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2:23 AM
@MichaelMrozek This happens every single time someone uses one and someone else has never seen it before in chat.
2:36 AM
@PopularDemand Yeah; I mistakenly thought George was the one who asked last time, I was confused why he was asking again 6 hours later
7 hours later…
9:57 AM
how did you search for regexps with VIM?
I need to nuke ":[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2} " from a lot of logs
s/:[0-9]{2}:[0-9]{2} //g doesn't do though
uh, now it worked. On just the first occurrence.
So much for g
I was looking for :%s/:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9] //g
10:30 AM
btw Ubuntu 10.10 is mostly stable, if you want to upgrade feel free to do so anyday now
11:05 AM
@badp is that as in 'Earth is mostly harmless'? :)
okay ― the apps I use are stable
should you experience trouble, use different apps =P
11:18 AM
Nice new room name
Back from vaca and everyone's insane
oh look, an update for Sun Netbeans
@badp hmmm - it only seems to want to offer me 10.04 LTS; I wonder what voodoo file I need to edit in vi to get that working.
"IDE Branding", who knows what they mean
@MarcGravell 10.10 will be formally released in October, you can install it now by using sudo update-manager -d
   -d, --devel-release
          Check if upgrading to the latest devel release is possible
       * eventually reinstall the package ubuntu-desktop
       * switch to an updated sources.list entries
       * adds the default user to new groups if needed
Just adding the maverick repos in won't do
installing; we'll see ;p
not on a production system please :P
do as I say, not as I do™
11:25 AM
what! I'm installing on the SO web-farm; "undo", "undo" ;p
meh, it is a toy VM
oh then you're safe
just remember to check for updates a bit more frequently
I had to download roughly one GiB of new packages
weird, the latest upgrades didn't turn Sun Netbeans into Oracle Netbeans
is the IDE being abandoned?
12:22 PM
beans, beans, they're good for your heart
@badp oooh new netbeans?
why are you excited?
NetBeans is my primary JavaScript/PHP IDE
really?... hmm... it's not too slow for you?
I've been waiting for the "don't strip empty whitespace lines" option for so long that by now, it's probably stripped all my whitespace only lines and I no longer need the option, HA!
It can get slow, yeah...
12:29 PM
you're on Windows?
especially with my 7500 line javascript file...
Mac OS X 10.5
bleh. were you the one that mentioned Coda to me?
Probably :-)
I use Coda for individual client projects
I use NetBeans for my company's SaaS products
because it knows about the entire environment, has autocomplete and error checking, etc
Ah. Ok, thanks for the info.
but it could be faster, that's for sure...
12:33 PM
I refuse to use an IDE written in Java.
I know the feeling
If Coda had variable autocomplete I'd use only that
Like I won't use an Abacus to do math.
ouch, haha :-)
12:36 PM
lol. I wish. I have never used a slide rule :-)
hey guys
Welcome @AndyEshead
Hello, barkeep. I've come in for some advice.
I've finally decided to start blogging, but I'm not sure what to call my blog :/
Andy E's Head's Thoughts?
12:40 PM
what's it about? what name are you using as the author?
/me likes naming things
Well, my area of expertise is JavaScript. Most of my blog posts will probably be inspired by Stack Overflow questions, because it's usually when I see certain questions that I want to go into a big ramble about the subject
lol @Fosco
We should have a contest
"Andy E's head" or "the head of Andy E" seems appropriate to me, I don't want the blog to be too formal
@TheUnhandledException I think "Thoughts from the head of Andy E" might be a good tagline :-)
The code of the head of Andy E ? :-)
what about "Andy E's Head Said ..."
12:43 PM
@PiersMyers HAHA, I like it
@Piers: I like that :-)
Right Said Head
Headed into a meeting.... be back shortly!
bye @TheUnhandledException
I like Piers' name too..
Andy E's HeadScript
12:47 PM
hmm.. whattheheadsaid.com is available.
I quite like it, what do you guys think?
that's catchy!
grab it up
pity your name isn't Ted or Fred :)
Yeah :-)
it'll end up sounding like a Dr Seuss book
OK, I'm now the proud owner of whattheheadsaid.com
Now all I need is Wordpress and a decent template
12:52 PM
and something to write about - I tried blogging but got bored of writing things on it
I've already got a few topics in mind to open with
I tried blogging before but couldn't think of anything to write about
Ever since I started participating on SO I see things all the time where I wished I could go into more detail than a simple answer.
... If there are any ASP.Net people here, I don't suppose anyone can explain the new vulnerability a bit more? Been reading loads over the weekend, but I just don't understand it - Seen the video and I can't recreate that tiny encryption info in the title, just not sure how it works!
Hey Wil.. I can't explain it, but I certainly wouldn't be letting ASP.NET handle the authentication on any of my web sites!
well, it has nothing to do with authentication on its own, just a huge general problem with ASP.Net
That video makes it look frighteningly easy.
