play 30 more minutes
I would ask for my money back. Less than 5 goals per half is just shameful
10:17 PM
Can't they agree to skip the second part and just go to the penalty shoot-out?
Nooo. I hate those
10:34 PM
@rene Might as well have
... dammit
Start hating...
hating intensifies
Good, that is done.
10:45 PM
Aww. 4-2.
Still have 3rd and 4th place on Saturday @rene :p
I want to say that Lars Boom did win the stage in the Tour de France today...
At least we are good at something...
10:58 PM
At least there's that.
byebye Holland.
I thought this user was trying to hack SO or SO users:
Q: About Stack Overflow Exploits

user3396251I'm trying to learn how to write exploits for stack overflows by installing random apps from the SourceForge and testing them with bad inputs .. 1- I faced some programs where the app crashes but my input doesn't overwrite the EIP register .. what should i do about that? I also notice some apps ...

Until I read the question closer and realized that the OP was talking about actual stack overflows.
11:17 PM
Seriously, you gotta stop double-flagging stuff, @Braiam. Either recommend closure or VLQ. Pick one. (Note that VLQ means "this should be immediately removed OMG CAN'T EDIT TO SAVE IT".) You're just adding more stuff for the mod queue/misusing flags when you double-dip like that.
@AnnaLear I haven't double flagged stuf in a while
My bad. Looking at a single-flagged question as VLQ, assumed it was also recommend-closed by you. (But the question stands, how is this VLQ - stackoverflow.com/questions/24664698/…)
I learned so many amazing things about makeup from this video:
11:21 PM
(I'm not trying to be contrary here. Just curious about your reasoning, @Braiam. :))
@AnnaLear content wise is pretty crappy IMO
How so?
The topic's a bit weird, sure, but it's pretty easily editable into a readable form. From there, it's a matter of votes (up, down, close, etc.)
Doesn't seem like it needs moderator involvement or immediate deletion.
It's ok, @Braiam - I sympathize with you. That malformatted list will haunt my dreams for many a night to come, I reckon.
@AnnaLear remember that the VLQ flag feeds the VLQ queue ;)
I remember. I'm just not seeing how even that is necessary here. What's the goal of throwing it in /review?
11:33 PM
I know it can be teased out a no-so-decent question but acceptable, but if I try to edit it I'm afraid it will get rejected my edit, so I hope some good soul in the VLQ queue edit the question into shape
Seems like a non-controversial suggested edit - stackoverflow.com/posts/24664698/revisions
the second point sounds like a totally separated question/problem&answer/solution pair
I agree. It's also frankly a stupid question - like, download fewer apps? Seems straightforward. Still not VLQ. :)
Not sure what kind of answer you expect for #2 there... I mean, install fewer apps at a time? Don't test desktop apps? There isn't really any particular trick to it. — Anna Lear ♦ 9 secs ago
@Shog9 so you feel my pain ;_;
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