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3:00 PM
@Diago Oh, so it's jealous hate, not "these people are morons who don't understand technology" hate.
I could go for a flying database. What's it mounted on? 747? Predator drone? Ornithopter?
@PopularDemand At the moment an ornithopter. But they would probably replace it with a Lear jet soon
I HATE STEAM. That is all.
@Diago ?
So I better not tell you that my database server runs like a (1920's) train
@JohntheSeagull I am used to that. The one's at work does as well. These clients however run CentOS with FirebirdSql, and they have a 4TB database. So it's actually scary to see how those drives perform. They back it up in under an hour.
@radp My steam client keeps hanging on trying to connect for the last few days. And no idea why.
I think I may need to re-install
Or maybe it's a subliminal message for you to stop playing
3:09 PM
@Diago Just be aware that uninstalling Steam also uninstalls all Steam games
@JohntheSeagull That's the joke. My total playing time after 3 months is 1 hour for all games combined.
@radp Not on a Mac :)
@Diago Because you can't download limited-edition miniatures over Steam?
Or do you mean the gas form of dihydrogen monoxide?
@PopularDemand Damn you. You just had to make it worse for me didn't you.
In other news, now you can buy "powerups" in TF2! A spy knife is just $5.
3:10 PM
(Real life US dollars 5.)
@Diago Wasn't sure if you were referencing the PvP from the other day.
@radp Problem solved. My keychain password store for Steam was corrupt. Deleted it and reconfigured and I'm in
@PopularDemand You can remember that far back? I have new levels of respect. I can't remember what I did 2 hours ago.
@Diago Ugh. I don't trust anyone or anything to remember my passwords but myself.
@rchern How is nothingtoinstall.com/questions/7312/… an exact duplicate?!
It's an exact dupe of webapps.stackexchange.com.
3:13 PM
@radp She made the same mistake everyone else did?
@PopularDemand No, yours is missing the ellipsis
@radp That's the joke.
Coffee time.
@PopularDemand 3 Sugar. Load of Milk.
@rchern Read the original question. He states that TwitWipe didn't work.
«Erasing all Tweets from a Twitter Account» vs «How can I delete all my direct messages at once in Twitter?»
3:15 PM
i blame Diago. don't ask why, just blame Diago.
@rchern Oi. Play nice. I haven't been around to give you any grief. I pop in for a visit and WHAM
hmm, selecting an older revision didn't remove the duplicate link >_<
in other news, reopened >_<
A: Do this after visiting X amount of pages on site

FoscojQuery does not have native cookie functions. While I completely agree this should be done server-side and would never do this myself... You can do this entirely with plain-old Javascript. I've put together a function that should suit your purposes. It returns true only if they've visited 6 pa...

(i haven't opened that to read but...) there's a cookie jquery plugin...
@rchern Thanks!
3:23 PM
Is anyone here a Quartz(.NET) user?
When will NTI be freed from the tyrannical grip of @rchern and her lackeys?
@PopularDemand LOL
@Diago More like "pour sugar out of the tub until I'm reasonably sure my coffee will give me diabetes, and pour powdered imitation cream out of its tub until the color changes slightly."
@rchern I demand truly free and fair mod elections!
In which I will not participate, because I don't really use NTI!
@PopularDemand didn't you hear about SO Inc's hypocritical lack of democracy?
3:30 PM
It's reached the point where I can no longer tell when people are joking anymore -_-
Probably because I spent the last 20 minutes reading meta discussions where people bickered about P.SE
Honestly, I don't know anything other than has been mentioned on meta. I'm not expecting my powers to last. I shall ask and get you an answer though! (;
@MichaelMrozek I was joking... but this reduces my faith in your earlier "I don't even know what CW is for anymore" message that I was planning on citing in a "is CW still relevant" question.
@rchern It just occurred to me the other day that pro tem mods are really very likely to become the "real" mods of any site, not just NTI. A site that isn't thrilled with its pro tem mods probably won't graduate in the first place.
@MichaelMrozek would unix.SE be the right place to ask about NoMachine NX for linux? Or would that be serverfault?
I can type... really... ::rolleyes::
@PopularDemand It's probably not a good idea to cite me in any sort of argument, ever :). I wasn't talking about your message thought, I meant John's
@TheUnhandledException I don't know what NoMachine NX is, but I saw Linux in there, so sure :)
This question came from left field:
Q: What is the best fanny pack for programming on the go?

