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4:37 AM
@jcolebrand team@. The other one goes into a place where dragons be.
@Shog9 well that's just miserable.
Also, I did say "ostensibly" ...
4:50 AM
@jcolebrand - You around?
Server question
if I'm lurking in the user-list, usually am
and I can't seem to phrase it right for ServerFault.
I have a domain which I bought, and changed the A Record to point to my RackSpace account.
I had a subdomain pointing there originally, and I want to add this domain now.
I had a buddy walk me through setup.
And I don't recall where he had me put the bit that actually sets it all up.
Because we turned off the default site and set up a VirtualHost.
@jcolebrand so now the domain points to the root of the server but since that's locked down, it just returns a 403
Do you have a CPanel interface?
Nope, all unmanaged.
stupid ish question
so, here's the problem
There's about 15 ways to manage DNS, at least.
I haven't the faintest about any of them, except I know I hate CPanel
4:53 AM
what values do I pass to chmod to make permissions lrwxrwxrwx ?
@jcolebrand Is this a DNS or an Apache problem?

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@Moshe DNS
A Record = DNS
apache = virtual host
I should look through ancient e-mail for my mIRC registration details.
oh god, when's the last time I used mIRC
Or I could just crack it since that will tell me the same thing.
4:56 AM
lol, probably so
But then I'd have to expose my browser to those shady sorts of sites.
@jcolebrand 0 you over in the comms?
I mean, I am, but you're treading on shards of glass trusting me to help you figure this one out
I could try and explain it another way if you like
You need to take a bus in Romania to get to your hotel. I don't live in Romania, and I don't speak Romanian, and I don't know anybody who lives there. Am I really the best person to ask?
@jcolebrand no, but since you're a mod, perhaps you can grab my self-deleted question for me? Not sure if I can.
4:59 AM
I can read German and sorta figure it out, and I know what bus stations almost universally look like, so I can find where to get on a bus ..
@Moshe only on dba.se sir
Ah, my mistake.
@jcolebrand Lol.
@mootinator - chmod 777 gives me everything but the l from the lrwxrwxrwx sequence.
Any idea why?
Aha! mIRC now validates the key online.
Good thing I actually did buy that at one point :P
@Moshe I'm sure I could look it up, but so could you.
I'm dumb. Forgot to reboot apache.
@mootinator but google is soo hhhhaaaaarrrrrddddd. Just ask chat for answers. So much easier.
@Moshe Err, l is for symbolic links...
5:04 AM
Kevin, are you on the twitters? you are right? Message incoming
So you can't just give an arbitrary file that, as I suspected.
@jcolebrand Yeigh
Thanks folks.
Sorry for being lazy.
First day of new semester.
May you never have a day like I did today.
Someone took the liberty of dividing a single project up into two in production.
4pm on Friday, I was harassed to provide a "quote" for some work on that by 5 despite the fact I knew absolutely nothing of it.
Fortunately I can figure mid-bogglingly poorly planned things out.
Dupe: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/99994/will-you-support-mozilla-browserid-in-se-network
@mootinator then you can help me refactor what I'm doing? ;-)
Q: Will you support Mozilla BrowserID in SE network?

LordCoverMozilla launched a new open ID protocol which they claim (A better way to sign-in), I know we're used to this since we use OpenID, but we (in Stack Exchange) are always provided with the coolest user experience, what is the value of support Mozilla BrowserID and is this on your To-Do list? This ...

5:16 AM
@jcolebrand I might have a few brain cells left.
@mootinator oh, no, this is like "sit down and rethink everything" in my little MVC thing
I hear "build one to throw it away" right? ;-)
Sound advice.
I believe @Mechanicalsnail has his idea of closing as dupe in reverse there
5:20 AM
@jcolebrand The proposed target has much more activity (votes) and has more recent info.
Yeahhhh cos that means "this is how we determine dupes"
Trust me, you're doing it backwards. It's either a dupe in the proper order, or it's not a dupe
A: Are there guidelines on direction for merging questions (which question to close/merge?)

