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c'mon, people. don't make me blacklist the arabic alphabet. again.
except on islam.se, probably?
that's why I'm all for only allowing text speak, it's the future
At least for low-rep users, blacklists would work pretty well.
"You may only load the flag dialog every 3 seconds." Ergh.
@JanDvorak gone
12:48 AM
Why do we even say gone? Is it required?
I don't say "gone"
1:19 AM
1 hour later…
3:15 AM
Is it really necessary to close?
"Attention: some of your recent flags have been declined" wut? The last declined flag was on that post that I asked for deletion on, spamspamspam.
Besides, that's one. Not "flag**s**".
wow @ 600 posts in the first posts review queue.
I gave one.
3:50 AM
why so many posts in there?
i know shog made his post about that queue, so it must be his doing...
Wtf is with large companies adopting this silly "your username here can't look like your email address username" policy? This is f***** annoying! Like duh, that's why it's my flipping username!
@animuson I think the answer to your question is theoretically mentioned somewhere in these 90 comments stackoverflow.com/questions/2283937/…
4:49 AM
Times I'm glad GMail let's me just append "+someservice" to my username to bypass that crap.
My skin does recover from whatever. I'm human. — bjb568 6 secs ago
Did I seriously take only 6 seconds to copy my comment here? …
Ok, I guess that's nothing then.
5:42 AM
and don't forget to go through related tab on right side of this spam. I am wondering how are they related....??
I thot the point of the game was to get as fat as possible… — bjb568 6 secs ago
I love posting stupid comments on stupid spam.
(must save here so not deleted)
you are consistent with your "6 seconds" delay ;)
6:11 AM
Maybe the system is just caching…
6:29 AM
@bjb568 it's always caching
6:47 AM
I've seen a post that reported that the count for the numbers of questions in the close vote queue for a particular tag went missing. I can't find it any more....
Goodnight everypony (did I mention I'm done with vacation and finally on full desktop computer :D)
Good night!
Good Night!
7:12 AM
Train Timeout
7:29 AM
Lazy wednesday
Hey guys think those shoes are good?
cool, oneboxing!
Looks like they're foot-shaped, so as far as shoes go, they can't be too bad.
I prefer sneakers or loafers or anything that look like them more :P
@balpha that's my thought too, my only concern is they're made for running while I mostly (well, only ;)) walk.
@ShadowWizard in that case you can also try heels :P lol
7:42 AM
@ShadowWizard If you only walk try this
at first look, they look like they are made for hiking on snowy mountains
@rene too high, looks more like boots :(
So you have such shoes, @rene?
I never had one of those
7:47 AM
@ShadowWizard yep
@ShadowWizard Try this
@rene that's more like it, but I have New Balance for... hmm... 20 years or so. Thanks though! :D
@DroidDev so what shoes you do have? ;)
@ShadowWizard for now, I have fomals, sneakers, loafers and sports (from the time, when I went to gym), some two months ago.
@DroidDev how many shoes you have?! :D
I got a single pair
@ShadowWizard I just have one pair each. Formals, just because of company or some dresses or functions, I like sneakers and loafers more. They are just there because I like them, no particular purpose of them. Sports for outdoor activity.
8:16 AM
Hi everypony!
Hi pony!
8:32 AM
8:44 AM
Do we need to answer this within 10 minutes?
I think we need to flag it within 10 minutes.
Do I get points now?
I went for blatantly of topic, how points many do I get?
@DroidDev OVER 9000!!!
my avatar has started dancing :D
8:49 AM
@DroidDev Can I reply "Yes, just run the stuff in dotnetFiddle and don't waste our time"?
@SPArchaeologist just after 5 minutes of that reply, there will be a question about dotnetFiddle from same user. :P
but I'd really love to see what OP really think or ask after that.
So far for company policy:
@rene: As far as I know, Wireshark is not allowed here in the company — Flat Eric 5 mins ago
