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12:10 AM
12:28 AM
@jadarnel27 is weirder that you think that the weirdness is weird
Why hasn't my wheel been added?
12:55 AM
A: SEO and 404 error redirection

Hiren ModiAs solution is already mentioned over here i would like to add few words to this, one doesn't need to be worried about their numbers of 404 pages shown in webmaster tools because it is natural that you create and delete you webpages. All you need to do is set a proper custom 404 pages so when use...

Does this seem spammy to you or not?
I think it's a valid answer, just need to be cleaned up
And why did OneKitten rollback to include the ads..
seems like a comment to me
Ah, after reading it once again, yes, it should be a comment to accepted answer.
1:13 AM
Q: Separator between vote counts in new meta theme uneven

ManishearthSo I've been playing with the new meta theme a bit, and I noticed this: The separator is a bit longer on one side, which is a bit ugly-looking. Could this be fixed?

Yes, I wanted to show off :p
2:07 AM
How can I get questions closed for a specific reason from SEDE?
@Undo IMO that's dev access
why, oh why?
there was a FR asking to be included in the data dump
glances a severed head
wait, I think I figured it out
if you do, please share~
2:13 AM
It's in PostHistory
eh? really?
they stuff the close reason ID into the Comment field
A: Stats about close reasons used?

Jon SeigelUnsuccessfully -- no, when close votes disappear from the system, they are hard-deleted, so they physically don't exist anymore (except in backups, I suppose). Successfully -- yes, the CloseReasonId is actually stuffed into the Comment field in PostHistory (I've updated the docs to reflect this)...

> the CloseReasonId is actually stuffed into the Comment field in PostHistory
err... that's for main close reasons, not specific OT reasons (or somehow I misunderstood)
nah, I don't need specific OT reasons
@Undo ... er, it's there.
2:18 AM
@Undo and here comes the problem... I DO!
I figured it out :P
@Braiam :(
Post a feature request
@hichris123 that's for pending. I think he wants questions that already got closed.
^ that
... Count(PendingFlags) > 2 AND Posts.ClosedDate IS NOT NULL would kinda sorta work.
2:22 AM
@hichris123 I think they are hard deleted once the post is closed, so nope :(
@Braiam Oh, really? :(
4 hours later…
6:11 AM
6:24 AM
Morning, @rene
How's it going?
good morning
6:46 AM
@AmalMurali I'm barely awake
Will the split happen at 03:00 UTC?
4/16/2014: Be prepared.
7:11 AM
@Qantas94Heavy It says 8:30 PM EDT which according to my converter is 00:30 UTC (on the 17th)
@rene: ah, that would be right
7:24 AM
A: Is that still a SEO friendly URL if it has duplicates

Deepak RajputWe add canonical tag in our website to specify the search engine that which is my original site URL.

