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1:00 PM
@Oded while we're here, hope I can be little pushy...
Q: Buttons on stackexchange.com look weird on Internet Explorer

Shadow WizardWhen using Chrome, Firefox or IE9 everything is OK. However, using IE10 or IE11, some buttons looks like this: Link to page with those buttons - browse with IE10 or IE11 and log in to reproduce. On other sites I couldn't see this type of buttons. This also happens in Stack Exchange por...

@Bart - so the "I'm not listening" hat is from meta? I was just going to try to ignore a random user in the chat. You spared me some time.
@ShadowWizard You use IE???
Stack Exchange main portal looks REALLY ugly for IE users, they think that's how it should look... is the team aware of this display bug?
@Oded of course not, only with my sock
@SPArchaeologist Nah, don't think it's site specific. And has nothing to do with chat afaik.
I don't think anyone noticed that one though.
1:02 PM
Seen it both from home computer and work computer so don't think it's machine specific
Hey room anyone with IE10 or IE11 here?
Oh my, I said the forbidden word and now everyone ran away!
I got IE 9 here.
@JohannesKuhn try going to stackexchange.com
How the "Explore our sites" button looks like?
IE9 should work fine though :(
ie11 and confirm the bug
@SPArchaeologist cool! So it's not me going insane. :)
@Oded Are you aware of any meta posts that describe the recent changes to the 10k tools, which grey-out posts that you've handled?
1:13 PM
@ShadowWizard - fixed. I don't think any of us uses IE on the day to day.
It's basically a solution to my old meta problem. So I wanted to either close that as a duplicate or add an answer to state that the functionality is now in place.
And maybe add something to the feature change list.
@Duncan yes - Jarrod made some recent changes.
@Oded Thanks, that's let me find the right post to link to.
A: Please revert to hiding things I've flagged

Jarrod DixonHow about a compromise? I've made it so any post you've flagged will be hidden by default, but a "show posts you've already flagged" link will appear at the bottom of the list. Clicking it will show the already-flagged posts with the grayed-out styling. This hopefully will allay the concerns o...

That's the one.
@Oded cheers, no doubt the percentage of active SO users using IE are waaay lower than average, but remember all the random visitors to Stack Exchange. :)
1:19 PM
No doubt - getting someone with IE 9 to check
+great love
@ShadowWizard good
@JohannesKuhn cheers, Oded just fixed it for IE10 and IE11 so guess all is good in the world now :D
@ShadowWizard - Ye forgot us miserable, stuck with SharePoint users
Shhhh... shhhh... shhhare... shhaare pp... shhaaaree ppooin... no, can't do it.
1:36 PM
@Oded Try and call it Moss. It's easier.
Expecially if you recall that "Moss" is also the word for that green, slimy stuff that grows on rocks....
@SPArchaeologist I was SharePoint programmer for two years... still have nightmares.
@ShadowWizard *cough* india *cough*
@ThiefMaster need a doctor? :D
@ShadowWizard So you know the pleasure of begin the target "SharePoint guru" (also know as "SharePoint guy") of any new project....
@jadarnel27 I know that feeling. We have more employees now, but the critical stuff is still always on my plate.
Very unbrown if you ask me.
1:46 PM
@SPArchaeologist luckily for me there was always the team leader who was that "guy"! But when it comes to classic ASP... :p
@TimStone - Very -un-brown or very brown? Ye known the rhymes: "a brown pile by any other name is still a SharePoint server"...
I had a conversation a while back with a sharepoint consultant who told me that he is making a very good living that way.
"Of course", I said. "That's because most people go off it for life."
I too have been scarred by the beast that is SharePoint
heh, I got a lot of hats
this pirate stuff is funny. :)
Btw, why cannot I mark a comment as obsolete that I upvoted?
Oded, actually many SharePoint gurus are paid a lot. It's only that I am between the others.
My point is that they are getting paid a lot because most people with experience with it don't want to touch it anymore... making such consultants a scarce (and therefore highly paid) resource
1:58 PM
What is wrong about flagging a comment that you upvoted before?
@Oded Nahh.... We get paid a lot (or better OTHERS get paid a lot) because of all the training we must do... Living in a tower, dodging fireball from other students, experimenting with explosive potions and such....
@SPArchaeologist It's true, I've heard the biggest part of being a SharePoint developer is making the appropriate sacrifices to the computer gods, which I imagine is quite complicated.
Actually it is the easy part. The hard part is collecting the bat wings and beholder eyes for the ritual. Also... not may offices are located near an abandoned church.
@LaszloPapp guess you missed this? meta.stackoverflow.com/q/104184/152859
Q: Allow flagging a comment after upvoting it

