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4:09 PM
@bluefeet he just won't quit
@rlemon we are aware of it, it's been reported in multiple places. No worries we are dealing with it
appeared to stop for a while. just started again. I already see it is dealt with. cheers.
trolls can be persistent buggers
I'm expecting a day when Lazslo deletes his last answer and loses the rep neccesary to chat here.
4:27 PM
He won't let that happen @JanDvorak. He secretly loves us too much.
@bluefeet so it turns out the user was a past troll. he is once again taking it offline (off SO) .
cv-pls "lacks sufficient information to diagnose problem" stackoverflow.com/questions/24499330/…
I miss that close reason.
I don't get why we got rid of it, though I haven't thoroughly read the related Meta post about that yet.
Hello all, first time, long time... was wondering whether this is a network-wide change before I post on our local meta about this - I seem to have lost the review tasks button on the toolbar, near the Review link up top, like so:
4:35 PM
You don't see a button that says review anymore?
I've got the review button, but there was a little red box with... wait, nevermind, I've just figured it out.
I assume that if there's no little red box with the number of items to review, there just aren't any?
This is embarassing... teach me to hang around on SE in the middle of the morning, hey? blushes
Um, you might need to ask on your site specific meta.
I'm a Stack Overflow user, and we don't get red review buttons.
@jimsug Go back to sleep. ;P
@Cupcake If you're over 10k you do. And it's orange.
4:37 PM
(it shows up for me on Earth Science)
> I'm a Stack Overflow user, and we don't get red review buttons.
Yeah, looks like ELL is just being quite. I just couldn't remember the colour... red is close to orange, right? :P
Is there a way to easily quote a previous chat message?
paste the permalink
13 secs ago, by Cupcake
Is there a way to easily quote a previous chat message?
4:38 PM
1 min ago, by Cupcake
I'm a Stack Overflow user, and we don't get red review buttons.
@Cupcake: there is no red or orange review button, only an orange icon.
@rlemon ... what did you do to the link? It's striken out.
4:39 PM
@Cupcake I have no idea how that grace period works, to be honest. I personally have never been able to "sneak" an answer in after the question was closed. I could look it up if you like.
<del>delete all teh things</del>
delete all teh things
Q: Chat Easy Input Tools - Provides keyboard shortcuts for common text formatting commands

rlemon About Provides keyboard shortcuts for common text formatting commands, reducing the dependency on mouse usage. Current version does not have a configurable set of hotkeys but later versions will. How to use. All of the following commands are run if the user has focus in the chat input area. ...

@hichris123 ^^
@AnnaLear If you fake a POST you could always do it. Also, if you don't have a browser that supports websockets... or you undisable the button.
---strike out--- FYI
4:40 PM
@rlemon Yeah, I know, I just didn't know links were allowed to be striken out.
@hichris123 I'm almost certain there's at least some server-side validation there as well.
links are not any special
@AnnaLear it's not super important, if you have more important things to do.
I was asking because of this comment:
4:41 PM
@staticx Although that window is actually a 4 hour long window. It's not like it's just a few minutes, and if they were prevented from posting the answer, they could still go and post the answer to the duplicate question. — Servy 3 hours ago
@hichris123 They are not linkified on the transcript anyway.
-I want to delete all teh things-
@ProgramFOX huh.
How do you strikethrough in chat?
@Cupcake Three dashes, not one.
4:42 PM
You can't undo stars after a while, huh?
That's a bummer.
also, the username is
@JanDvorak handled
4:49 PM
That was quick.
5:07 PM
@JanDvorak who is this Lazslo that I keep hearing about?
AKA Final
@JanDvorak That explains a lot.
I should've noticed the name change, heh.
my colorisation script helped a bit
5:34 PM
Did everybody just experience like a 2-minute interruption of service in other chat rooms?
Any foul play, or just gremlins?
worse: SysAdmins
Humans are so unreliable.
thank god I thought it was my ISP again
:( I should open up more windows rather than SO.. but I fear it is all I need
5:36 PM
@rlemon Me, too — at first. But I swapped ISPs back and forth looking for a good route and nothing helped.
@Shog9 how will we recover? Oh the horror!
@Bart we already have
Have we @JanDvorak? Have we really?!?!
@Shog9 didn't anyone ever warn you not to feed them after midnight?
5:39 PM
@Bart better: I can't see Final's avatar anywhere
Evening @rene
Oh stop it @JanDvorak. You miss him. Admit it
Miss is a four-letter word.
This MSO Q&A is kind of awkward:
@JanDvorak Ugh. stop it. he may be annoying, but that doesn't mean you have to poke fun at him all of the time.
5:42 PM
Q: Does location influence voting?

