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7:01 PM
May 8 at 4:04, by jadarnel27
Josh's pedantic whatever thing of today: People "endorsing" random skills of mine on LinkedIn, when they don't even understand what those skills are.
@Bart I feel your pain.
And now someone endorsed me for biomedical imaging ..... wtf. Not even close
Now I feel terrible because I'm not endorsed for anything by anyone.
In retaliation, I'm closing the Tavern.
I could endorse you for being a threat to the chat community?
Or for being Pops. There's nobody who's Pops quite like you
We should endorse Pops for random things now.
searching for LinkedIn profile
7:08 PM
Congratulations, Josh has endorsed you for "Carpentry" and "Xylophones."
Bart has endorsed you for "interpretive dance"
Man, I pulled a @TCPMAN.EXE with that chat formatting.
It's all downhill from here
anyone know if Robocop hat excludes audits?
Sweet! If you use your tax refund to buy an Amazon gift card, TurboTax will give you an extra 10% on it! Might as well do that, it's probably all gonna go to Amazon anyways...
7:16 PM
@animuson Time to change my withholding to 100%!
@jadarnel27 Ah yes. My two great passions (outside of work). Manufacturing xylophones, and then playing them.
(Actually it's just that I don't tell anyone about my profile, let alone request recommendations/endorsements. ...at least, I hope it is.)
The Respect hat fits my Gravatar on meta perfectly.
Just got the unicorn hat on SO, might wanna check out my profile for triggers.
(cc @animuson)
I got my unicorn hat a while ago. Still not sure what exactly triggers it.
@animuson Check out my profile. I have some ideas...
(on SO)
7:58 PM
I feel like people use the "unclear what you're asking" close reasons on questions that are just long or complex (difficult to understand quickly). That is...annoying.
Has anyone else noticed that?
Unclear what you're asking
Seems a lot like Shog's recent post, only for a different reason:
Q: Should Stack Overflow be awarding "A"s for Effort?

Shog9This just came up again: homework is not acceptable if the asker has made no effort whatsoever I'm developing a bit of an involuntary twitch that manifests itself when I encounter the word "effort" on Stack Overflow these days. Don't get me wrong — effort is good. At least, productive eff...