TshepangIt's sad to upvote a comment on a post that's subsequently updated in a way that renders the comment obsolete and not be able flag it afterwards. There may well be other cases where one would want to flag an upvoted comment too. Related: From November '09: Flagging a comment which was upvot...

2:06 PM
quite possibly, thanks.
I would also give some bounty.
A: Getting the name of sub class within super class in Qt

Laszlo Papp Are there any other, more preferable solutions? In general, no, that is fine. In such cases, you would need to place the Q_FUNC_INFO into the subclass if that is possible. If not, you are out of luck, but... please read on. Qt internally also uses explicit strings rather than Q_FUNC_INFO, I...

anyway, can someone flag that only comment left there in the middle of the removed comment wall text?
(I do not feel comfortable about flagging the answer of mine)
@LaszloPapp there is already a bounty of that feature request
@ShadowWizard: so I cannot add some more?
As for the comment just flag the post itself as "Other" and ask to remove the comment
No, only one bounty can be applied to a question at any time
Wait until it expires (or awarded) and you can start a new one :)
done, thanks a bunch.
That is, most definitely, unbrown, @TimStone.
Now I work at a company with 45,000 employees and contractors, and I feel like I have the opposite problem.
2:15 PM
It's hard to win at the game of jobs, I fear.
I should go ask on Arqade if there are any cheat codes.
Did you try the konami code?
@ShadowWizard - Hi, I am the delivery owl. SPArchaeologist asked me to deliver you this
@Oded by the way I'm really upset the Konami in About page did not give any hat!
@SPArchaeologist wow thanks a bunch! Take 1,000 as a (tool)tip ;)
Hah! That's been there from day one. It isn't a WB thing :)
@Oded sure, but it's still a secret to some extent ;)
2:21 PM
@Oded Atlas from the konami code.... Can you confirm if they had an egg in the winter bash site this year? So that I know if I can avoid further research.
I don't really know
Facebook Settings iOS 6 - App Name not showing in Allow Apps list
answered 12 hours ago by Traci
flagged as offensive declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it
hi, any reason why that was declined?
it was an offensive post, and apparently, it got removed anyway
2:38 PM
@Oded - don't worry. Will give it another look later, but I don't think there is something to discover
Hey guys, MSE will come to life in 6-8 weeks! i.sstatic.net/dIAs4.png
Q: Stack Overflow is getting a place of its own

Tiny TimWe've grown considerably as a network since the days of the original trilogy, when the prospect of growing into a network of over 100 thriving Q&A sites was a distant glimmer in a cloudy night sky. Today, Stack Overflow continues to graciously host discussions about the entire network on its extr...

I better start working on my election campaign banners just in case.
I think the important question is what happens to chat.meta.stackoverflow in this transition.
And especially...ya know...The Tavern.
That's being discussed. We don't have an answer yet.
2:54 PM
chat.meta.stackexchange.com would seem like the sanest approach to me, but.
Mhahahahahahahah just notice one of my comment on meta had got 20 votes :P That would be two horns, but they HAD to split it between two posts...... sigh.
Might very well end up there.
Don't have an answer yet, @Oded? Where are your priorities?
That's a relief.
Obviously, you are not the holdup.
3:07 PM
BEHOLD! the quest is over, I have the horn!!!!!
You might want to be careful shouting that in public.
@SPArchaeologist but do you know how you got it? ;)
@ShadowWizard . I belive so... but that would mean that a single comment is sufficient.... Also the timing does not match.
I am starting to think that the 5*2 theory is wrong.
Anyway, still wishing the Rainbow sprite was real.
3:27 PM
@SPArchaeologist I am too - I somehow got it on SO, and there's no way I had 5*2 on comments.
(at least during WB)
Woohoo! We got a Christmas present!
Q: Stack Overflow is getting a place of its own