Jon EricsonIn my time as an employee moderator of Stack Overflow, I've noticed that people from certain countries are often the targets of serial upvoting and tend to vote for friends and colleagues more often than usual. Given cultural dimensions and particularly high collectivism, it would not surprise me...

That seems like something that could have been raised internally @Cupcake ...
@Bart And probably should have been instead. But I have a related anecdote.
In grad school, when it was time to grade programming assignments, one divided them into three piles by surname. Chinese went in one pile, Indian in the second, and everybody else in the third. The first two piles usually had only one or two of the same program in them replicated many times, while the third had almost no duplicates.
Chinese and Indian students would use basically the same program or two?
5:47 PM
They all worked together.
They didn’t turn in individual work.
One professor actually divided the score by the number of copies. :)
Not kidding.
@Cupcake I'll be honest. I posted that mostly so that I could point to:
Assuming good faith is a fundamental principle on Wikipedia. It is the assumption that editors' edits and comments are made in good faith. Most people try to help the project, not hurt it. If this were untrue, a project like Wikipedia would be doomed from the beginning. This guideline does not require that editors continue to assume good faith in the presence of obvious evidence to the contrary (). Assuming good faith does not prohibit discussion and criticism. Rather, editors should not attribute the actions being criticized to malice unless there is specific evidence of malice. ...
It doesn't do a lot of good to assume Indians (or anyone else) is getting unfair voting. (I kinda hoped it was true they weren't, but I'm afraid the evidence is muddier than that.)
then there's that language barrier thing
@JonEricson that is an awkward route to take to get to that point
The truth is that everyone gets unfair voting.
You should see the size of this voting ring I found based in NYC...
@Shog9 over 9000?
5:53 PM
@Shog9 Tru dat.
Whenever people don’t vote for posts/postitions but for people, this will always happen.
Starred just because of you @tchrist
There are ways around that, but not really ones that are viable within the SE framework. You’d have to leave the owner anonymized before a vote were cast. You would probably also have to keep the current vote total hidden before then, too. That kind of thing.
That would be a nice userscript, actually
Or ... we could just accept the system isn't perfect, accept the occasional problem and move on with our lives.
6:01 PM
Bigger fish want frying than that one. Or at least, more troubling ones.
where's my shark pan?
Any system we come up with is going to be flawed because humans.
what if we only let robots vote?
Luckily we have Bill the Lizard, Boltclock and others then @AnnaLear.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SSIS: CANNOT ACQUIRE CONNECTION TO EXCEL on stackoverflow.com
6:06 PM
@Bart I've met him in person and I'm very sorry to say that Bill the Lizard is not actually a lizard. :(
should @Manishbot give out automatic downvotes for all-caps titles, BTW?
@JanDvorak No.
Howsoever attractive the notion might sometimes be.
The right thing to do with those questions is to edit the title back into something less noisy.
That's not simply disappointing @AnnaLear ... I'm .... looks for local help line
I know. It took me years to come to terms with that.
@tchrist sometimes when you wash a turd, you get ... nothing left.
6:09 PM
Next thing you know @Cupcake isn't really a cupcake.
You only get a limited number of stars per day?
@Cupcake Or per night. :)
Not if you star me @Cupcake. You would simply run out too fast otherwise.
I want to star all teh things :(
@Cupcake have you just depleted the quota?
6:10 PM
It seems to be rather small :/
How is Switzerland still at 0-0 with Argentina? Amazing ...
@Bart sport, time?
4 mins ago, by tchrist
The right thing to do with those questions is to edit the title back into something less noisy.
6:12 PM
Have the platform detect all caps titles and automatically lower case them on submission.
@JanDvorak yeah, world cup. End of the first half of overtime.
Chances are you'll get it right way more than you get it wrong.
or just block the post as LQ
We already edit to fix all-caps, so worst comes to worst, we end up editing to put caps back in, which should be less frequent.
Or we create a font in between upper and lower case and everybody's happy ...
6:14 PM
Although I guess if OP entered all caps in the first place, then they'd just edit it back to all caps afterwards :/
@Cupcake Hmm... what if someone decides to talk about a Dick?
I have high reputation, I should get more stars :P
@Bart After this it is time for televoting?
I mean stars to give.
@rene there first will be song and dance routines
6:15 PM
Ah, cool
@JanDvorak if someone wants to talk about dicks on Stack Overflow, then I think we have bigger problems than all-caps titles.
Word-based filtering is a clbuttic problem.
|influences = Paul Dirac |influenced = Freeman Dyson |spouse = (deceased) (his death) |awards = Albert Einstein Award (1954) Nobel Prize in Physics (1965)Oersted Medal (1972) |signature = Richard Feynman signature.svg | children = Carl FeynmanMichelle Feynman }} Richard Phillips Feynman (; May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988) was an American theoretical physicist known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics, and the physics of the superfluidity of supercooled liquid helium, as wel...
@AnnaLear Better to feed it to a machine-learning algorithm instead, and let it crunch the numbers on the feature-vectors to arrive at some likelihood-of-X metric (being closed, being answered, being marked as spam, etc.).
@tchrist The hard part is finding a good base
6:23 PM
@tchrist That's actually surprisingly difficult to get right.
Or write a bot which feeds such posts to a couple of monkeys in a chatroom who have nothing better to do than .... wait ...
You'd think we'd have a ton of data to work off of, but so far all our ML attempts haven't produced anything particularly reliable.