MathGladiatorI'm decided to embrace my inner nerd, and just go get a fanny pack. Which one is the best for programming?

Srsly, fanny pack?!
3:35 PM
@MichaelMrozek It's a remote desktop app for linux. like screen for X11
@TheUnhandledException Oh, sounds neat. Go for it; we're fairly inclusionist
@spoulson Time to take it to the next level. Who volunteers to go ask a question about the best pocket protector... for programmers?
If I kick a cactus with my bare foot, will it hurt? ...while programming?
I'm tempted to write a script that pulls questions from the other SE betas and reposts them on programmers, but appends "while programming" to the end of the title
@PopularDemand I disagree with the last sentence.
@MichaelMrozek that would be amazingly amusing
3:44 PM
@MichaelMrozek You can ask how to write such a script on SO!
But I can answer it for you now: jQuery.
@PopularDemand Way ahead of you. A couple lines of jQuery, and I've revolutionized the SE network forever:
Haha Greasemonkey FTW
$('a.question-hyperlink').each(function() {
    $(this).text($(this).text().replace("?", " while programming?"));
$('div#hlogo').append($("<div style=\"padding-left: 30px\"><b>WHILE PROGRAMMING!</b></div>"));
> Why is my spanish rice chewy while programming?
> preventative cleanliness tips while programming
3:46 PM
You could actually put effort into it and try to affix the appropriate suffix: "while programming", "for programmers", etc. And detect if there's a question mark at the end. But I was lazy
@MichaelMrozek And change <div style=\"padding-left: 30px\"><b>WHILE PROGRAMMING!</b></div> to `<div style=\"padding-left: 30px;color:#799bca;\"><b>WHILE PROGRAMMING!</b></div>
to get the right color for WHILE PROGRAMMING!
I'd definitely post a link to that picture on the meta discussions
@JohntheSeagull I'm trying very hard not to get involved in the meta discussions, as I'd happily spend all day every day telling people how they're wrong. You're welcome to it though
Oh, but you are wrong
@MichaelMrozek What's wrong with happily spending all day telling people they're wrong?
3:53 PM
@PopularDemand After a while my employers start to wonder why I'm not actually accomplishing anything
I link them to that xkcd comic, but it doesn't seem to help
@MichaelMrozek Searching... 84 applicable xkcd comics found. Please be more specific: <blink>_</blink>
@PopularDemand Probably the most linked to one in here :)
@MichaelMrozek Ah. See, you're going wrong by linking one that starts off implying you're sleeping on the job.
I would go with my former desktop background, "Compiling!"
(That said... that one's very true.)
4:24 PM
DAMN YOU @PopularDemand!
Q: Let new users create "wannabe" tags

samyI was just trying to post a question on the RPG SE beta, and the system wouldn't let me create a tag I felt would have been useful since my reputation was below 150. (The tag was changeling, for the record; it's a series of the World of Darkness.) Apart from a problem regarding an existing tag t...

I was 85% done correcting that!!!
> Be advised: this post has been edited 1 time by other users while you were editing
@TheUnhandledException Daily schadenfreude quota: fulfilled.
Yeah, we need "Be advised, you are not the only user editing this post. Click here to enter a deathmatch to see who gets it."
@PopularDemand LOL YES!
Why do I get the feeling I'm going to start seeing questions that start off by saying "This post has been locked for editing by TheUnhandledException... Popular Demand. _narrows eyes_"?
Wow, second MSO question about Aardvark I've seen today
Q: Is Aardvark a threat to SO/SE?

sharptoothI just found out that there's Aardvark service that claims to answer any questions. And it's now backed by Google. How do Aardvark and StackExchange - based sites compare? Is Aardvark a threat to SO/SE?