is this a valid answer to meta question?
@AndrewT.: Nope. How does that answer the question?
@AndrewT. No. It looks like it should be a comment on that other answer instead. It doesn't answer the question, or really even directly relate to it outside of the context of that other answer.
Well, there's my first delete vote for the day. Time for coffee
Ok, seems that something weird is going on here. I realize that discussion is "in general" - but I don't want to be an example. Last time we've talk about that, @AmalMurali - you've deleted the post. Now it appeared again. Ok, it's your right - but, please, do respect both my code style and language. The edits you've suggested are just your opinion. And (I hope) I'm free to agree with them or disagree. But if someone pushes his own preferences on me - I find it wrong. Your edit was about style. And (a little) - language fix (arguable). So the edit was: many letters, little senseAlma Do 1 hour ago
I'm not sure how to reply to that :/
7:42 AM
@AmalMurali Don't? The discussion there seems like a bit of a rabbit hole, heh...
And I just entered it (god that sounds dirty)
Anyway, back to paper writing.
\o Morning Bart!
@Bart Have fun!
"Fun" is not the word
Morning @AmalMurali
I'm going to watch a movie. IN THE THEATER!
7:45 AM
@AmalMurali Whoa. What movie?
It's a Malayalam movie. You wouldn't know :P
I just realized I haven't been to a theater in a long time, I used to go all the time. I wonder what happened...
(Malayalam is a language. It is my mother tongue. :P)
(I know. :P)
Well I didn't know the second part, I guess, lol.
Hmm, I wonder if it's possible to get all the rollbacks by a particular user?
7:55 AM
@AmalMurali Hmm; interesting question. I would guess no, because I don't think rollbacks are stored differently from other edits. You might be able to look for "Rollback to" in the description on data.se though, if it's available there. Lemme see...
I guess this query could be modified.
Oh it stores rollbacks.
One sec
Enter user ID in the box.
@AmalMurali That doesn't seem to work for me: it lists posts where I have rollbacked an edit, not where my edit has been rollbacked.
@AmalMurali The one you posted lists extra edits beyond rollbacks. Check out the one I just threw together, it gives you what you want.
8:06 AM
@ProgramFOX Use @JasonC's version. I made a slight change to use IN(). Query
@ProgramFOX That was his goal; he modified an existing one. Just still has the original description.
@JasonC yeah, I saw yours after clicking enter :P
I forgot about IN
@JasonC Any ideas why it doesn't list the rollbacks for this question?
@JasonC Your query also shows some posts where I have rollbacked an edit.
8:08 AM
Too new @AmalMurali
Ah, right @Bart. I forgot about that.
@ProgramFOX It's supposed to show all posts where the given user rolled back an edit. So if you put your user ID in, that's what you'd expect to see. :)
Oops, my mistake. I thought it would show the posts where my edit has been rolled back.
8:23 AM
data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/183790/… @AmalMurali If you're curious, lol.
@BilltheLizard wins the gold with 435 rollbacks.
Pff, how to flag that one ... NAA? Rude?
question, what do i do if an answer got a revision that completly changes the question and therefor the accepted answer makes no sense
@JanDvorak Why does it need to be flagged?
The OP did specifically say that was a valid answer.
@AlulaErrorpone - when you have some time re-add me to the board. I made an error and removed me completely instead of removing only owner status.
8:26 AM
@JanDvorak What Bart asks...
Link @DarkMukke?
@JasonC did he? Where?
Also, you mean the question was revised?
@Bart I went for NAA
I'd have to build the same components [client-side stuff] AND setup/maintain a separate ZooKeeper cluster. Yes, I could go from maintaining 3 clusters to 4 and use ZooKeeper. That is exactly what this was attempting to avoid. Telling me I'm an idiot and should just use ZooKeeper is a valid answer to this question imo. I'm not sure if that is what I will do tho. With this design, I do not need a functional cluster. A dysfunctional one will still 'function'. — ReadWriteCode 13 hours ago
@JanDvorak ^ That's the comment that Elliott quoted.
A rollback would be appropriate I'd say @DarkMukke
@Bart exactly my thought, but no idea how to do a rollback on so :p
@JasonC it reads more like a comment reply than an answer to me. What is the answer in the answer?
Done @DarkMukke
If anyone complains, blame me
8:31 AM
@bart, thx,t hey shouldnt complain the question asked was something completely different from the OP
@JanDvorak Hrm; I dunno, it's debatable I guess. Elliot's answer essentially says that the question is not a great question because the OP has more fundamental issues (but with slightly more explanation). Maybe it would have been better as a comment, and maybe he should have flagged the question as unclear or something? Dunno. Maybe you're right.
Q: Use ffmpeg to cut mkv file

Chk0nDangerI tried to cut MKV video file by following command in Linux mint 16. ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vcodec copy -acodec copy -ss 00:39:05 -t 00:03:03 out.mkv output: ffmpeg version 0.8.10-6:0.8.10-0ubuntu0.13.10.1, Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the Libav developers built on Feb 6 2014 20:53:28 with gcc 4....