Yes, I know. You need to choose your features carefully, and have good training data.
@AnnaLear most of our data actually isn't terribly useful for ML
@AnnaLear detecting large numbers (=phone numbers) in the title seems like a good autoflag
6:25 PM
Sure it is.
@BenCollins Basically, yeah.
@tchrist ah! I suppose you have published some work on this topic?
@BenCollins Well, not as PI.
@tchrist as anything?
Make me look at résumé, why doncha? Actually, I do have some decents refs for it, just not of my devising.
Just a sec.
6:29 PM
@tchrist I have similar anecdotes from grading homework turned in by grad students
@tchrist it's not that important. My point was that we have been looking for useful cues in our data for ML-y things, and it's a lot muddier than you make it sound.
@BenCollins It’s getting the features right that’s hard in this.
even coming up with a sensible training set is pretty hard
It's not just homework @BenCollins. You should have seen the stuff we received at this journal I worked for. Then you're talking PhD candidates and Professors ...
@Bart I once submitted a paper to a journal that I was totally ashamed of because my professor encouraged me to
I was frustrated with him after that because I figured out that he was just trying to boost his publication numbers
@BenCollins removed as spam / uvoted?
@JanDvorak votes are the strongest easily extracted feature
Been there, done that. There are some publications on my name I'm not proud of @BenCollins. But some of the plain fraud we saw ... incredible.
I once had some students turn in a term paper that was literally a cut-'n'-paste from an ACM paper into word
they didn't even bother changing the formatting
@JanDvorak training for spam would probably be easier than what we're doing now, which is working on something for measuring quality
I propose adding "all caps" to the quality filter
@JanDvorak Seconded
6:36 PM
caps is a feature
@BenCollins Did anyone at SE help on Chapter 5 of this book? I haven't worked through that particular chapter, but I did find it interesting they used Stack Overflow data (because it's a site I use and understand): packtpub.com/building-machine-learning-systems-with-python/book
yeah, I've seen that. nobody here was involved in that, to my knowledge. I think they just pulled stuff from data.se
He mentions the data dump. I think they used 2012's.
Just curious
6:38 PM
@JanDvorak ɪᴛ ᴍᴀʏ ᴅᴇᴘᴇɴᴅ ᴏɴ ʜᴏᴡ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀᴘ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ.
AlSo TheRES thIs FoOD PRodUcT SPaM tHAt nEEdS blOcKInG
@Ben There’s a lot of machine-learning papers in ACL, but that one is reasonably recent and perhaps even relevant. Getting the SVM features down seems the hard part to me.
@JanDvorak I think a ratio of upper/lower letters should help with that. I can't image a good title that needs to be almost 50/50
@tchrist most askers are not that persistent
@Bart NEVER!
6:39 PM
@tchrist features are hard, but like I said - even before that, getting a training set is hard b/c what is "quality"? It's very difficult to even measure, really.
@Andy I'm watching this metric and sometimes legitimate titles do pop up
It's just the kind of outside the box thinking I do @VotetoClose. Doesn't always stick.
for example - one post I looked at recently was actually a pretty darn good post, but the OP got slammed with downvotes because he had a little attitude
@BenCollins only consider votes before the first comment?
@JanDvorak On short titles, right?
6:41 PM
@Andy with mostly acronyms
@JanDvorak An actually LQ post could get downvoted into oblivion without a single comment.
> use GIT with SSD
@JanDvorak Didn't think of those. That makes sense though.
@AnnaLear that's what I meant
@AnnaLear most LQ posts just sit at 0
6:43 PM
@JanDvorak Nevermind, I misread what you said somehow.
@BenCollins there's that too
(well...for LQ and not so bad that it needs to be closed, anyway)
@BenCollins Mind you, we probably don't care as much about "LQ" that doesn't need action - closure, edits, deletion, etc. If it's "LQ but not that bad", it's probably "AverageQ" in practice.
@ManishBot timely
6:45 PM
I can't help picturing that garden as something adorable. Tiiiiiiiiny oak trees!
@AnnaLear yeah. we really want to be able to auto-feed the LQ-queue without flooding it with stuff that's "OK"
I’ve a hunch that questions soliciting a boolean response aren’t going to be all that HQ, nor will their answers be, either.
But I might be wrong.
@tchrist soliciting a boolean response?
@AnnaLear I've heard some opinions that "gimme-teh-regexz" are not closeworthy. It's still something we direly want to keep out.
like of the form, "Is this...?"
6:46 PM
@BenCollins yes/no. "is it possible to X?" type of stuff.
@BenCollins yes
@BenCollins “Is this right?” “Is it ok to do this?” “Should I use this approach?”
I think that kind of thing will play out in the features without having to extract special phrases directly
@tchrist append "why?"
@BenCollins it's always best if the computer can pick them out itself
6:49 PM
The thing with boolean questions is that humans can (and should) interpret them more liberally. I feel like "why?" is pretty much always implied in that case, but folks tend to get too hung up on specific key words and phrases in a question and reject based on that.
Same thing is true about "what's the best X" type of questions. Sometimes they're problematic, sometime they aren't. The use of the word "best" is seldom the real problem. In practice, bad questions of that type aren't improved by a simple rephrasing. (And nobody ever asks for a bad way to do something. Pretty much every question is an implied "what's the best way to solve this?")
Close it as what?
It's a silly question, but what would be an appropriate close reason?
@Cupcake too broad should do
Bootstrap is a styling CSS framework - WordPress is a blogging PHP framework. "What is the difference between apples and houses?". — h2ooooooo 3 mins ago
It's closed
7:05 PM
> What's the difference between a gorilla and a shark?
Never mind :P
I remember that blog post.
@Cupcake that about sums it up
Can one of the mods explain how the new anti-recidivism system works with the old ban system?
Q: How do you tell if you have a complete ban or if you are being throttled?