@rene Yep. But I am pretty sure that if I actually posted that answer, someone would downvote it (even if I believe it is only deserved :P)
9:35 AM
Assuming internet access is allowed during the exam, I'm pretty sure you've been given access to quickly look up resources that can help you, not to have you post the exam questions and ask for help to solve it. The fact that the question should be solvable by you within 10 minutes seems to support that. It's similar to an open book exam: you still need to study for such exams and know the material, the book is for when you can't remember the details but know exactly what to look for so it doesn't take you a lot of time. — Stijn 1 min ago
9:52 AM
How can I delete my own chat room?
You can't. If the room is unused for a while, it will be auto-frozen or auto-deleted, depending on how much content it has. If you feel very strongly about having it deleted immediately, you have to ask a moderator to do it.
10:11 AM
ok thanks
I noticed that there does not seem to be much FAQ on chat. And even linked in the main FAQ post
Hmmm, I'm serial upvoted without any comments. so unfair...
10:33 AM
it's probably a robot
@rene not me! ;)
@juergend well, chat is still pretty much the backyard of Stack Exchange so it's not in the spotlight. MSE got fair amount of information though. :)
10:53 AM
Gah, I am so missing the web sockets right now.
11:08 AM
what to do with the super-broad answer to that super-broad question?
@rene No worries, me and my sockpuppets will undo it for you.
@JanDvorak downvote. "try this: [undocumented code dump]"
@Bart Thanks!
Please revisit the help center to learn what is on-topic here. This question is not. — rene 21 secs ago
11:16 AM
@rene no downvote from you?
I wait for a response a couple of minutes...
what kind of response would prevent you from downvoting?
The deletion of the question?
too late...
@JanDvorak creepy avatar this time!
most of his full-width images are worse
@JanDvorak before I open that, is the avatar NSFW?
nope. Just an evil looking guy
already??? have you coded a bot for this??? how are you this fast???
8 secs and -7
@DroidDev he has a 20-screen-setup to monitor a whole bunch of SE sites
and a bunch of socks so that I can remove spam singlehandedly
@Stijn please tell me that all those screens are not split up into sub-screens to have every single SE site opened at any instance of time
12:26 PM
I have screens full of screens and those screens also have screens.
@DroidDev lol, he just have a script using the web sockets to read the realtime feed
then when a bad keyword is detected, he gets some sort of alert and manually posting it here
@DroidDev You didn't put the checkmark in the split screens into sub-screens option when you subscribed for your SE account?
@rene I think it only appears for the user having more than 10 screens dedicated to SE.
12:54 PM
A two-day long connection refused issue just got resolved with this comment from the sys-op: bit-mistake
bit...... hmmmm
@rene was that you on the train? Or someone else?
@Stijn No trains were hurt in the process...
1 hour later…
2:21 PM
yeah, some people get overzealous around here. small time nerd nazis. — MarianP 6 mins ago
am I being uptight or is that a rude comment?
it's probably best to just never use the word "nazi", but it's also best to not be offended by it if you see it
@Stijn it was deleted?
he deleted it
if he deleted it, then I think it was intentional attack on someone.
I think the deletion was appropriate
2:42 PM
typed what they were thinking without thinking about it
perhaps they thought about it afterwards or read it back to themselves and then deleted for some reason... I can't see where it was in the thread but I imagine it doesn't add anything valuable to the reader, so there was no harm in removing it
don't have time just now, I think I might read that page later though, to see if I can figure out where such a comment might fit in with the flow
Don't waste your time.
Does anybody know why SEDE doesn't have migration records in the PostHistory table?
Q: Missing migration-information in the StackExchange Data Dumps

