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8:17 PM
yeah, right .... moderators complaining about deleting upvoted answers, and shitload of highly upvoted answers got deleted here: stackoverflow.com/questions/388242/…
George had a terrible day?
No he moved all answers into the first answer...
^^ that
Afaik in collaboration with, or after asking the community
it does not make much sense, does it?
especially under his name, and not community or anonymous, meh.
What do you mean "under his name"?
anyway, the whole thread is pointless to me since it is tagwiki material, and it is correctly there anyway.
IMHO, it should be handled by a bulldozer.
8:22 PM
What on the where who what now?
Q: When should old "list of X" questions be kept as wikis?

George StockerOne of the newer features we have in our toolbelt is the ability to lock questions in a sort of wiki state, where no new answers can be added, but existing answers can be improved. You'll see its usage most recently here: Best C/C++ Network Library? This question has a few things that keep...

thanks, downvoted ;)
You're welcome. You did of course add an explanation, right? Wouldn't want him to complain about random downvotes cast by users specifically targeting him.
Well played, Bart.
No, but I upvoted a valid critic of course.
Great, just checking.
8:28 PM
well, you can always doubt about my sincerity, but meh.
Sometimes the annoying bastard in me needs to play a little @jadarnel27 ;)
reaches for smiting stick ... you were saying @rene?
The whole C++ book thread does not make any sense to me despite the upvotes because it is a tagwiki material and it is already there. It should be handled by a bulldozer. — Laszlo Papp 6 secs ago
@Bart Uuuhh, sometimes.... finding a bomb shelter
8:32 PM
@Bart I can relate.
The whole C++ book thread does not make any sense to me despite the upvotes because it is tagwiki material and it is already there. It should be handled by a bulldozer. Also, I feel it unfair to collect others' highly upvoted answers into your own post in there without any external reference. — Laszlo Papp 2 mins ago
It is my perception that your opinions are often very strong and very...sudden, @Laszlo.
if you say so ...
@Bart: also, the community discussion is pretty pointless... the community discussed and agreed to burn the link-only upvoted answers in hell without the moderator team taking it into consideration.
I just do not see the point of community discussions anymore... they will do whatever they want anyway.
Moderators, whether hired by SE or not are absolutely teh evilz. It went all downhill from here blog.codinghorror.com/…
<-- teh evilz
8:43 PM
nice misinterpretation ....
different != evil. It is just not community decision is all.
Then again, we're pretty good at calling an X number of upvotes "the community has spoken" when it's something we like, and dismiss it as "just a couple of users" when we don't.
Come visit us, @Laszlo: In Praise of Moderators
@jadarnel27: why would I? I could not care less.
Top tip: look beyond the title
I lost my faith in them after the community willing to burn crap answers in hell, and moderators not changing. I have not much to discuss with them afterwards. I will raise my opinion like above, but that is pretty much all.
8:45 PM
Hey, if you want to burn crap, go do it. You don't need mods to do it for you.
Exception handlers and such
I still think maintaining C++ books at two different places in that length is Just.Plain.Wrong.And.Unproductive.
So go raise that issue
@Stilly.stack looks like three votes is not enough :(
you cannot burn accepted crap.
8:50 PM
@LaszloPapp It's not under his name. It just displays his name because he's edited it the most. And it's community-wiki, that's... pretty obvious.
Have you even checked the answer?
It writes George... not community, not anonymous, not whatever.
> Post Made Community Wiki by Community‚ô¶
he is missing external attribute to the people actually having written that post, period. No book omits the people helping to make it happen, etc. I do not like this, hence my -1 partially.
^ Before even the first revision.
community wiki
10 revs, 9 users 79%
George Stocker
8:53 PM
So wait, you want him to write "Book X, suggested by User Y"?
That only means that George did the most work on the post, @LaszloPapp.
(and I can't see your point either way)
^ that
fair enough; let us agree to disagree that it is crap made in there.
as for the other thingie: moderator asking us how we want them to do stuff and then we tell, and they reject it... ... 'em.
IMHO, we are the bosses of our moderators.
they represent us, and not the other way around, meh anyway.
8:56 PM
I fear the day SE will actually start listening to all the nonsense the throw at them.
I have the sincere question for the next moderator election: will you do what we are telling you to do, i.e. will you represent us, or you just want power?
Hah, because those are the only two options of course.
pretty much, yes..
@Bart if they did that, the bar might not be the lovely black.
in my world view, a moderator is an employee of the community, i.e. the community is the boss and employer and with that, you can quit or do what your boss tells you.
8:59 PM
Oh geez, there you have one of those evil modz unwilling to be a puppet for my shenanigans. Hiya @animuson.
Question: Do you think they're the community's employee, or are they your employees @LaszloPapp?
Eeek! Why does everyone ping me when I've forgotten to turn my sound back down?
You know that your opinion != the community's opinion.
@animuson To remind you to turn your sound back down. You're welcome.
@animuson ping. :P
9:01 PM
@animuson Brown.
I can hear my neighbor's smoke detector going off. But I don't see any smoke anywhere. doesn't know what to do
Start a fire!
Tavern Life Lesson Service
"But, Mr Policeman, the smoke detector was already going off! I thought I'd given it a reason!"
@animuson break in their house and dump water everywhere.
'precautionary measure'
I don't think the "employer / employee" relationship is really comparable to the "community / moderator" relationship.
@jadarnel27 Hey, we pay them, so they better ... wait ...
I passed the 100 hour mark on Civilization V last night...
I almost bought that yesterday.
9:06 PM
@Undo All of them?
Yeah, like all of them for a whole week.
You could have handled all of the network's flags.
throws a strawberry at @Undo
catches and eats strawberry
@hichris123 Probably related to that bug where it's counting our Meta SE reputation twice.
9:09 PM
Has anyone seen my poisonous strawberries?
@Undo: you do not make any sense, sorry.
You now know how I feel.
you are trying to turn a community "decision" into a personal thing. Do not do that, please, you do not do a favor to anyone by that.
good that if you feel so, too, that you do not make sense. :)
@animuson That makes sense; it thinks mSE is a new site and mSO is still a main site.
Quick quiz: what % of active SO users do y'all think participate (vote/ask/answer) on MSO?
9:12 PM
If that.
I have a feeling that the old Meta SO accounts just haven't been cleared out of the cache. So now it's just not updating Meta SO even though the site no longer "exists" in that sense, and updating Meta SE instead.
@Bart What happened to your smiting stick???
46 mins ago, by Bart
reaches for smiting stick ... you were saying @rene?
data.stackexchange.com Hello, Does anyone know How I can set ##parameter## in the data explorer? I mean if i want to set the type to int I can use ##parameter:int## but what is the syntax if I want the row filled by a modifiable 400 by default for example?
9:20 PM
@Undo 294,542 users active (post/vote) on SO during the past 30 days. 6,845 of them active on MSO. So, a hair over 2%
Hah, that's actually more than I thought. Might be the new MSO interest?
4515 10K users active (post/vote) on SO during the past 30 days, 1090 of them active on MSO
@Shog9 How much of that is due to the community bulletin?
probably a fair bit
Now, that's all interesting for a couple of reasons...
#1, it's great that a reasonable number of the folks involved on SO are contributing to MSO. Not just distantly aware of it, not just passively reading it, but actively posting or voting on other's posts