Tiny TimWe've grown considerably as a network since the days of the original trilogy, when the prospect of growing into a network of over 100 thriving Q&A sites was a distant glimmer in a cloudy night sky. Today, Stack Overflow continues to graciously host discussions about the entire network on its extr...

@UndotheSnowman the unicorn hat is the secret twin of Peanut Gallery. (think that's obvious enough)
scratches head
Nooo!!! My shiny 5th DiamonD!!!!1!eleven! :( — ChrisF 54 mins ago
^ Ha!
@SPArchaeologist time doesn't match because hats are never given instantly, there's a scheduled task running every X minutes
And we keep our repz!
@UndotheSnowman - you have. Just checked api.stackexchange.com/docs/…
3:32 PM
@SPArchaeologist I got it on SO, not mSO.
But I will keep believing it was my salute to The Festive Unicorn.
@UndotheSnowman EHHH????? That is... new.
I know, right?
@UndotheSnowman - ummm... checked, mine is the same. I suppose it is related to mSO and mSE splitting up
Ah good.
Anyway, I have something to go do. Adios, people!
stackoverflow.com/questions/20584695/… just in close votes queue - should anything be done about questions like this where the original question was answered and solved but the OP then added a different 2nd question to the post?
3:50 PM
I installed VS 2013 Express on my home PC last night, and it is shiny and amazing. I don't know why I always feel like updating things like that is not worth the trouble.
I had 2010 on there o_O
Hello everyone. =]
Balpha in the room!
Is that good?
Dunno, you tell me :)
@OGHaza Be bold! Edit out the second question from the post. Then add a comment underneath explaining why you've done that and encouraging a fresh question.
3:54 PM
Feeds froze the feedback room again? UNACCEPTABLU
I really should pedantically complain more often.
Pedantic is a word I learned from Meta Stack Overflow.
@TimStone what froze? (chat n00bie here so sorry if it's trivial)
Honest opinion wanted: is this really so bad or simply no one looks at the second page? NOTE: just wanting an opinion, not asking for votes (I don't even believe they would send a prize to my country, I lost the SharePoint giveaway prize such way).
Anyway, I vote for the 12 day of Xmas parody :P
4:04 PM
@TimStone well, do we really need that room? Looks like everything is being reported and discussed here anyway
@SPArchaeologist way to looong if you ask me. Nothing bad in there, just too long.
It's nice to report the smaller things in there than to make a full Meta post or constantly harass @balpha directly. Not that I'd ever do that.
@OGHaza Too late, I rolled it back and added the comment.
Guess even devs can't lock chat room from freezing... sure there is such feature request though :)
@ShadowWizard That's nothing. As I said it is a tribute to my Ultima server.... the original story I referenced was longer....
much longer
@Duncan, yeah I thought that might be the way to go - disconnected internet for about 10 mins there hence lack of reply
4:07 PM
@SPArchaeologist too long for Meta and for that contest I mean - of course that as standalone story it's too short ;)
@ShadowWizard got it don't worry. But had to, no need for prize. Personal satisfaction there
Ummm - look at the time. Have to go, returning later.
I posted a story from the stranger parts of my brain.
Not the strangest parts. But stranger than some.
4:31 PM
@jmac A ... mouthful of monitor? :)
@Bart Yes! That was indeed the one.
(Colleague finally replied...)
22 hours ago, by jadarnel27
Man, I pulled a @TCPMAN.EXE with that chat formatting.
4:47 PM
Is it appropriate for me to mark this meta question as ? I doubt the developer even noticed the question, but the desired functionality is essentially in place now.
Not as catchy as "pulled a mootinator", @TCPMAN, but I had to get your attention somehow =P
@Duncan You can flag it for mod attention, explaining that it's been completed. Then they (or a dev) will add the tag. I've had success with that.
Of course, there are enough blues in here that it might happen without the flag =)
@jadarnel27 Ok. Is that because mere mortals can't assign that tag or is it an etiquette matter?
@Duncan The former.
Only mods can use the red tags.
Good question, though. I didn't make that clear.
4:53 PM
It annoys me when I encounter questions like this one:
Q: 'Call to a member function on a non-object' when accessing database