Robert HarveyFirst, in order to be considered a duplicate, the two questions must be nearly identical to to each other. Questions that are merely similar are not necessarily duplicates. In particular, questions are not duplicates if the original question merely has an answer that satisfies the OP's question...

pfft. Sounds like you're a slave to linear time, man
@Shog9 I know man, and even to "we've already ruled on this, so we're going to ignore that and move on to the new question and pretend it's never been ruled on before, and close the old ruling as a dupe of the new unruled-on option"
havin' your cake and eatin' it too:
5:27 AM
@jcolebrand I see what you mean, but in this case [status-declined] could easily have meant back in 2011 "we're not implementing some thing that's just in the planning phase".
A: Implement Mozilla Persona for login?

Kevin MontroseWe support OpenID logins because it is a widely adopted standard with a significant number of providers. We support Facebook logins via OAuth2.0 (but did not via Facebook Connect), as OAuth2.0 is more or less a standard with a large number of user's behind it. If/When Twitter supports OAuth2.0,...

@Shog9 trolololo
(as a bonus, if this ever is supported only one question to update)
@Mechanicalsnail well, seeing as how they gave a rationale as to the why not then it's unlikely they've reversed the stance on it. Generally more than one vendor should support something before everyone else jumps on board. Even if Brendan Eich were to ask them to support it, they would probably say "sorry bro, not really supported"
And it sounds like (without doing a lot more reading) this is implemented at the browser level, not a third-party site, no?
Seems like an easy way to be lazy. My gmail account gives me the same thing, and isn't tied to the browser.
And so you feel justified, not only do I play an asshole on chat.meta.stackoverflow, I'm an asshole in real life too.
@jcolebrand I think their scheme is that the relying party (e.g. SO) communicates only with the user's browser, rather than the provider like in OpenID. So SO would have to add support.
5:34 AM
I want my CACert client certificate supported.
@Mechanicalsnail do you see why what you just said exposes a bit of a security loophole?
Nevermind that I can't seem to install the certificate on anything anymore.
@jcolebrand No.
@mootinator ya know, that's how the internet was originally designed to work ...
@jcolebrand Then users got in the way.
users, bah
5:37 AM
@Mechanicalsnail malicious plugins could "reimplement" that as a layer for the browser, exposing your data in a way that end-to-end server-to-server "known endpoints" can't leak
@jcolebrand If you have a malicious plugin, you've already lost.
The only way you can MITM on a non-browser-reliant method is to hijack at the network carrier level, which you're always susceptible to from the telcos
@Mechanicalsnail not with OpenID
well, I take that back, yes, if you've got a form-sniffing plugin then yes, you're right.
However, as I don't generally have to auth with my OpenID or OAuth2.0 providers because I'm already logged into them, then the only thing a plugin can generally sniff on me is my cookies.
But I can login to the site on Safari, Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox, and the list goes on.
Your implementation is restricted to a handful of vendors, and probably less than 50k users, granted most of which are in the SO audience
@jcolebrand There is a plausible threat that malicious sites could exploit a browser bug. Not an issue for dumb-browser models like OpenID.
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10:20 AM
This might be nothing, and I didn't want to post it as a comment to the question since it could be a justified ban.... but I saw this post on MSO this morning: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/165430/182513 and I looked at the OP's questions to see if I could at least offer some questions
I;m wondering if someone could see if it makes sense to them.... I see 9 questions with a net score of 0, and 2 closed questions, but what made me think twice is all 4 of this guy's downvotes came within a 48 hour period, almost 10 months after he asked the questions. I'm wondering if it wasn't a small bit of serial downvoting that wasn't caught
he doesn't have the peer pressure badge so I know he doesn't have anything that was heavily downvoted and deleted, but he could have deleted questions with a -1 or -2 score.
10:34 AM
He also received 3 upvotes in the day after his downvotes, so they could have been sympathy votes too.... it was just hard to say since it seemed so odd that most of his voting activity was within such a short period of time and all on old questions.
4 hours later…
2:30 PM
@Shog9 I did not receive my cake. Please rectify this immediately.
@TimStone I think he meant his cake ;-)
3:21 PM
Is there any way to check the status of comments I flagged?
If someone comments "whathaveyoutried.com" or "w3fools.com" I usually flag it.
Well either the comment is deleted or not
On your profile you can click the number listed under Helpful Flags
it shows a good portion of your flagging history and what happened to each.
I don't think that includes comment flags
@Fosco no that does not include comment flag
Ah, gotcha...
My new employer asked for my hardware selections yesterday... choice of laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair (!)...
... Oh hai, Retina Macbook Pro w/ 16GB RAM !?
3:34 PM
@Fosco and SSD?
absolutely ssd..
As someone using an MBP (non-r) without an SSD, I loathe not having an SSD.
I don't think the retina MBP can support a non-ssd drive.
I plan on getting one around mid-March or mid-April if the prices keep coming down
or at least, the retina is the only one with a quad-core cpu.
so many arbitrary restrictions in Apple-land.. but, the hardware is awesome.
12 years ago I worked for a start-up, and sat in an awesome Herman Miller Aeron chair... history is repeating itself... headed for a start-up and an Aeron again. :)
3:37 PM
Until it randomly fails just like every other type of hardware anyway.
