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10:00 PM
There are five projects inside CommonLibraries, and four of them are updating normally. The last one only arrived with @Tim's method, and doesn't show up under CommonLibraries; it looks like its own project.
Valid MSO question?
Q: Good PHP-based StackOverflow-clone?

HedgeI want to build a QA-Site like StackOverflow (for a certain topic). I already looked for good clones. The best one I found was Shapado. This one requires Ruby and a few more modules. Is there a PHP-based clone which is nearly as good as Shapado?

@PopularDemand Close as dup of the other list of clones maybe? IDK...
It's not an exact duplicate...
@PopularDemand The five projects under CommonLibraries, are these all branches of the same repo?
@PopularDemand I'm never overly optimistic about making progress on Fridays, so I'm happy with setting the bar at breaking even.
Hey there @mmyers
Hi. I thought I heard someone mention Swing, but it looks like I'm late as usual.
@PopularDemand mentioned swinging a bat at subversion, maybe that's what you heard @mmyers? ;-)
10:06 PM
GridBagLayout, to be precise. I was a GridBagLayout ninja for approximately six hours once.
@TheUnhandledException They're not even branches, they're all projects in the same branch.
@PopularDemand Just all directories all under CommonLibraries/ ?
@TheUnhandledException When did I say that?
@mmyers I don't think "ninja" status is conferred for six-hour periods.
@TheUnhandledException Yes.
I would probably be more helpful if I had experience with the design of other repos, sorry.
Ok. Well I know that via command line you'd cd CommonLibraries; svn update --depth inf nameOfTheModule
Tried this
A: How to fix "containing working copy admin area is missing" in SVN ?

Rob WellsCan you try to check out a new copy of the parent directory? Edit: To be bit more specific, I meant to suggest going up one level and deleting the containing directory. Then do a svn update --set-depth infinity to replace the directory.