But yeah, seems a bit of a tl;dr substitute on occasion
I think I might have mixed-up Tims... bah, it's fictional right? — retailcoder 6 mins ago
Hahah, that's excellent.
@Pops True. Definitely a similar idea there.
@Bart Glad I'm not alone in that observation.
8:06 PM
Pops-Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: parody songs/poems that don't keep the correct meter.
These contest entrants better hope Tim is more lenient than I am. Some of them deserve to have any existing swag reclaimed.
Anything that starts with "To the tune of.." deserves unimaginably cruel punishment anyway.
@Pops I was going to worry about that until I remembered that I'm lazy and that I already won a prize in the last contest so meh. :P
@Pops so many of them didn't even read the requirements
mine fully adheres to all requirements and got downvoted
so sad
@TimStone Well, try harder, lest I come over there and repossess your... whatever you have. Probably a lot of stuff, by now, I imagine.
You were probably having fun writing that, right @Flyk? That will cost you on Meta.
8:15 PM
I turned down Arqade swag the last time it was offered
and now it will never be offered again
@Pops Uh oh. I'll see what I can do. :P
actually, I'm more interested in the mug
It's true though, I have an obnoxious pile of stickers.
(and other things)
because then I can drink from my stack exchange mug while mugging the review queue
I'm very sad to say that the rules aren't super strict for competitions like these... if they were, I'd have never won my stein.
8:17 PM
the biggest problem I have with getting shirts online is that I have no idea what size I need
I never have that problem
@Flyk Reference?
@Pops not having one for a couple of years and added melodrama
@Pops we do top user swag once per site. Arqade got "lucky" cause it got two designs and ended up with two rounds as a result.
8:19 PM
I meant for never being offered again. I don't know about Arqade swag specifically, but the general rule is that we produce it on an as-needed basis, so unless it was -- ah, I see Anna jumped in.
@AnnaLear really? one?
you mean I can never get an arqade mug?
we didn't even make arqade mugs. that's not a thing that exists.
NOOOOOOOOoooooooooo......... *sob*
@AnnaLear I really want an arqade mug
I guess since it's for personal use I'll just make one
Well, it doesn't sound like it was a limited edition thing, so I guess you just have to wait until there's a need for us to make a bunch, and then rabidly do whatever it takes to earn one.
and then make a bunch more, and sell them on stackexchangebay
under a fake name
called badp
8:21 PM
You joke, but we've found people doing just that.
Not for Arqade specifically.
that's just sad
that is quite sad
I am no bro
I am kalina
you'd never know bwahahahaha... etc
it's just an expression. sorry if it offended.
8:22 PM
As you may know, SE employees are never poked with sharp sticks, so our sharp stick poker guy is really happy when we give him a target. Trademark infringers make up most of that pool.
would I really have to send you an email saying "I want to make a mug to drink coffee out of, may I?"
and, if I did that, would you actually even think about saying yes?
@Flyk no, we just put that in the guidelines because we didn't actually mean it. ;)
oh cool I shall completely disregard it then!
@Flyk Again, you joke, but I just had to deal with someone today who asked "can I do X?" on meta, was unambiguously told no, and then went and did X anyways because he had followed the rules and asked, and in his head that was sufficient.
8:25 PM
One day you shall receive an email, with Hasbro copied in, requesting permission to make a mug with Stack Exchange on one side and Rainbow Dash on the other
@Pops if I was told no, I'd be sad but would not do it, obviously
even if it was never going to leave my house
and I think that such circumstances should be exempt
Hey, you can't trust something precious like that in the outside world. There's bad people out thar!
but it's your trade mark
what? Bad people?
Wait! Is that what badp stands for?
we have got some major winds here
I still want Stack Apps swag.
Someone make that happen.
I want Arqade and valve swag
but neither of them will sell/gift me any
@3ventic no more arqade swag ever
8:28 PM
SE will do
or a permanent hat
Jin wants to fix the inconsistencies in the Arqade stylesheet, that totally counts as a third redesign.
@TimStone totally
he even said that he was a noob back then
@3ventic used to be called gaming.se
with a pixelated heart as a logo
I'm too young to have lived through that
8:30 PM
I wasn't around then either
from what I gather, I joined sometime just after the redesign
I joined when you joined again
you actually joined just before I quit
Back in the day... reminisces
I thought you quit sometime early summer
now I'm a 5 month old user with 30k network rep
8:31 PM
I'm 5 month old user
if you don't count SO
but I was never active there
oh I'm a 4 month old user
@Flyk that's impressive, but will get you into trouble. You have to be 13 or older
@Bart lol
Trivial answers seem to shine on this network..
on which network?
8:33 PM
Trivial answers, trivial upvotes
it varies more between sites
A: Why don't I get "A link to the past" hat though I have the Excavator badge?

3venticYou need to edit a post more than 90 days old during Winterbash.

Badges and upvotes raining from that one sentence
@3ventic that's all that was required to answer the question
eh, that's meta. and that's a complete answer.
8:34 PM
a question was asked, a full and complete answer was given
I'm pretty sure MSO probably has more active users than Arqade does as well
True but I didn't do any work for it
I noticed the votes flow a lot more freely
27 upvotes and counting @3ventic meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/146513/what-does-op-mean/… It's meta
8:37 PM
Why isn't my name listed under my CW post?
A: Which abilities are shared in One For All?

3venticSkills that work with teammates Akali's Twilight Shroud also hides other friendly Akalis. Anivia's Frostbite will do double damage to an enemy that is 'chilled' by another friendly Anivia. Brand's abilities will all gain their passive effect if a friendly Brand's Immolation is on that enemy. Ca...