Hard to sleep lately, too excited.
(I may have had to fix a mac recently :P)
@Fosco I'm sitting in an Aeron for a startup on an MBP ...
@mootinator truth
@jcolebrand Awesome! :D
3:41 PM
> iPad or iPad mini. The perfect choice for Valentine’s Day.
Costs less than a 1ct diamond I guess.
a lot more functional, too.
Depends. For cutting glass, I'd say the diamond is more functional.
I'm imagining that the SSD and SublimeText3 will make me devour programming again like I've only recently tempted.
@DanielFischer You're looking at it wrong. If you're cutting glass you're doing it wrong. Pay someone else to do that shit ;-)
drop the iPad on the glass.. it'll cut.
PS: might wanna re-read this article:
A glass cutter is a tool used to make a shallow score in one surface of a piece of glass that is to be broken in two pieces. The scoring makes a split in the surface of the glass which encourages the glass to break along the score. Regular, annealed glass can be broken apart this way but not tempered glass, since it shatters rather than breaking cleanly into two pieces. A glass cutter may use a diamond to create the split or more commonly a small cutting wheel is used made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide 4-6 mm in diameter, with its cutting edge ground to a V-shaped profile. Som...
3:45 PM
@DanielFischer I don't know about that. At least 1/3 of the iPhones/iPads/iBooks I've seen have seams through their glass.
> more commonly a small cutting wheel is used made of hardened steel or tungsten carbide 4-6 mm in diameter, with its cutting edge ground to a V-shaped profile.
specifically this
I've always been a PC guy... quite a switch for me to accept a Mac as my 'work machine'.. but I'm jumping head first.
@jcolebrand But it's much easier to explain a diamond ring to the cops than a glass cutter. Don't you youngins learn anything nowadays?
@Fosco dude, if you have any questions lemme know. I'm ... 4? ... months into that process, except I do use Windows 7 on a VM for dev (we're a C# shop mostly)
@DanielFischer pfffft, amateur
@Fosco seriously, the first thing you need to learn is "use the help-search in the control panel" and the second thing you need to learn is "command-space type" (similar to Windows 7 win-space type to find shit)
Way too loud, man. We're a quiet neighbourhood.
3:48 PM
Cool... will let ya know. I've had Mac's, have a Mini, used to have a Titanium Powerbook G4 back in 2001. :) I was a HyperCard user in middle-school...
I fucking love computers.
@DanielFischer you're doing it wrong, add a towel, done deal ;-) [says the guy who has never broken a window intentionally in his life]
That would still cause my alarm system to say "livingroom" and proceed to not notify anyone because I haven't turned it on.
@mootinator even if it were your car? nice!
I need a location aware alarm that isn't really location aware
@Fosco the other thing is using the multiple desktops. Only learned that one last week. Loving OSX all over again.
My car doesn't have anything in it and it isn't going anywhere.
@jcolebrand what's the command for adding another desktop window?.. I'm aware of the 3 finger swipe, but not how to create another one to the right...
3:52 PM
> mysql
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied
@Fosco there's a magic [ + ] that shows up on the top right if you mouse up there. It's kinda hidden.
Well, I give up.
I can screenshot if I need to
ah... ok, thanks.
see how hidden that is?
3:53 PM
@mootinator You're trying to run MySQL on your car?
@TimYiJiang You think mysql -u brick would work better?
@Fosco you do know about SublimeText right?
@jcolebrand Been a licensed user since version 1
First beta for version 3 has just been announced
@TimYiJiang I know, I'm excited
4:02 PM
I saw some interesting comments on HN, kinda complaining how ST2 never got updated, and now you have to pay for the improvements ala ST3.
I was a huge ST fan, and maybe ST3 will rekindle that. It started to get slow and I was getting too many random plugin errors.
I'm using one plugin (or am I up to two now?) and I don't have any issues with speed or the like, but I've been using it seriously for like a month
I prefer the 'workspace' style of something like NuSphere PHPEd (even though I don't use PHP any more) or JetBrains WebStorm... Multiple projects open as folders in the tree. ST puts each folder in it's own window.
@Fosco that's a thing I haven't quite started using it for, but I planned on exploring it this week >.<
The non-standard find/replace type dialogs are also something I could complain about. :)
I suppose the analogous 'workspace' is a 'project' in ST
4:36 PM
WTF are people editing that are 1GB in size, and they need to do find-replace?
You don't "find-replace" in logs.
wait, SublimeText runs on Windows? I was unaware
I only ever heard OSX folks talk about it
@Fosco This was also my beef with Notepad++ last I used it
4:53 PM
@Shog9 everyone that appears to have tried to actively participate on that project appear to hate the guy running the project
I just use SciTE. Still Scintilla, very bare-bones.
@Fosco That's SO HORRIBLE in eclipse.
Especially since they don't use the standard shortcuts (f3 = find next occurence)
Cool... we are at Parity with CAD.
@Fosco that's one way to look at it
Traditionally it's been something like 1.3:1
6:04 PM
Could some mod please let me know what question got deleted that cost me 49 rep from yesterday's numbers (and therefore 200+ day) on Meta?
ping the Shog or TM for faster results ;-)
@LanceRoberts try clicking the "show deleted posts" checkbox on your rep page
Thanks, @Shog9, never knew that was there.
I used to love hitting 200+. Been a while.. may be getting back to active at Stack once I start the new job.
6:09 PM
Is that a new thing?
@Fosco, I'm back to using the userscript you created for me to notify in the tab, but it has a few quirks that I hope can be fixed. I do plan on looking at it myself, but I'm just a newbie when it comes to Javascript.
Q: A user script to update the page/tab title with # of unread notifications