1:01 PM
yeah, scary, but I just can't recreate that error
It looked to me like they were able to steal the cryptography keys for the purpose of assuming the administrator role.
If you managed your own authentication/security/roles, I don't see what they would actually gain
from what I understand, part of a key is in the address bar, they go to the same page enough time and decrypt that key, then take advantage of a feature in asp.net that using a key (which they now now) they can download any file...
i just don't understand the first bit, how they get enough keys and how they are generated - I can't see any keys when I go to error pages
@Fosco it is a huge bug, nothing to do with authentication, by going to enough error pages, they can steal a key to get total access to a server - anyone who runs asp.net without custom errors are affected.
didn't notice the download..
/me puts on his black hat
hi guys
anyone developing for the WP7?
seems i'm alone here
does the helicpter
stop that else I'll flick you with my towel
1:22 PM
Just realised we probably shouldn't be abusing the flags
I'm deeply saddened that I can't joke-flag anyone anymore.
1:37 PM
/me mocks andy e's flag
@Shog9: bah :-(
just realized there's no "flag" option in the mobile UI... Lame
/me mocks Shog9's mobile UI :-p
it does seem to be getting better... Slowly...
wonder if any of the devs actually use it?
@Shog9 Dunno about that. I've used it on my iPhone a couple of times but it's too much of a pain to try and type anything worth saying.
1:45 PM
that's because you're using an iphone
Yeah, hardware keyboards ftw.
ya. My wife is a txt addict - I need tactile qwerty to have any hope of keeping up
...until we can send texts using only our brains, anyway
shudders at the thought of txtspeak telepathy
check out the Swype keyboard input method
not available on apple products, but it holds the speed texting record
I have it on windows mobile, it's also available for android
1:57 PM
I've heard good things, but haven't had the chance to try it out yet
HAHA, everytime I leave insanity ensues
45 mins ago, by Sergio Tapia
@AndyEshead Love the domain name!
issues + ensues = insues?
@TheUnhandledException There was no way on earth I couldn't buy that domain :-)
@Shog9 Something like that :-)
@AndyEshead It fits perfectly :-)
@TheUnhandledException thanks :-) Hopefully I'll have it up and running in the next few days.
2:01 PM
Looks like we're the only idiots who can't stick with one domain name for longer than 12 hours :D
I've bought almost 10 domains in the past month
I haven't set any of them up with anything worthwhile
@Fosco get some ad parking on there ;-)
yeah I should at least do that..
@AndyEshead Let us know when it's up!
having a bad experience with a webhost... WebHost4Life
2:03 PM
I do a lot of Js programming and would love to read what the head said
@TheUnhandledException: Will do :-)
connecting to the MSSQL server causes a ~7 second delay
@Fosco I have heard about them. Not good things
yeah, took a recommendation from a co-worker.. shouldn't have.
What would you recommend, then?
2:06 PM
I have a few sites with 1and1
before that I did all my own hosting with a dedicated server on ThePlanet
You moved from dedicated to shared?
yeah.. used to have 2 servers but that $160/month was killing me
My thoughts, too. Isn't that a downgrade?
Absolutely a downgrade
wow, that isn't cheap
2:07 PM
@Fosco Was a VPS viable?
@spoulson I might look into that, since I keep buying domains
@AndyEshead I'd rather retain my ability to think something and type something else :P
I'm with Dreamhost and I love their hosting flexibility. But performance and occassional outages can be a problem.
I just downgraded from 2 servers to 1, then decided I could do without either of them.. moved my crucial domains and cancelled it
@badp: yes, that could be a problem for some of us, especially when texting the significant other ;-)
2:09 PM
I am an idiot though.. who has 2 dedicated servers and no paying clients?
Before that, I was with HostMySite and they are not nearly as flexible and require a hosting account for every domain name.
@Fosco Do you have FiOS in your area?
@spoulson haven't checked... I like my Cable
Last I checked, business FiOS is ~$200/mo.
If I had enough clients, I'd definitely run my own home hosting service.
so i just checked.. no FIOS in my area.
I'm sure cable would have similar service.
Or even if you can do consumer service with dedicated IP...
2:13 PM
interesting thought, but I don't want the world connecting to my home
Probably more reliable still than shared hosting
@Fosco But that would be so cool?
Like an episode of Big Bang Theory
Sorry doing too many things at once
@badp I can highly recommend LiquidWeb
Well, I'd throw in a bunch of network equipment to break out a DMZ from the physical home LAN. But, no worries.
Just can't see paying ~$160/mo for a server
Just not making much money on web work yet
@spoulson / @rchern; I smell a sockpuppet. (Your wrong-direction smiley gave you away!)