Because the current user who is displayed made the majority of contributions/edits
"majority" being "touched the most lines", which doesn't necessarily mean anything.
8:47 PM
the inappropriate touching of lines percentage
I hate it when surveys assume I work
No stickers this year?
Will there at least be cake?
* void where prohibited. may be a lie in some jurisdictions.
9:02 PM
key lie pie?
@Bart lime?
right, I get it
@AnnaLear You can totally invite me up for cake, I won't complain.
9:39 PM
Time to import all SO posts from the data-dump into MySQL.
@Emracool, here, or another room?
I might get fired from my job. Does the fact that I'm actually kind of excited show how much I hate this job? >_>
@animuson If you do, will SE hire you?
I'd love to work for SE.
Fixing bugs.. fixing pluralization issues..
running from Jeff
9:46 PM
Running around the office in your birthday suit?
@animuson I (essentially, by saying I'd like to be) tried to get fired and wasn't. Disappointing.
Putting on the [status-completed] and [status-declined] tags.
I can already do that.
That's true, but for the rest of us, we can't.
Think about how much more you would do it if that's what your job was.
9:48 PM
@TimStone To be honest, even if they don't fire me, I will probably quit anyways.
I can't bring myself to quit unless there's something better waiting for me.
@JoshC I imagine he would go all Oprah. "You get declined, and you get declined, and you get declined...."
@animuson What is your job?
@Bart Then he would be with Barbara Walters talking about it..
I'm a security officer. It's more dreadful than it sounds. Who would have thought the security industry would be so horrible?
Quitting or getting fired is one thing, but how difficult is it to find something else @animuson?
9:55 PM
Oh I have an easy job I could pick up in a couple months when Douglas County starts bringing back people for the 2014 election. I don't even have to apply for that.
Ah okay, so not a huge risk involved then?
Well I could pick up a Wal-Mart job for a couple months if I really wanted to do that.
you could be a greeter
ha, you could be the next Mr. Willie
Oh gosh, how did I know there would be a video?
At least if I do get fired it wont be too much of a ding on my resume. It's over a car accident so meh. Not like I'm ever going to apply to another job that requires me to drive...
10:04 PM
@animuson a car accident? o.O
Yeah I made too tight of a turn on one of my patrols and scraped the van and flattened a tired on a pole which for some reason had a screw sticking out of the bottom of it...
That's stuff they would fire you for?
There's other factors. Apparently that's not the specific van of the three we're supposed to be driving, and it caused them 3 hours delay in the morning, blah blah blah. I stopped listening.
10:33 PM
Should it be taking almost more than an hour to put all of SO's posts into a MySQL database?
Q: Does it make sense to edit a wrong answer to a (semi-)correct answer ? (the answer isn't mine)
@HamZa Not really.
If you want to post a new answer and don't want the rep, just community wiki your new answer.
Well, I've got many times in this situation. And honestly sometimes I did correct the answer. So this time, it's about the following answer. There is already an accepted answer (a good one too), so it doesn't make sense to add another one. Meanwhile, I can't stand it sometimes that there's a wrong answer hanging around there ...
I would think, that "SO mods" would say "downvote and leave a comment. if it's improved, remove your downvote (or upvote it)"
@HamZa That's what I would say.
If the meaning of the post would change, don't edit it.
10:45 PM
You can't flag just because it's wrong. And editing a wrong answer to a right one loses the origional intent of the post. So the only way is just downvote and comment.
@3ventic Beat me to it.
hmmm thx guys (or girls who knows lol) :)
Welcome. :)
11:00 PM
4681 seconds to import all of SO's posts into MySQL.
Not too bad.
sigh I am terrible at being creative.
@Undo What are you doing?
@hichris123 Trying to get SO swag.
Oh, that post.
@hichris123 as with many things that take a long time and you don't know when they're gonna end, apparently you just needed to complain about it taking a long time ;)
11:05 PM
@AnnaLear Apparently so. I love having my own local database of posts.
it is quite handy, yes
@hichris123 Can you query it in a timely fashion?
Why is it a 3-month time from dump to dump?
@Undo Yes.
I can't.
SELECT Body as Body, Id as id
FROM soposts
where PostTypeId = 2 AND Body like '%accept my answer%' AND Score < -1
AND ClosedDate IS NULL
11:06 PM
(although I have an old machine)
Took 0.9 seconds.
I knew it wouldn't come up with anything, but still.
I wonder...
@hichris123 Do you have the comments table too?
11:07 PM
Do you want me to run a query for you?
how large is it?
@hichris123 Naw, I'm fine.
@3ventic The comments table is 24,000,000 rows.
@3ventic Which, posts or comments?
11:08 PM
I mean, the whole database in disk space
Let's check.
Does anyone here know a way to get SE swag without being creative?
(or at least without having to write something poetic)
I've heard about bribing @Shog9
Does he accept bitcoin?
Sorry, that was just a reflex.
11:10 PM
I have like a tenth of a bitcoin.
I figured my D key had turned into backspace
@UndotheSnowman don't do poetic, just tell a story.
@Shog9 Yes... I tried that.
I must be bad at telling stories too.
@3ventic 24.7 GB
A: Should employees with head injuries be allowed to post on meta?

