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5:00 PM
@rene I dunno but she closed that question Louis linked to a few minutes ago.
@demongolem The way you phrase it seems incorrect to me. You have two quotas: one for the close review queue and one which is close votes, period. When you vote-to-close in the close queue, a vote is deducted from both quotas. When you vote-to-close outside only the 2nd quota is reduced.
@JasonC Ah, she has a different definition of holiday in that case :-)
@rene Ah, maybe she just had to get a quick fix in, lol.
Sigh, I'll never be able to get rid of that question.
@rene I'm back today. And in any case, I don't know how to vacation.
@AnnaLear Ah ha!
5:03 PM
When editing a question that was marked as a duplicate with the old way (post edited), can I remove that part? Will the current way to mark them be added?
@JasonC it seems like a decent question (though outside my area of expertise, so that may be why :)). what's wrong with it?
@AnnaLear The question was about some debugging issues I was running into. I never actually figured out the problem and the solution (mentioned in a comment) was a hack not an actual solution. The true problem, I never identified, and is somewhere else outside of what I described in that question. There's no way that question could be useful to somebody with a similar problem, and the periodic downvotes are deserved.
@AnnaLear It's sort of like asking "Why does my program freeze when I read from file A but not file B?" Then I say "I copied file A to file C, that fixed it, whatever" as my resolution. And the real problem, unknown and undescribed, was a hard drive failure. Kinda XY-ish and unhelpful.
Seems legit. Closed as "off-topic -> can no longer be reproduced or help anyone else" and deleted.
Can anyone remove from this question? It's locked/merged with another question.
5:12 PM
@AnnaLear THANK YOU.
@Stijn done
@AnnaLear Thank you
I'm here to make all your dreams come true. ;)
That vacation clearly did something drastic to your general demeanor
5:14 PM
Accurate. It's okay, I'll be back to my usual happy and cheerful self soon.
Yeah, it's been 10 minutes and you haven't squashed any of my jokes!
/salute General Demeanor
So what is it now... 6-8 hours?
@JasonC Well, your question was a joke and I squashed that, so...
Haha, welcome back!
5:15 PM
Thanks. :)
@3ventic'sShadow you're just gonna sit in here all day trying to jinx it, aren't you.
No, I just came back
I'm back
@GnomeSlice Thanks :)
Hi guys!
5:28 PM
@TGMCians Hi
@BlueIce Hi
Hi @BlueIce!
Hey @BlueIce
Sorry I've been away for a bit :/
@tgm @program @jason hi back!
Been working on an instructable :)
5:30 PM
Ooo, do tell.
Oooh, cool @BlueIce
My friend won a laser cutter from an Instructables contest once with instructables.com/id/….
@BlueIce Whoa, baller.
@bart thanks :P Took me quite a while to get it together, but I'm really happy with it!
@jason thank you :)))
@JasonC ooh, that's cool.
Q: Bluetooth connection via android

user3510014I want to connect my device (HTC Wildfire S) with an OBD2 Dongle. For that I´ve wrote an Bluetoothprogram based on the Google Developer. If I try to run the apk on the device, I get an exception witch return false. So the connection is not running. Can anybody help me?! I am new at this forum. So...