user3119898I'm attempting to display a message if the user is present in the database, but my code shows the following error: Fatal error: Call to a member function error() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\ooplr\index.php on line 6 Can anyone explain where I went wrong? My code is below: <?php requ...

It's not the world's best question, but it seems to have been closed because people didn't like the original wording.
It's a clear question with a clear answer. Perhaps some prior research would have been helpful..
@Duncan Reopened and comments cleaned up.
Thank you, @Anna.
It frustrates me when people can't be bothered to edit and just pull the close trigger.
And then follow it up with mocking comments. (Actually I don't know if the same people commented who voted to close. I didn't pay that close attention.)
Hey @AnnaLear. I think I figured out one of the secret hats. Could I get a private room to see if I'm right? Don't wanna say it in a public room. :P
5:10 PM
Hmm... is it bad that when I read this answer, I misread this portion:
> These days you're going further than just online behavior. Shops know what you buy in what amounts, because nobody buys all the same brands you are getting fingerprinted constantly. This is used for targeted advertising, but it can also theoretically be used to track you.
to say:
> These days you're going further than just online behavior. Shog knows what you buy in what amounts, because nobody buys all the same brands you are getting fingerprinted constantly. This is used for targeted advertising, but it can also theoretically be used to track you.
and thought, "Of course he does!"
Shog knows everything, so it's an excusable mistake.
True, very true.
Feels a little like cheating to earn a revival badge on your own question.
@Duncan Yeah, it is :P
@Duncan I think I've gotten a few of mine that way.
5:18 PM
No hats on per-site metas D:
@balpha Is it bad that I just got Winter is Coming and it's the 19th?
-1 Meta points for you
@TimStone D:
That question has been duplicated thrice over at least now. :P
Q: Winter Is Coming?

FlykI just got awarded the "Winter Is Coming" hat - it's still the 19th? The hat is for the 20th! What is going on?