user3717466I downloaded the Stack Exchange Data Dump for space.stackexchange.com and astronomy.stackexchange.com. As listed here, the PostHistoryTypeId of the PostHistory.xml-Files should be "17" if a post was migrated. But none of the posts contains a "17", although for example this Question was migrated f...

3:04 PM
Today's Listening | Post-rock/instrumental/alternative
3:20 PM
just discovered I will have to trash a perfectly working sql server db to switch to an import of an old access db that doesn't even meet first normal form "because it is important that the structure remains the same - users are accustomed to it".
columns names follow the standard math notation prexif_randomNumber_sufix
@SPArchaeologist this sounds.... sad ):
@SPArchaeologist Ouch....
@SPArchaeologist users who are editing the access db through MS Access?
Does this breaks for everybody are just for me?
@rene I get 'Bad Request'
3:32 PM
So it is not me...
3:44 PM
@Stijn nope, rework of an old app. But the port must keep all the code horrors for retro-compatibility.
And I was even so stupid to create a code first model for my normalized db, along with some integration tests.
Theres now way you can make a view
old Dante adagio
"Vuolsi così colà dove si puote / ciò che si vuole, e più non dimandare"
Trad: God want it that way, don't ask why.
The cherry on the cake:
old db has no relation between tables.
Why? because some fkey actually point to MULTIPLE tables
so you have a key that is a string
every time I see that, I feel the urge to shoot some dba.
4:05 PM
@SPArchaeologist don't forget the 'business' that demanded this quick and temporary solution that would only be needed for a couple of weeks...that was 6-8 years ago...
1 hour later…
5:05 PM
Howdy folks, I could use a little help in cleaning some stuff up. It appears that almost every answer by this user is plagiarized from somewhere: stackoverflow.com/users/2805846/engineer?tab=answers . If you want some free flags, could you help identify the sources of their recent answers so that we can tag them and remove them? I've warned them about this, but I want to make sure I get all the instances of plagiarism here.
5:55 PM
I find it interesting that when trying to post a new comment with the phrase "what have you tried" you receive a "this content is not allowed" error message, but when I flag a comment that contains "what have you tried" as obsolete or something it doesn't automatically get deleted like it used to..
6:19 PM
@BradLarson Farming out mod work, eh? ;P
It is great fun @BradLarson
@hichris123 If there's one thing I know how to do as a CEO, it's outsource. That, and I get rather angry going through all of these and need to walk away for a while.
6:39 PM
A: Do we need a close reason for zero-effort questions?

bjb568 How to do X, I have no idea how to start Valid question, especially in areas like CSS. such as requirement dumps Fine, as long as it's a common set of requirements so the community can benefit from it. I have this code, how do I make it work on even numbers instead of odd Is it a...

^ Like my answer?
@bjb568 nope : (
@BradLarson still try to relax on it. The one where that OP copied the article from the O'Reilly website even trying to keep the layout the same makes me smile... poor guy trying so hard...Whoahahaha...
7:10 PM
stackoverflow.com/… In my case...
Is that to prevent close vote as duplicate?
7:31 PM
So I have this list of tags that needs to be burninated / cleaned up. Since I'm not going to post a Meta question for each one, I'm wonder what I should do with them.
maybe post one meta question including them all?
really, how is "upvote please" or just "upvote" not automatically deleted with a comment flag?
8:02 PM
Why the unexplained downvotes on my answer?
I normally like the approach when an answer dissects the question but you simply tore it apart...
I like ripping things.
Yeah, I noticed that already :-)
How is this user not roboing? stackoverflow.com/users/68268/…
8:26 PM
@bjb568 cv-ed
@bjb568 maybe keep an eye on him the next days...
8:45 PM
Well, both were declined flags.
@bjb568 it's an answer.
It should've been a dupe flag instead, sure, but meh.
8:57 PM
Q: Your answer is in another castle: when is an answer not an answer?

Shog9I think we can all agree, this sucks: If you've been around a little while, you've probably encountered hundreds of answers like this in various forums, some of them even marked as "The Answer" by well-meaning1 forum admins looking to close a thread. We could try to enumerate the commonly-obse...