cluemeinI am currently unable to ask questions on SO, but I don't know if I am banned from asking or if I am throttled. Is there any indicator that lets you distinguish between the two?

7:07 PM
Apparently I got it wrong here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/261953/…
I thought the old system was removed altogether?
That's what I thought too.
Oh, it won't inline that if it's deleted huh?
Gimme a sec...
7:08 PM
> This post seems slightly misleading. The new throttle is a completely separate system that was added. It works side-by-side with the post-ban system that already existed and, as far as I know, hasn't changed. The throttle only gets applied when you've created a new account after you were already blocked on another one. You cannot trigger the throttle just by standard use of your account, and it does not replace a question ban in the slightest. – animuson♦
@JanDvorak Not even a little bit.
Animuson's comment above is correct.
As far as I know, Tim Post's is working on changing up the ban system, but nothing in that vein is implemented yet.
So it will eventually be implemented to apply to pre-existing banned accounts?
Because right now it seems a little silly to have to recreate your account in order to be eligible for the new system.
7:10 PM
I've heard in a podcast about a replacement for the current system. I thought this was it.
@Cupcake That's not really what the system is there for. :)
See, I just don't get it :/
It's not designed to encourage you to recreate your account. It's designed to stop you from being able to recreate your account and keep asking questions until you get banned again, rinse, and repeat.
In the cases where someone is banned through a series of misunderstandings, the new system gives them a chance to recover.
The primary goal, however, is to slow down folks who just cycle through accounts with no repercussions.
7:13 PM
Why not just straight out ban the new account if the old one is straight out banned as well?
I heard it's been pretty effective at that so far too.
Is this a temporary state?
@JanDvorak Yes.
Well, potentially.
Thanks. Looking forwards for the future
The question ban is also a temporary state, it's just significantly harder to get out of.
Neither is a simple matter of waiting long enough. You have to start consistently contributing positively or we are going to keep blocking/throttling you.
@Cupcake ...?
@BenCollins One thing that would probably help is answers/posts deleted as [reason]. For example, NAA's. There's a whole lot of trends that you could find in them. For example, if it says "How do you get this to work?" (or something like that), it's probably an NAA.
You could find some trends in the posts deleted as NAA and the posts not deleted, and see what words are typical of an NAA and a similar but not NAA.
@hichris123 we're only very concerned with questions for now; low-quality answers aren't nearly as big a problem
@BenCollins Without having data on-hand, I'm going to say it's a similar problem. One day, I flagged 60-70 answers (link only, NAA). So... yeah, questions need work, but answers too.
Especially spam. Spam answers are much less visible than spam questions.
7:24 PM
@hichris123 low-quality answers don't have the same bad effects on the community as a whole. it's annoying to get a poor answer, but poor answers don't do nearly as much to drive away high-quality contributors as low-quality questions do
@BenCollins they suggest to readers that such answers are acceptable, though
@JanDvorak That's debatable.
I'm sure it's true to a certain degree, but how big a problem it is in practice can vary.
@AnnaLear I have seen the same for questions directly confirmed by askers. There aren't many cases, but there are cases.
I just don't think any of the current "bad" askers ever thinks "Wow, this site is full of good questions. My question is so much worse than theirs so I'm not going to post."
I'm not saying we should have broken windows, but the overall practical impact of what we have now is perhaps a bit overstated.
I'd like to see some hard statistics on that, but I don't have an idea on how to measure it.