^ CV please, superuser
@hichris123 @Undo close vote event today at 21:00 UTC...
9:20 AM
@JanDvorak yes worst title, but i think there should be hinting for titles or validation for people with low rep
now where did @michaelb958 go? I wanted to ask him if my new meta-avatar is serious enough for his tastes...
@JanDvorak there is a bitcoin related board ??
1 hour later…
10:55 AM
Do you think my advice on this post was proper? Or should the OP just do away with the question and post a new one?
Also, what should be my course of action on this answer which is an absolute rip-off of this answer.
@rene Your suggestion is good, their on-topic page lists ergonomics.
Perhaps post it as an answer? Since there's an answer recommending The Workplace
11:22 AM
@Ɍ.Ɉ Seems fair enough advice
@Ɍ.Ɉ I've at least formatted and attributed it properly. But one could argue it's still inappropriate.
Can every one feel the suspense?!!
user image
Time to break out the migration bulldozer...
user image
Bart would like to note that these activities take place during his lunch break. He is therefore by no means procrastinating. .... Procrastination will continue after lunch
11:58 AM
I must claim an early post ID on both metas after the split! :-P
I have prepared a programming question to ask on both.
Hiya @balpha! Any insider information for the users on the edge of their seats? O:-)
I just got out off bed, so you probably know more than I do. I'm pretty sick, but we need a chat.meta.se design
:( Get well then
are the new urls already known?
12:02 PM
Aww... sorry to hear that @balpha Get well soon :)
@SPArchaeologist for the most part, just replace "overflow" with "exchange"
Seems logical
@AlulaErrorpone Evil plot 1.0: as soon as the other meta is up, run to the chat and create the board as "Tavern of the Ponies".
12:27 PM
@SPArchaeologist :O Viewtiful Joe
@3ventic'sShadow I hate you with the passion of a thousand burning suns.
@3ventic'sShadow for a second I though they completed the split.
That's a site for some sort of organization that documents archives, libraries and museums I think
My Swedish is rusty
12:32 PM
@3ventic'sShadow That's some serious click bait right there :P
@GnomeSlice someone told me that using Derpy as an avatar wasn't serious enough. So I chose a character that has always been famous for his seriousness, self-control, professionalism and such.
@SPArchaeologist Heh
Is there any listening happening today @GnomeSlice?
@GnomeSlice maybe you can help me with a thing. Do you by any mean remember the name of a game that took place inside a dream? I remember that there was a level where you meet Stalio and Olio... and another piece where you fly in the sky following a whale...
Hi all, just got close voting privileges and I have a question which has always lingered in the back of my mind. Do I view the candidate for closure as it was when it was flagged or as it currently is. I know there are cases when a question gets rightly flagged then the question gets nicely edited to the point where it is worth keeping.
12:47 PM
As it currently is.
oh ... ok
If the post improved, there's no need to close it any more.
Yes but it goes as a bad flag by the person who flagged it then
Doesn't really matter
They'll survive
Ok, just as long as they can flag another day
12:49 PM
Yeah, we generally only shoot them below the waist. So they can still flag.
You need to have quite a few declined flags for it to matter
And even then it's only a ban for 7 days iirc
I'm fairly sure that some auto handling is done on flags for posts that are closed...
auto dismissed as helpful or something on those lines...
If they're closed, close flags get marked as helpful afaik
but if they're left open, then no
12:51 PM
@3ventic'sShadow - yea... that makes sense...
cough slow internet and distractions cough
@SPArchaeologist The new picture's an improvement as far as I'm concerned.
@michaelb958 if you prefer, I can switch to a picture of Derpy-Mihawk I just found yesterday.
1:07 PM
@SPArchaeologist ...
A: simple please guide

Oak(I wanted to post this as a comment, but since I cannot, here it goes, the best I can awnser). When I think of "linking" programs, that automatically makes me think of recursion, for which you can try the following tutorial: http://danzig.jct.ac.il/java_class/recursion.html (Basic tutorial on w...