and other answers to that question.
10:08 PM
hmm. :-/
@PopularDemand Well, I think no one has ever been a GridBagLayout ninja for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Human brains just aren't meant to hold such quantities of knowledge.
@PopularDemand Again this hits on my lack of knowledge of your svn client, so, I'll shut up :-)
Sorry @PopularDemand :-( If you get desperate enough to try TortoiseSVN, let me know :-)
@mmyers Oh yeah? Have they tried storing the knowledge in a GridBagLayout?
@TheUnhandledException I appreciate it.
I'm considering getting For the Glory. I kinda wish there were a trial, but I know it's not exactly a 50-full-time-developers thing.
10:16 PM
There is a demo
@mmyers !
I must be blind.
Neeeeever mind.
I'll look again when I get home.
(If I ever get home.)
(Between these hours and the flooding....)
It's probably somewhat crash-prone, but it's game-time-limited anyhow. (You can play it as many times as you like, just for 30 in-game years with no saving.)
And of course it's really easy to find cracked versions because we don't use DRM.
You getting hurricane rain?
Man, people will crack anything, huh?
I used to think it was just for big stuff like Photoshop or StarCraft.
Anything that costs money.
We got... remains-of-a-tropical-storm rain yesterday.
Not violent, but it was pretty constant for a while.
10:21 PM
I recall hearing of an indie developer that did a pay-what-you-want sale, where you could pay as little as one cent for their game (I'm pretty sure it was a game).
@mmyers 4 games or 5. Penumbra Overture, Aquaria (amazing), others.
Piracy rates were still a significant percentage.
@radp cracked them all.
@radp Ah, was it the Humble Indie Bundle?
@mmyers When I got my key, I went straight off to Torrentz and downloaded the games via BitTorrent
However, I couldn't get my key on my own.
I had to have somebody gift it to me, however, because 1 cent is 1 cent too many when you just can't pay online.
10:23 PM
@radp Communist!
I saw that ".01$" you had before.
is "$.01" less offensive to you?
Yes. But you had to look that up.
I didn't look it up.
we write currencies like "2 €"
you know, the way you pronounce it.
You silly ass-backwards Anglosaxons.
Okay, that was an attempt to continue the whole communist thing, but even I think it's out of steam.
Is one store preferable to another for you, @mmyers?
Not for me, really.
@radp "Rosen also stated that for about ten users that emailed Wolfire about being unable to pay for the software, he personally donated on their behalf."
10:30 PM
At any rate, I legally got the bundle through BitTorrent.
I wish more people would use it for, you know, sharing big files.
Instead of using MegaUpload and the like.
@radp Careful! Put "legally" and "BitTorrent" in the same sentence too many times, and the universe will explode!
Yeah, well, torrents have a reputation for being seedy.
(Can I instantrimshot myself?)
MegaUpload does't?
17 mins ago, by mmyers
@PopularDemand http://instantrimshot.com
@mmyers Heh, let's say you did.
@radp I don't know; all those sites run together after a while.
I'm off for the weekend (for the most part). See y'all around.
10:38 PM
Have fun!
Oh, and I'm taking Stanford, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Boston College to win tomorrow.
@mmyers Too many colleges. Can't get excited.
10:59 PM
@mmyers, no, but I can star you, they haven't implemented instantrimshot yet...
@Benjol How hopeful.
@Pop, you know, sometimes @Marc and @balpha manage to sneak stuff in when @Jeff isn't watching?
You don't mind me calling you @Pop, do you? :)
@Benjol Oh, you mean like the chat?
@Benjol Not at all. You're not the first. Shog has gone as far as @Pops a few times.
@Pop, someone (I can't remember who) went through a phase of calling @Marc 'Dad', so I figured I was re-using an existing meme :)
@Benjol That was Diago.
I admit I didn't make that connection, though.
I think of "Pops" as an old guy and "Pop" as the first three letters of my name.
11:08 PM
Question for anyone who's listening: today I had a phone call with a little publishing company which wants to 'go digital' and start doing eBooks. They wanted to advice on which approach was best for converting their back catalogue, and how to minimize the work of publishing both paper and e-books.
About which I know nothing.
They have Google, but I have stackoverflow. Not sure where I'd ask a question about that though, it's top-notch "subjective, not a real question, not programming related"
Oh, they ended up with my phone number because they'd told someone they wanted to learn xml :)
@Benjol I'm half-listeing, but sorry, I got no advice for you on that, never dealt with eBooks
<?xml version="1.0"?>
[full text of book goes here]
Boom. Electronic version of book.
Repeat for all books.
Seriously though: Programmers SE? That seems like just the sort of disciplined thing Jeff would approve of.
@PopularDemand :) I was highly suspicious when I received a mail saying "we are looking for training in xml and other tools". Sounded like they'd read an article somewhere saying xml would solve all their problems...
@Benjol They read the wrong article. jQuery solves all their problems...
>11hrs of work today, still can't get the repository to behave. All I want to do is write some code!
That is greater than 11, not an attempt at a blockquote.
11:26 PM
@PopularDemand, I've not read the transcript, but I see your starred SVN rants ;)
All my sympathy. Where I am, we were aiming for a company-wide standardisation of source control.
The maddening thing is that it works for some people and is unsolvable for others.
It quite didn't work out, so now we have three: IT department: homemade, me:git, everyone else:SVN
Working remotely is not working out for me so well, in this case.
Hey @Chacha102
11:28 PM
@Benjol Oof.
Okay. Leaving now. Gotta come back tomorrow, and I have lots to do at home.
Later @PopularDemand
@PopularDemand, don't forget to sleep :)
@Benjol I love sleep. Sleep is my favorite thing. I would never forget it. But I just don't get to do it very much is all.
@Pop, they say the hours before midnight count double
11:39 PM
> The old Macintosh operating system used Pascal strings everywhere. Many C programmers on other platforms used Pascal strings for speed. Excel uses Pascal strings internally which is why strings in many places in Excel are limited to 255 bytes, and it's also one reason Excel is blazingly fast
I knew that about MacOS. I did not know that about Excel
That's cool

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