7:36 PM
@AnnaLear Here's one idea: give gold tag badge owners/some group of trusted users a super close vote for all/some categories. Like the dupehammer but for more close reasons. That way, people get rid of crap faster (less time for people to answer, etc.).
Reputation is in no way a guarantee of good judgement. Making dupe closures easier makes perfect sense - folks with gold tag badges should be very well familiar with the subject matter and existing questions on a given topic. This does not translate to other close reasons.
Philosophically speaking.
That is true. However, the fact of the matter is that questions aren't closed fast enough. We've seen that with the Close Vote queue and just in browsing the site. So... how could you identify users who are good at closing questions? I'm not sure.
There was a proposal to block answers for some time (x minutes / vote) while the close votes are still coming
Today's Listening | Electronic / Lounge / Jazz
CC @Bart
@AnnaLear A good test of good judgement could be this query data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/202556/… . Because if you are the first vote to close, and the question ends up being closed, you obviously have good judgement. People with more than say, 500 results, should be given the power of 2 close votes instead of 1 or something.
7:40 PM
Sorry, I've been busy.
I'm moving.
yay @GnomeSlice. Thanks:)
@GnomeSlice Having fun yet? ;P
It's not a big move, luckily. Not signing a lease or anything, and am not taking much (at first).
If I find work it may become permanent, otherwise I will move back home in a few months
@hichris123 Three ways to approach this: 1. Make it easier to close things. 2. Make more people close things. 3. Make it harder to post stuff that should be closed in the first place.
We're generally working on #2 and #3. #1 is an option, but there's a lot we'd have to do to mitigate abuse there.
Also, added complexity isn't always a good thing.
@VotetoClose As soon as you base a power on something like "first vote to close", you're going to invite a lot of first votes. Eventually all those people would hit the threshold that grants them more powerful votes. So at the very least you have to weigh that by the times when they're wrong. Which has the potential to trigger loss aversion in people. Why vote to close if it can hurt your long-term stats/progress towards a vote-hammer?
Not to mention that you can vote to close, have the question eventually be closed, and still be wrong.
All this is a delicate balancing act.
@VotetoClose that means employees have perfect judgement :-)
yeah...ditto @Anna there. Doing anything isn't so much a question of "can we", it's a question of how it affects the community, say, a year from now
7:52 PM
@BenCollins Which proves the idea correct!
now you're just trying to flatter us.
do go on.
8:09 PM
@BenCollins way to kill the conversation
Quick query: there's 3109 questions with four or more flags + close votes. And a good chunk of those are greater than a month old.
~half are new too, which is a whole 'nother problem...
@hichris123 I'll have them done in 65 days..
wow. This user is suspended till 2025 stackoverflow.com/users/2665694/andreas-jung
8:25 PM
Who cares?
Don't worry about other users
@VotetoClose but after that they can come back
You can suspend people for a long time on chat.
On chat?
I got suspended for 6 months from chat
That's substantial
8:27 PM
I cried
That's probably a good sign that some time off might not be the worst thing
@Bart I think I got up to 3,000 years.
Fair enough I guess @hichris123. :)
8:33 PM
Yeah, we mods have... a bit too much fun sometimes. ;P
(and shhh, that's Undo's bot)
Should have guessed. :) Haven't seen him here for a while now, have we?
pokes @Undo
@Undo You had time for new mods!
yeah, I suppose.
New mod. Non-plural.
8:36 PM
Actually, what were the results of the election?
David Stratton
yeah, but who came in second?
Loading ballots from file christianity-stackexchange-com-2014-election-results.blt.
Ballot file contains 9 candidates and 122 ballots.
No candidates have withdrawn.
Ballot file contains 122 non-empty ballots.