5:20 PM
Or, no.
The answer of course is that it's the 20th somewhere.
It's always the 20th somewhere.
@TimStone just like it is always 5 o'clock somewhere
5:23 PM
@bluefeet unless it's 5:01
@3ventic but that means it is still drinking time :)
It's always drinking time
@3ventic 5:00 ± 0:30
@3ventic that restriction only applies if you're saying it's always 5 o'clock somewhere on Earth.
5:24 PM
There's no timezones on other planets. At least not yet
It's always 5 o'clock somewhere in the multiverse.
Other planets' timezones are incompatible with our standards
...watches all the stupid 5pm arguments from the bar
I just got "Winter is coming" and it sure isn't the 20th here.
And typically here, GMT, is where things matter for SE sites.
What about alternate-reality Earths, @3ventic? It sounds like you have a lot of prejudice towards non-Earth-616 Earths.
shakes head
You only need to go half way across the current Earth and dates turn upside down. I doubt any alternate-reality Earth has anything same with us
5:33 PM
needs to learn how to push correct keys on my keyboard
@animuson Hah, that's a great question.
Shift != Enter
Calling us intelligent saves your question from closure.
Someone flagged it as offensive, which is why I saw it.
@animuson Huh wha?
5:35 PM
Someone flagged my gravatar as offensive once.
@animuson fat finger flag
@bluefeet Pretty hard to fat-finger that one, one would think.
@UndotheSnowman I misclicked it once - I only found out because someone questioned why their flag was declined on meta
5:36 PM
I saw the meta post was was like, uh oh I flagged that one and sure enough I was the idiot who misflagged it.
It's all your fault! Oh, and your defense sucks too!
my excuse, it was early and I was in a flagging haze
I was trying to poke around the comment flagging post requests and accidently flagged like 6 comments on SU for random reasons.
Stop poking, that's not nice. Unless it's done with a pointy stick. Then it's funny.
unfortunately, I'm all out of flags for the day. I'm sad
5:40 PM
May 9 '12 at 19:43, by mmyers
Somebody actually flagged you a while back to complain about the "disturbing" picture. I think they had the impression that you were trying to look menacing or something.
My old gravatar was at least as weird as this one.
A half-shaven face is clearly offensive. Flagging.
I came to work like that on April 1st one year.
Double waffle rofl.
'Offensive' should be changed to 'inappropriate' in the flag reason
For example, people flag boobs as 'offensive' but nobody is offended by boobs.
5:43 PM
@ElfSlice Post it on mSO.
(search first)
I am.
It's such a minor thing it's probably not worth posting
Some of the things flagged as offensive are actually offensive.
Yeah, that's true.
If it's not worth posting, it's probably not worth changing
5:43 PM
'inappropriate' should be added to it then.
Eh, I don't know.
Probably not worth it
Maybe everyone on StackExchange just hates boobs
The small print covers it pretty well I think
Yeah, you're right, the chat one has that too.
'spam, inappropriate or offensive'
I should be able to see chat flags in a few days, yay
on chat SE, not here tho
5:59 PM
They should just add to the message, not change it, @Elfslice. "it is offensive, abusive, hate speech, or bewbs."
Someone said bewbs?
Ah dangit. Please don't throw bewbs around like that
@Bart Indeed. Handle them gently.
Tell that to @jadarnel27. Tsk tsk
You all sound just like my wife.
6:14 PM
Plot twist: we all are your wife
Pick up some milk on the way home today, @jadarnel27?
And leave work right now to bring me lunch.
And all this time you thought this Stack Overflow was a real thing....
...yes dear?
6:18 PM
@ElfSlice I did pick up Skydrift, but probably won't get to play it for a few days.
6:32 PM
Why do I have so many staples? Why do I even have a stapler? I never have any papers to staple...
To play staple wars
I'm going to staple all these shipping receipts together before I throw them away, just so my stapler doesn't feel so useless.
Found a question tagged
Q: Creating flexible conditional likelihood contribution dummies with loop?

student123I am writing up code for a fixed effects probit model in R. In the first step, I must define dummy variables in order to extract each unit's contribution to the likelihood function. Right now, my code rests on 3 time periods (see below), but I want to make the code flexible, so that I can simply ...

Oh, I don't even have any staples in the stapler.
I fixed the tag, but the question could still use some help
6:36 PM
It automatically gets tagged [untagged] @ColeJohnson
A: Should We Zap The Low-Occurrence Tags?

Jeff AtwoodI don't know -- can anyone make a case for these single use tags existing for more than a month? edit: I am convinced this is a useful cleanup task, to remove these orphaned tags from the system automatically. I've implemented a routine that removes tags created more than 6 months ago which have...

@Bart I know
If people would let me finish :/
I'm gonna let you finish but I just wanna say that @animuson has the best hat evar
There should be a script that when a question is tagged , it's flagged for the moderator queue
Because those are usually bad quesions
Animuson always has a hat (⌒-⌒; )
@AnnaLear do companies on Careers see anything like a tag wiki for the "tags" they are using for their jobs? Is there any such link with SO?
Shot in the dark: no
6:43 PM
@ColeJohnson My assumption indeed, but I'd like to know before writing a request. :)
@Bart Uh
Hah, that sounds like a "No, and not gonna happen" :D
That was a "I've no idea, but let me ask". :)
hehe okay
The answer, however, is "no, that doesn't exist"
6:46 PM
Okay, I'll type something up then
Ha! I was right!
I an psychic
7:01 PM
Q: Show Stack Overflow tag-wiki information to employers on the Careers site

BartThe Careers site has a great connection to my Stack Overflow activity. My top tags automagically end up being shown on my profile for everyone to see. There they are. Take for example unity3d. Now everyone is able to see that it's one of my top tags. Something that might be worth showing ...