"Moderators, if you see it flagged, delete it." cough
I tend to be more lenient with posts that link to other SO posts. But, fine. It's not really important either way in this case.
Yeah, link-only answers to other questions on the site are not really what that's referring to. That said the answer is technically not an answer since it couldn't possible be an answer today anyway, on account of the system blocking it.
I like deletion. It's juicy.
@TimStone Well, auto-converting it to a comment anyway
@TimStone "Is there even one tiny speck of information there? No." At least that's in common.
9:07 PM
@BradLarson I checked the posts from this month, I'll do May tomorrow...
@bjb568 Yeah. I've no idea how that's remotely "opinion-based".
Obviously no, but too broad?
Hm? That only showed up under review as "primarily opinion-based" for me.
You're reviewing the post, not the votes…
I'm really confused about what you're talking about right now.
9:15 PM
@AnnaLear Is this ?
@AnnaLear You go to review. Then click on Close Votes. Then it shows you questions with CVs. I don't get why you care what other people have done with it, you closevote it if it should be closed and leave-open it if it shouldn't.
@bjb568 You asked if your review was correct. You reviewed as "leave open". The question was up for review as "primarily opinion-based". So yes, your review was correct.
No the question was up for review in the Close Vote Queue. There are three actions, Leave Open if the post has no serious problems, Close if the post has serious problems, and Edit if the post has minor problems that can be improved. I'm asking if my action was correct, not whether the original CV was correct.
Fine, be pedantic about it.
@hichris123 Looks like it, yeah.
@bjb568 I seriously don't see the distinction you're apparently making. I'm telling you your action was correct?
9:20 PM
But thank you for explaining the mechanics of review to me. I had no idea how it worked.
Close for any reason. Not close for primarily opinion based.
@AnnaLear Actually, you seem to be treating it like flags. Votes are not flags.
The tooltip on "close" says "agree with this close vote".
(I like images)
@rene I appreciate the help. It's looking like there's not a whole lot that's original there, and it does take some time to dig through this.
@bjb568 That's not the same... You know, nevermind. Forgive me for answering your question and have a great night.
9:26 PM
Now I'm confused.
I'll ask a meta question.
Q: What are we reviewing in the CV queue?

bjb568 On one hand, it asks specifically if the question should be closed as primarily opinion-based. The button titles agree by saying "disagree with this close vote" and "agree with this close vote" (a pluralization bug). On the other hand, it says in the bullet points to Leave Open if the question...

10:11 PM
This is why I like chat. Talking past each other is always better when it's in real time.
NOOOO Mac subpixel rendering is the beeest! Yeah, I could have communicated better I guess. (Is that a button to ban a mod? Shiny) — bjb568 3 mins ago
(it may look really great on a retina display, donno. Looked awful 10 years ago the last time I used a Mac, and still looks awful in screenshots though, so...)
(then again, my favorite text font is still whatever Hercules used on their PC display adapter back in the '80s)
You are old.
I am.
But I can still balance an eel on the tip of my nose
Imgur or it didn't happen.
10:17 PM
@Shog9 ... who actually does that?
Father William, of course
I never knew that's what you looked like.
I may have put on a few pounds since then
possibly some shillings as well
So that's what the rich do.
Us poor peasants are stuck balancing work and work
@Shog9 you are just full of surprises, aren't you? :)
10:23 PM
…I wonder what that's supposed to mean.
...that he always got something new that surprise us all very much
@bjb568 your avatar is creepy, even when scaled down to 16x16 ;)
Hmm.... should I watch episode of Orange Is the New Black now?
I don't see why not.
10:26 PM
@bjb568 I can never tell when you're trolling and when you're being serious. That's a great skill!
@bjb568 it means delaying sleep
@ShadowWizard *Bows*
@ShadowWizard Sleep is good. Sheep is good.
@bjb568 and Peesh?
Mmmm yup.

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