@TheUnhandledException That's the only one I've seen.
@TheUnhandledException If you actually laughed out loud as much as you claim to, you'd be unemployed by now. Stop lying, you lying liarface.
It's also the only one tagged Aardvark. Where's the other one?
4:34 PM
@PopularDemand I normally work from home. And I mostly chuckle :-)
2 hours ago, by Piers Myers
@radp what is Aarkvard?
MSO chat is still MSO :-)
Wow, the tag [sofaq] is still alive and kicking on SO.
Howdy @Tim
gist: 606459, 2010-10-01 16:42:26Z
20 GOTO 10
4:55 PM
oo, new onebox.. very nice.
5:10 PM
@Fosco It's been a few months now, it's just not a commonly-used one
Q: Gist support for chat 'onebox'

phsrIt would be very helpful on question chats (when they go live) to have gist 'onebox' support, to make it easy to share code.

5:21 PM
@MichaelMrozek Oh.. news to me, thx.
5:51 PM
Why does Windows allow filenames so long that they can't be copied or deleted?
@PopularDemand I think the real question is why windows doesn't let you copy or delete files regardless of the length of their filename
@MichaelMrozek To-may-to, to-mah-to.
Quick question: I had an argument with one of my teacher that was saying CGI was always slower than Servlet.
I told him it was subjective and in some context it could be faster and more appropriate
and he insisted on getting example about it
What should I come with ?
don't you have to create an identical example in cgi?
I don't have a CGI server (I'm at school) atm, it's a bit hard to do so
5:59 PM
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL I don't know anything about CGI or much about servlets, but I'm willing to believe he's wrong just because he said "always."
That was my tough, I know just a little about CGI, but I know this can't be always true.
I could write a CGI-responder with a Thread.sleep(), and I assure you the servlet equivalent would be faster :P
I'm looking for the other way around, CGI has to be faster than Servlet
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL Make the servlet do tons of expensive but ultimately meaningless computation in random places.
Nah, it depends on what it's doing and how it was written. The network overhead doesn't mean much in most contexts.
6:01 PM
By the time it's done running, class will be over.
I think I broke Josh's network...
14 mins ago, by HoLyVieR' UNION DO EVIL SQL--
I told him it was subjective and in some context it could be faster and more appropriate
Next time your teacher says something like that just yell "CLOSE AS SUBJECTIVE" and walk away
I'm the only one in the class who's on SO, so it's just going to create an akward moment
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL Yeah, you do need four people to agree with you.
Argh, I've been at work for six hours already and I still can't pull the files I need out of the repo.
Q: In what situation can CGI be faster than Servlet ?

HoLyVieRI had an argument today with one of my teacher where he was saying CGI was always slower than Servlet. I told him that performance was subjective and in some situation CGI could perform better than Servlet. He insisted on getting example of when CGI could be faster than Servlet. I just want to kn...

6:18 PM
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL What class is this, anyways?
Here's a list of a couple of his infamous quote :
"Session is better than Cookies, because Session doesn't require Cookies"
^ that one kills me!
@PopularDemand Web programming
6:19 PM
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL Lies. Nothing's better than cookies. ...okay, maybe cookies with milk.
I actually understand the content of the course better than the teacher
not surprising
I'm not sure there's ever been an instance of a good web development class
I'm really tempted to make a sockpuppet just to post on SO "Where can I find a proof that CGI is always slower than servlets? I have a student who's wrong about this but I don't have the proof at hand."
Write a servlet whose first line is sleep(FOREVER); and give it to him
@MichaelMrozek I'm disappointed in you. Dupe of
24 mins ago, by Popular Demand
@HoLyVieRUNIONDOEVILSQL Make the servlet do tons of expensive but ultimately meaningless computation in random places.
@PopularDemand Technically it's the opposite of that, but same result, yes :). I blame the fact that I'm actually working at work for once, it's messing up my chat productivity
@MichaelMrozek I figured I would be breaking my addiction by now, but what else am I going to do while the computer is doing 30-min batch deletes?
I changed my build script to popup libnotify alerts when it's done, because I tend to start a build that will take 30 seconds and then switch to SO for like 15 minutes before I remember
6:34 PM
@MichaelMrozek I know exactly what you mean.
Unfortunately for me, there's way too much competition for the bikeshed questions these days.
Q: What color is my gravatar?