Fosco About Per this question: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/57315/can-we-get-notification-in-the-tab-change-of-title This user script was created to help draw attention to notifications even when the tab isn't in focus. It changes the page title to include the 'unreadCount' from the ...

Wow, I'm surprised that still works!
What kind of quirks?
I don't have that big a problem with the question being deleted, since I only got the rep because of Robert Harvey's great edit, but I lost rep from the over 200 stuff that would have compensated for it if it had happened that same day.
@Fosco, a) if you have multiple notifications if keeps stringing the numbers together, so in the tab you get "1 2 3 4" etc. b) if you have multiple tabs open, and clear the notifications in one tab, then it doesn't clear in the others, you have to go and manually clear them
@LanceRoberts 'a' could be fixed, many ways... I don't think 'b' can be.
Let me give it a shot.
yeh, I figured that would be tough
6:15 PM
since it works on many sites, it will be a hack method to determine if i've already pre-pended a number to the tab title, and remove it.
it's possible, with the removal code, that if clearing it in one tab removes the 'unread' count in the other tabs, that it will also clear the titles.
@LanceRoberts Can you try the code now? I made an edit.
(I like making changes and pushing them to production without testing.)
Ok, I'll let you know how it goes.
Before checking if the unreadCount is visible, I try to break apart the title and remove a leading number if it exists.
So if there are things, the # may blink away & back every 1 second... which may be worse. If so, I can adjust it further.
@LanceRoberts actually, don't count on that.
6:35 PM
@Shog9, if you're talking about my flag, I have no expectations, just figured I'd try, I thought it made a great stub question.
No, I didn't see the flag
Here is my take on recommendation type questions, and why specificity is the differentiator: A broad request generates a list, while a specific request generates an answer.
@LanceRoberts Once it's specific, it's not "give me your recommendations" anymore, it's "I have a problem, how can I solve it?"
(with the exception of those weirdos who really do want 20 different ways to round a floating point number)
@Fosco It can be fixed, too using the same method the SE chat uses to communicate between tabs (when websockets are not available?): localStorage and timers on all pages checking for updates
(which could be possible in a few different languages/environments).
6:39 PM
@ThiefMaster No doubt... and that would be pretty cool.
I sure wish SE would just implement something like this, what a timesaver:
Q: Consider add change in status / rep / new notifications to SE favicon