Counting votes for Christianity Stack Exchange Moderator Election 2014 using Meek STV.
9 candidates running for 1 seat.

 R|David Strat|warren     |Daи       |Flimzy     |fredsbend  |AJ Henderso
  |ton        |           |           |           |           |n
He won by a landslide
Dan came in second.
heh, never got past the first round.
When there's only one seat...
8:37 PM
Runners up are Dan and Flimzy
Not sure if in that order.
Yeah, that order @Anna
Just ran it with two and three seats.
Followed by fredsbend.
Show it with 3 seats, @Undo.
@Undo yeah, I just cribbed from internal docs :)
    Loading ballots from file christianity-stackexchange-com-2014-election-results.blt.
    Ballot file contains 9 candidates and 122 ballots.
    No candidates have withdrawn.
    Ballot file contains 122 non-empty ballots.

    Counting votes for Christianity Stack Exchange Moderator Election 2014 using Meek STV.
    9 candidates running for 3 seats.

     R|David Strat|warren     |Daи       |Flimzy     |fredsbend  |AJ Henderso
      |ton        |           |           |           |           |n
stop editing! ;P
8:40 PM
It was borked! :(
Speaking about mods, is casperOne still around on SO? Hardly ever come across him any more ...
@Bart He kinda dropped off the face of the earth after his second kid was born.
He's around, just rarely.
And got to go now. Cya folks, have fun hunting for Casper.
Guessed as much. Did expect casperTwo to take over at some point @AnnaLear
8:43 PM
Q: Why is Razor view engine considered lighter than ASPX?

AnkitMittalAs we know, MVC in .Net supports two view engines, namely, ASPX and Razor. I have read several articels and have observed that Razor is unanimously(almost) considered as a better option between the two. The reasons being: Razor is clean - Agreed. The syntax itself makes it cleaner. Razor syntax...

It's odd that this question garnered four crappy answers in the last few hours.
Since it was posted in April.
Couple of bumps as a result of the first answer I guess
True. That first answerer was really digging, then haha.
The question should be closed, anyway.
Everyone pretend I put "cv-please" before that link up there.
Do it! Pretend!
"Razor syntax is simple - Agreed. There is no need to close the tags"
I...uh, what?
I like this one: Razor has a syntax that is very compact and helps us to reduce typing.
Yeah. Maybe we should leave the question open for it's comedic value.
@Stijn: hope Belgium wins.
@rene nothing immediately obvious, but that's mad weird
OK...co-workers or students...
9:42 PM
@rene "here's my code" dumps a static image
@Braiam Yeah, and you noticed not by the OP...
@jadarnel27 Fair bit of fluffy boosterism in that set. I’m not saying this is a case of collusion, but stand-out patterns like that one do make you wonder if there’s any coördinated effort behind it, whether commercial or activist. See my citation from several hours ago on “Deceptive Opinion Spam”.
@rene D: intensifies

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