2:18 PM
@PopularDemand HAHAHAHA
I agree
It's not that easy to escape a formal complaint.
backwards smiley === upside down face
hi asl!1!1!/?
sigh I always get giddy after buying a domain name
totally not a cop
2:25 PM
@SergioTapia lol
Can you guys check out my blog and tell me what looks like shit?
I just changed the theme last night
I like it @Sergio
Argh. I want ZFS-style compression and snapshots under CentOS or Ubuntu!!!!!
without the performance penalty of FUSE
2:28 PM
acronym attack!
I mean -- for casual hosting I'm loving Dropbox
the formal complaint has an official status
You know what would be interesting, mining data out of the :reply patterns
2:30 PM
any progress on your app
i really want to try it out
I added StackFlair to my website @rchern -- nice work! :-) I didn't see how to use themes though
rchern, can you tell me how to use it - I'd love to post it and give you a link so people can see it as well
@SergioTapia go to stackflair.somee.com
Enter your user ID
select a format and submit
copy the URL after the flair id is displayed and embed URL where you want flair to appear in blogs, etc
How can I find my user id?
@SergioTapia on SO you're 262269
2:34 PM
Oh so it's a unique user id for each stack site?
But I saw a screenshot where it showed all of the site it associates me
but (for me anyway) when I gave it my SO ID it found all the others
Exhibit A: Note that @spoulson didn't respond to my comment, but @rchern entered the room a few minutes later and did respond....
@PopularDemand More proof
I say we alert the authorities that @rchern is a sockpuppet :-)
2:36 PM
I'm using wordpress
is there a widget that can just display a simple image?
@TheUnhandledException Perhaps we should go to the Web Apps mods first. They seem to know what they're doing, over there.
@PopularDemand LOL
@Fosco Put a ! in front
Sorry, at work here.
What kind of progress are you looking for?
@rchern I was looking for instructions on how themes work
2:42 PM
I can't make it display.
bottom right of the blog, I'm using the Text widget for wordpress - do i have to surround the html in something for it to display the content?
with format=html it'll return an html fragment
iirc, the outer element is a <div>
@rchern Which I need to figure out how to make my CMS display )-:
What do you mean format=html
where do I set this?
you did by selecting the html radio button :P
look at the url you linked (;
i've been refactoring the code into a more proper template pattern so that themes are easier to implement
@TheUnhandledException, what do you mean, "how themes work"?
I'm trying to display the generated html on my blog, but it doesn't render it, just shows the URL.
it's a problem with wordpress not your program - any suggestions?
2:47 PM
try the image tag..
<img src="stackflair url with format=image">
well yeah, but if he wants the html version he should be able to use it (;
yeah that works, but no clickable lnks to my profiles
Will get that one done soon (:
It seems like that text widget is for static html
you'd have to implement something to make the request and display the returned html
OK! Now check out my blog www.alphaot.com
2:49 PM
like jQuery, as an obvious answer
looking good, great little app rchern
@SergioTapia nice, I really like that theme.
If you have any feature requests, don't hesitate to add them to github :P
still wonders what @TheUnhandledException meant
You bet I will :)
thanks again
I've got a few planned, but I'm curious as to what people want hehe
2:53 PM
I'll blog about your application so some of my friends can check it out.
Can you give me a link to the Github site
Q: StackFlair - Generate flair for your StackExchange associated accounts (now with image output!)

rchernScreenshots About There have been several requests on MSO for a way to get a combined flair similar to what is shown on Area51. I took a "I want it, I'll make it" approach. Thus became StackFlair. StackFlair generates a combined flair representing all of your associated StackExchange acc...

whoops, that's not github. wrong paste.
@PopularDemand FYI, I'm not a sock puppet. Just going with the trends. d:
@spoulson If you aren't a sock puppet of rchern, how do you explain both being in the room at the same time!?
@spoulson Whatever you say, guy-with-baseball-cap-on.
3:02 PM
any people from the Cooking site here?
Hi Jin. Why, you have a cooking question?
I'm a light user.
How's the design going?
hey i just posted about stackflair
you rock!
and thanks (:
no problem
when do you think we can select the colors for stackflair
3:06 PM
I have a glitter theme that will be there when i do the next publish. as for serious themes...I guess I was leaning towards having a theme selection rather than individual detail selection.
@PiersMyers going to make the design post on meta.cooking soon
was looking at the meta site for cooking, doesn't too too active.
yeah, something like a color chooser that's all
so the flair fits in with whatever parent website
Hmm. Border color, Background color, username font/color/size, rep font/color/size, mod font/color/size, gold/silver/bronze font/color/size...that's a lot of options to have to select...and then to include those in a pretty url?
3:10 PM
a backgroundcolor and font color would be more than enought though
there are several different font colors used in a single flair (;
hey rchern, what if you could configure it on the stackflair site, and it would be saved (so not to need including in the url)
@rchern how about you just supply the html without styling and people customize their flair with their own CSS?
that's good and all
but first i think it's best to concentrate on one things
@Fosco So you would do something like /generate/{guid}/323 which would look up in the database the options under primary key 323?