Undo the SnowmanOne dark night, the night that Hats were turned on, a user was poking around the dev.so site. "A hole!" he cried, his smile quite broad, "I got in! I can see they post crap!" He was right - the devs do post crap to test stuff. He poked around the site, looking at users. He found Tim Post, with ...

^ -1 D:
11:12 PM
@UndotheSnowman Tell a story about yourself. Make it interesting.
@Shog9 Hmmm...
sorts through stories
@hichris123 smaller than I expected
Someone stole all my stories!
> Undo walked carefully along the pathway, eyeing the hillsides for unicorns. Rumors of their appearance had been trickling back to town ever since the Necromancer had disappeared into the wasteland. No one knew if they were connected, but Undo didn't like to take chances - an angry necromancer wasn't a person to trifle with.
@3ventic Doesn't include post history or badges, though.
11:13 PM
There's a lot of stuff dropped from the public data dump.
If only you could see what we can see... AHAHAHAHAHAHA THE POWER
(I'm having a bit of a day here.)
wishes I possessed the creative power of Shog9
@AnnaLear I would love that. Would you mind accidentally pressing the start data dump button from your powerful server?
Hello everyone. =]
Hmm @AnnaLear do we still do the thing where you get swag if you're on page x of the user list at site graduation?
I might have a shot at that.
11:17 PM
The largest DB I have in my hands is a bit under 2 GB
@undo who graduated?
@UndotheSnowman it's not so much "at site graduation" as "when Jin designs the swag set some time after graduation", but otherwise yes.
answers questions on Space
The things people do for swag. People includes me
Anyone here have strange/funny hat stories?
Something extreme you did for a hat
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Hmm...
Oh, I put up a 50 rep bounty at Astro to get that one make it rain hat.
which I need to go award.
11:20 PM
@Undo I figured out why it ran so fast.
@hichris123 Why?
where PostTypeId = 2 AND Body like '%is%' AND Score < -1
AND ClosedDate IS NULL
Well, maybe not.
I'm selecting answers where the ClosedDate is null.
Would that not work?
SELECT LENGTH(Body), Score WHERE Score < -1
11:22 PM
@hichris123 ClosedDate is always null on answers
since only questions can be closed
I want a close button for answers!
@Anna I thought that would be the case, but for some reason it took like 0 seconds to evaluate something with checking if ClosedDate is NULL and I cancelled it at 14 seconds without that part.
@Undo It's going to be a while.
@Flyk Bad Pazzword
I remember he was radp...those were the days.
11:29 PM
@Undo do you have the posts on your database?
@Undo 4.618 sec / 595.581 sec
What's with all the crap about genders in the survey blog comments? Seriously?
@animuson Link?
Alison Sperling on December 18, 2013

Hi folks, just a quick note here to remind y’all that the yearly Stack Overflow User Survey is live!

We’ve edited the questions/answers based on your feedback from last year’s survey and suggestions posted on Meta.

As a small token of our appreciation, we’ll be donating $1 for each completed survey to your choice of of one of this year’s Stack Exchange Gives Back charities (look forward to an announcement soon regarding this year’s full donations).

As always, we’ll be posting the results here on the blog once the survey is completed. …

Who knows?
I'm a purple platypus!
11:41 PM
@hichris123 No ;(
Why didn't they pick orange?
That's discriminating against orange platypuses
@Undo Why not?
@hichris123 Didn't need it.
I'm trying to also do the off-topic and NAA part with the database.
We'll see how it goes.
They time out on Data Explorer.
@hichris123 DE has some amazing hardware. You might be waiting a while.
@Undo That's true, but it's a 120 second query thing, I'm pretty sure.
If time > 120 seconds, it times out.
11:45 PM
@AnnaLear Why are the data-dumps only every 3 months? Why not the same frequency as Data Explorer?

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