#2, that's a lot of people on meta, but it's still nowhere near a majority of users, even high-rep users. Think about that next time you're about to make some sort of statement about meta reflecting the SO community's decision on something: it's a small, biased sample - useful information, but useless as a binding vote.
The last moderator election had 21K voters. No meta post ever gets anywhere close to that.
But ... but ... we say stuff very loudly @Shog9. Surely that counts.
9:30 PM
I heard a story a while back about a group of folks who were upset about some government policy. They camped out in a local park. When informed of the "no camping" ordinance, they proclaimed "It's a public park - we're the public, therefore it's our park!" And proceeded to trample the bushes, piss on the grass, and generally leave a mess all over everything, all the while harassing the rest of the public who just wanted to walk through or by the park. They eventually had to be dragged out.
I heard a different story about a different group of folks who were likewise upset about some government policy. They camped out in the state capitol building. "It's a public building", they said "and we're the public!" - so they grabbed some mops and buckets and started cleaning the building.
When folks asked them what they were doing, they explained why they were there and why they felt it was important that folks who want to see change - no matter how large or small - take an active role in making it happen. Amazingly, folks listened to them.
10:01 PM
*joins clapping with escaped asterixis*
^^ escaped Asterix
10:18 PM
@Shog9 wow. That's way more than I thought
(granted, I haven't been on mSO too much)
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