Peter L.This is my first Q to Meta, I reviewed anything similar before posting, but with no success. I'm pretty new user to SE and like it much, so I have it as pinned tab in my Firefox. Among these I have my webmail opened, which has pretty nice feature: except realtime update, which is usual nowadays,...

so you apparently don't even need polling
@ThiefMaster IIRC it doesn't use a timer to check whether localStorage values have changed; the localStorage objects in each tab will trigger an event--
I tab away to get a reference and you beat me to it.
6:42 PM
you are too slow :p i deminified the chat code and looked it up in MDN!
7:06 PM
@Fosco, It appears to be interfering with the notification box updating at all (unless I refresh), also it is really wierd when you also have "new questions", for example "1 (2) 1 (1) 1 title"
user image
What the hell, now Jeff is locking his own posts so we can neither comment on them nor vote on them?
Man I come back to MSO after a little hiatus and shit really got bad.
@EvanCarroll what's worse is he isn't even with SE anymore
... "with" in the same sense the puppeteer isn't with the marionette.
He hovers above, controls the purse strings, receives protection, and appoints the SE junta; but, he's not "with" SE. lol.
@animuson you better remove the sunglasses part of your bio
since you changed your grav
(I liked the previous one though)
@animuson you better remove the sunglasses part of your bio
7:21 PM
@Manishearth: I'll just have to take a new picture with sunglasses and my Stack overflow shirt. xP
But I also only use my SO shirt Gravatar on the two SO sites.
@EvanCarroll Which did he lock?
Which post did Jeff lock?
Yay, I didn't get beaten to pressing enter this time.
Speaking of deleted posts: the conclusion was that "brainfuck" isn't offensive, I guess?
@JeremyBanks yeah, but that's (a) old (b) not applicable to MSO
7:30 PM
the conclusion was that it should always be munged.
It's obviously offensive or we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Of course...
I'm going to go un-munge that few posts that still refer to it as "brainf**k". (Since they all have the "brainfuck" tag, anyway.)
@LanceRoberts obviously? Maybe to you.
And to the 7 others who upvoted my answer, and to the general population of the United States that still doesn't allow it on public television, etc.
@LanceRoberts point me to the conclusion. All I see is a bunch of arguing there, that's not called consensus
7:33 PM
Jeff's answer is clear and concise.
@LanceRoberts also, stop flagging
Sadly, I can't see Jeff's answer, so I'm going to assume the conclusion was "go unmunge it everywhere with haste".
No, I will alway flag offensive content when I can, it's the right thing to do.
The highest voted answer says it should be munged only due to the fact that it may get stuck in filters/etc
7:34 PM
It's a joke.
The joke isn't very funny, original, interesting, or useful.
It causes problems with corporate net filtering software and jeopardizes others' ability to even arrive at the site.
All in all, a giant f_cking waste of time for everyone involved.