CoreyI can't tell if it's a shade of black or a really, really dark green. I can see it both ways.

"Closed as noise or pointless by ... Toronto " (emphasis mine)?!
He closes the really silly questions. It's the ones that will cause maximum controversy he happily keeps open
definitely green
@MichaelMrozek I see.
"Toronto: Great MSO user? Or greatest MSO user?"
@MichaelMrozek, I think this is more revolutionary honestly.
(minus me not accounting for ending punctuation >_>)
6:50 PM
@rchern Your last message was three hours ago. Do you feel like you've had a productive three hours?
are you implying i spent 3 hours on ^^^ lol
@rchern Yes.
(@balpha: thank you so much for not requiring at least 15 chars here in chat.)
6:52 PM
@rchern Why "ouch"?
that's...a long time to spend on one line of jQuery...
@rchern I agree, but what else could you have possibly been spending that time on?
NTI, chat-cast, lunch, work meeting
I went to Programmers.SE and changed all the questions to end with "while drunk?".. too drunk to post the image though.
7:05 PM
"while having a meta-discussion about how Stack Exchange network sites operate"
(Right, like we need a justification for any posts on MSO)
@rchern to be fair, jQuery lines can be really, really long
$(".question-hyperlink").each(function() { $(this).text(($(this).text() + " while cooking")); })
ok, not that long
I wonder why jQuery implemented text() as a function
I mean, okay, everything in JS is a function (right?)
7:09 PM
no arguments = getter, argument = setter shrugs seems to work well enough
I use that pattern in C++ all the time
it's Java wonks that get hung up on prefixing everything with get and set
hmm... Too true.
Suddenly, I taste a Hershey's Kiss
which is disturbing, because I haven't eaten one in weeks
and haven't eaten any chocolate at all today
@Shog9, hitting the miracle berries too hard?
@Shog9 prefixing?
I would've preferred text() as getter and text.set() as setter :) and maybe then add text.append() for @rchern's shenanigans.
7:21 PM
oh come on, this was the 10-seconds of code version >_>
@radp I believe you mean text.reverse().
ie, non-optimized
I like the way jQuery handles the text/html/val functions, damnit!
just you wait @PopularDemand.
now that i've got @balpha, you just might be next (;
@rchern ... what do you mean, you've "got" @balpha"?
7:22 PM
balpha, popular demand, diago... collect them all!
@radp I don't own any diamonds, you're lumping me in with the wrong set.
you'll never get me, @rchern (-:
oh, wait
@radp now you're just being silly. Go eat some chocolate.
speaking of silly...
Q: What's the history of the non-official pronunciation of SQL?

TomWijSQL is officially pronounced as /ˌɛskjuːˈɛl/ like "S-Q-L", as stated in Beaulieu, Alan (April 2009). Mary E. Treseler. ed. Learning SQL (2nd ed.). Sebastapol, CA, USA: O'Reilly. ISBN 978-0-596-52083-0. But often it is pronounced /ˈsiːkwəl/ like "sequel", what is the history behind this se...

How much rep do you need to see deleted content on A51?
7:26 PM
more than I have
probably 2k
nm, FAQ sez 10k
Q: Area 51 proposal unceremoniously deleted

Dennis WilliamsonGranted, it wasn't gaining any traction, but my "Domestic Life" proposal disappeared from Area 51 without so much as a "Howdy Do." (I think it was alien abduction, frankly.) I noticed that other proposals got "closed as duplicate" messages. Is this [status-bydesign]?