5:36 PM
@AnnaLear "How I Met Your Mother" reference?
^ CV please, no longer reproducible (see answer)
@jadarnel27 sure is
@Undo wut?
5:43 PM
@TGMCians if a question is well on its way towards closure, there's no immediate need to post it here unless it's particularly problematic.
Okay Bart
Hey @Pops
Apparently I never opened this room after the last time I restarted my computer? Weird.
Notifying us of stuff like spam or users mentioning your mums occupation of space would be fine @TGMCians ;)
And you didn't feel a void in your life @Pops?
@Bart Unless ones' mom's occupation of space was directly related to programming.
I have no idea where to put those apostrophes.
5:48 PM
@Bart I guess you could say that? Is it valid to say that a life is void of timesucking voids?
Just put them at the end and call it a "ready to assemble kit" @JasonC
@Pops Works for me
@Bart Okay /me leaving bye
Hope I didn't scare you away @TGMCians ;) Cya later
5:53 PM
@Bart but you did ....
Anyway bye. I don't think I will be online here any day
Don't worry, nothing's quite as bad as a certain user turning the chat room into a /review and /tools/flagged RSS feed. Which no longer seems to be happening. Which is awesome. (Knock on wood.)
6:18 PM
@tgm cya!
00:30 UTC? That's only in 5 hours!!!!!!!!!! :-D
I don't think there were enough !s
Nah, still 6-8 hours @Doorknob
@bart The Great Migration happens at 00:30 UTC?
I think I see a paradox approaching here :-P
Yep @BlueIce
6:24 PM
@bart ooh, wow
I'll be there!
After 3 hours, how long will it be in? Still 6-8 hours? Is the whole 6-8 <unit>s thing a scheme for the SE devs to postpone things?! :-O
@doorknob yup.
Postponing things is one of their best skills.
"Your account has been suspended for 6-8 days."
...months, for some very special people :p
"Your account has been suspended for 6-8"
6:38 PM
@baRt that would be -2.
Which makes even less sense.
Those are unsigned integers
Unsigned long integers, actually.
@Pops 6-8 hours is only 2,104,400,000,000,000 years. I still have my doubts.
Unsigned long BigInts? Wait, no, they use C#.
6:48 PM
@JasonC Who says the unit is years?
I'm going to start encouraging people to just say "6-8 six-to-eights" instead of using more specific units.
@Bart 6-8 hours.
6-8 appropriate units
By the way, that's about 150,000x the current estimated age of the universe. The more yoouuu knoowww...
@Pops Just leave it unitless. "We've got some exciting changes planned over the next 6-8!"
"We accidentally 6-8."
Send the form to the appropriate SI department and they'll get back to you in 6-8.
If a potential employer looked at my top answer on SO, they would be able to say with high confidence: "There's a guy who knows where the M is and how to RTF thing."
7:25 PM
If a potential employer looked at my top answer on SO, they would know that that someone other than me knows PHP.
Go down from there, and you discover that I know the difference between UNION and UNION ALL.
iz itz upz yetz?
It'll be up in 6 to 8 any-time-nows.
UTC 00:30
so 4 hours
7:40 PM
Is it called protocol-relative or protocol-agnostic if I use an url like so: <a href="//example.com/bar.html"
> Technically, this is called a “network-path reference” according to RFC 3986. Oh and if you want to be truly correct, you’ll use the term “scheme” instead of “protocol” when talking about URLs.
So none of terms is correct ;-) tnx @Doorknob
7:56 PM
So... where's my mSE?
@hichris123 In half an hour, methinks.
@TheGuywithTheHat nope, 3.5 hours
UTC 00:30
@Doorknob Where did you see that?
Apr 17th 00:30UTC would be when the mitosis starts. (Ok, ok, I'm abusing the term mitosis.)
Who knows when it will end?
@Louis ~an hour after that
(~ meaning about)
8:01 PM
> If things go according to plan, we'll begin the operation shortly after 8:30 PM EDT on the 16th
Earth Scienceearthscience.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for those interested in the geology, meteorology, oceanography, and environmental sciences.

Currently in private beta.