@badp would be easy enough, the html option right now uses css for everything. even right now you could use regex to parse the <style> part and manipulate though it wouldn't be fun
3:14 PM
@rchern that could work.. so its /generate/{guid}/{style}
and you'd have a new table with all the style id's and variables.. and without it passed you use the defaults.
@Chacha102 Hi. Thanks for updating the name.
You guys talk about flair a lot; maybe you should start a dedicated room.
not all options are style related though, and options should be optional i think. there's an option to exclude beta sites that i've implemented. i also want to allow an option for just a single site
@pop, what is this, the area51 of chatrooms?
If you'd like I could migrate all the discussion about flairs into another room
so you have a better record of what has been said
Popular, if we leave the channel is dead xD
3:17 PM
@badp Yes, and I demand a rep increase for my proposal.
@SergioTapia So what?
so we shouldn't leave to a different room everytime a convo starts on a topic
otherwise this room is just like 4chan only without the kittens
@SergioTapia You're producing enough volume to sustain an independent room.
Blah, fine.
I've still never visited 4chan, though I have now read its Wikipedia entry.
@rchern sorry talking to coworker, bbs
3:19 PM
good for you :3 the more your know
check my "about me" for status updates ;-)


Generate StackExchange flair! http://stackapps.com/q/1567/2286
Didn't realize it was so annoying. And each time it gets mentioned more people know about it. :P But meh, room created.
@rchern It's not really annoying, but it seems... semantically wrong.
StackFlair is as strong a topic as there is on chat.MSO, so if you're not going to have your own room, why bother having separate rooms?
what are most people on this channel talking about?
Eventually I'll get around to migrating everything over
But on a Mac, Ctrl+Click keeps opening a context menu
3:24 PM
well, there are multiple discussions on multiple days.
I know. I'll get them all :)
this has been my promotion channel, heh.
how many downloads do you have on on flair?
@rchern It wasn't
What is annoying is to split people between 30 different sites and 4,000 different chatrooms there in
and hoping that somehow this won't lead into the same problem SE 1.0 had
@badp Yahoo! Answers fan?
3:26 PM
I keep telling them that we should make the Chat connected between sites
@PopularDemand Fan of channels with more than 3 people in them
Here is the thing
@Sergio, There were 40 flairs created before I had to truncate the table. There are 39 now. Though not all of theme are being actively used. I have a free super basic hosting plan, and I don't have any monitoring tools. ):
you can be in as many channels as you'd like
you should buy a domain, it's only 9$ for a complete year unlimited disc/bandwith with Dreamhost using promo '777'
that's how i bought my blog
that includes a domain purchase and hosting
3:28 PM
I mean, the biggest reason I support Popular Demand's idea is actually because I think it would be more useful for them to be able to go back and look at the discussions they had without all the other Tavern jumble
My outlook is that I hope I end up needing better hosting because it means people are actively using StackFlair and it is popular. Windows shared hosting is generally not as fun though.
What language are we working in?
I did it in c#
it is funny that I can 'undo stars'
@SergioTapia Do you have uptime or performance issues with Dreamhost?
@rchern I think you need surreptitiously placed ads in the flair. (:)
3:41 PM
@spoulson I thought the flair was a surreptitiously placed ad.
But you need to monitize yourself, not someone else's operation. :)
Throw in a tagline: "Underwriting provided by somee.com" or something
followed by "Click the monkey for a prize!"
Does the monkey do tricks?
Please tell me the monkey jumps around on a balloon!!!
In 4 muffins
Does the [identicon] tag need to exist? Seems like it could be replaced by [gravatar].
@Chacha102 I love it
Ug, I can just tell it's going to be "one of those days"...
@rchern, let me find the quote re: themes
3:57 PM
hi guys im back
@spoulson no issues whatsoever
literally NONE
and the live chat feature is very very helpful and takes no more than 30 seconds for them to answer me
yesterday, by rchern
and nobody commented on the glitter StackFlair! disappointing :P
@SergioTapia I love DH's panel and flexibility, but I get outages from time to time
@PopularDemand You should see my feature request in Chat Feedback
@SergioTapia as in, 30min to 1 hour every week or two I get alerts from my monitoring service that it's timing out.
@Chacha102 Going now.
3:59 PM
yesterday, by rchern
@badp, I did a glitter theme for StackFlair :P
well i've never really tested it to such depths, but i've recieved no complaints fromr eaders or anything like that
so @rchern how do these themes work? :-)
@SergioTapia Sometimes half the day my sites will be down and it ultimately happens due to server overload by another customer.
@SergioTapia I ssh in and load avg is in the hundreds

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