I suspect this was part of RobCC's "inactive cleanup" thing. But of course, there's no way to tell.
7:46 PM
so i loaded up a question i viewed earlier, i was originally going to add an answer but then just edited the question.
when i look at the question now, it has one of the links i had pasted in (but removed) in the answer input textarea
@rchern Saved draft?
say what now?
A: Allow questions to be saved as drafts prior to posting

wafflesThis is now done for answers only (a bulleted list for Jeff's enjoyment) - will be deployed today. We save drafts automatically for all new answers once every 45 seconds. ctrl-s will allow you to save a draft whenever you want (though it will disallow this happening too aggressively. Drafts ...

You say you were originally going to add an answer, so if you left something in the answer textbox that you weren't going to use and didn't save any other drafts, yeah, it'll still be there.
Q: The new gold and bronze badges are too close in color

Dennis WilliamsonThe colors of the gold and bronze badges in this design are too close in color and hard to distinguish. Here's a screenshot from the header: Here's a screenshot from the badges page

i pasted 2 image links into the answer field, highlighted everything and did a cut, edited the answer and added them in
now the 1st link only is in the answer field every time i view the question
Ah. Sometimes when I'm having a storm of copies and pastes I'll leave leftover snippets in any available text area.
7:51 PM
nope, i did a cut operation.
Yeah... I dunno.
hmm, annoying.
Perhaps the autosave occurred after you pasted the first image link in but before your cut, and didn't fire again before you left the page?
I agree, by the way; on my way to upvote you now.
upvote me on what?
Clearly by "you" I meant "Dennis."
Honestly, how was that not obvious?
7:54 PM
clearly (:
@PopularDemand, you were the one that asked about moderator elections on NTI this morning?
nailed it!
A: Area 51 proposal unceremoniously deleted

Robert CartainoIt is completely unrelated to the merging of proposals... Proposals that do not receive any activity whatsoever for over a month get cleaned out as a matter of routine maintenance. "Domestic Life" had was created August 12th. By August 16th it had 3 followers; but not one new question, new comm...