^ Come join us!
@Doorknob I'm sticking with 6 to 8 any-time-nows. :)
6-8 laters
@hichris123 and why on earth would I be interested in that?
@rene because science!
8:03 PM
^ That.
^ That is always a good reason.
"Do you know how fast you were going? You in a hurry?" "No, just science."
"In that case, here's a warning. Ah, never mind, I don't want to get in the way of scientific progress."
We're testing out a new theory that we can evade any punishment or imprisonment by stating that we are Sciencing! science
I thought this was about the .Net Compact Framework
8:32 PM
"Hello?" "We received your 1040 and it just says 'science'"
9:09 PM
Is this a candidate for SR?
Last I checked plugin recommendations were on-topic
OK, I left a comment for the OP, tnx @3ventic'sShadow
Is this spam? McAfee Siteadvisor kicked in for me so I don't know if it is NSFW...
Anyone not seeing gravatars on Meta?
Hmm, nor SO
I see them
@Bart seems okay here
9:20 PM
... strange.
You did pay your gravatar bill?
Nah, I'm using I-can't-believe-it's-not-gravatar.
I do have a message now in meta about the split
^ !!!!!
9:22 PM
It was good knowing you all.
frantically writes will
The vote count on the split post went nuts..
user image
@3ventic'sShadow It's still freaking out!
Yep, it's up to 150-ish tho
settled a bit for me
9:28 PM
@3ventic Should I play with the vote buttons for you? :P
So how long will it take after the split for people to complain and ask for a merge/reversal?
@Bart Depends if I'm online at the time.
is actual people voting on it
views jumped from 3kish to 4k
It was at 3825 before I refreshed.
Now 4286.
Now 4338!
9:31 PM
Wow never really considered that SO gets so much traffic
Wait until you see what happens to MSO once there's a normal Community Bulletin feeding it...
Folks don't realize we've been essentially down-playing Meta on SO for years...
@Shog9 Eeek! Then those SO people are going to make fun of us Meta weirdos!
@hichris123 nononono, it's they who are weird. We are perfectly normal ...
Aaaaand now the worthless pieces of junk "answers" are flooding in to the meta post. :(
Nah, just Evan waking up
9:36 PM
@Bart And that one other user
The "will this affect my SE accounts" one
I missed that one
Man...you know what would be fun? If the migration didn't start for another day.
Wait ... does this mean Evan will be able to participate on Meta SO again?
@Bart Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
9:39 PM
The votes on the split question just doubled in the last 10 minutes hah
@3ventic'sShadow It was weird watching the vote count in real time
Alright, I'm going to go do something constructive (like compile code)
I look forward to returning to MSO. Where, I have 12.3 THOUSANDS of exps before I get question-banned. — Evan Carroll 17 mins ago
Oh boy
9:41 PM
@TimPost Did your rep counter go crazy? :P
wheels drunk @badp out of the Tavern
Idea for next April Fool's: all time periods are expressed as 6-8 <time>
Just kidding all, we're not really splitting. This was the most elaborate hoax for a rep-cap EVAR.
(kidding on kidding)
9:44 PM
@TimPost I don't know what to believe any more!?!!!?!?!
@badp what will happen?
slowly backs away from @badp
@Alex chat.MSO → chat.MSE
9:45 PM
@TimPost by the way, how long does it generally take for a shirt to get from SE to Finland?
6-8 somethings
^ And to Houston.
I still haven't got mine yet :-(
@3ventic'sShadow 7-10 days after being shipped, generally. What shirt are you awaiting?
@Doorknob :( do you also get a freehanded circle?
The one from Arqade mod election participation
9:46 PM
@Bart 6-8 Finlands?
@3ventic'sShadow Send me an email to follow up on that? You should have received it by now.
It's a freehand red circle, @badp. Get it right. :-P
@TimPost I'll send one in a sec
@Doorknob YOU get a freehanded circle
@TimPost YOU get a freehanded circle
@3ventic'sShadow YOU get a freehanded circle
Thank you good sir
9:48 PM
Freehand circles for everyone
DAAWWWW! Thanks!
9:48 PM
Look at that craftsmanship. No two circles alike. I'm impressed.
Geez, handing out freehand red circles as if they don't cost a thing. Before you know it @Pëkka starts delivering the handbags as well.
... I now officially confirm @badp is drunk. Which is fine, as this is a Tavern.
@Bart We are celebrating the death of chat.meta.stackoverflow.com, the very first chat site!
@Bart We actually got @Pëkka a knock-off Gucci purse, loaded with swag.
9:49 PM
I replied to the original email you sent me
Haha, awesome @TimPost
I'll leave it to him to share any photographic evidence of such occasion that might or might not exist.
@TimPost So are we still thinking 00:30 UTC for the split?
You mean this?
Jan 16 at 15:06, by Pëkka
user image
@hichris123 give or take +/- 60, yeah.
9:52 PM
@3ventic'sShadow that's the one
It's a freehanded circles designer bag of freehanded circles.
Your artistic skills are amazing.
@badp We did label your medication for you. Could you please confirm you have taken the pills in the box labelled Wednesday?
@TimPost You should be receiving an email shortly. ;-)
9:54 PM
Actually, serious question: do locked posts apply to questions and answers separately, or does a lock apply to both questions and answers simultaneously?
I noticed that the Split question is locked, but I can still vote on answers
Now I have to go for a few hours (I'll miss the split!!1!!!!!1!!one!! Nooooo!). Bye all
Hello everyone
@ChrisForrence Historical lock locks answers & questions, wiki lock locks just the question, content dispute only locks that post.
Hiya @Alaeddine
Cya on the other side/site @Doorknob
@hichris123 - So...what kind of lock does it have? Can't vote on it any longer, can't edit answers, but I can still vote on answers.
9:56 PM
@3ventic'sShadow You sadly have missed the peak of my artistic skills, here, in this very room, a few years ago
Yeah, I joined SE too late
@ChrisForrence That's a comment lock... I guess it locks the question, but not answers. So it probably only locks the post it's used on.
Do we have a site where IRC channel operating questions would be on-topic?

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