You will censor it, or we will censor you. Your choice.
Ok, as far as the flagging - who cares? There are other chat rooms who use way worse language than that...
^ that's the content of Jeff's answer
If they don't care why should we?
@animuson the other day there was a discussion about BF and its offensiveness, he flagged everything there was
@LanceRoberts Doesn't Shog9's message telling you to stop editing it out of MSO posts supersede that?
Maybe because we don't want chat to be the cesspool of the Internet. One of the things I've always appreciated about SO is that it was a more family friendly site, not like some potty-mouth kiddy site for immature programmers.
I'll edit it out until they kick me out, that's it, period. It's wrong, period.
7:38 PM
How do you do carriage returns in chat without sending the message?
@LanceRoberts shift-enter
@Manishearth Thanks. Did you mean to resize it and turn it into a JPG, or does it do that automatically now?
@JeremyBanks Hm? It did everything automatically
oh, there's a size limit
7:40 PM
Better edit of Jeff's canonical offensive word answer:

1. It's a joke
2. The joke isn't very funny, original, interesting or useful.
3. It causes problems with corporate net filtering and jeopardizes other's ability to even arrive at the site.
4. All in all, a giant f_cking waste of time for everyone involved.

You will censor it, or we will censor you. Your choice.
but that's a temporary link, will expire in a few days
@Manishearth Got it, thanks. :)
Forgot about the no-boldness in multi-line bug in markdown.
@LanceRoberts How is censoring the f word more family friendly than not doing it when it is not being used as an abusive word? I mean, if someone says "Fuck you", obviously that's an abuse, and may teach kids bad things -- thus it should be censored (though generally that's ineffective, kids understand what is meant or can find out). If someone says "Brainfuck", what bad thing will it teach the kid? The kid won't realize that "fuck" is an abusive word
Damn, got to go
@LanceRoberts That law STILL exists? I thought I read something about it being abolished ~2 years ago?
7:53 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by law. Corporate filters still catch offensive words, and will limit people trying to reach the site.
@LanceRoberts I believe he's replying to "the general population of the United States that still doesn't allow it on public television".
@JeremyBanks goo.gl/C1Kwu
@Manishearth goo.gl/C1Kwu
@JeremyBanks, thanks. No still not allowed on public television (though gotten away with sometimes on the "public" station).
And then my post got deleted, meta.stackoverflow.com/a/102310/157251
It's like discussion on that just can't occur or the mods will stomp it, lock the official answer, and disable voting on it.
@Jeremy, @Lance, @Manis - again, seriously? None of you have anything better to do with your time than argue about whether or not "fuck" is offensive?
BrainF**k gets munged, everywhere but tags. That was decided years ago, and I could point you to the discussion where it was decided if someone hadn't decided that munging the discussion was more important than the results of the discussion.
If I catch anyone edit-warring over this again, I'm suspending both of them.
8:22 PM
@JeremyBanks since the discussion was deleted, I assume so
I never thought it would be possible for a professional engineer to care about the use of the word "fuck" when used in the context of an actual programming language.
@AdamRackis how about engineers who use it as the integral part of the name of their software?
Wanna talk about offensive. The language whitespace is offensive to me.
I can't even read it ffs. I gotta like be a compiler or something to read it.
And Visual Basic is offensive to me. I should start complaining about that.
@Shog9 what if you get into a edit war with your sockpuppet @random?
technically, we can both be suspended
8:25 PM
@jcolebrand - "integral part of the name of their software?" elaborate?
@AdamRackis fuck -> brainfuck
it's now an integral part of the name
if you take it out you just get brain
oh right - the original cause of all this nonsense.
@AdamRackis You mean Visual B****. Dammit, man - there are children here.
8:26 PM
Oh Helen
@AdamRackis You have an oddly narrow view of what "professional engineers" should think like. I remember you making similar comments about engineers / software developers during the big blowout about deleted posts a little while back (saying that engineers shouldn't be blindly following rules), and I thought it was odd back then as well. All kinds of people exist within this profession, with all kinds of perspectives / views.
Read-only? READ-ONLY? I'll show you read-only!
@jadarnel27 - maybe. I just assume people smart enough to be professional developers are above such silliness. All the people I've worked with tend to confirm that, but maybe I have a narrow view of the world.
@AdamRackis you have a narrow view of the world.
I've seen software developers that were ostensibly community minded suggest that fuck was offensive ;-)