There we go
I got that cat hat!
Now you may join the ranks of the Kitty Empire!
I've discovered that the snowman thing fits my picture too perfectly not to use it.
Well, I have officially "resigned."
Hah, relieved?
7:12 PM
They didn't fire me yet, but I got tired of waiting to hear whether or not they were going to. I'd rather just know now rather than waiting for some phone call Saturday morning "by the way, don't come in." So the easy way to do that...
It makes it easier on the HR people. I know firing someone isn't the easiest thing to do...
When I first read that, I thought you meant that you resigned from being a moderator :o
Hah, no...
Well congrats on being proactive.
I'm going to eat some leftover Lasagna now.
That's kind of anticlimactic.
7:21 PM
I think I forgot to include a subject line on that email... Oops.
Did someone say boobs
@AnnaLear Awesome! =D
7:39 PM
Would anyone mind going to stackoverflow.com/q/20671409/682480 and helping me reopen this question for a hat?
No, because you didn't link it properly.
@CodeMaverick I just voted. You need 1 more.
whoops ... fixed
Well we probably wont ever allow people to edit job listings directly, but you can use the "Ask this employer a question" feature at the bottom of the job listing to suggest the change to them. — NickLarsen 14 mins ago
^ am I overlooking something, or is there no such link for most job listings?
Nick would know better than I do. Ask him in a follow-up comment?
7:44 PM
Every time I read that blog title in the Community Bulletin I start singing "Whooooooo are you? Why who, who who?" Curses!
Myeah, did that just now. Just wondered if I'm as big a twat as I think I am @AnnaLear
Thanks @animuson ..... thanks a lot...
You're quite welcome. :)
@Bart I plead the 5th... ;)
/me mumbles something about silence speaking volumes
Out of curiousity, is there a difference in the back-end between a post being marked as [duplicate] vs [on hold/closed]? That is, are quality filters more lenient on duplicate questions versus other closed questions?
7:53 PM
quality filters? You're talking post-bans here?
Could I ask you nice people to upvote this question and answer so I can get a couple hats please? stackoverflow.com/q/19695975/682480
What do you mean by quality filters?
Yes, post-bans
@CodeMaverick I thought the question has to be answered during the bash?
Oh maybe so?? Dang ...
Thought I could get Archeologist and Sock Puppet.
7:56 PM
Pretty sure that's how it works. I could be wrong, I don't have many hats.
@ChrisForrence There's no distinction. Closed is closed (whether as duplicate, still "on hold", etc.)
I wonder if I could delete that answer, and re-answer =D
I wonder what Gabe would do to me if I started taking questions from Br.so, ran them through Google Translate to English, answered them in English, then google translated that back to Portugeez?
@CodeMaverick ಠ_ಠ
@UndotheSnowman ಠ_ಠ
Ok; so it's just a different label (but closed behind the scenes)?
7:57 PM
Two responses for the price of one! :)
@ChrisForrence Basically, yes. We track which close reasons are used, obviously, but when it comes to the quality ban check, we just check for closed and deleted questions regardless of how they were closed or deleted.
That makes me think you should really rename yourself to Anna Leer
Even better: I could take posts, translate them to English, edit them, translate them back to Portugeez, and suggest that as an edit :D
@AnnaLear - Ah, ok. Thank you!
@UndotheSnowman You have far too much faith in Google Translate.
I can't tell if you're joking, but just in case you're not... dude. Don't. :P

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