@rchern True story.
have a good weekend if I don't see you, freaks.
@Fosco I'm sure I don't know who you're talking to.
@rchern why do you ask?
8:11 PM
sorry, phone rang.
no specific timetable other than soon. we're getting a fair amount of new users and new activity, so it won't be sprung on them
you're stuck with me for at least a few more days (;
@rchern Oh, I was only kidding, and you know it. I don't even use NTI. I keep thinking of new questions, but I don't post them because every single one, without exception, is a variant of "how can I make facebook stop [something that I consider annoying and/or a privacy risk]?"
Oh No! Xmarks is closing down!
@TheUnhandledException I'm sorry?
Dear people responsible for SVN: I don't know what I did to you, but I apologize. I promise I didn't mean to yell at your kid, run over your cat, introduce bedbugs into your home, burn down your favorite restaurant and/or cause your bank to go out of business. In fact, I didn't even know that I did any of those things. Again, I am sorry. Now may I please have my files?
@PopularDemand Xmarks, syncs bookmarks between browsers and computers
My boss just linked to an SO post.
8:27 PM
was it one you answered?
@rchern I wish. But I wouldn't have had to ask him for help in the first place, then.
Hey guys, is it possible to make REST calls to google search? ie in my client could I call REST to search for something? And if so, where can I find details? Having trouble finding my way on the API site. Cheers
@TheUnhandledException you realized it now ?
@Sathya They just emailed me
8:37 PM
@TheUnhandledException Hmm I see goes to check mail
@radp, thanks, but thats for Ajax. I want to call from android so won't have any use of Ajax :S
8:50 PM
@JamesElsey I'm afraid that's all you get :/
There's probably some inbuilt class in the Android stack that eases performing Google queries?
9:09 PM
@PopularDemand sorry, I have been going completely insane today. Did you need help with subversion?
@TheUnhandledException There's a folder I can see through SourceForge that SVN refuses to pull down to my local machine.
@PopularDemand What svn client are you using?
Also, why is it called SourceForge? Nearly every time I type it I type SourceForget first and have to backspace.
@TheUnhandledException Eclipse plugin.
What errors, if any, do you get?
And what OS are you on?
@TheUnhandledException There were errors earlier, but no more. WinXP SP3.
Now it just happily reports that I'm at the latest revision but doesn't grab my folder.
9:13 PM
@PopularDemand what URL are you trying to checkout?
Are you trying to just get a local copy, or commit new changes?
(if the former, I can easily checkout for you and zip up, and you can download from me)
I'm certain you wouldn't have access, but thanks for offering.
(This is for work, not a side project.)
Just trying to get a local copy.
Thought so
@PopularDemand I don't know Eclipse very well... have you tried TortoiseSVN?
I normally use the command line myself
Negative. The whole team uses Subclipse.
Subclipse by itself isn't very good to handle an SVN repo...
@PopularDemand Negative you haven't used it or negative you refuse to try? :-)
9:17 PM
It wouldn't be the end of the world to use something else, but I'm considering that a last resort.
Negative I haven't used it.
@PopularDemand They can work side by side
I've also had success with SmartSVN although that is Java and thus can dog slow
Subclipse is an SVN plugin for Eclipse, TortoiseSVN is a SVN shell extension which mainly only adds items to context menus.
As you may be able to tell, I've never used SVN seriously outside of this job. And I only know the minimum required to get by.
@PopularDemand as @radp says, you can use a "real" SVn client for the heavy lifting and Subcipse for the quick check-in or update
@PopularDemand It can be tricky to learn but once mastered you'll wonder how you lived without it. Or you'll hate it and use git instead,HAHA
9:19 PM
↑ TortoiseSVN's gui
@PopularDemand Can you see the folder you're trying to pull in the SVN repository explorer view?
@Tim Never used that before. Let me see.
@PopularDemand Sure. disregard all my advice and just stick with your plugin. Fine. See if I care! ;-)
@TheUnhandledException If I were doing this alone, I'd probably try it, but I feel like it's not a good idea to start doing things differently than everyone else on the team.
@Tim As a matter of fact, I can.
@PopularDemand I know, I was totally kidding :-)
9:22 PM
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, but I had a real answer, so....
I completely understand the desire to stick to the "approved" tools. Mostly from how my lack of such desire has gotten me in trouble in the distant past, when I was new to the corporate world, HAHA
Wow, it's 5:24 PM and I'm just starting on the task that I was scheduled to start on at 1:30 PM. It's a great day... :-(
@TheUnhandledException Hey, I was supposed to have this code downloaded on Wednesday.
Didn't help that the area around where I live was flooded yesterday, of course.
Ok. I feel slightly better now :-)
@PopularDemand Yeah our general region has been getting it! My backyard is completely flooded. On the upside it's made the walk to the pool a lot shorter.
Wilmington, NC got 22 inches of rain in like 3 days
Average yearly rainfall there: 55 inches or something
@TheUnhandledException internetPeopleToNeverMeetInPerson.add(TheUnhandledException);
I didn't even realize it until I got to work today, but water got into my car yesterday. The passenger side floor is soaked through.
@PopularDemand You have a blacklist? Personally I DENY FROM ALL and whitelist individual internetPeople ;-)
9:29 PM
@TheUnhandledException It's a backup in case the whitelist gets corrupted.
You are just that special.
I am special! WOO HOO!!!
Everyone thinks the Chrome Omnibox is sooooooooooo great, but what happens when you want to Google a URL but not visit it, huh?
Hi, guys!
is this the right place to vent about idiots on SO? :)
@Tim So I successfully checked the code out from the Repo Explorer View, but it doesn't show up everywhere. It should be showing up under CommonLibraries/modules/theModuleInQuestion, but it's only actually showing up in the list of projects.
@ErickRobertson Yes, but I'm right here, you know.
do you lecture people instead of answering their questions? :)
9:33 PM
@ErickRobertson You know, that passive-aggressive tone is really inappropriate for MSO Chat, and you should try to be more constructive in your future messages.
(Right, I'll stop now.)
actually, that's hilarious
Q: I am using library class A to do a certain thing, and it's not doing exactly what I want. How do I get it to do what I want?
Immediately, I get three answers, all telling me the exact feature in class A that I am missing.
@ErickRobertson Subcontractor?
@ErickRobertson Nobody told you to use jQuery instead?
Then, I get a 4th answer which says, "Class A was meant for use only under certain circumstances. Instead you should use Class B, which has a much simpler implementation."
and that's the answer that gets the most upvotes...
not the three answers that are EXACTLY correct
@PopularDemand who? me?
@radp I see you know what I'm talking about.
@ErickRobertson Hire a sub to get your class to do what you want. Sure, it'll cost more, but a solution is a solution.
9:37 PM
I think the worst part is the comments on the answer which assume I'm some sort of rank newb to the programming universe, and can't understand how to choose which class to use just because I missed one feature.
@ErickRobertson hah! I didn't. It's just a common meme.
I can quite link this enough time:
@PopularDemand I did. I hired SO. They're free, but they lecture you.
@radp Yeah, I love that.
@ErickRobertson Heh. GridBagLayout?
@ErickRobertson Link?
@PopularDemand Yeah, I believe that checking out from that view won't do what you wanted. Did you double-check that the version of the whole project that got checked out was the one you expected? I know for one of our projects when I check out the head revision in Eclipse it decides that instead of actually doing that it's going to go check out one of the (long unused) branches instead..
It's also possible the folder is just pure evil, of course.
9:41 PM
@PopularDemand Yup, that's the one.
Q: How do I position labels of varying heights in two rows using GridBagLayout?