@jcolebrand - then again, I guess you could say I've been lucky with the narrow subset of developers I've worked with :-)
8:37 PM
I am beginning to despise the network here
I just got "banned" from reviewing on SO for doing one mistake (which wasn't really a mistake, stupid algorithm) – is that how it's supposed to work? ("You have failed too many recent review audits")
It keeps bouncing like a fecking yoyo
@Emil protip: it wasn't "one" mistake
You either failed a trip-mine, or you have had a lot rejected and didn't know it. Those are the options.
They never "ban" you for "just one mistake"
@jcolebrand I'm certain it was. First in several days - also, most of these audits are wrong.
@Emil do enlighten me.
@jcolebrand - I think I know what you mean. It's shocking to me that so many people would think to downvote a question like this: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/165473/…
8:39 PM
For example, the one that got me "banned" was an answer with only a link.
I recommended deletion, which I realize might be a bit harsh, but that obviously got me banned
@Emil: Can you provide a link to the review?
@animuson The entire review-section is disabled for me, so unfortunately, no.
Emil, we're going to play a game. You get to describe to me how the SE Review system works, and feel free to elaborate on those trip-mines I was talking about.
Meanwhile I'm going to see if I can figure out what you bombed.
I found it. And I have to agree, that was a really bad audit.
I think it's good that there is a mechanism in place to catch people not paying attention, but most audits are simply awful.
8:42 PM
Trolled by the auto-login again shakes fist
@jcolebrand I'm not quite sure what you mean.
@Emil if you can't say how something should work you certainly can't decry it as broken.
I probably would've recommended deletion of that answer too. >_>
I find myself failing and succeeding at about 1/8 of the audits, and I'm left without an option to complain about it, and that really annoys me.
But then again, the question itself deserves to be deleted - vote cast.
8:44 PM
Which of us are reading the most recent audit incorrectly?
it says he passed.
The issue is the subsequent ones where the audits were rejected by him, but approved by three consecutive next auditors
Which is a common occurrence.
@animuson the audit wasn't on the question. You also failed.
The audit that you just linked me to was on the Answer
@jcolebrand: I know that, but a question that solicits a link-only answer isn't exactly a fair audit.
There's no reason to delete that answer.
The state of the question makes no nevermind on audit reviews
The reviewing-mechanism is based on hammering down on solely-link answers, it's odd that it would not be the correct response to delete it in this case where it clearly applies.
8:47 PM
@Emil in that particular case it's rather highly upvoted and accepted. Those are rarely deleted.
I agree with animuson that the question is shit.
But let's make this easier and see if @Shog9 has time for us at the moment
I don't
The problem here is the audit is using a post that is a borderline issue. If the community at large can't agree on what to do with the post, why are we using it to audit a single user?
@Shog9 that's why I asked
will check back in about a half hour @Emil
@animuson because he didn't just fail one audit.
8:49 PM
@jcolebrand That is what's bugging me - if the answer didn't have that many upvotes and the question wasn't that awful, the correct response would be to delete - right?
He also passed several, if you notice my image above
@Emil wait wait wait. Did you just ignore the two "if"s involved in that?
If true and if true, delete
The other audits shouldn't matter. I'm talking about this audit, which is completely unfair. He may not have gotten banned if he hadn't run across it.
in this case it was if false and if false, delete. We know from logic that that won't happen.
@animuson you're forgetting the other behaviors that are also present. Look at the last three reviews.
It's not about one review and never has been.
It's about many reviews over a long period of time.
Is there anywhere I can review my statistics?
idk. Best bet right now is to wait for Shog.
8:52 PM
I'm not questioning the validity of past reviews. I'm questioning the validity of this specific audit. The system is clearly broken if it thinks that audit is a good one.
He asked for a half hour, I think we can give him a half hour or more.
@animuson and I'm telling you I think you're wrong, and that I'm going to defer any further conversation till Shog is back.
It does us no good to go round and round
I personally feel A, and you clearly feel B
I'm a very frequent reviewer, and from experience, a lot of the audits are very unfair and often plain incorrect. That's my main irritation about this, I don't care if I'm banned for a while, I'll come up with something fun to do, but there are definitely worse reviewers than me, and that's one of the reasons why I care enough to be reviewing.
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