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9:08 PM
Hi guys. Stupid question time. I was just asked why I voted to close a question (which is currently still open) stackoverflow.com/questions/10336685/… Thinking nothing of it, I responded. But how does this user know that I (and apparently Flexo) voted to close this?
Is that visible somewhere that I am unaware of?
@Emil - you're not currently blocked. For future reference, if you encounter an audit you think makes for a poor test, please bring it up on MSO. We do refine these based on feedback.
@Shog9 Thank you. Just a quick question, how are the audits selected? Automagically or manually?
@Emil automatically; this is the review you failed. Can you describe your thought process there?
An answer should not simply consist of a single link, mostly because of link rot, and I am personally not a fan of these short answers being accredited a lot for minimal work (aka a google search). In this specific case, both the answer and question were bad and should have been deleted in my opinion, but I chose to go with the answer first since that was the object in the review queue.
In my opinion, this answer should rather have been a comment.
To be honest, I was questioning this, and I was going to check the standard response messages that pop up when you click "Recommend deletion", to simply check if a recommendation for deletion would be best, but in audits, this popup does not pop up.
I'm kinda thinking answers to closed questions should not be used for audits.
9:20 PM
@Shog9 I would've just pushed him there but the site was down and I wanted him to at least get some recognition and feedback >.<
I agree.
@Shog9: I completely agree. If the community has determined that the question, as it stands, does not meet the quality standards of our site, how can we say that the answers do too?
@animuson FWIW, my general feeling on link-only answers is that, while they're not ideal, if the link clearly solves the problem described in the question then editing them to describe the solution (at least in brief) is preferable to deletion.
Damnit Shog, quit being better at explaining what I'm thinking than I am
9:23 PM
I do suppose you get a few more chances during the day to do that than I do, however, so it's not unrealistic you would be better at that
Thank you, and good night, guys!
Goodnight @Emil and I'm glad you got some resolution
@Shog9 I knew that question wasn't delete worthy, even if it wasn't great but you put such a better spin on the why.
That's his job - to be better than us. I'm sure that it's his actual job description somewhere.
I just know. >.<
@animuson lol ... Job Description: Be super eloquent and explain things like honey.
9:25 PM
"Make the community believe you are better" :P
@jcolebrand Pollen goes in, honey comes out. You can't explain that.
@mmyers omg he partially digests the users! gah!
@mmyers I tried making honey once...tasted like crap.
9:42 PM
@LanceRoberts alright.. sorry.. I'll give it another look in a bit.
9:53 PM
@balpha: Chat feature request: Sync the hiding of the "you have been pinged" marker - when having the same room open on two pcs it's annoying that the marker stays there on the second PC even after clicking it on the first one. Especially when clicking it doesn't just scroll up but opens the transcript.
hit esc
10:30 PM
I'm not certain where I should ask about this, so you poor souls will be need to deal with me or forward me on to the right place. I'm sorry about this. Okay, so I see this comment on a really inane and very old question. I don't like the comment because
... it makes reference to "boobs" and "sexy female bodies" although the question is about monopolistic pricing practices, see meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/20807/…
Maybe the commenter was trying to be funny? I don't understand at all. And I don't like that word "boobs". They are breasts. I am female, I have breasts. And that anatomical detail doesn't really belong on Meta SO.
I think that was a reference to some ads that are no longer shown
Is there anything that can be done, or should I just choose to visit others questions and leave this alone?
SO may not be advertised using boobs, but ads it hosts contain sexy female bodies in them. — Andrew Grimm Jan 21 '11 at 12:51
And the reason he brought it up was because of the mention of Evony in the answer
I'd leave it alone to be honest. No need to cause a big fuss about it especially with it being that old.
10:33 PM
@jcolebrand Yes, that is exactly what it was. It is a silly comment.
I think it's no longer relevant
@FeralOink I'm going to go with "just let it go". Andrew isn't generally given to lewdness, afaik, so I think it was more like a comparison to GoDaddy ads (which most of us in the business are not too keen on either)
I loathe the entire question! SO is not guilty of predatory pricing, and the question itself has plenty of spelling and usage errors.
@jcolebrand Ahh, okay. I kind of wondered, as I did glance a this profile.
I'll just go and delete the comments, that I left, as I don't want to stir the pot
by making such an inane question to begin with get pushed back up to levels of visibility. Is best, no?
Evony? What is that?
Yeah, I can agree with your point, but I gotta go with "just not a big deal" :-\
@mmyers Sorry, Evony, what is that?
10:36 PM
A: Is SO pricing their site predatorially if it is making a loss?

EricI'm very confused as to why you're assuming StackOverflow is operating at a loss. All indications from Jeff and Joel are that it's actually running at a profit (albeit modest). Regardless, StackOverflow is actually very competitive. They jumped into a red ocean with the Q&A sites, because th...

> StackOverflow is free forever (like Evony, without the boobs in advertising). StackOverflow is anti-competitive the same way Canonical, Ltd is anti-competitive: It's not.
@FeralOink Evony is/was a browser-based game of some sort that apparently resorted to increasingly scantily clad women in their ads
Don't know if it worked or not
Probably not, as I've not heard of it.
I realize I'm not the grand arbiter of all things internet :p
Ahh, okay! I totally 100% agree with the answer by Eric, and nearly every other answer. SO is NOT anti-competitive! It is a good site, that does not exploit us!
The game itself was a medieval strategy type game, I think, so the ads were completely unrelated
While we're discussing "breasts" and SE, what's your take on this one @FeralOink? (stir stir stir)
Q: Differences between slang words for breasts

SergeyWhat is the difference between “tits” and “boobs”? P.S. I'm not sure if this question is appropriate but as English is not my native language I really would love to know the difference.

10:38 PM
although that was before the great blog crash, so you can't see the actual images (probably just as well)
Giggle, oh delightful! English L&U, no?
My favorite SO site.
There is no difference, other than
hmmmm, I see the ads, but I don't seem to paste them?
well, this is the difference
@jcolebrand Oh, blocked by my firewall then.
10:39 PM
Tits can refer to rubber tire inflation, and possibly other things.
@FeralOink no worries, I was purposefully hinting at my point with "stir stir stir" ;-)
@FeralOink oh, seriously? Hmmm, you might add that!
Boobs is exclusively a term applicable to breasts of the human female, occasionally male.
@FeralOink or a goofy person?
The wretched term "man boobs" for example. Oh! British English!
@jcolebrand Yes! You are correct, for not American English, in all likelihood.
Ew. Now I need to look at real boobs to get the image of manboobs out of my head.
10:41 PM
@ThiefMaster trolololol
I didn't think of that, although I don't know if it is any longer considered common usage, or would provoke embarrassed giggles.
who would giggle at birds or mammary glands? Only an immature person
"Man boobs" urgh... an awful expression. I just don't like that slang word, it reminds me of "boob tube" which is a television, not about breasts.
@jcolebrand Oh, of course! Only an immature person. And we have none of those sorts here ;o)
So anyways @FeralOink I hope we help you feel better about the comment, so you're not terribly offended.
@jcolebrand I giggle with awkward embarrassment at ALL sorts of things!
10:42 PM
@FeralOink well, certainly not in my chatroom. :D I'll kick 'em all.
@jcolebrand Yes, thank you. I appreciate your time, all of you, in fact. I will clean up my comments that might possibly incite foment, so to speak ;o) Thanks, and don't be a stranger to EL&U!
@FeralOink 1500 rep, I try not to be
@FeralOink To be fair, it can be about both
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