Erick RobertsonI'm trying to use GridBagLayout to position labels in two rows, but I want some of the labels to span both rows and others to be placed on top of each other. I need to use GridBagLayout because of the proportional sizing functionality in the weightx and weighty properties of GridBagConstraints. ...

To be fair, it was only +2, and it got a downvote.
I think so @PopularDemand :-)
The main problem is that the example in the javadoc seemed to offer the functionality I needed, but didn't use the property that was required.
Gragh FGIWed.
@PopularDemand in addition to what @Tim said, this could also be subversion doing something weird
9:42 PM
@ErickRobertson Well, clearly you should be using MigLayout, duh. ;)
Like checking out at depth: empty
@TheUnhandledException Oh, sure, blame Subversion.
Computers don't make mistakes, @TheUnhandledException.
@Tim I considered it, but I've manually set the branch I'm using, and some -- though not all -- of the other people on my team are fetching it okay.
HAHA, if only you were right, @PopularDemand.
@TheUnhandledException Oh, that's it. I had set_bugs on true, fetch_method on puppies and depth on hahaJustKidding.
@PopularDemand Yeah, hahaJustKidding is a dummy value to catch people who didn't read the man pages off guard. The actual value you want to use is lolNotSeriously
9:45 PM
@PopularDemand Well there's yer problem! In seriousness, if you checkout at depth: empty (which is a real depth) then it can be a pain in the ass to switchg back to depth: infinity
@ErickRobertson when you're referring to being lectured, is this by a certain Bragboy?
Or Bill K?
or both? :-)
@radp And we're back to not reading EULAs. Good full circle today, guys.
I'm proud with how far we've come.
Today's been one horrible day
@Tim You mean... back to where we started?
A physicist would say that we did no work today.
... okay, yeah, that's about right.
So no progress on subversion @PopularDemand?
9:57 PM
@PopularDemand Work is not a state property, @Pop.
Only what I said in my last comment to Tim.
@radp "state property"? Communist! Communist!
@PopularDemand I'm a bit lost on where you're at. Do you have a folder for the branch you're trying to check out, it's just empty?
Or no folder of any kind?

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