This is a highly speculative answer given to a bad question.
train delayed because they couldn't find the right personnel...
I'm not flagging as NAA because (despite the opening) it is an attempt at answering the question. Just a terrible attempt.
I'm flabbergasted that it got upvotes.
downvote from me
Just one more question as I have finished day 1 of closure voting. It seems to me that although the daily limit is 40, it kept on saying that I had more votes left. For example, I think that my current count + votes left count added up to around 54 or 55. So when I did my last review it said I had like 14 or 15 left. What is that number I am seeing?
1:24 PM
@demongolem Perhaps confusing the limit of votes you can cast in the review queue vs the number of votes you can cast in a day?
That is you can cast a max of 40 votes in the queue, but if your personal limit is say 50, then once you've cast 40 in the queue, you still have 10 you could cast outside the queue.
@demongolem you always have more votes than reviewing task/slots to fill/complete
@rene +1
First time on chat, I think, Can anybody tell me whether it was right to close this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/23087995/…
@michaelb958 found it.
I would have done the same @Habib. Though it seems to be a topic of discussion at the moment.
@Habib yes it was right to close that question.
1:58 PM
hey fellows !
So the closing reason would be that it is a bug in compiler ? but still we are not sure whether it is a bug or not ?
oh, never mind it is open again.
@Habib Here's the problem. There is perhaps something purely technical that can be discussed in that question but this "When will .NET fix their broken default comparer for strings?" does not belong to SO. And this is opinion-based "So why not take the breaking change of fixing the bug I describe here?"
@Stijn Great question btw on await/async in LiNQ
@rene thanks :)
@Louis, that is a plausible point. I guess this can be edit out by the OP, I would love to see an answer from the likes of Eric Lippert or Jon Skeet.
2:06 PM
@Louis Can't we edit out the rant? I believe the question it self is fine, it is just the tone that triggers people...
@rene It can probably be edited out.
I'm not going to edit it btw, it needs someone with a better writting style than mine
That sentence proves my point
Any volunteers?
already approved
If that EEK's you... What will your reaction be post split?
2:12 PM
the approvers have pretty short history; I'll let the audit system kick them out.
@Lix oh, that happens today, right?
@Undo In 6-8 todays, yes
we were getting uncomfortably close there
Actually, I should replace "yes" with "yes, theoretically"
@JanDvorak anddddddddddd approved :P
And rolled back to the first revision
he made a similar approved edit before
I tried! :'(
@Phoenix please don't edit code in questions. — Bart 30 secs ago
Given the severity of the edits I couldn't be bothered to write anything but that broad sweeping statement
@Bart It could be more broad: "please don't"
2:32 PM
> !
Isn't there a unicode character that resembles a smiting stick?
@rene Integral symbol wide top?
@rene graphical symbol hand with extended middle finger outline?
@JanDvorak that is spot on
2:40 PM
the first one definitely exists: U+2320 TOP HALF INTEGRAL ⌠
That sketch is racist.
And hilariously so
2:43 PM
@ChrisForrence "Most of our suers located in USA region." That's unfortunate. There are a lot of lawyers here that love to sue.
Also, requesting a close-vote here: stackoverflow.com/q/9823017/899126
Unicode 7 actually includes the middle finger: fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1f595/index.htm
Hello All
3:05 PM
Aaand it's gone
Interesting question they put forward though... anyone care to contribute their thoughts on the matter?
@Lix Terribleness and scones. And that's all I've got to say about that.
Terribleness and scones...
Why do I always get the urge to image search things?
@Lix Actually, that's sorta impressive.
3:16 PM
Index ALL the things...
Scones aren't terrible!?!
Scones don't get crumbs everywhere?
So by that logic crumbs are terrible?
I'm just saying.. I'm pretty sure I could get scone crumbs everywhere. I'm gifted.
Now I'm hungry :/
3:39 PM
Feature request: auto-refresh should delete deleted questions so I don't end up wasting popcorn.
scones are awesome
3:54 PM
So when will it happen? 0:00 UTC
(Everyone knows what I'm talking about)
8:30PM EDT
@SPArchaeologist Doesn't sound familiar, sorry.
9 hours ago, by rene
@Qantas94Heavy It says 8:30 PM EDT which according to my converter is 00:30 UTC (on the 17th)
3:58 PM
You don't want to screw up with timezones and daylight savings as some do: ericlippert.com/2014/04/14/standard-and-daylight-are-different
There you go @Bart
4:10 PM
Visual Studio 2013 is as buggy as a Java IDE.
There, I said it.
Actually it depends, are we talking IntelliJ or... shudder Eclipse?
Eclipse is worse, but both really.
They all highlight 3/4 of my code red because they're too lazy to find dependencies that are working perfectly fine.
Ah, I haven't really had any issues with IntelliJ 13 that aren't to be expected (mostly multilanguage file stuff)
Granted I never had a problem in IntelliJ with pure Java. Mostly Groovy and/or php.
It's entirely possible that gasp my computer is the problem too.
I mean, windows automatically running system restore for me seems to have broken about 50% of my software.
@TCPMAN.EXE That's really sad to hear. I haven't done any development in VS since VS2008, and it was rock solid.
RAD Studio puts everything else to shame though. If you're ever feeling frustrated, use it, then your IDE of choice will look spotless by comparison.
It's been sad and disturbing to watch the decline of Borland => CodeGear => Embarcadero over the years.
4:24 PM
I've been doing a lot of Qt work in QtCreator lately. Not a lot of bells and whistles but not much missing either, and everything it claims to do it does well.
Whatever happened to that IDE that I was forced to use in college.
Oh wait there was another, what was it...
Oh, maybe codewarrior
4:27 PM
@rene Lol
I actually bought a JCreator license though and used it on my own PC. It saved me a ton of time.
Stupid labs had CodeWarrior in em.
^ ?
In node.js? O_o
4:29 PM
At least it wasn't tagged .
@JasonC not that I'm attached to that stream tag, but why the removal?
@Louis The question is not related to streams, and more convincingly: nobody following the stream tag would care about that question or add any specifically useful knowledge to the knowledge pool.
@JasonC I don't follow tags like "stream" (seems useless to me but that could be ignorance on my part), so I don't have a good feeling for how people who would following would feel about it.
@Louis You can add it back if you'd like, I promise I won't fight about it, lol.
(Sorry, internet mysteriously disappeared. I blame squirrels.)
Ugh; what started out as an interesting robotics project turned into two weeks of implementing a CAN stack from scratch. Now I know why all these companies charge $20,000+ for stacks.
@JasonC As I said I'm not attached to it. But I was wondering what pushed you to.... hmm... polish that turd. Let me add here that if that post has had one of the tags I'm very active in and that the tag would have been utterly unrelated to the problem, I would have polished the turd too. :)
4:40 PM
I think when the project is done I'm going to make it fully compliant then open source the stack.
@Louis Oh. Yes. I'm a knee-jerk turd polisher. I'll own that.
I just kind of blacked out in a turd polishing rage.
"Turd polishing rage." Now, there's a coinage worthy of attention.
The ol' TPR. Watch out.
@AnnaLear Can you delete stackoverflow.com/questions/21843454/…? It's this super crappy question that I asked out of frustration a while ago, it doesn't help anybody and it's been haunting me. I requested a delete a long time ago but the flag isn't being handled.
(I directed ^ at you because I know you're out there somewhere.)
4:52 PM
My feeble mind cannot comprehend this... thing!
@Undo Holy should-have-used-a-flow-chart...
@Undo yeah, those graphs are sometimes hard to follow.
It used to be worse. The prod branch was right in the middle, shown as having been branched off my last commit in a dev branch or something D:
Obviously that graph is telling you something important. "Your codebase is f***ed"
@TCPMAN.EXE really it's simpler than it looks :P
4:55 PM
(I know that)
@Louis Ah, I just saw it now. The ability to flag questions for closed and the ability to review closing draws from the same daily quota. I did not know that.

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